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  1. Chelsea usually get rid of Zouma (with 14 milion you can buy him).
  2. Go to US lower league: there are teams that are plenty of amaetur youngsters with good potential
  3. Hi, I can plan to upgrade my data analysis facilities, but i can't see the real profit in doing it. So, how improving my data analysis facilities help me in the game?
  4. You can try to sign Bazunu form Man city, or Hazard from celtic (the northen irish one)
  5. With 19.2.0 patch, when i try to open the board page i cannot see the "ask to the board" icon. Also, i ask to the board to expand training and youth facilities, but i cannot see the advancement.
  6. Sigurd gronli, you can buy him for 200k and he's a top baragain
  7. Ouch! Maybe you can try to get Zonzini back on loan
  8. Friendly at home against barcelona... MONEY!
  9. Certamente, utilizzando la selezione avanzata. Please post in english next time
  10. When you sign a scout, he needs 2 weeks to give his knowledge to the team. Nation's knowledge will rise a bit every day
  11. Wait, 254 supporters for game? Man, your finances will collapse soon if you not get money from UEFA
  12. Leagues with reserves teams are horrible. Reserves team players could vary every week, and maybe you can find at your opponent a world class striker
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