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  1. END OF SEASON 2016/17 In the end we've managed to win the league by 4 points, a decent season, however our amount of draws is quite concerning, it proves how poor our finishing really is. We won the Andorran Super Cup with a 2-1 win over Santa Coloma (there are 2 ones in Andorra), we were the better side, they were lucky to make it to extra time Sadly we couldn't win the Andorran Cup, with a 1-0 loss to Lustians in the final, they were the better side and they deserved the win to be fair. Here is the team, as you can see it's pretty old and we need to make the core of the team younger in the summer. And we have a quite decent transfer kitty to do so, now if only someone from abroad would want to join it'd be perfect..
  2. YOUTH INTAKE 2017 Considering the fact that we have awful youth facilities, this intake is not bad at all! One 4* PA and one 3,5* PA player is great. Just a shame we couldn't get a decent striker. Just like Bayern we have our own Javi Martinez He looks like a decent attacking midfielder for this level his technicals aren't awful, he's pretty quick for a CAM and has good decisions and work-rate, pretty solid if you ask me. Luis Silva is the second best player of this intake, he has some ok defensive attributes, bar positioning, with good aggression, decisions and jumping reach.
  3. Just a quick update, in which i wanted to show you something interesting, AC Milan want Pais, now that's a good indication of his potential, however this could be bad news for us considering that he's one of our stars and has had some ridiculous growth, especially with the help of Ildefons Lima
  4. First of the many! Look at how cheap they are, it just shows how poor our facilities are
  5. Thanks man I actually tried signing players from FC Andorra but they want ridiculous wages, Lustians have pretty much the best player in the league and he's a 16 year old newgen... Lima is the top scorer for Andorra and he's a CB lol Too bad he thinks we're **** and doesn't want to join Champions League 2nd Qualifying round (vs. Dinamo) We did really well but they just had too much quality for us :/ We actually went 2-0 up at home and 1-0 up away, but we just couldn't defend for our lives out there. This is good news however! We may get our first youth facilities upgrade very soon!
  6. Champions League 1st Qualifying Round (vs. Alashkert) A superb victory over the Armenian Champions, when I saw that they were a professional side, I though we'd get battered, however we firmly stood our ground and managed to cause an major upset. We played up against Alashkert using this formation, due to the fact that we have no quality wide players in the side, This tactic is very good in retaining possesion and attacking, if we beat our armenian opponents with such ease it's just scary to think what damage we might do in our domestic competitions. However our damaging potential is going to be limited up against Dinamo, in my opinion this is the worst draw possible, they are by far the best side at this stage, I'll be happy if we keep it under double figures. We've made our first signing of this save, bringing in Luis Pais from Lustians, he's a quality player at this level, especially at this level, he has very decent defensive attributes, especially marking and positioning, alongside high work-rate and teamwork as well as high jumping reach, strength and natural fitness. He already has good CA and decent PA, a legend in the making perhaps?
  7. FC Santa Coloma is an Andorran football team based in the village of Santa Coloma, in the parish of Andorra la Vella. The club currently plays in Primera Divisió, and is its current champion and most successful team with ten titles. It is also the most successful team in the Copa Constitució, winning it eight times. I got kind of bored with the Crotone save and decided to give myself a massive challenge that is winning the Champions League with an Andorran team (hopefully by 2200 ). Unlike the other usual San Marino/Andorra this is not going to be a youth ONLY challenge, I am going to sign a lot of young players, but the I'll be trying to keep the core of the team Andorran. Basically, the aim of this save is going to be make Santa Coloma the best club, while also improving the quality of the Andorran natioanl team. Wish me luck In terms of updates, as the Andorran league is very short, I'll be doing updates after I finish a season, going to try put as many european updates as I can though. The club is actually semi-professional which will be an advantage (I think) in the early stages. We are playing in Champions League, which I'm sure will help out the financial side of the club and help improve our awful facilities. This is our team, as you can see I have some 16 year olds, that is due to the fact i ticked on add players to playable teams at the start of the save. Our best player is Juvenal who looks incredible for this level, his passing, first touch and free kick look immense. His physicals aren't too shabby either. Juvenal has actually been in La liga in his career and his stats show why. What to expect in next update? Champions League qualification and financial update. After that I'll show you the domestic competitions at the end of the year. See you very (hopefully :P) soon
  8. October A pretty decent month in terms of Serie A fixtures saw us pick up 7 out of 12 possible points, unfortunately we lost our first game of the season, to Palermo of all teams. We're going strong in the Champions League with 2 wins in our 2 last games including a 2-1 win against the mighty Barcelona In our first game of the month we traveled to Russia for a game against Zenit. A 2-0 win is quite flattering in all honesty, I'd say Zenit were a tiny bit better, they certianly didn'tdesrve to lose this, but we were clinical in front of goal and that made the difference. Holy **** what a game of football this was. We went behind early on through a goal from Adem Ljajić, before going 3-1 up including a goal from our hot prospect Saponaro, but they came back thanks to Obi and f**cking Ljajić again. After that grosso put them into the lead, but Saponaro had saved us with a goal in the closing stages (what a man.. I mean kid lol) We responded to the draw with a demolition of Chievo Verona, we were by far the better side with more quality and Leitner, Cerri and Ricci proved just how good we are. The best result ever! How have we beaten Barcelona is beyond me, especially considering the fact that they were all over us, we just sat back and tried to counter and thankfully it worked! Beat Barcelona and then lose to Palermo, typical FM. We were the better side, but we couldn't even finish anything ffs In our last game of the month we beat Sampdoria 2-1, solid performance, solid result. We are leading the table both in Serie A and Champions League for the first time! We are in a very good position to progress in Champions League, the domestic league is tricky though as it's very tight at the top. And as per usual here are the team stats.
  9. September We've almost managed to get a perfect month for the first time! (ffs Napoli) We played some very tough opponents including Roma, Napoli and Milan, the boys managed to defy all the odds hope that can continue. In our first game of this month we faced AC Milan, it was quite an even game to be fair and it took us an injury time goal from who else but Mr. I can't stop scoring Alberto Cerri. Very happy with this result. After that we faced a newly-promoted side in Spezia. To their credit they actually turned up in this game and managed to get 1 back when we wnt 2-0 up, but Ricci killed the game in 79th minute, we showed our quality in this game and were the better side. Talk about destroying an opponent, we beat the Turkish giants in our first ever Champions League 3-0. We were by far the better team Fener did **** all and the margin was deserved. We faced another newly-promoted side in SPAL, this was a very tough game, the visitors deserved a point here, they got one back, but Cerri managed to kill them off a minute after they scored. Napoli were all over us in this game and were very unlucky to not get all 3 points, they kept missing chance after chance, Ricci managed to get us in front, but after Buchel decided to get sent off they managed to come back and after that we defended for our lives and were lucky not to lose. Roma had a very poor start to the season and were sitting in 9th before the game, things started well for them, but our counter attacking football had it's effect and we've managed to come back, yet another our opponents were the better team, that's fairly concerning We're in 1st place after 6 games for the first time under my management, we've already played most of the tough sides, so maybe we can fight for the title? Maybe? As usual here are the stats, as you can see Tortora is having to play due to all those ****ing injuries, and he's not doing great to be fair
  10. He's alright he has 13 on long shots if I remember correctly. Just a quick update on Mr.Micronesia himself, look at those stats man he looks insane for a 16 year old, 16 work rate, 18 determination, 14 flair, 15 bravery, 14 technique, 13 passing, 12 vision, 12 long shots, 15 free kicks!
  11. August (Fiorentina game only) First of all, it's been a while hasn't it, eh? I was busy with school so I wasn't really able to update this career, but now with the weekend to come you should expect some more updates of this story. Anyway, we absolutely destroyed Fiorentina away from home, 8 ****ing 2! This has got to be the best result I've ever got in FM17 Looking at the stats, you'd say the game was even and it was a tight encounter, but we literally took all of our good chances which led to this ridiculous score-line. Cerri single-handedly destroyed the home side scoring 5 goals as well as getting an assist, what a player, give this man some pasta! I'd 8-2 to be a Fiorentina fan now... We are in 3rd, due to the fact that most teams have played more games than us, take a look at the average rating, the top 3 consists entirely of our players! We lucked out with the group in the Champions League, considering the fact that we were 4th-seed, Both Zenit and Fenerbahce should be beatable sides, shame the same can't be said about Barcelona though! Player of the month had only won possible winner and it was Cerri who scored 5 goals and grabbed himself also an assist. Can't afford to be taking any risks Look at those stats man, holy moly even with 26% knowledge level I can already see this lad is class! What makes him even better is the nationality **** me you were right he got a goal on his debut
  12. I had him scouted after my scout told me he was this good I couldn't belive it so I hired another one and scouted him to see if the bastard wasn't lying Saponaro is easily the best 15 year old I ever had in my 5 years of playing Football Manager, he's already good for the top flight enough according to my coaches! Now just let's reject offers from Man utd etc. and hope the board don't decide to sell him
  13. Oh my god look at that! I've just found a great regen from Micronesia! What are the chances? I've just signed him he'll join on 30/12/2020
  14. PRE-SEASON 2019 We had a very decent pre-season, which saw us win 4 out of 6 games, the draw with Oblia was probably the worst result considering the fact that they are a 3rd division side Transfers We made some good deals in this window in my opinion. 11 milion is a real bargain for 6 quality players Our first transfer of this window was a free transfer of Viktor Fischer from Middlesbrough. He can play on either wings, as a striker or either as a CAM, he's a threat for any defense with 16 flair and 15 dribbling and 14 first touch. He's got great agility and another good thing about him is the fact that he is capable of using either feet. Our most expensive transfer in this window was Castellano from Empoli for a fee of 5 milion pounds. He's got very decent technical stats, great vision as well as excellent determination and flair. The lad is already one of our better midfielders and posses great potential in my opinion. We picked up another player for the future in form of Mattioli from Inter Milan 3,2 milion pounds. He's very solid defensively, as well as physically. He's also got a whooping 19 determination! Yeah his technicals aren't great, but that's always something we can work on. Mika arrives from Sunderland for a very tiny fee of 170K. His wages are very low, he has some alright goalkeeping stats and is fantastic physically for a goalie. He's going to be the number two this season, but he might be first choice, because Bardi thinks he deserves a pay rise for his "fantastic" season, even though he broke his leg and played like 10 games last season Ricci joins us from Fiorentina for 1,9 milion pounds. He's a fantastic winger, with great first touch,dribbling,technique,passing and flair. He also has great agility and speed! For me he's a perfect winger especially for that price. Last, but not least, Liechtenstein (!) international Buchel joins us from Ternana for 825K. He's disgustingly good in mental and physical department and has some decent technicals, with the stand-outs being his passing, tackling and long shots. And this how our team looks for upcoming 2019/20 Serie A season, I think that with this team, we can get into Europe and have some good cup runs in both Champions League and Coppa Italia. The bookies don't seem to agree on what I said though.. oh well we finished higher than they predicted for the last 3 years, so I'm confident we'll do it again.
  15. My coaches say he's already good enough for Serie A at the age of 15! He also beat the record for the youngest scorer in the serie A hsitory! Now that transfer window has started I've been rejecting offers all day I love the fact that he's not acting like a bitch because of me rejecting offers!