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  1. info provided

    The Computer Performance rating is a guideline and can be affected by what else is running on your system at the time the game calculates this rating - eg. anti virus. I'd suggest judging performance based on playing the game and letting us know how you get on, thanks.
  2. Hi, We're aware of this issue, thanks for raising. W e'd very much suggest using OBS or Quicktime Player for Screen Capture instead for now. Thanks.
  3. Try this please:
  4. need more info

    Do you have any anti virus installed?
  5. need more info

    The parsing error means there is a error in one of the XML files specifically causing the issue. Two main culprits causing this will be skin files, or preferences files if they are corrupting at some point during the game. Make sure the game is closed when deleting extra skins and the preferences folders, and if you are still getting the message then please try verifying the game cache in Steam. Send us a screenshot of the error message in question too.
  6. under review

    Have you tried this in 17.3.1?
  7. resolved

    Tick use auto save type when saving in the preferences. That will mean that when it saves, it will behave more like an auto save, where a backup of current version becomes v1 of the file, rather than just overwriting it.
  8. need more info

    What is happening when the game is crashing for you? Is there something specific you are doing when it crashes?
  9. As a general rule, the more recent the version, the better. We can't project the next 2 or 3 releases about system requirements, it would only be speculative to suggest anything. Generally Tablets are much more consumable devices than a desktop with a shorter half life.
  10. Completely untrue. It just offers a different experience to the main game. Otherwise you may as well just play the full version on PC if that is preferred by you but it isn't by everyone (indeed, I prefer Touch mode). These niggly differences are what make it possible to have a quicker mode. Many people are asking for different things, often features from the main game. I go into depth in the wishlist thread why certain features are unlikely if ever to be readopted by Touch, they were left out of the original FMC version for a reason. I'd suggest taking a look at that thread for a much more in depth discussion about it.
  11. resolved

    Thanks for letting us know.
  12. info requested

    Are you on Mac or PC? We will need your system specs / DXDIAG if you have them to hand
  13. need more info

    Sorry to ask again, but you removed the graphics as well? When you've deleted the cache and preferences manually, FM should be closed when you do that for the full changes to take effect.
  14. need more info

    What about skins are you using any custom skins?
  15. info requested

    As I said above, verify the game cache in steam. Instructions also here: