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  1. Hey fellas, sorry I don't post much any more, but I was told this was going on, and to check it out. Real shame to see(especially losing Wynter's achievements with Medellin #neverforget) , but on the up side, it's nice to the the FMCU community spirit in flow and it looks like things will work out well for ya'll.
  2. It's definitely just until the end of the contract he's currently on.
  3. Could try again with Colywn Bay, true, but half the fun of that for me was playing in the English system with no English players.
  4. Some chance, just need to find a save to grab my attention.
  5. Congrats on finishing up this utter monster of a thread, and I'm glad to have had some small part to play in it. Bloody well done, that man!
  6. Anything posted on a public thread on a public forum can be replied to by any member. You know, the point of forums.
  7. Lovely stuff! Hopefully we keep it up! Haven't FM open to screen cap, but I think we're about 4-4.5m in the black.
  8. Aye, I never really got an unreasonable amount of injuries, but this FM's been especially injury free. I can't remember exactly, but the last few years have been well below realistic amounts. The forum would be in meltdown with a realistic level of injuries, though!
  9. For all my slowness, it was a fairly quiet summer, brought back an old player, and sadly sold Rob Rees, but the offer couldn't be refused, as we were still skimming the financial line. Our moves overall weren't as much strengthening, as much as sidestepping, or increasing depth at best, so I didn't quite expect the start we have had. Mid table was the target, and I expected we could fight at that level. Decided to not bother about the League Cup, backups and not even managing the matches myself. So it was an incredible surprise to batter Sunderland 0-4 on their patch! Evans returns for a fraction of what we sold him for, Rees is sad, but for 6m(5 up front), 50% of profit, and the loan back, it was too good. Doidge broke his foot before the first game of pre-season.
  10. Cheers everyone! Sorry I haven't been about, been busy playing with the toys Santa brought me. Still, I've been tipping away slowly, and have finished up pre-season and the first month of League One.
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