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  1. If you could upload your save for us to take a look at that would be helpful.
  2. need more info

    Does this happen when you copy and paste?
  3. info provided

    Again though, it will depend on the speeds more than anything. Are you saying there 30 of you connecting to the game at the same time?
  4. You should check the config xml matches the IDs for the clubs. If you need assistance with this, I'd suggest heading over to the Skinning Forum:
  5. Clear your cache and preferences, and check the config files for the logos are correctly matching up to the teams. It's worth unticking Use skin caching while doing this, once it is working turn caching back on. Are you using FMF files or manual pngs and config xmls?
  6. Depends on their injury proneness and training really. There's no single answer as the youth are generated per save
  7. resolved

    Crashing on game start? Or where, exactly?
  8. resolved

    Thanks for letting us know.
  9. Backup your save games and any other content in Docs / Sports Interactive / FM17. Delete everything in the FM17 folder. Reboot the game. Let me know if that works for you.
  10. Hi. Can you tell me what your 3D match settings are? Setting these to low or very low (even off), may enable you to continue playing through. But first, please make sure you have installed all OS updates and have verified the game cache in Steam.
  11. info provided

    Are all users using the same Steam Download location in their preferences? What are their upload and download speeds like?
  12. Can you post the exact error message you're seeing (screenshot) for us. Thanks. Also if you could post your DXDIAG that would help us as well. Are you sure you're running as an admin?
  13. Are you attempting to use editor data files at all? At what stage during creating new game does it crash for you?
  14. Please post your own thread for assistance.
  15. need more info

    Have you tried a reinstall of the game at any stage?