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  1. I wish I had more saves that I could use to test, but I recently cleared out a load of unneeded(or so I thought) saves.
  2. That's 18-20, numbers run pretty close in CA, but in PA there's a massive increase. 5x in the 180-189 range and 3x in the 170-179 range is bonkers.
  3. I could do it again just for 18-20's if you want?
  4. I've noticed similar trends in the past, so I decided to look at an old save I had with two dates decently apart, one in 2017, and one in 2024. It's a 40k database, with France down to the 5th tier, and all of England, Germany, Italy, Spain and Holland's top divisions only. I was really surprised that it was that close, the only real outlier being a massive uptick in the 170-179 range. As an aside, one of the most ridiculous players I found was this guy. A killer striker, but has 50pa to still potentially grow into(for 197 overall).
  5. BoxToBox

    [FM18] Growing up Down Wembley Way

    Becoming a bit of a strikers academy.
  6. BoxToBox

    [FM18]When the Kingdom goes to War...

    We ended up having a real impact on the Europa. Domestic football...
  7. BoxToBox

    [FM18]When the Kingdom goes to War...

    Cheers fellas!
  8. Can't be Irish, we're all lump merchants. Except Wes Houlihan and Aidan McGeady, I guess, but they're kinda crap anyway.
  9. BoxToBox

    [FM18]When the Kingdom goes to War...

    That was long overdue, to be fair. This was not. He was growing really well, and playing well, thought we might have had an Irish international on our hands, but this could really hamper his development. Lucky we signed that lad off Leeds in the window.
  10. Aye, I've had it, it's not bad.
  11. That's a sentence that'll never be repeated.
  12. BoxToBox

    [FM18]When the Kingdom goes to War...

    No idea, they should have battered us twice over. These will, though.
  13. BoxToBox

    [FM18]When the Kingdom goes to War...

    My problem is, you're only allowed 3 replacements before the knockouts. Kind of mistimed rebuilding the squad.
  14. BoxToBox

    [FM18]When the Kingdom goes to War...

    Oh, and it was! With the Europa money giving us a lovely transfer budget, and turning pro, one window was all it took to become the force in Irish football. We're now expected to win the league and dominate the dream eleven. Of course, our major window being in winter has it's problems... Forgot about this!