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  1. Santa (Coloma)'s coming to town

    Good idea, I'll probably get around to doing it when I have more free time, busy RN with exams so don't have a lot of time
  2. Santa (Coloma)'s coming to town

    Oh boy reading this brings back so many mermories :) I'm thinking about playing this save again, the problem is i went a few years into the future from the point of the last update. So i wanted to ask, does anyone wanna see this back? The updates won't be as detailed and as frequent, but I'd certianly play for a good few years!
  3. Would you mind uploading the save file? Would love to manage Illogan due to that tycoon
  4. One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    Nice to see someone playing with Santa Coloma as well, good luck It took me 8 years to get into CL group stages with transfers so I can't imagine how hard this is gonna be!
  5. Joey Stevens holy ****... on a free as well
  6. Rising stars in Portugal - Lusitano FC

    How does that lad you paid money for look?
  7. [FM 13] Metz Get Down to Business

    How is that chinese lad doing?
  8. That midfielder could be a major asset for the upcoming years
  9. Damn you're going quickly :o Do you instant result league matches?
  10. [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    That's an rough intake :/ Maybe at least those 3 ST's with 1* CA have some decent attributes and may grow into players playing above their CA
  11. [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    Are Loughborough still an amateur club?
  12. [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    I remember FC Romania going to to Vanarama National in one of my saves, barely missing out on league 2
  13. [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    Expecting a Champions League win by Sunday :D Good luck (not that you're gonna need much of it!) ! Just a question, you say you can only sign Welsh players, but what will you do when a non-welsh player comes out of academy?