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  1. You've mentioned about 3 or 4 issues so please be clear what issue you are having and when. This doesn't look like the default skin to me (one that comes with the game). It's still unclear what the issue you are having is. You keep jumping from different situations without being very clear.
  2. I thought you said the issue was the game freezing 15 minutes in? If the save can't load, then I'm afraid its possibly corrupted, However, going by the screenshot above, it might be because the database is missing. You'll need to verify the game cache @Ninza
  3. The skin has nothing to do with the save game, but the skin itself you're using may be causing the issues you're seeing. Please try the default one and let me know if it helps.
  4. Has the host tried changing the name of the server?
  5. Have you both tried restarting Steam?
  6. Thanks, will take a look and get back to you.
  7. Try using one of the default skins and let me know if it helps.
  8. CPU over 100% Mac

    What is the game doing when it reaches this point?
  9. Go to your assistant's profile and then there is a button in the actions menu.
  10. Its either some file, or something you're doing during the game that causes it. I'd suggest clearing the cache and preferences as you did before.
  11. Reopen fm18 fails

    If you just press reopen does it open ok?
  12. No, Switch games cannot be transferred.
  13. Yes, probably. Have nothing to really suggest other than move them into a new location bit by bit until you narrow down the cause.
  14. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    Tactical Familiarity was one in FMT originally, but we removed it to streamline the gameplay more and make it faster to get through seasons without needing to worry about it. I've mentioned on the forum here before that league/nation limits are something we continually monitor but its not as simple as a league restriction as in some cases this can be much worse than just three nations due to the amount of competitions and teams that then become active. Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming