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  1. Crazy Final Day

    @Maw74 I managed to pull of a 3-2 win against Manchester United but a Yannick Carrasco hat-trick against Swansea was enough to secure the, the title
  2. Decided to do a FM17 DOF Challenge with Chelsea and going into the final game us, Spurs and Man U are equal on points And to make things even better I've got to play Manchester United, while Tottenham play Swansea, absolutely crazy!
  3. (FM17) Viking Raid

    Pre Season 2017 Undefeated pre-season against fairly easy opponents tried out a new approach with tactics altering between a 4-4-2 and a 3-4-3 with three strikers. Signed some starters either on loan or on frees, let go of worthless players and made 1.3k with a 40% sell on fee for backup central mid Christopher Lindahl, who was a hot prospect but the club isn't doing the best financially My aim this year is promotion too build up my reputation to get a job in the Superretan or higher. 5 games in April with all games fairly winnable with the hardest being against Lindomme who are expected to finish second.
  4. (FM17) Viking Raid

    New Contract
  5. (FM17) Viking Raid

    End of Season Review Ullareds ended up pipping Hogaborgs to the title and it seems Torslanda stayed up due to their win against us. Jorgen Lundberg surprisingly beat Patrik Andersson to player of the season and Albin Karlsson took home young player of the year Here is another screenshot of Jorgen Lundberg, POTY and getting a ton of attention now Stats and Best XI, no real surprises.
  6. (FM17) Viking Raid

    September 2016 Not a good way to end the season. Losses 1-2 to Assyriska and 0-1 to Torslanda were not very good, but the Torslanda loss was due to me putting my backup keeper in as the season was pretty much over and the game meant nothing. The 2-2 draw against Eskillsminne showed great attacking promise which was carried through with a 4-1 win against Vinbergs This left us finishing 5th which is where we were when I took over 12 games ago Player of the month was winner Jorgen Lundberg who's 2 goal performance in the 4-1 win against Vinbergs showed me why he should keep his job in the team next season. As there is no more game left in the season a season review should be up soon.
  7. (FM17) Viking Raid

    August 2016 An okay month with 0-0 draws against the top 2 teams in the division, which is pretty good for the team I have. I got a 1-0 win against weaker side Savedalens, but had my first loss of the career against Lindorne, which I have to admit was my fault as I went narrower trying to get more goals. This has dropped us down to fifth but we are mathematically safe from relegation now. Felix Munck was our player of the month as he was the player of the match and goalscorer in the win over Savedalens. I've made a few signing some will be first team players but none really good enough to be pointed out. Alex Wejdrup made a goal line save against Hogaborgs in the 80-something minute to save a draw. Next month we have the remaining 4 games of the season, although they don't matter too much as I don' think promotion is really on the cards and survival is secured, I will just try to finish as high as possible and then try to build a stronger team at the end of the season.
  8. (FM17) Viking Raid

    July 2016 Undefeated start to the career, been using a simple 4-4-2 only altering instructions during games and it has been going well. A fairly even 1-1 win against Tenhults, the Dalstorps game was a lot closer than the scoreline would suggest, but in the Hoganas game we tore them apart. This leaves us in 3rd position and in the race for promotion, only 9 games left this season and a 5 point gap between us and Ullareds means it will probably be unlikely but if this form continues I think we could get there. Player of the month was target man Patrik Andersson who has got 4 goals in the 3 games, with all 4 coming in the games against Dalstorps and Hoganas. Next month we have 4 games including top of the table Hogaborgs and promotion rivals Ullareds.
  9. (FM17) Viking Raid

    We have our first club, Swedish fourth division club Helsingborgs IF Akademi, the club who in real life have dissolved are a feeder club too top division Helsingborgs IF, they play at the 17000 seater Olympiastadium. The club is in an OK position, currently I am the only staff member at the club but the team are sitting 5th in the Division 2 Vastra Gotaland. Unfortunately due to the clubs link to Helsingborgs IF, I can only use this club as a building block to get to a better club.
  10. (FM17) Viking Raid

    Welcome to yet another save of mine one that I am really hoping will last unlike the others, the aim of this save will be to win all competitions available to top tier Nordic clubs (including the Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup) and to win the European Championship and World Cup with Nordic countries. After I have done this I will go to England and take a Vanarama North/South team to Champions League glory. I have used the vanilla leagues for most nations, with claasens Faroe Islands leagues being loaded. I will be starting with absolutely nothing as a Sunday League reputation with no coaching badges and seeing where this takes us.
  11. Abacus Takes on the World, Alphabet Style (FM17)

    One thing I have found is that my defense, especially my keeper, is absolutely terrible, 30 minutes into a game where I'm on defensive and we are 4-2 down after 30 minutes!!!
  12. Abacus Takes on the World, Alphabet Style (FM17)

    Not the best way to start at the brilliantly named Tony Macaroni Arena. The team really perked up at the end of the 2nd half against the top team in the league is a pretty good sign, also had a couple of youth player playing as I hadn't sorted out transfers yet.
  13. Abacus Takes on the World, Alphabet Style (FM17)

    After about 5 months of searching Abacus has found a club and quite a massive task he has ahead of him. Abacus has joined Albion Rovers in the Scottish 3rd Tier and things are not looking the good, the team is completely and utterly terrible and are languishing bottom of the league 3 wins and 3 draws from 20 games. The team seems to lack any centre backs or attacking midfielders so all seems to be a very very hard challenge. Main aim for Abacus will be keeping them up. As you can see we are struggling in the league and out of all the cups Here are some of our alright players...
  14. Abacus Takes on the World, Alphabet Style (FM17)

    Achievements A (Albion Rovers) B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  15. After a couple of single-club saves that I lost interest in pretty quickly, I have decided to start a journeyman save on this forum. However, instead of doing a normal journeyman save, it will be an alphabet career similar to that of @PaulHartman71's legendary FM2016 career. I will however start unemployed with zero coaching badges or experience like a regular unemployed journeyman. I have decided I will move clubs to the next letter when I have won some silverware whether it be a 4th tier title or the UEFA Champions League. So lets meet the manager, 20 year old Abacus Abcde (Pronounced ab-sid-ee) I will obviously start out looking for a job at a club starting with A. Adjusting to the scale of the challenge I will be a bit lenient with names counting teams like ASMB Belfort as a B or AC Milan as either an A or an M. I have loaded these leagues. Lets go looking for a job