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  1. Congrats on finishing up this utter monster of a thread, and I'm glad to have had some small part to play in it. Bloody well done, that man!
  2. Anything posted on a public thread on a public forum can be replied to by any member. You know, the point of forums.
  3. Lovely stuff! Hopefully we keep it up! Haven't FM open to screen cap, but I think we're about 4-4.5m in the black.
  4. Aye, I never really got an unreasonable amount of injuries, but this FM's been especially injury free. I can't remember exactly, but the last few years have been well below realistic amounts. The forum would be in meltdown with a realistic level of injuries, though!
  5. For all my slowness, it was a fairly quiet summer, brought back an old player, and sadly sold Rob Rees, but the offer couldn't be refused, as we were still skimming the financial line. Our moves overall weren't as much strengthening, as much as sidestepping, or increasing depth at best, so I didn't quite expect the start we have had. Mid table was the target, and I expected we could fight at that level. Decided to not bother about the League Cup, backups and not even managing the matches myself. So it was an incredible surprise to batter Sunderland 0-4 on their patch! Evans returns for a fraction of what we sold him for, Rees is sad, but for 6m(5 up front), 50% of profit, and the loan back, it was too good. Doidge broke his foot before the first game of pre-season.
  6. Cheers everyone! Sorry I haven't been about, been busy playing with the toys Santa brought me. Still, I've been tipping away slowly, and have finished up pre-season and the first month of League One.
  7. Finally got around to finishing the season, and all is good, barring the finances. They're already back in the red. Brutally harsh on Wimbledon, 3rd all season long, only to drop points in the last two games and miss out on automatic promotion. Still, they're in the playoff final. Rees is becoming a real decent player. 150 games for us already.
  8. If he has some growth in him, he'll be outstanding.
  9. Promotion sealed with plenty of time, which leads to one notable, early bit of business for next summer. The return of Jack Evans. Lynch played two games, hasn't scored yet but is playing well.
  10. Luckily he was eligible, so instantly becomes starting striker. They're really rare, but it does happen, last time I got a kid that looked near this good this young though, he'd already near peaked, so praying this guy isn't the same!
  11. "Well suited to League Two". That said, I'd happily start him for a Championship side.
  12. Youth Intake Day. If he can go straight into the senior side, he's instantly a starter.
  13. February was a perfect month, with four wins in four, and ideally, Coventry lost a game!
  14. Another month down, 3 wins, 3 draws, every chance to gain separation from Coventry sundered. At least we're miles ahead of the playoffs. Brought in one new guy on loan, and had one big sale. Brought in this lad on loan from Cardiff, to add depth to the wings. Ellis here, who was brought in on a chance, quickly became quite important as he learned to play LW, still, Swansea gave us 1m in a lump sum, 50% of profit and a loan back. That puts us on solid ground again, for a while at least. This popped up after the sale, a message I've never seen before. Sadly none of the answers were adequate for the situation, would have liked to reply "We couldn't say no to that sum of money."
  15. The Man Utd game pushed us back in the black, for a whole day, January came and we're already 150k in debt again.
  16. I'd prefer to smash teams apart, but I'll take what I can get right now.
  17. Another month down, and still no separation from Coventry. Doing well in the FA Cup, and given what is probably the greatest reward possible especially considering we're almost a million in debt. A trip to Old Trafford. In this timeline they've quickly recovered to become one of the leading forces in word football, appearing in the CL final last season(and winning it the year before) and the last two Premierships, along with a few FA Cups. Should help massively with our financial issues.
  18. I'm clearly not doing well enough at the moment!
  19. Another month, much of a muchness, as when Coventry dropped points we mostly failed to capitalize. Not too happy seeing Newport dead last, want all the Welsh clubs to stay strong, Wrexham have been solid in League One, and Cardiff have become a decent PL side. Swansea are letting us down, being a below par Championship side so far. Merthyr have done pretty much nothing yet.
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