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  1. Probably a case of the save was not uploaded or downloaded correctly, if it is loading at his end then best thing to do is to try again
  2. What monitor are you using? Can you please provide some screenshots of the system settings and the FM preferences? Have you tried just clearing the cache and preferences and see if that resolves your issue?
  3. resolved

    Please be specific - what option has disappeared? Have you tried restarting Steam and FM? The reason we ask to try other things is to work out what the problem is you are currently having. Please try the suggestions we are giving you, we can't help if you don't try them. Thanks.
  4. resolved

    The host will need a Twitch account. You can stream from the game via the Preferences, or you can use software such as OBS to do it. The viewers just need to watch through a browser via the channel link.
  5. resolved

    It could be your connection to Steam, I'd suggest restarting it. You could also try Twitch and see if thats any different, that will tell you if it is Steam or not.
  6. resolved

    Exactly how are you trying to watch? By joining the game? Steam broadcasting? Twitch Stream? Or do you mean by viewing a match while in the save? What are your download speeds and what is your friend's upload speeds?
  7. The forum software seems to sort this out over time, we're aware of it in any case and having a look to see what it may be.
  8. Thanks for getting back to us.
  9. You haven't mentioned so solution you tried to fix the issue. What did you do? You should refer to the documentation regarding any extra files you've used to get those working again.
  10. If it fails to load then that would mean its corrupted I'm afraid. Unless you've got backups or previous rolling saves there isn't any alternatives to suggest I'm afraid. Sorry about that.
  11. info provided

    Not currently reported right now. We have known this to happen, although for the reasons listed (files being deleted in some way) - I myself accidentally managed this once, so I understand how annoying it is. We wouldn't be able to help with any current save games at least. If you start a new game, could you keep regular save games (weekly / monthly), so we can track where the issue occurs, and then we can have a look at your save game and potentially system details to see if we can figure out why this is happening to you.
  12. Thanks, here are some things you can try: Disable 3D Remove graphics that are loaded in Clear your cache and preferences and verify the game cache in Steam. One of these should get you up and running; please let us know which solution works for you. You can find instructions for cache / preferences and verify game cache in our FAQ.
  13. info provided

    Thanks, the reason I ask for those is that it is caused by files being deleted on your computer, likely while the game is being run. This could be anti virus or some other software, or it has been done manually by accident. Sorry I can't be much clearer than that but there is not a lot of information here for me to help you further
  14. info provided

    Can you show a screenshot of the issue? Are you clearing cache and preferences when playing the game - perhaps when playing after a time and installing some graphics?
  15. You could also try turning on software rendering as well and see if that helps.