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  1. No just based off the colours, sorry I wasn't clear enough
  2. Hey guys I'm trying to make a save with an edited team called Papua New Guinea Trekkers playing in the Hyundai A-League and I had some questions of how to do some stuff in the editor. 1. Is it possible to get the team to be able to qualify for the Oceania Champions League through the Papua New Guinea Cup 2. It would be awesome if someone would be able to make a badge and kits based loosely off the Papua New Guinea national team kits 3. Would it be possible to put two B teams at the club, one in Australia and one in Papua New Guinea If you guys could help, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
  3. Napier City Rovers Napier City Rovers are an association football (soccer) team based in Napier, New Zealand. They are currently competing in the Central Premier League. So we have our first team in Napier City Rovers in the second tier of New Zealand, they have 4 different nationalities, which will hopefully increase as I journey into the Oceania and try to build a team based around the star players from small islands. My aim for this season is to gain promotion into the top division where I can either go professional or move to a pro club like Auckland City or Team Wellington to essentially build the best Oceania based team possible.
  4. Welcome to my new save where I will be attempting to run a journeyman save where i manage one player from all 222 nations with a player in the original database. Throughout this save I will also be attempting to win as much as possible. My plan for the save to be able to do achieve this goal is to go continent by continent, starting in Oceania, then going through Asia, North America, Africa before finishing off in Europe and picking up players from South America on the way. So lets dive into this save
  5. sorry mate, still on FM19 so I’m going to have to pass off my spot on the list, was just providing a suggestion
  6. Why not start with 5 random nations loaded and every year one unused nation gets switched. Gives a bit of randomness. You could start of at the worst team in one nation just to make the first person get a full season.
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if it was possible to have a Papua New Guinea team playing in the Hyundai A-League who could compete in the Papua New Guinea Cup and qualify for the Oceania Champions League through that competition. And if it is possible how I would be able to do it.
  8. Hi guys, welcome to my new career. A new website (https://fmideas.co.uk/) came to my attention earlier this week that has a number of challenges, custom clubs and editor data found on it. There is also an idea generator button which I will be using for this career. I will also randomly generate my managers nationalities and name as well as manager attributes from the suggested badges/experience for the team I start with. If I complete a challenge or get sacked i will start a new challenge with either a regen from the first one or another randomly generated manager if everything goes down the plughole quickly. The next post will include the challenge and the manager.
  9. Decided I'm getting way to many job offers so I'm going to update when I have a job.
  10. Job Interviews Nothing on the other jobs. But we have some new interviews. Bandirmaspor in the Turkish 2nd tier. A few points above the relegation zone. No idea. Sanliurfaspor in the Turkish 2nd tier. In the relegation zone on points difference. Again no idea.
  11. Job Interview Rejected by Spennymoor and Chorley, not looking good. But we have another interview Weston-Super-Mare, in the English 6th tier. Just above the relegation zone. Possible but at this point who knows.
  12. Job Interview Unfortunately was rejected by Boston, still nothing back from Spennymoor, Chorley or Chester but we have another job interview Luch Vladivostock, a Russian 2nd tier side are currently 7 points adrift from safety with 14 games remaining. This job is more likely than some I've had but if we do get it, it will be a very tough ask to stay up.
  13. Job Interview Nothing back from the other interviews but I have another interview Chester, an English 6th division tier. Mid-table. Possible but unlikely.
  14. Job Interview Nothing back from Boston or Spennymoor but we have another job interview Chorley, an English 6th division club, currently 4 points adrift from safety. I think this job is a possibility.
  15. Job Interviews Unsurprisingly, Mykolaiv didn't offer us the job and surprisingly, Brackley Town also rejected us. But we have received two new offers. Boston United, a 6th tier English side. Currently bottom of the league, 4 points adrift from safety. I reckon we'll probably get this job but after Brackley, who knows. Spennymoor Town, a 6th tier English side. Currently mid table. Probably won't get this job.
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