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  1. If I'm not mistaken when it comes down to 3 Liga and below, only the winners of the regional cups enter the Polish FA Cup and only teams from 2 Liga and above entering it automatically
  2. He's declared for Seychelles though, so I don't think it will be an issue
  3. Steaua is slowly becoming the new Dinamo lol
  4. Have the results of San Marino NT improved? Also congrats on the Europa League run, you'll get into the CL groups next year at this rate
  5. The only thing that changes in Kosovo, is the round that the champion starts in the champions league, considering that happens it could be possible to gain additional CL spots over time, but I'm not sure, I hadn't gotten that far into the thread and the save. Europa league places are static, despite me getting into the CL and EL groups with Prishtina the league never gained more EL places, hell I even went through the EL group stage once and nothing had changed.
  6. 2018/19 Pre-Season Decent enough pre-season with us winning 4 out of or 5 games, altough it's got to be said that we didn't face the toughest opponents for the most part. Transfers I think it's fair to day it's been an eventful transfer window. We spent a whooping (by Stoke's standards) 62 milion pounds on new players! The biggest deal is 100% the signing of the Mexican wonderkid Hirving Lozano, how on earth did I manage to sign him I have no idea, especially with him attracting interest from clubs like PSG, Real Madrid or Chelsea He's a inside foward of dreams with fantastic pace, dribbling, finishing and flair alongside decent mental attributes he will surely tear up defences alongside Barkley and Shaqiri We invested a lot in our defence, with the siginings John Brooks, Gary Cahill, Kieran Trippier and Kieran Tierney. I'm really happy with Tierney and Brooks, both have amazing physicals, both are great in terms of defending and technical ability and are still very young considering their positions, so these could be the future of Stoke Trippier is one of the best full-backs England has to offer and Gary Cahill's leadership and experience will prove crucial this season. Suk Hyun-Jun comes in as a 3rd choice attacking midfielder/striker for just 725 thousand pounds, I couldn't pass up this oppurtinity for this kind of money, couldn't I? Fairly quick and strong, tall, incredible mentals (especially that determination) has the perfect driven personality and has nice attacking attributes all round. And he's already worth 6,25 milion after we signed him, so at worst we will make a tiny profit on the lad. On the outs the main names are Diouf, Pieters and Charlie Adam. I focused on getting rid of the older players and trying to replace them with younger ones so that is one of the reasons why they are gone. While Diouf and Adam were awful, Pieters was a decent player, but we had to sell him to make place for Tymon and Tierney. And with that out of the way, here is our starting line-up for the 2018/19 season. The team looks solid all-round in my opinion, especially with that deadly attack. And here is the full team. Community Shield Heartbreaking
  7. SEASON 1 REVIEW Premier League: We managed to stay up in 14th on 40 points. This has been a long, long season let me tell you. It was an absolute pain to get points due to tough spells of fixtures, injuries, inconsistent performances and more injuries. Thankfully we have the (hopefully) hard part behind us and use the summer well to build the squad around Shaqiri (our only hope!) League Cup: Nothing to shout about in the League Cup as all of these fixtures had been already played when I was taking over. FA Cup: Yes you read that right We won the FA Cup in my first season!!!! Now of course we had a pretty easy path to the triumph, but you still can't take anything away from the lads. To win a major trophy so soon is quite special, hopefully the Europa League doesn't screw us over next year! Transfers: In terms of transfers I'm also very happy. Ross Barkley is my favourite attaking midfielder in this game, he's always so cheap, adds a lot of attacking quality to the side and is homegrown, what more could you want? Corchia was brought in as we were kind of short in the right back spot, this is only a loan, but we have a 4 milion pounds buy-out close but whether we will activate it or not I'm not 100% sure. Ings just like Barkley is one my favourite players, I really recommend him, so well rounded, can play a lot of roles well and is English. Of course he's made out of glass, but I've been lucky so far
  8. First youth intake and let's just say that having one player out of youth academy in the match squad won't be a problem for a long, long time Great mentals, decent physicals, good natural fitness and ok defensive attributes Lil' short (for a CB) but you gotta take what you get Solid technicals, but awful personality and physical attributes. Let's just say I'm not too Keen on giving him a chance (for now at least.) Needs a tutor ASAP
  9. YOUTH INTAKE 2020 That's not a terrible to be honest, all of the tagged players fit my formation so that's quite nice and we have 4 players with 5* PA, one with 4,5* and one with 4*, but don't let those stars fool you, they aren't gonna be world-beaters, 4* CA is still a 3rd division quality player in our side, I'd have hoped for players with higher CA so that they can help out them the team straight away, but you have to take waht you get. It's nice to get a ball-winning midfielder as we didn't have any players who were good in this role at the club, so this kid might get minutes straight away. He isn't terrible at 1,5* CA, he has some ok defensive attributes, and is decently quick, however he has bad workrate and has a **** personality. The one who will hopefully be a good partner to Phillips. Issam is quick, agile, can finish and doesn't have that bad of a first touch. However just like Plat he has a bad personality and Issam's mentals are just awful, hopefully he'll score goals regardless. Memic is quite decent for 1,5* CA, doesn't have any weaknesses defensivly aside from his heading, is quite tall, has ok mentals, and has decent determination for a change plus he isn't unambitious. But he'll need to work on his heading and he could with a bit more pace if I'm honest. Quartey has a lot of work to do, aside from his decisions he hasn't got a single green stat. And that might not be easy either, low determination and **** personality will hinder his progress as well. I can't see him becoming the next Casillas, but hopefully his potential shows through and we'll have a capable keeper in the future. And here comes another bald egg Looks aside he isn't a bad cm, but like all other players needs a lot of work. I like the fact he's either footed, I don't see it too often on regens for some reason.
  10. NOVEMBER-DECEMBER-JANUARY 2019-20 Our form has seen an improvement, altough we are still very inconsistent. We had a fantastic November, as well as a good start to December which saw us come 2nd in the 2nd period table, we were a point away from securing a play-off spot! However, we had an awful time after the thrashing of FC Den Bosch, 2 draws, 3 defeats and only 2 goals scored speaks for itself. Thankfully we still have a huge gap above the bottom club: Go Ahead, who have just been overtaken by Den Bosch. If they want to finish bottom, then Go Ahead i'm not stopping them (sorry I had to make that joke) No players have been good enough to get an average rating of 7,0 but the ones who are close have been fantastic. Guyon Phillip has now 11 goals and 7 assits in 26 games, where would we be without him, it's scary to think! Versteegen found his shooting boots at last and now forms a decent partenrship with Phillips, if their form continues there's no way we are going down.
  11. So brexit just happened so I thought I'd post it. I don't think it's too hard, but remember to correct me if I'm wrong because I can never understand properly on how it works!
  12. Well you have Panagi so that also helps, I could do with someone like that to partner up Guyon Phillips It might just be case of the players not being familiar with the tactic, hopefully it improves with time for me!
  13. AUGUST-SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2019 As expected we are struggling a lot in this division, we were dominated in most of these games and looked shocking up-front and at the back. Fortunately we grinded out some positive results and thanks to teams below being god awful we are 7 points clear of the drop with 1 game in hand after 12 games played. I think we should be staying up as Den Bosch are abysmal. Our cup-ran ended pretty quickly, a good win over a lower league team in the first round, sadly Heracles stood in our way. And as the game was played away from home we had pretty much no chance of winning this tie, I'm happy we kept this at only 4-1! And as for how individual players are performing. Most of these boys are finding it hard in this division, as according to my coaches are only third divison quality, so it's quite remarkable we are in 17th! The Afghanistan born monster beast that is Popalzy has 3 goals and just as many assits and is crucial to our attacking line. But for me the best player in recent games has been Guy Smith, he's wonderful as a ball-playing centre back, has 3 goals already and his defending and passing is class, if only our other centre backs played well like him... Our top scorer is Guyon Phillips with 5 goals and just as many assists in 14 games, not too shabby for a third-divison quality striker
  14. Now that is going to be helpful I love my chairman already!
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