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  1. 4-2 up in injury time and chucked it?! Formartine's twitter was on fire that night!
  2. [FM18]Ride into Obsession!

    Youth Intake Day! They like this fella, so we'll keep him, the two fairly pro lads, and the resilient one. To be honest though, best course would probably be...
  3. That's how you win a title!
  4. [FM18]Ride into Obsession!

    More of a Celtic B side, but we'll take it! Cheers! The best laid plans...
  5. [FM18]Ride into Obsession!

    We should play the Jaws theme as the start of matches. Cheers! Plenty of tough games yet, though. Cheers! Bank balance is close to a million again, almost all the seasons costs returned. I can't get over that fact that he was even an option.
  6. [FM18]Ride into Obsession!

    We followed that up with another pair of massive cup showings. Contained them in the first match, 16 shots sounds a lot better than we really were, and Dawson was an absolute hero, saving both a peno and the shot that came on the rebound off it. Replay was mostly similar, they dominated, we held them off, even after the red card they were better, after they scored though we just went hell for leather and they couldn't hold us off. After taking the lead, I switched to a possession game,which they struggled with even more, and where most of our shots came from. The 3rd goal was offside, and shouldn't have stood.
  7. I dunno, I think that's a killer deal for Eriksen coming into his prime. 39m isn't much in English football any more.
  8. He looks like he could be amazing!
  9. FM18: Memory Lane

    Brilliant, especially in Europe!
  10. [FM18]Ride into Obsession!

    Celtic played a much stronger, yet still not full strength side in the replay. Caught them off guard 9 minutes in, and played a counter 4-1-4-1 for the rest of the game, holding them off. Brutally attacking in the second half, maybe should have punished them, but a win is more than delightful.
  11. [FM18]Ride into Obsession!

    I'm hoping he's one spot set for the next decade plus.
  12. [FM18]Ride into Obsession!

    January was not quite what I expected. One sale for 100k, but the Celtic game brought in a good 150-200k as well(I think). More than enough for me, definitely, got the budget to upgrade the one real weakspot in the squad, but also, gaining us second upgrades to Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment. Reaching a very nice Good/Above Average combo. I actually can't remember how I found this lad, but happy with 100k, 40% of profit, and a friendly. Handy loan depth, we're super solid at RW, but a bit short on the left, which Annan can do well enough. Here's the big deal though... One of my favourite lower league signings in English saves, I was lucky he was listed for 80k and willing to come to Scotland, on a pay cut!!! Instantly turns our weakest position into our strongest. I reckon he's as good as most keepers in the top division never mind the third... Positioning needs a wee bit of work, though. Here's him compared to the keeper rated as the best in Scotland(via the Prem's season preview star 11), and while he's clearly the far better player, looking at key areas, Dawson is on par in Aerial skills, close in distribution, not too bad in communication, and shockingly a better shot stopper! EDIT: Shakes head... 7 goals, 5 assists, 2 starts......