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  1. Oran Stephens looks like an alright goalkeeping prospect try getting him some tutoring
  2. I think it could give a boost to youth players with you in attendance. So Cup and league deciding games are good to go too.
  3. I'm without a computer for at least another few days and am thinking of an idea for a new save. Could someone please post the a-league squad registration rules. Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. I want to redesign the ofc champions league + the png leagues
  5. Hi I am hopefully tomorrow, start creating a database with a Papua New Guinean team in Australia, similar to WorkTheSpace's Kingston Sprint save and was wondering how I could have this team play in the Papua New Guinean cup for the ability to qualify for the Oceania Champions League. Help would be appreciated. note: I am removing the Newcastle Jets from the game to have it, so I don't need to redo the rules for the a-league
  6. This would of been so much better if it was written in fm puns
  7. I don't know how to help you with this, sorry. But I'm thinking of starting an A-League save and this is a great heads up. Only thing I can suggest is going back to previous save and then reloading until you get wins, I feel as if it's acceptable to reload under these circumstances.
  8. Yes it seems Olexandria has doubled Vsevolds wage to 10 pounds a week! Great to see them trying to hold on to a young talent like him.
  9. I'll take Tom Rogic back
  10. Manuel Neuer and Alexis Sanchez being protected please
  11. I'll take Hussain Abdullah al-Jwayed
  12. Yasir Kasim is only player over a million on Iraq and at the moment it's just weakening the opposition for me, so it's gotta be him
  13. I think I'm gonna have to go Manuel Neuer
  14. Winston Reid and Alexis Sanchez to Australia that's a team and a half for the Aussies
  15. Anthony Ampapitakwong or however you spell it