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  1. Weight loss experts hate him, he went from 120 to 63kg in 4 months
  2. Andrew 165 cm 120 kg wtf 13 pace as well
  3. I think I once beat Man City as middlesbrough with 17% possesion lol
  4. Interesting idea mate! Could you upload the save if it isn't a problem? I like playing in the future
  5. [FM17] African't you see what I did there?

    Football Manager at it again How is the good Djibouti guy from intake doing, was he capped by South Africa?
  6. [FM17] Saving Sunderland

    August Well, well, well look at that start! We were excellent this month, we have a big chance of going up if things continue in this fassion. 5 wins out of 5 games in the championship, we also won 2 first rounds of the efl cup against Shrewsbury and Colchester, a League one and League two side respectively. We face Leeds in the third round. Ipswich also had a great start, winning their first 5 games as well, despite our perfect start, we are still only 2 points above third place Fulham. Player of the month Despite being very shaky in real life, Djilobodji is an absoulte rock on my save in the Championship. He got an 8,05 average rating in all competitions and grabbed one goal in space of 6 games, very impressive stats for a centre back! The whole team is in fantastic form! Vaughan and Asoro both picked up injuries, so we are a bit short in terms of strikers, now i regret not signing anyone on the deadline day! Overall I'm extremely happy with the start, especially considering I'm not the best at Football Manager 2017!
  7. [FM17] Saving Sunderland

    FM is drunk tbh, expected to only have championship standard players and have like 10 who are good enough for the Prem.. In game we are better than Huddersfield Burnley and Brighton
  8. [FM17] Saving Sunderland

    PRE SEASON 2017/18 We battered some lower league swiss teams so i'm not super excited about this, one thing i am excited about is that Vaughan got 2 goals and Asoro got 5 goals! We ended the pre-season with a respectable 1-1 draw against Torino. I also did 2 transfers, first up is Hinterseer. The big Austrian joins us on a free, and has some really solid stats in physical, mental and technical attributes. He's gonna be our number 1 striker this season. Piazon joins us on a season-long loan from Chelsea. I felt like we had a lack of depth in attacking midfield so I brought him in. I'm only paying him 8k per week so that's a bargain really. He has some solid technical attributes and can play as a lw in case we need.
  9. [FM17] Saving Sunderland

    The funniest thing is that i'm using a database with updated CA and PA Maybe they forgot a comma between 1 and 4
  10. [FM17] Saving Sunderland

    Meet the team Goalkeepers We are fairly decent in this area, with both Mika and Mannone being competent goalkeepers at the Championship level. They are very similar in terms of ability, which is surprising, considering how long Mannone has been the number one (aside 2016/17) and Mika hasn't played at all for Sunderland. Right-Backs There's not too much to Love about Donald, in terms of his current ability, he's one for the future, Browning isn't that great either, both are only good enough for League 1 according to my coaches, and playing Kone, who couldn't be arsed last year at right back is not an ideal option. Billy Jones, on the other side will be a very good player in the Championship. Matthews is handy as he can play left back, but he will be back up for this season. Centre-Backs We are very strong in this area, Kone and Djilobodji are both good enough for the Premier League (according to the game at least!), McNair and Galloway are very good players for this Division and have bags of potential. Left-Backs We are also pretty good in this area, Oviedo will be the first choice this year, he's a fantastic player for the Championship, Galloway and Matthews will provide depth. Defensive-Mids Ndong is the best dm in my opinion, we have Gibson, who according to him is one of the few that are arsed to play for Sunderland... Cattermole is very solid, good defensively, with very high strength and aggression. The failed wonderkid Rodwell and Mcnair will provide depth. Centre-Mids Pretty much, all of our centre-mids options are also our defensive-mid options. I think Gibson and Ndong are the best for this position. Gooch is kinda dodgy as a cm, and will more than likely play cam, if he ever plays! Attacking-Mids We have two excellent options in Khazri and Lens, despite having lower CA Khazri will more than likely play as our attacking midfielder, as I look to play Lens out-wide. Gooch to provide cover. Right Attacking Mids Lens is a very useful player, as he is natural at both LW and RW, so he will most likely rotate between the sides of the wings as the season goes on. McGeady is an amazing winger for the championship with his excellent dribbling and flair. Watmore is already a good championship player, with good technicials and a lot of pace. Khazri and Gooch will be rotational players for this postion. Left Attacking Mids As for the other side of the wing we have 3 options and 3 great options at that, Lens is clearly the best when in comes down to CA, and Khazri is also good in CA and is natural at this position. McGeady to provide depth. Strikers We are very weak when it comes down to strikers. Vaughan is just not good enough in my eyes, for a club of our size and Asoro isn't ready for the Championship just yet. We will have to find a better striker, that's for sure! We have the cash to be fair, so that shouldn't be to much of a problem.
  11. The 2016/17 Premier League season was a disaster for Sunderland to say the least. Relegated with only 24 points and 6 wins all seasons, they went down as one of the worst sides of the Premier League history. They find themselves in an absolute mess, not only in regards to on the pitch results, but also off it as the finances will be getting, much, much worse without the Premier League money. Thanks to their incompetent players and manager, they are in an awful situation, with seemingly no hope of quickly getting out of the Championship. Talking about incompetent, they now hired an unknown Polish manager who has no experience what-so-ever. Surely things can't get much better now, can they? Surely a big club, with a big history could have hired a better manager? The board is taking a massive risk, but is it going to pay off? He will not have an easy task, despite being a recently relegated side, Sunderland aren't one of the main favorites to go up, with the media thinking they will not even finish in the play-offs. But everything is possible in football isn't it?
  12. Searching for the wisdom of the Braintree

    Damn you're doing amazing! What are your tactics mate?
  13. Cosmos - Shooting for the stars!

    You can't see it, because it's low anyway, there's an arrow near reputation, which shows whether it's dropping or going up