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  1. A Journey Through Yugoslavia (FM17)

    We have found our first club after a lot of interviews from Bosnian and Macedonian teams... KF Vellazerimi 1977 Vellazerimi are a Macedonian 2nd division team based in Kichevo who have had 1 stint in the Macedonian First Division and have ambitions to finish in the top half of the table. Team History Preseason Expectations Squad Top Players (well according to my coaches who seem to be a bit useless) Haddis Velli- pretty good goalkeeper for this leagues standards Leonard Kalaba- good right back
  2. A Journey Through Yugoslavia Former Yugoslavia. What a country it could have been if its states didn't fight. In this career I will travel around former Yugoslavia starting in one of the nations second tiers as a 20 year-old with no coaching badges of experience. My main aims for this career are too -Win all Yugoslavian League Titles -Win the Champions League with a Yugoslavian team -Have all 4 semi-finalists in the Champions League be Yugoslavian -Have a Yugoslav player win the Ballon D'or -Win the World Cup with a Yugoslav nation -Have all 7 Yugoslav nations qualify for the World Cup in the same year Anyway lets get started
  3. 806 Years On!

    Is this save going to be posted I'd love to see it
  4. Monopoli, the board game?

    SS Monopoli 1966 Monopoly, one of the most popular and well known board games around the entire world. Monopoli, a town in the Apulia region of Italy, (not very) famous for having a couple of old castles, as well as an Italian 3rd division football team, SS Monopoli 1966. SS Monopoli 1966 have had quite a weird history not achieving much as well as reforming a tonne of times. With the most recent reformation being in 2010, the Biancoverde (White-greens) have been relatively quite throughout their entire history and with my most recent threads failing I'm trying to change these minnows fortunes.
  5. (FM17) Rise of the Anchovies

    Pre-Season Update Alright pre-season, would of loved to be beat Bolton but we couldn't. Now onto signings. Only players who wouldn't have played leaving and B teamers going out on loan. Carles Planas and Dennis Aogo provide a starter and backup at Left Back aswell as Javier Eraso who will be a backup (or possibly starter) central midfielder, all 3 very good deals. Also managed to die down Ignacio Camacho down to a new contract, with a 50 million euro release clause, amidst interest from Juventus.
  6. (FM17) Rise of the Anchovies

    Start of Save I have loaded up number of leagues within Europe and South America with a small database and no additional add-ons Meet our 32 year old Chilean manager Rafael Valdivia. My transfer policy for this career is that for every non-Spanish player I bring in, I must bring in a Spanish player as well, this will makes sure that at least 50% of our squad will be Spanish. I will also be looking to bring in as many academy players into the first team as possible.
  7. (FM17) Rise of the Anchovies

    Malaga CF Málaga Club de Fútbol, or simply Málaga, is a Spanish football team based in Málaga, Spain. The team currently plays in La Liga, the top division of Spanish football. The club can trace their history back to 1904 as Futbol Club Malagueno, the club folded in 1992 and was recreated in it's current format. Overall, Malaga has spent 37 seasons in total in La Liga, with a record finish of 4th. Malaga have had some success in continential competitions, winning the 2002 Intertoto Cup and reaching the quarter-finals (before being knocked out by eventual runners-up Borussia Dortmund) in the 2012-13 UEFA Champions League. The club play at the La Rosaleda Stadium situated in Malaga. The 30000 capacity stadium built in 1944 and hosted 3 matches during the 1982 World Cup, most notably the Soviet Union vs Scotland.
  8. The foreigner rule in Turkey classifies non-foreign players as player eligible for the national team, Ianis Hagi has played for Romania already meaning he is not eligible.The rule is in place to improve the Turkish national team, so it sort of makes sense.
  9. Outdoing Sir Bobby Robson

    This looks like a really interesting idea
  10. 2950% wage increase nice job Vsevold
  11. Can we see screenshots of the key players. just to see their attributes
  12. They do affect length of injury
  13. Harries Football Foundation

    First Name: FrancescoLast Name: del Porto Di SantoNickname:(optional) Santinho D.O.B: (All Years 1998) 13th SepCity Of Birth: Recife Nationality: BrazilianHeight: (optional) 168Weight: (optional) 64Favoured Club(s): Guangzhou Evergrande/BarcelonaDisliked Club(s): Real Madrid/Manchester UnitedFavoured Person(s): Luiz Felipe Scolari/Lionel MessiDisliked Person(s):Jose Mourinho/Cristiano Ronaldo Position(Any variable of the above as long as they are not taken): MRPreferred Foot: RightPreferred Moves:(Up to 5) Curls Ball, Looks for pass