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  1. Lucas Weatherby

    FM touch on iPhone X

    No plans for this any time soon. Phones have some different technical requirements to tablets due it being a phone so at this point it's not possible with something as powerful as FMT. There is FM Mobile specifically designed for use on phones - but FMT is geared towards tablet and console Switch users.
  2. Lucas Weatherby

    Switch Query - Renaming clubs

    No, they are this way for licensing reasons I'm afraid.
  3. Lucas Weatherby

    Remove Brexit FM Touch 18 PC

    No and No, I'm afraid.
  4. Lucas Weatherby

    Okay. Would Big Sam have brought it home?

    Is it? Barely beat Slovakia in his only game in charge, Lallana scores in injury time. Not a stretch to doubt he’d have struggles setting up the side to beat what we had in the group. And we certainly wouldn’t have been as effective on set pieces.
  5. Lucas Weatherby

    Okay. Would Big Sam have brought it home?

    Would have been knocked out in the group stage.
  6. I'm sorry, but your language here is completely inappropriate. If you want help, please keep it civil and we will do our best to help you. Thanks.
  7. You can't change it once the game's been created.
  8. The setting is in the Online Preferences section.
  9. You can go to Preferences -> Online Preferences to enable / disable a save for network games.
  10. Its not possible to check with your save, it's tied to your Steam account whether you draw points. The above reasons are why you might not score with the leaderboard. Thanks.
  11. Yes that is an example. Or if you continue a day, quit without saving and go back
  12. Are you launching the game by pressing Play on Steam?
  13. Lucas Weatherby

    FM 2018 launch problem.

    Has it ever launched for you at all?