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  1. Agree. Sign on trial the players you think will be useful for your team, then move them in reserves team and arrange a lot of friendlies. After 2 weeks you will have a good knowledge of them. If you have a big database, open every national team formation and offer a trial to any free player
  2. There's no Marco Vago (AC Milan fitness coach) in this game although he's first team coach https://www.acmilan.com/it/news/media/2019-10-09/comunicato-ufficiale-il-nuovo-staff-tecnico
  3. I had same issue trying to manage Cardiff metro university. I think that the board see your amateur players (AMA) as a trialist, and cancels your offers. I'm telling you this because i started another save (with wexford, where all contracts are part time) and i had at least 15 trialist at the same time in the team
  4. Iaw osei is a good player, available for free. Big problem: he needs a work permit
  5. Managing Wexford (irish first division), i found some problems with the wages. I tried to sign a player that wants 2.2 k€ per annum, but my board allow me to offer only 1.3. So i tried to offer him (for a 1 year contract) 1.3 k€ wage + 775 fee on signing, equal to 2.075 k€. He reject to take the fee. Other problem: i tried to sign alioski for free, and he ask an amateur contract with a wage of 6 € (a pint of beer ) per match. I tried to offer him 300 € per annum (50 match, more than he can play) with a part time contract, but he rejected. He wants a beer every match he plays. Last: i have a wage budget of 85 k€, and i use 56 of them. I tried to sign some """quality""" (for wexford) players, but the board allows me to offer for a star player only 2.2 k€. Please note that i have 3 high """level""" players that earn 5.75 k€ per annum, and the star that i want to sign asks 4 k€ per annum So, my questions are: Why players prefer an amateur contract instead a fixed time contract? Why players doesn't want a signing on fee? Why my board doesn't allow me to offer a wage that i can largely afford?
  6. Chelsea usually get rid of Zouma (with 14 milion you can buy him).
  7. Go to US lower league: there are teams that are plenty of amaetur youngsters with good potential
  8. Hi, I can plan to upgrade my data analysis facilities, but i can't see the real profit in doing it. So, how improving my data analysis facilities help me in the game?
  9. You can try to sign Bazunu form Man city, or Hazard from celtic (the northen irish one)
  10. Sigurd gronli, you can buy him for 200k and he's a top baragain
  11. Ouch! Maybe you can try to get Zonzini back on loan
  12. Friendly at home against barcelona... MONEY!
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