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  1. All about those dynamic linesmen.
  2. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Bradford City at some point, depending on how their new players are rated. Some of them, who are playing well IRL, are absolute rubbish in 17. Other than that, could be almost any club.
  3. Been playing with Athletic the last few days, had Aduriz do this in a game. Sadly, not long later he decided he must have CL football, and I suggested we'd get it if he put his head down and worked. Crisis over. Until January came and he signed a pre-contract with Atletico, I couldn't offer him a contract as he was unhappy waiting out the promise to see if we'd get CL football. Now it's April, he hasn't played a game since, we're a win away from the title and Atletico look very much like they'll finish 5th..... In other news, I got a message in early January that Mikel Merino was available, for 4m! Daylight robbery.....
  4. You can do that, quite handily, I never loan out top prospects and they develop just fine, some even jump from the u-18's straight to the first team. Rashford's case was even more simple than that, we just needed a forward, any forward, everyone else was injured or suspended. Had Will Keane not tore his groin 3 days before that Europa match, and Martial not injured himself in the warm ups, he might not have gotten a chance at all, or at least not anywhere close to when he did.
  5. Back then, Touch and FM shared one launcher, database, and a great deal of the files/locations. Now they come bundled as a separated pair of apps, it doubles because you're getting two entire FM's with separate files/locations.
  6. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

  7. [FM17] Heart(s) of a Lion (Rampant)

    Best of luck!
  8. My Mourinho inspired 4-2-3-1

    Depends, the RMD + Treq. combo would probably be a good fit for his Real Madrid side's Ronaldo/Ozil combo.
  9. Yeah, if you loan him to another English side, you'd still get homegrown in nation. I want all my top players being homegrown at club, though.