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  1. END OF NOVEMBER 2018 Alright 2 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses. 10th and pretty safe from relegation. 1 extra thought to add in Kammlott is still doing amazingly, 3rd in the top goalscoring chart and he missed 3 games through injury.
  2. Name: Revelo Gamechango DOB (character will be 18, so do day and month): 13 September Club (choose Barca or Real Madrid): Barca Strong Attributes (Technical) - choose 4 - in order of strength: 18,17,16,15 : Tackling, Passing, Marking, Heading Strong Attributes (Physical) - choose 2 : 19, 17: Natural Fitness, Strength Strong Attributes (Mental - choose 2 : 20, 18: Positioning, Bravery Height (cm): 191 Weight [mass if you're that guy] (kg): 87 Position: Sweeper
  3. End of September 2018+Transfers That RB Leipzig thing, didn't happen. Decent start, we're expected to be relegated and my objective is to not be in a relegation battle. But, my own personal aim is top 10 because it would save our dwindling finances. We are out of the cup after losing to Hoffenheim. 11th going well. Look at Dynamo Dresden in 2nd, hopefully they can continue and get promoted so we can have 2 East German teams in the Bundesliga. Couple of loans, added some backups and brought in hot prospect Godwin Izuchukwu (not only for his name, I promise) who looks like he will be Thomas Bernsdorfs CB partner in the fututre
  4. We might be moving on sooner than I'd expected. Let me just say why this would be a good move. We need to limit West German teams winning trophies as much as I'd love to say that would be possible at Erfurt it really wouldn't. RB Leipzig have an incredible transfer budget rivalling that of Bayern and Dortmund. Taking this job will help me start getting East German sides winning and then I can go on to help the smaller sides such as Erfurt rise to the Bundesliga. Keep in mind I'm not favorite for this job and currently I only have a National B license so it will be a massive coup to move here.
  5. East German Update 2018 Not much progress. An extra team in 2.Bundesliga after our promotion and Energie Cottbus being promoted to the 3.Bundesliga. Bayern win the league again. Dortmund win the cup in a Ruhr derby final. PSG win their 2nd Champions League in a row. Leverkusen was the only German team to make it out of the Group stage. The Golden Generation of Belgium has finally come through winning the World Cup 5-0 in the final. Divock Origi got a hattrick. Germany lost in the Quarterfinals I mean we got 1 team into the top 3 leagues, but other than that no improvement.
  6. End of Season Update 2018 Not that good end if season. 2 wins to finish the season. But we still got promoted, only losing the title on the last day of the season. Kevin Scheidhauer was the leagues top goalscorer after Kammlott's injury. Kammlott was Player of the Season despite his injury as we get promoted. Next season we will stay up, again I'm staying here unless I get a surprise cheeky offer from RB Leipzig.
  7. There goes Kammlott's season, we need a backup striker to step up now or we can kiss promotion goodbye.
  8. End of February 2018 Update Pretty Good couple of months, only loss was friendly to Bayern. Included an 8-2 win vs MSV Duisburg. 11 points clear in 2nd, should hopefully not just completely collapse. Note, Carsten Kammlott top scorer in league.
  9. Youth Intake Day 2018 Not the best youth intake. 2 best players are wingers, which don't fit my formation. Volker Ernemann is the only players with even a slight chance of ever seeing first team action. We did get our first ever 2nd nationality with a Serbian second nationality If he didn't have 20 determination he could possibly had been the worst top potential player I could've gotten. Doesn't fit formation, very injury prone, very inconsistent, lets hope we can get some $$$ from him atleast Carsten's brother maybe?
  10. End of December 2017 A loss to promotion rivals Zwickau put a dampener on a good couple of months. Looking good, seems to be a 3 horse race for the 2 promotion spots. Lets hope we don't do a Spurs and come 4th.
  11. Will these West German clubs lower than me in the table stop offering me jobs, just cause there not in debt like the situation I'm currently in.
  12. Hahaha no. This is an EAST German career.
  13. End of October 2017 No longer undefeated but the good form continues. Even managed to get a clean sheet. Top of the league, lets go. Even 8 points from the team in 4th.
  14. End of August 2017 + Transfers Undefeated in the league after 8 games. We seem to be going well. 2nd in the League, yet again in the promotion zone, lets actually stay their this year. Had some very good transfers. Mikel Merino is easily the best player in the league, he's suited to the Bundesliga!!! In these transfers we managed to cut 10k of our wages as well to help our dwindling finances.
  15. East German Update 2017 No progress from the East German clubs as they do not catch up a single bit with the only divisional changes are Erzebirghe Aue and Magdeburg switching places. Bayern Munich won the League Hoffenheim won the cup And PSG beat Benfica to win the Champions League. Bayern got to the semis This leaves the table pretty much the same with only West Germany only adding stuff to their side. Toni Kroos remains the sole East German in the national team.