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  1. Just wanted to show the regen from Macau who signed for us, look at those stats and the potential! The lad will be special!
  2. Robba has left because the twat wanted to be the highest earner at the club and i found the goalie from Lustians who was better and wanted lower wages that's why
  3. FACILITIES UPGRADE We got another facilities upgrade making our youth facilities average and training facilities adequate, I'm surprised that they are only average after amount of upgrades we had!
  4. Thanks mate! Didn't expect to do it so soon! TRANSFER UPDATE We brought in the best goalkeeper in the league to replace Robba, unfortunately we lost our best striker to Arouca, after he refused to sign a new deal. Carvalho as previously said is by far the best goalkeeper in the league, he has a bright future ahead of him, thankfully we put in a contract extension clause! Vital comes in as a backup full-back, he has some alright stats defensively, and also has good determination meaning he will help us out in tutoring. And look at those finances, we have a bright future in both transfer market and working on facilities!
  5. Champions League Play-off (vs. Basel) How the hell have we won that?! They should have destroyed us in Switzerland, they had a lot of good chances there and should have killed off the tie in the first match, but they couldn't have scored in the first game, giving us a glimmer of hope in Andorra. They didn't show up at all as the visitors, we were all over them and deserved to beat them in that game, you could even argue that we should have even won by more. Oh boy look at all of this money that we just got! Thanks to our run we have now 18 million in the bank! And this is the group that we find ourselves in, not the worst of draws but we will most likely still get battered as every side here is better than Basel. It's not about the results, it's all about the money!
  6. Champions League Third Qualifying Round (vs. Ferencvaros) This tie turned out to be a very tight one, particularly tough over in Hungary, where our opponents were sightly better and didn't deserved to lose that game, however as usual we were better in Andorra. Overall, i feel like we deserved to win this tie. We drew Basel in play-off, which pretty much kills off our hopes of making the group stage, they are one of the toughest teams at this stage and we need to do our best to even keep it respectable.
  7. Champions League Second Qualifying Round (vs. Dundalk) The first game in Ireland was very tough and Dundalk looked like a capable side there, however saying that they were awful in Andorra and we deserved the margin of the victory. And as a reward we face the Hungarian champions Ferencvaros, I'd say that's a pretty good draw, but we must be careful as they beat Maribor in the previous round.
  8. END OF SEASON 2019/20 We've managed to retain both the Andorran Cup and the First Divsion title. This was one hell of a ride, we didn't finish last! We destroyed Austria Wien 4-1 at home, which let us finish 3rd, furthermore we avoided hammerings and finished with a gd of only -11! We beat our main rivals Lustians 1-0 in the Andorran Super CUP, we outplayed them out there, even though i put out a heavily rotated side in this game We've also won the Andorran Cup with a dominant 5-1 win over Sant Julia in the final, the best thing is that we finally beat Lustians in the Andorran Cup! We had our best season in this division to this date. We were very close to going unbeaten through the entire season until these Lustians bastards beat us in the 22nd game of the season. And this is how our team is looking, we've managed to bring in a lot of good young prospects, especially Bernardes, Martins and Asencio. The board decided to give us 3 milion to spend, which would have been very handy if it weren't for the fact that pretty much no-one outside of Andorra wants to join
  9. YOUTH INTAKE 2020 After our recent facilities upgrade i had high expectations going into youth intake day. Overall, the intake was pretty good producing two players that might have a decent shot of making the grade here. Quim In addition to his great name he looks like a very decent player in terms of technique and mentality. He has decent determination, very high flair and decent aggression. He also has very decent finishing at 13, decent heading at 11 and can take a free kick as well. On the flip side his physicality is awful and needs some work in this department. Ortuno is pretty tall with good jumping reach alongside good reflexes and the rest of his goalkeeping stats are ok. He's alright i guess, he's going to be a good keeper in the future, i'm sure of this.
  10. Delaney holy ****, since when do Cork have good facilities and regens?
  11. Lustianos x 40, do they still have those op portugese regens?
  12. We get our first job offer and it's from Bury.. sadly i will have to bury their hopes of me becoming their manager! Get it? No? ok..
  13. We get another youth facilities and training facilities upgrade, leaving us with semi-decent facilities. We also got an junior coaching upgrade which is very nice! The strangest thing is that he wanted to join!
  14. Just wanted to share this, look at this **** I was looking through the young regens without a club and i found a great rb from Macau from all places, who are bottom in in-game fifa rankings. He looks excellent for a 16yo from Macau and would be pretty much the best player in our league, the best part is he wants to join! Oh great we have to wait a year...