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  1. Design a Son Unlockable

    When you buy it, you're taken straight away to the design son screen where you can enter all his attributes etc.
  2. Just use the continue button for now and don't use the menu with the home button to leave the match. We are working on resolving this at the moment - but for now, when leaving a match, use the continue button in the top right, not the leave match button in the menu. Cheers.
  3. Match Plans Problem

    Would be worth taking a look at your save so we can figure it out. Could you send us your save to our FTP please?
  4. Are you trying to use custom graphics? Have you recently upgraded your OS from Sierra to High Sierra?
  5. So have you actually tried the update, or not? Please try it and feedback on that, thanks.
  6. Freezing mid game

    During highlights? What are your 3D Match Settings and your Graphical Rating? Please provide as much information as possible so I can help you.
  7. Please post your Mac specs.
  8. So with your save game, can you tell me what steps and clicks I need to do to make it crash? Going to scout a player and continuing is fine for me.
  9. So is it a particular game you're trying to save again, or every save?
  10. Update 18.2.2

    Does the game appear on screen or not?
  11. Please post your own thread for your issue.
  12. Freezing mid game

    Every match or did it only happen once?
  13. Update 18.2.2

    Ok please keep me posted.
  14. Update 18.2.2

    Can you show me a screenshot please?