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  1. This looks like a really interesting idea
  2. 2950% wage increase nice job Vsevold
  3. Can we see screenshots of the key players. just to see their attributes
  4. They do affect length of injury
  5. First Name: FrancescoLast Name: del Porto Di SantoNickname:(optional) Santinho D.O.B: (All Years 1998) 13th SepCity Of Birth: Recife Nationality: BrazilianHeight: (optional) 168Weight: (optional) 64Favoured Club(s): Guangzhou Evergrande/BarcelonaDisliked Club(s): Real Madrid/Manchester UnitedFavoured Person(s): Luiz Felipe Scolari/Lionel MessiDisliked Person(s):Jose Mourinho/Cristiano Ronaldo Position(Any variable of the above as long as they are not taken): MRPreferred Foot: RightPreferred Moves:(Up to 5) Curls Ball, Looks for pass
  6. Depending on school, about a week or two
  7. I'm a bit torn, in my Rot Weiß Erfurt save, Im in season 4 and I have 2 goalkeepers of an extremely similar ability. One of these is an 18 year old newgen that I signed from the FFA Coe and the other is my experienced 25 year old goalkeeper Phillip Klewin. Normally the younger one would be a sure fire pick because of potential but my defence has worked extremely well and I would prefer not to change it. Another thing is that if I play klewin, both can get playing time as the younger one can play u19s and not be a backup keeper. Im not really sure who to play, any suggestions are welcome. I do have another keeper to play back up as well.
  8. Vsevold is the only one left at his original club and is still only earning 10 pounds a week. If that's not loyalty I don't know what is. Could we have an update on how Olexandriya are going please.
  9. I'm thinking about restarting this challenge. Regards the Copa Libertadores glitch would I be able to just win league+cup competition in any South American nation and call that it and win the OFC Nations Cup to make up in trophy numbers
  10. How about just doing a fantasy draft, can pretty much choose your own players, it's how I choose to do it
  11. @yugularThere will be different challenges weekly, these will mainly resolve around match challenges such as having to use 1 regen per game for the 6 games after the youth intake, but some may involve other aspects such as transfers or finances
  12. @YouthGrowthwelcome at this signing up rate, I'm not sure whether it's going to happen
  13. I'm pretty sure it's different for every player. I know GoldenFM needed to wait something like 13 years to have a Jack Young testimonial
  14. @SoSolidSnake @kkfootball Welcome to the challenge