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  1. Searching for the wisdom of the Braintree

    I'd probably try and go after free agents/players with expiring contracts, look at transfer listed players, i had worse situation with Nottingham Forest, i had about 5 milion pounds to spend, so i did what i just said and sold off deadwood and I managed to finish in 10th place, so I think you should try and do that.
  2. Weight loss experts hate him, he went from 120 to 63kg in 4 months
  3. Andrew 165 cm 120 kg wtf 13 pace as well
  4. I think I once beat Man City as middlesbrough with 17% possesion lol
  5. Interesting idea mate! Could you upload the save if it isn't a problem? I like playing in the future
  6. [FM17] African't you see what I did there?

    Football Manager at it again How is the good Djibouti guy from intake doing, was he capped by South Africa?
  7. Searching for the wisdom of the Braintree

    Damn you're doing amazing! What are your tactics mate?
  8. Cosmos - Shooting for the stars!

    You can't see it, because it's low anyway, there's an arrow near reputation, which shows whether it's dropping or going up
  9. Cosmos - Shooting for the stars!

    Check your club's reputation, maybe it has dropped for some reason?
  10. Cosmos - Shooting for the stars!

    San Marino's version of Gervinho lol
  11. I see Fiorentino have a guy named Udoh, do the Sammarinese teams have a lot forgein players in your save? Just interested