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  1. need more info

    We have the facility to upload it to our servers: FTP Details
  2. There's already Versus Mode and Fantasy Draft for online play.
  3. You'll get better performance in Windowed mode over the others, but out of those two I'd recommend maximised borderless. As for GPU v Software Rendering, I'd suggest trying that for yourself to see which you'd prefer. If you have further general questions you may get a quicker response from General Discussion where other users can share their own experiences. Thanks
  4. info provided

    As I recall the VRAM is shared with your system RAM, you may be able to get more by increasing the RAM on the laptop. Hope that helps.
  5. Only tablets on the compatibility list are supported for FM Touch:
  6. Only tablets on the compatibility list are supported:
  7. Wrong forum - I've replied to you in the Mac forum.
  8. need more info

    Having been to princes park myself I'm fairly certain that is reporting the seated capacity. Do you have a save game with this issue present please?
  9. need more info

    Is this still the case?
  10. Do you have a screenshot please?
  11. info provided

    For General Questions please use the General Discussion Forum. Windows 10 Game Mode is a new feature addition to Windows platform and not expressly supported for Football Manager. Probably worth seeing if performance improves with it turned off.
  12. info provided

    If the save game cannot be loaded then that would indicate save game corruption I'm afraid. You would need to load a backup save.
  13. Are you trying to use any editor data files at all?