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  1. Mid Season 2032/2033 This it the best record I've had on any Football Manager game! We have only conceded in two games! Ta' Xbiex in Europe An amazing result in the away game against FCP! Because of that result, we finished third, and will play in the Europa League in 2033! I'm pretty happy with this draw, it could have been much worse! And some good news. Our two best prospects have signed new contracts with us!
  2. Ta' Xbiex in Europe 2032/2033 Champions League Qualification In the first game against Kairat 9 of players were away on vacation! So a few players in the team did not have a single game for us. We even had to use Thomas Mangion, a player that's been sitting in the U19s for four years. That was the last time he got a game for us. Next up, Slavia Prague from the Czech Republic! No problems, whatsoever... It was at our home game they put up a little fight! Next team, BATE Borisov from Belarus. We won the tie in the first game, and it did not matter that we lost the second one to be honest. And finally, for a place in the Champions league group stages, Brøndby IF! One of the easier teams we could get! And I was right! The easiest way to the group stages we have had so far! Maaaan... F that group.. Other teams from Malta in Europe Hibernians Floriana Birkirkara
  3. Pre Season 2032/2033 I'm a little bit surprised that we won all the friendlies, as most of our team was at the EC! The Squad Starting XI GK RB - CB - CB - LB RM - CM - CM - LM ST - ST The only positions that has a tiny bit of competition as of now is the RM, ST, and RB. Yes! Finally Malta are starting to climb up the coefficients table!
  4. European Championship 2032 Well, not surprising, we're out of the EC without getting a single point. At least we kept it respectable! we lost 1-4 against Germany, but they won the 2020, the 2024, and the 2028 EC, so it's not that bad! The 0-1 loss against Sweden was my last match for Malta. The Final I just realised they have two players called P. Vandecasteele...
  5. End of the 2031/2032 Season Again, almost a perfect season! The most surprising thing that happened this season is that we have a new second place. More trophies. Best XI 2031/2032 Best Overall XI Europa League To be honest, I did realise we got the third place in our CL group until it popped up in my inbox that we were drawn against Rosenborg BK (Norway)! It's amazing that we even got a goal in this match! But, I'm still annoyed with the fact that we conceded a goal in 90+1... And when we conceded in 90+6 in the next match, and got knocked out, I got angry! You might think to yourself, "Rosenborg should be beatable", and at the start of the save I think we could have done it. But the norwegian league has really grown over the last few years! And this was the Europa League Final!
  6. That guy in the blue might have been me when we scored the 3-0 goal! One of the best feelings I have had on a FM game! Haha, thank you! Nope, the last real player that played for the national team was Myles Beerman, he retired three years ago in game. After 109 caps!
  7. In other news, Southampton just won the Premier League.
  8. European Championship Qualifying Playoff Semi Final (That's way too long...) We faced Cyprus away in the Semi Final, a team that we beat 4-0, and lost 2-0 againt in the Group Stages. And we won the game! It was very close, but Johann Formosa saved almost everything! For the most important game in Maltese football history, we could face on of these teams: Ukraine, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, Czech Republic, Belarus, Serbia and Northern Ireland. The team I wanted was Belarus, as they were the only team that had a worse world ranking than Malta. Now, who did we get?! Northern Ireland, here we come! Going in to this game, N. Ireland was 77th on the world rank, and Malta was 88th! The starting XI. Almost, the best possible XI Malta can start with. Glenn Vella, usually starts up top with Nicholas Bartolo, but got an injury the week before... Result in Spoiler
  9. Thank you! From 2017 to the current year, they have won 2-1 vs Malta, four games vs Gibraltar (two friendlies) 2-0, 2-1, 6-1 and 3-0. 3-0 vs Liechtenstein (friendly), 5-1 vs Faroe islands, 2-0 vs Andorra, and their perhaps best win, 1-0 vs Latvia! And some drawn games, 2-2 vs Kazakhstan, 0-0 vs Malta, 0-0 vs Andorra (friendly), 0-0 Luxembourg (friendly), 1-1 vs Azerbaijan, 1-1 vs Montenegro and 2-2 vs Lithuania!
  10. I have to agree, we outdid ourselfes! I'm very happy with both teams! Currently placed 184th in the world. Best position was in 2030, when they were all the way up to 161th! They even have a fairly decent striker! You're right
  11. Youth Intake 2032 Meh... Only one player that we will use. Jean Claude Caruana already is our second best RB, and will get a few games. I will keep the players with high DET. That Italian has an amazing name by the way...
  12. Thank you! We beat them in the first game in the group stages, so it is possible!
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