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  1. Akinade looks really handy.
  2. Bruggeman's almost ready for a backup role, phew!
  3. I was doing that anyway, so that's handy.
  4. [FM18] A New Avenue For The Discarded...

    Attacking! Barring some horrible luck, we should be competitive, and with players this young they'll develop and our squad can only get stronger.

    Hell of a result against Spain!
  6. [FM18] A New Avenue For The Discarded...

    This summer has been brutally fun, just for the fact that some of the released players I landed look brilliant. Yet again we couldn't get any other teams to take part in the Wolf Cup that had appeared before. I think we have the bones of a squad that could all develop into Championship players, so it's a case of keeping the crew together. We did end up losing Lee Davies.... It's not end of the world, as we picked up better prospects, and the deal was good, but I do prefer to keep any good players from my teams intakes.... Plus he was the one HG(at club) player that could contribute, and you need one in every matchday squad in League 2. So, preseason was a cracker, beating rivals Bradford and Leeds(a Prem side) is an excellent showing. In early competitive fixtures, chucking the backups to the lions against Blackburn, for them to go "nah, lets 'ave 'em" and put on possibly the biggest thriller of a game this save was great fun. Albeit coming at great cost... The same backups didn't do as well, but didn't disgrace themselves against Burnley. Mich'el Parker is a good CB, and was a regular in the side, we have great CB depth, though! Transfers! I feel Arsenal could have given Sheldon another season or two, he could yet grow into a fine player and is an instant starter for us. Fisher is ex-Liverpool, and should be first choice CB for us, maybe for a long time. Martin, also from Liverpool, was brought in more as a prospect, but can fit in at CB or CM for us, and in a pinch RB, so should see good early minutes. Cooney is yet another from Liverpool, and a style of player we much needed, brave, hard working, defensively useful and a real handy passer. Redfern instantly usurped Davies as being ranked the clubs hot prospect, and has the personality to grow so I'm quite excited about the ex-Man Utd man. Lee was brought in as a prospect/backup for O'Connor, but the Arsenal lad has already had a growth spurt and looks ready for semi-regular minutes. Ivings comes from Stoke, and should be a fine prospect(especially as he's barely 17, signed as a 16 year old), love his aerial dominance. Owusu-Ansah is ex-Chelsea and should be a fine backup for Ayoola, though he needs work in key areas. O'Brien is from Leeds and worth a punt for 240 a week. Amankwah is missing a few key elements for a CB, but I'm hopeful the ex-Man City kid can be converted into a fine DM. Parpajola was chucked by Roma(I love the new scouting tools!) but has a bit about him, short term he's a fine prospect and backup for Sheldon. Veinante is a backup for the senior side, but the ex-Stade Rennais lad could develop into an important player. Frimpong, the ex-Man City lad is much needed coverage for Wassi. Gomes is a real surprise, released by Academica in Portugal, no other sides showed any interest, so he accepted a surprisingly cheap deal to join us. Not a very well rounded player, but at this level his shot-stopping is elite, I reckon best in League 2, if not the overall best keeper in the league. Levitt is a cheap punt who looks a potentially handy player, released from Man Utd. The finances will help, the main thing is we made this deal after convincing the board to cancel a deal they accepted with Sheffield United for 220k flat and no addons.
  7. [FM18] San Marin-oh no, not him again...

    Billy's been sneaking about with the sugar, then...
  8. [FM18] A New Avenue For The Discarded...

    Cheers! I'll slow down for a bit now, getting stuck into the new Pokemon game.
  9. [FM18] A New Avenue For The Discarded...

    So, we've ran out the season, smashing all kinds of records along the way, most points, most wins, fewest draws, most goals scored(123) and Ayoola even picked up a record 20 assists. Amazingly, a lad from Guiseley, on loan from Norwich got the most goals, with 38. We finished up the season picking up the FA Trophy, but a penally win against Aldershot wasn't to standards, so the team received a post match bollocking. In the middle of the run in, there was a new board installed, too. Not sure what the deal is here, as it says the new capacity will be 2722, where as it was 5000. Maybe it means there'll be 2722 seas, as currently there are 1185. Also, when the season ended I yet again got them to pay up for Coaching and Recruitment upgrades, hitting Excellent and Above Average, respectively. We've also gone up a youth level to 4.
  10. [FM18] A New Avenue For The Discarded...

    We have the core of an 11 that should be reasonable in League 2, at least. So far, all guns firing.
  11. [FM18] San Marin-oh no, not him again...

    Oh yes, oh yes indeed! This is going to be amazing as always.