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  1. Wait, is that the Ian Black that played for Rangers
  2. Have a go with my local team, Perth Glory
  3. Now to find the staff, I will give three suggestions for each position (well just Ass Man and HOYD all the rest I'll get the chairman to sign) and then you will vote on them all Assistant Manager John Dreyer Craig Madden Russell Wilcox https://www.strawpoll.me/17258498/r Head of Youth Development David Moran Liam Jones Adrian Farrell https://www.strawpoll.me/17258526/r
  4. As after the 24 hour period finished and I only got about 13 entries, I've taken the rest from the Non-League suggestion thread So lets meet the team Goalkeepers Brad Watkins Joe Boyd Laurence Bilboe Defenders Jermaine Grandison Will Forrester Harry Darling Josh Wilde Pierre-Emmanuel Ekwah Elimby Scott Pengelly (Finally decided to be a LB) Mamadou Kone Midfielders Oscar Borg Aaron Kuhl Jordan Sinnott Brad Abbott Armani Daly Brad Carr Ashley Hemmings Attackers Stephen Dobbie George Nunn Joe Ironside Ross Hannah Dan Maguire
  5. Yep only cost about 100k which is peanuts with billericays budget he looks amazing for the vanarama south
  6. OK so it looks like we’re good for strikers and are now looking for a couple of goalkeepers, a few midfielders and about 5 defenders. Cheers for the submissions
  7. Well now Scott seems to be a right midfielder, idk whats up. so 1/3 goalkeepers and 5/8 midfielders
  8. Just had a look at FM and added in the players I've received so far and it seems Scott Pengelly, the striker I've suggested has become a goalkeeper in the latest update, which I found a bit weird (same club, same birthdate, same nationality). So that means at the moment we have 2/3 goalkeepers, 1/7 (only a LB so far) defenders, 4/7 midfielders and 3/5 attackers, with plenty of budget left as we're replacing Billericay, about 1.3/1.6M left. So keep up the suggestions and I will try to make it in the game ASAP and keep in mind the needed positions.
  9. Cheers, will do with the pink home kit, if you can't think of any non league players, academy players from prem/championship clubs with not too high potential will probably fit the budget.
  10. Hello and welcome to my new idea for a thread. Using the Create-a-Club feature I will replace Billericay Town with team devised of players suggested by the community. After that all main decisions will be decided by you guys from formations to transfers to scouting methods to staff signing. That said for this save to work I'm going to need significant contribution from you guys. So to begin with I need a team suggested, the team will have 3 keepers, 7 defenders, 8 midfielders and 5 attackers and will use only players suggested on this forum. When suggesting your players please keep in mind I must fit all 23 inside Billericay Towns budget so they must all be non-league level and also their must be an even spread of positions. Thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing your suggestions, If I have enough suggestions, I will attempt to make the team in about 24 hours.
  11. No edited database's but you can load other leagues.
  12. Gainsborough Trinity 2019/20 Season Vanarama National League North- 15th Placed Competitions- Didn't do very well in either of the cups but I met my expectation of staying up in the league, by finishing lower mid-table. It could have been so much more as we had two long losing streaks which if we had maintained form throughout those we would have definitely made playoffs and maybe even won the league. Transfers- Basically just free transfers and loans with the only players on the out, being released Youth Update- A pretty OK youth intake this year, signing three players (5,4,3 1/2 star potentials), with Tyrone Baldacchino playing four games and scoring two goals late in the season Key Players Ross Hannah- One of my strikers, held his spot in the team the entire season and topping the leagues scoring charts with 24 goals, isn't signing a new contract so I will probably have to look for a replacement for him in the off-season David Lynch- The Irish central midfielder was very consistent and could always be relied upon to get a few goals and assists throughout the season. Alex Byrne- Finished third in the league with 11 assists and consistently was the teams main playmaker all season Scott Pengelly- Ross Hannah's strike partner, who was on loan from Oldham after we failed to sign him after a trial at the club, got a tonne of goals+assists throughout the season and won us a few games single handely. League|Finish|FA Cup|Europe|Top Scorer|Player of the Season ------------------------------------------------------------ VNN|15th|4QR|N/A|Ross Hannah(25)|Ross Hannah Next Season- Next season I will be aiming to push for a playoff spot, while trying to give Baldacchino as much game time as possible
  13. August 2018 Not a good start, we controlled both games but couldn't score we've also had a lot of injuries which really isn't helping, we had 3 injuries against Sloga alone Still way,way too early in the season to tell anything, but this does not look very good.
  14. Pre-Season 2018 A pretty good but inconsistent pre-season, both losses came against teams at our level but we also had a 6-0 win against a team at our level. Made a few transfers with a few first teamers and backups signed, these were the best 2 signings This guy will step right into our midfield as our best central midfielder, is regarded as a good player for this division with the potential to be a good player in the division above. Our only non-Serbian in the squad so far the Macedonian striker is now the best striker at the club and has spent his career journeying around Yugoslavia even playing for an Unknown Club at some point. After these transfers the teams expectations went up from 14th to 11th.
  15. Welcome to my new save, had trouble finding a save that interested me this year so hopefully this is it. Playing as FK Mokra Gora in the Serbian 3rd Tier (Claasens database). Rules are that all players I sign must be U23 players from the former Yugoslav nations, as a first or second nationality (Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia and Serbia). Players who come from the Youth Academy are exempt from this rule. Expected to finish 14th although I'm hoping for much higher than that. Key Player and Hot Prospect The man tasked with this job.
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