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  1. Hi, i'm managing coleraine and (in order to save money) i would like to get rid of HOYD. If i offer to the u19 coach the second role of HOYD, would be the same? Also, is this a way to see u21 and u19 squad directly not doing a milion of clicks every time?
  2. Problem started when they planned to put FM on consoles. In this way, they have to create a new UI who is good for Pc players and console players. They obviously failed, creating a horrible UI full of bugs. They are doing the same PDX interactive did: try to maximize earning reaching anyone and ignore the people who bought the game from 2005. I will laugh when EA or KONAMI will release FIFA/PES manager and the console players will play it I'm sorry but i'm really angry about how SI has ignored the problems regarding UI. We told you at day one, please give us back a good UI
  3. I sent 50 euros to SI for FM and they are not able to correct a very big problem. Good.
  4. I always appreciated si for the care that they put on their product, but i'm changing my mind. MLS and Canada are unplayable, database is a mess (we can't try to change the DB).
  5. Have you tried to set percentage chance to 0?
  6. Question to the people that have already downloaded the game. Is AI better?
  7. OMG, are you telling me that i have to push effort in order to win in a game?
  8. Yes. Or maybe, if they see your tactic, they can in less time try to solve the problem. Find a bug in a simulation game is like to find a sober on St. Patrick day. If you send a pkm (god, it'n not your bank account!) they can try to circumscribe the problem and give us a solution early
  9. Very strange! I thought that with a 18 in det you will have more determined players.. I have to understand Better the role of HOYD
  10. ULTIMATUM! I'm joking, obviously. You are doing a great job, could you give us a screen of your HOYD?
  11. Please, @Neil Brock close this topic, at least before passive AI problem Will be solved. People come here thinking that writing "it's too Easy" will solve the problem. In order to solve the problems, we have to upload pkm and save, not "i won 30 match!"
  12. Please, be intelligent and post in the bug forum the problem with AI, complete with pkm. If we rant in this thread we resolve nothing, and we lose time waiting for a patch. It's time to act, not to rant in a useless way (i know that internet today looks like this, but whatever). Firstly let we have a good game monday, than we can talk about everything
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