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  1. (FM17) The Coodabeen Vardy Adventures Into Management

    Bracken Moor Lane, Stocksbridge 1st July 2016 As Tom walked into Bracken Moor Lane for the first time he took in the atmosphere, non-league football, semi-professional, all dreaming of a spot in the Football League just like he had been while playing for Fleetwood. He entered the building where he was greeted by chairman Allan Bethel. Bethel gave him a quick overview of the clubs history before introducing him to player/assistant manager Ryan Laight. Laight talked him over the staff responsibilities before introducing him to the staff... 'is this a joke, you can all come out now,' remarked Tom, looking at a room with two people in it. 'nup this is all, I'm Shaun by the way,' said Shaun Handsides, the clubs head physio, one of the clubs four staff members. After sorting out all responsibilities with his staff as well as organizing adverts to be put out for staff, Ryan Laight as well as player/coach Lee Thompson took him to the change rooms to meet the players. He walked into the room of 16 players including some familiar faces including Ash Burbeary who he played when Burbeary was at Gainsborough Trinity and Tom was a bench player at Fleetwood, as well as Mark Manning, a young winger who Tom had heard great things about. Despite these familiar faces, Tom knew it was time for change.
  2. (FM17) The Coodabeen Vardy Adventures Into Management

    Bootham Crescent, York Early 2010/11 Conference Season Tom was nervous, really nervous, his manager Micky Mellon had given him a chance to be the first team striker and he was determined to impress. Rumours were forming that the management was looking to bring in Halifax Town striker, Jamie Vardy if he didn't impress, at 21 he had age at his side but if he wanted to lead his childhood club Fleetwood he would need to impress now. He walked out of the tunnel, this would be an important game against York City as Fleetwood had been recently promoted whereas York were fighting for promotion. His game started off well netting a first half brace to give Fleetwood a 2-0 lead, going in at half-time Mellon told him how impressed he was with his performance and he felt a sense of accomplishment as he had performed when it mattered most. York netted early in the second half to make it 2-1 and in the 71st minute Tom had a chance to score his hat-trick and secure the victory. Tom ran towards goal dodging one defender when right as he was about to shoot the York City defender made a last gasp challenge and his stud went straight into Toms leg. It was a bad break and Fleetwood ended up missing the following penalty and conceding a 90th minute equalizer to draw 2-2, a disappointing. Tom went into serious rehab and was ready to make his return by January 2012 however he had lost his starting position to Jamie Vardy and at the end of the season, which ended in promotion into the Football League, Mellon left and Tom was released. Tom was distraught with this trying to regain his career the best he could having small stints at Chorley and Squire's Gate as well as gaining his National A Licence Coaching Badge. At the end of the 2015/16 season he retired from football and with help from his friend, Jamie Vardy started his managing career at Stocksbridge Park Steels at the age of 27.
  3. Author Notes- FM17 Full Fat with edited database of English Leagues. Leagues Loaded England (Down To Tier 9), Scotland (Down to Tier 4), Wales (Tier 1 Only), Ireland (Down to Tier 2), Northern Ireland (Down to Tier 3), Germany (Down to Tier 2), Italy (Down to Tier 2), Spain (Down to Tier 2), France (Down to Tier 2) and USA (Tier 1 Only) Tom Lorrie was born in Fleetwood on the 21st April 1989 to a builder Craig Lorrie and a hairdresser Barbara Lorrie. Craig Lorrie was a massive Fleetwood Town supporter and that transferred through to his only son. Craig had been kicking a football around with his son since the age of 2 and had been taking him to Fleetwood games since 6 months. Tom started playing for a club at the age of 5 and was usually mocked for wearing a Fleetwood shirt whereas the other kids wore Manchester United, Blackburn, Arsenal and Liverpool kits. Tom showed incredible talent as a striker and by the age of 8 was clearly the best player at his school, these skills transferred over onto the field and were enough to get him into the Fleetwood academy at the age of 12, this was really significant for his father Craig and Craig made sure to attend every training session. In 2008 a new manger named Micky Mellon came in and decided to give Tom his Fleetwood Town debut, he impressed and became a crucial role player, with Craig turning up to every match until...
  4. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    @Smurf https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/lenovo-miix-510-12-2-core-i5-convertible-laptop-sylmiix510?cm_mmc=google-_-pla-_-2 in 1 Laptops-_-SYLMIIX510&cm_mmca1=NULL&cm_mmca3=conversion&cm_mmca9=columbus&CAWELAID=620015440002684981&catargetid=620015440002666552&cadevice=m&gclid=Cj0KCQjwvuDPBRDnARIsAGhuAmYjfJ0m42KXutOvdOzJv_6fQ08lRhFZL8c1P4aw2ji0Ru9c3ElHmAwaAuOREALw_wcB theres a link for the Lenovo Miix, don’t really have a budget as long as it isn’t super expensive ($2000 AUD and up) I just need it to be touchscreen as I need the laptop for school as well and my school is adamant we get touch screens.
  5. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Hi, I was wondering if and how well the Lenovo Miix 510 would run FM and if it doesn’t what recommendations would you have for a cheap touchscreen laptop that would run FM relatively well.
  6. Red Bull Redemption

    The Squad looks fairly decent and media expectation have us expected to win Serie C, the squad is overrun with loanees which will be become a problem by the end of the year so I am hoping I can line up some decent signings by then. Only one of my top 4 players not to be on loan, hoping he can develop a lot this year and help us get promoted. On loan from Santos and born in Sao Paulo meaning he would technically be eligible to sign if Santos were willing to let him go at the end of the year Injured at start of season will hopefully be good enough to get us promoted but not being from Sao Paulo this will be his only season with us. Another loanee who will only spend this year with my side, looks really good for this division
  7. Red Bull Redemption

    Red Bull Brasil will be the first team of this career. The manager is a 22 year old Brazilian-Ghanaian named Pedro Emmanuel Santos Now lets go and meet the squad
  8. Red Bull Redemption

    After many challenges on this game that I have lost interest in I have decided to create a career where I create a story line similar to that of @ManUtd1's career. Now you might be wondering what this career is about. This career will be about the five infamous Red Bull clubs, I have edited Red Bull Ghana into the Ghanaian Premier Division and Red Bull Brasil into the Brazilian Serie C so all clubs are available. In this career I will try to establish all 5 as continental powerhouses and try to win a Continental Championship with each team. Now I will try to implement a style of management regarding transfers. This style is outlined here If Player is Under 21 -can sign if last or current club is within same local region as Red Bull club that my manager is managing in. If Player is Over 21 and/or Doesn't Come From Club in Local Region -can sign if born within local region -can sign if played for any Red Bull club during career I hope I will actually stick too this and now lets meet the manager and find out what team I am managing to begin with.
  9. A Journey Through Yugoslavia (FM17)

    We have found our first club after a lot of interviews from Bosnian and Macedonian teams... KF Vellazerimi 1977 Vellazerimi are a Macedonian 2nd division team based in Kichevo who have had 1 stint in the Macedonian First Division and have ambitions to finish in the top half of the table. Team History Preseason Expectations Squad Top Players (well according to my coaches who seem to be a bit useless) Haddis Velli- pretty good goalkeeper for this leagues standards Leonard Kalaba- good right back
  10. A Journey Through Yugoslavia Former Yugoslavia. What a country it could have been if its states didn't fight. In this career I will travel around former Yugoslavia starting in one of the nations second tiers as a 20 year-old with no coaching badges of experience. My main aims for this career are too -Win all Yugoslavian League Titles -Win the Champions League with a Yugoslavian team -Have all 4 semi-finalists in the Champions League be Yugoslavian -Have a Yugoslav player win the Ballon D'or -Win the World Cup with a Yugoslav nation -Have all 7 Yugoslav nations qualify for the World Cup in the same year Anyway lets get started
  11. 806 Years On!

    Is this save going to be posted I'd love to see it
  12. Monopoli, the board game?

    SS Monopoli 1966 Monopoly, one of the most popular and well known board games around the entire world. Monopoli, a town in the Apulia region of Italy, (not very) famous for having a couple of old castles, as well as an Italian 3rd division football team, SS Monopoli 1966. SS Monopoli 1966 have had quite a weird history not achieving much as well as reforming a tonne of times. With the most recent reformation being in 2010, the Biancoverde (White-greens) have been relatively quite throughout their entire history and with my most recent threads failing I'm trying to change these minnows fortunes.
  13. (FM17) Rise of the Anchovies

    Pre-Season Update Alright pre-season, would of loved to be beat Bolton but we couldn't. Now onto signings. Only players who wouldn't have played leaving and B teamers going out on loan. Carles Planas and Dennis Aogo provide a starter and backup at Left Back aswell as Javier Eraso who will be a backup (or possibly starter) central midfielder, all 3 very good deals. Also managed to die down Ignacio Camacho down to a new contract, with a 50 million euro release clause, amidst interest from Juventus.
  14. (FM17) Rise of the Anchovies

    Start of Save I have loaded up number of leagues within Europe and South America with a small database and no additional add-ons Meet our 32 year old Chilean manager Rafael Valdivia. My transfer policy for this career is that for every non-Spanish player I bring in, I must bring in a Spanish player as well, this will makes sure that at least 50% of our squad will be Spanish. I will also be looking to bring in as many academy players into the first team as possible.