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  1. Week 3 (15th July to 21st July) 15th July - Javier Cortes (Pumas to Veracruz) 16th July - Axel Witsel (Quanjian to Renhe) 17th July - Grafite (ATP to ATM) 18th July - William Pottker (INT to FLA) 19th July - Adriano (CBR to BRP) 20th July - Goran Popov (Vardar to Legia Warsaw) 21st July - Pero Pejic (Kukesi to Austria Wien)
  2. Week 2 (July 8th to July 14th) July 8th - Luis Ramirez (Alianza Lima to Comerciantes) July 9th - Sebastian Giovinco (Seattle to LA Galaxy) July 10th - Andrea Pirlo (NYCFC to Sporting Kansas City) July 11th - Rodrigo (SPT to ATM) July 12th - Fredy Guarin (Shanghai Shenhua to Shandong) July 13th - Michael Bradley (Toronto FC to Columbus Crew) July 14th - Sondre Rossbach (Odd to Hearts)
  3. Week One (July 1st to July 7th) July 1st- Lars Christopher Vilsvik (Stromgodset to Sarpsborg) July 2nd - Carlos Tevez (Shanghai Shenhua to Shandong) July 3rd - Valdivia (INT to SPO) July 4th - Giovanni dos Santos (LA Galaxy to Vancouver Whitecaps) July 5th - Armando Wila (Union Comercio to Juan Aurich) July 6th - Diego Souza (SPT to SEP) July 7th - Orlando Berrio (FLA to CHA)
  4. Hey guys welcome to my experiment on FM17 where I have loaded every league and every player in the game and am completing an experiment on what would happen if every game the highest rated player on the losing team switches over to the winning team. I am doing this via screen flow so there is a pretty good chance some smaller leagues will be skipped accidentally but the experiment should still be interesting. I will update weekly on the biggest move by CA on every day that week as well as the results of all competitions. This experiment will also transfer over to the international game as well. The first move of this experiment was Ricardo Sendra from Geylang Int. to Loyola (PHI) as a result of a Singaporean Cup match.
  5. Strength to 17 Passing to 11 Dribbling to 6 Balance to 5
  6. Strength up to 12 finishing to 2 dribbling to 2
  7. Heading up to 12 Strength up to 7 Pace up to 11
  8. Player: Bernard Makwenza Agency Name: Anguilla Sports Agency
  9. Doc's United November 2018 Review Relatively quiet month, a 1-0 win against Diamond and a bore 0-0 draw against ALHCS Spartans. The team is very similar to my Anguilla team in the sense they can't score. The only goal coming from central defender Jaleel Scarbrough heading in a free kick. Still undefeated in the league and still haven't conceded in the league is a positive though Due to the International Break the league is all over the place. We are currently in fourth but I don't think that means much at the moment.
  10. And... I'm starting to see why Anguilla is last in the World rankings. No one played well, but at least no one was exceptionally bad. Overall just not clinical up front, can't pass through the midfield and the defence is resembling a bunch of wandering cupcakes. At least we're not bottom. Our next international break is all the way in March with a friendly against the Turks and Caicos Islands and our final Nations League game against Bonaire lets try not to go 0-4
  11. Anguilla - Tre Brown-Peabody, Jaleel Scarbrough, Ikenya Brown, Desroy Findlay, Steven Austin, Germain Hughes, Alrique Rogers, Cordell Smith, Damian Bailey, Kieran Kentish, Jonathan Guishard Subbed On - Kevin Hawley, Vershawn Hodge, Leo Richardson, Tre Gumbs, Ruvin Richardson, Alrique Rogers Ouch! Never expected to win this. Bermuda's key player, Nakhi Wells, plays for Burnley in the English Premier League. To put that in perspective our key player, Germain Hughes, plays for Heather St Johns in the English 10th Tier. In the end Nakhi Wells put an end to Brown-Peabody's good international form putting 4 past him including capitalising on a poor pass from Brown-Peabody. A positive was that Damian Bailey our central midfielder scored a very nice goal after some rare good ball movement from the team. Our player from Doc's United central defender Jaleel Scarbrough had a very bad game which is extremely worrying. Our next game is a Nations League game against Aruba, winnable but we're going to be hard pressed, hopefully we can get over the line.
  12. Anguilla Squad vs Bermuda and Aruba This international break will start with a friendly against Bermuda and then we will be looking for our first Nations league win against Aruba. Adonijah Richardson is unavailable through suspension for the Aruba game so I left him out of the squad for both games, Goalkeepers Tre Brown-Peabody (Kicks Utd) Theon Richardson (Doc's United) Calan Vanderpool (Roaring Lions) Defenders Steven Austin (Diamond) Ikenya Brown (Ballers) Desroy Findlay (Ballers) Romare Guishard (Ballers) Kevin Hawley (Free Agent) Vershawn Hodge (Roaring Lions) Germain Hughes (Heather) Leo Richardson (Attackers) Jaleel Scarbrough (Doc's United) Midfielders Damian Bailey (Ballers) Gracen Burris (Roaring Lions) Girdon Connor (Roaring Lions) Cordell Smith (Doc's United) Tre Gumbs (Kicks Utd) Kieran Kentish (Roaring Lions) Alrique Jeffers (Up Rising) Ruvin Richardson (Kicks Utd) Attackers Jonathan Guishard (Doc's United) Alrique Rogers (Doc's United) Glenville Roger (Kicks Utd)
  13. Doc's United 2018 Review Mainly friendlies which were a mixed bag. We also had our first competitive game, a 1-1 draw with Enforcers FC in the Knock-Out Cup 1st Round. Transfers In Despite some transfers not going through until January, I don't know why some were free transfers as well which means it doesn't just mean that players switching clubs can't move. Some of these names will be familiar as the last 4 all feature regularly in my Anguilla squads. All players are 4-5CA players and too show how much it improves the squad, our former key player Tre Richardson, who was a 4.5CA player is now 1.5CA. Richardson (DR) and Ashton Dumas (DC), don't play for me under Anguilla but both will be key players for Doc's United. Theon Richardson (GK) is another key starter in a position of need. I'm really excited about Jaleel Scarbrough (DC) and Cordell Smith (MC) as both play key roles holding us both solid defensively and have a creative pivot in the midfield. Jonathan Guishard (FC) will hopefully play alongside Alrique Rogers when he comes in, in January. Guishard scored our goal in the draw against Enforcers FC. Transfers Out Players who I couldn't fit into my registered squad who kicked up a fuss. Weren't going to play anyway.
  14. Anguilla - Tre Brown-Peabody, Jaleel Scarbrough (Off 56), Ikenya Brown, Vershawn Hodge, Steven Austin, Germain Hughes, Adonijah Richardson (Off 56), Cordell Smith, Damian Bailey, Kieran Kentish (Off 56), Alrique Rogers (Off 56), Kevin Hawley (On 56), Girdon Connor (On 56), Ruvin Richardson (On 56), Jonathan Guishard (On 56) Not a great performance, defensively we were solid, Brown-Peabody had another great game. The problem is still offensively the players can't build anything up, we did have an offside goal disallowed by Alrique Rogers but other than that and a couple of unsuccessful goal mouth scrambles we didn't create much. The next international break in November we have a friendly against Bermuda and a Nations League game against Aruba
  15. Anguilla - Tre Brown-Peabody, Jaleel Scarbrough, Kevin Hawley, Desroy Findlay (Off HT), Steven Austin, Germain Hughes (Off 74), Adonijah Richardson, Cordell Smith, Damian Bailey (Off 74), Kieran Kentish, Alrique Rogers, Vershawn Hodge (On HT), Leo Richardson (On 74), Tre Gumbs (On 74) Unfortunately Denville Francis got injured and was unable to play but I was able to bring in free agent Cordell Smith. The game went alright, we weren't expected to win and we manage to stay in the game for most of it. Malik St. Prix scored 2 second half goals to get St Lucia over the line. Offensively, we weren't good the team can't really string a set of passes together and the defence let St Lucia through way too much. Tre Brown-Peabody (the Goalkeeper) had a good game on debut though making some good saves After that result we are dead last in the NA Nations League as the team lost 3-0 to Jamaica before I joined. Not good and shows how much work we have to do before we can even challenge to win games in World Cup qualification. We finish the international break with a friendly against the British Virgin Islands
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