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  1. She stepped out, I stepped in again, I stepped out and she stepped in again... Another one in the books, with the massive Europa win in the centre. We lost a league game, for the first time in six years! 215 games without a loss, put paid to by Ireland having a fixture on the same day, we had to start 8 u-19's who had played a game the day before..... Our best CL group showing, and quite the surprise! A more nonchalant thunderhammer you'll likely never see...
  2. Not so much teachers as fighters, and what we teach is how to fight.... It's youth intake time, but we also have the midseason update. Better than recent intakes, mostly rubbish, but Buckley looks to have a bit about him. Outgoing Transfers. Massive exodus, as we rake in the cash. Incoming Transfers. El Alami was transfer listed(not by request), which is baffling, but seems to be relatively common in Spain, most seasons I see a highly promising 16-17 year old listed for a pittance. # Not the best group, as we were a 2nd seed.
  3. Still a massive distance from that, I'd bet!
  4. I know I had little trouble pumping it up with Munster(German 3rd) or Bayonne(French 5th), but of course they're some of the very highest countries, and known for their youths. Faroes you know about, and Ireland is proving somehow even harder to develop.
  5. Definitely giving the punters value for money!
  6. I guess the game still factors in player quality as well as ranking. In real life quite a few of my players would probably be considered much better than they are because of performances.
  7. "Hurrah me soul" says I, me Shillelagh I let fly... Victories are coming fast now, for club and country... Weirdly, after the Euros were held in Spain, this Confederations Cup was, and next seasons World Cup will be too... Hell of a pair of results against world No.1 Argentina in the semis, then Spain at the Nou Camp. Club is coming along well too.
  8. San Marino look ever so aggressive lately, in their play...
  9. He's not played much yet, we've lots of depth at striker.
  10. How do you get involved in so many lunatic games?!
  11. And as I went home on Wednesday night, as drunk as drunk could be... Chelsea never saw it coming... neither did I, to be honest! Harding murdered them, with a brace of both goals and assists.