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  1. Zlatan has to open up a can of whoop ass on that Welbeck of a striker you had.
  2. It's almost the most English way to go out, involving a penalty, but also Joe Hart.
  3. Mexico gone too, and Nigeria beating Germany.
  4. Great result for the game!
  5. How are Kane and Welbeck rated the same?!
  6. Youth Intake Day! Stanislav burst into my office, fiercely excited! It's time!!! We need you to run the rule over the youth grads and see who to offer senior deals to. He informs me there's a keeper who's a "wee cracker, as you'd say", coming from someone with a Bulgarian accent, it was quite surreal.... A startling lack of ambition in that squad. Not impressed, and Stanislav would be in hot water if we were paying him for this. He's right though, keeper is indeed a wee cracker, and a striker who, were he African, would have the legitimacy of his age questioned...
  7. The winter break, and window, an utter nightmare. Bids for my star players, hottest prospects, left right and centre... My striker turned down Litex to stay with us, Litex!!! My star goalie was offered a contract with a pro club, rejected them to stay here, my one true love, top, top guy. Then on deadline day he left anyway. He's dead to me, never liked him. Our best player left on deadline day too, but more importantly than all that, we lost loads of staff too. I'd built up a fine backroom, best in the league, best scouts, physios, everything. Gone. 14 games, 14 more games... unless we Spurs it.