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  1. Update your Operating System please, 10.10.5 is available.
  2. How well some hardware handles Retina will be down to the hardware. You've just mentioned the 12" MacBook, which is the least powered of all the Apple laptop hardware, and just isn't designed for games or even Adobe Creative Suite really. It's much more suited for web browsing, organising photos, documents. The hardware is generally underpowered with regards to its processor so it will have extra difficulty running something as intensive as FM. Lots and Lots of data and intensive operations compared to something like a webpage, I'm afraid. As software advances between versions then it'll place even more demands on particular pieces of hardware. Those with Retina screens will feel the strain more so than on a standard resolution monitor - much less pixels to push around and render. There is no other suggestion for you than to use different hardware, the game's minimum specifications are for 1024*768 resolution, and the 12" MacBook doesn't reach the minimum spec for the processor. So there will be some performance issues to expect because your using hardware that doesn't meet the minimum specification overall to play the game. Hope that helps.
  3. Clear your cache and preferences and check that your Documents/Sports Interactive folder exists (if it does, try removing it). This folder does contain your save games so remember to grab them and put them in a safe place before doing so
  4. Check you have enable Steam overlay enabled in your Steam preferences and that Steam is enabled in your Accessibility Settings. You'll need to let me know what Mac OS version you have for me to give you more detailed instructions
  5. Yeah, when you clear the cache and preferences it will reset the display settings as thats what it's partly designed to do
  6. Had you cleared your cache at all after closing the game?
  7. The crash you mention in your last post doesn't seem to match up with whats been reported in the original post. Can you please be clearer what the steps are prior to the crash you need help with? May help with disabling 3D and see if the error occurs again, thanks
  8. What are you doing in game when it crashes?
  9. Right, so on the loading screens this indicates one of two things: 1) Your cache and preferences need clearing 2) It may be worth deleting everything inside your Documents/Sports Interactive folder, and trying again
  10. Can you describe the glitch in any more detail? Do you get this with other games? Is your OS up to date?
  11. Ok thats good. Have you tried reinstalling your content one by one and seeing if this now works ok?
  12. You can try the above; that has worked in cases where the game crashes when it reaches the loading screen for some users. If you can give a bit of detail about your crash that would be helpful -- you mention it's occurring as soon as you press play, does anything not appear for the game at all? The loading videos for example?
  13. When this occurs what skin is the game in? Have you tried removing the extras you installed? The skin and database file?
  14. What I would try now is a complete uninstall and reinstall to verify that there wasn't an issue with the installation. Beyond that unfortunately there isn't any more suggestions I can make for you regarding this, apologies for that.
  15. Have you ever been able to launch the game at all properly and get through the screens even just once? Did you download any third party content and install before running the game?