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  1. Try switching your current graphics card drivers and try again please? I'd also recommend making sure 15.10 is up to date, its not an LTS release by Ubuntu so some support may be a bit more experimental at times. Have you tried upgrading to 16.04 yet?
  2. Can you please provide your full system specifications? Try clearing your cache by deleting the Sports Interactive folder in "~/Library/Application Support" and try again
  3. Can you tell me from System Information what graphics card you have please?
  4. Your saves are located in your documents folder. If you haven't already, go to Load Game and they will still be there
  5. Yes, thank you for providing those details. The error you are describing is just an annoyance, please ignore this for the time being. Thanks.
  6. Just to be clear, what OS are you using?
  7. See my above post you'll need to open your own thread.
  8. Thank you, can you please provide your full system specs please?
  9. It's not feasible to answer every request with information as there are hundreds of Android tablets out there. If the device meets the specification to run the game, then it can. If it can't then it will be listed as incompatible. Thanks.
  10. Have you got anti virus installed on your machine? As for it not happening before, suggests that something has happened recently on your machine to begin causing the issue. If we can work out what that is then hopefully provide the answer
  11. Have you installed the game on a separate user account?
  12. What are your mac system specs?
  13. Install any OS updates you have. Are you also using a second monitor at all?
  14. Clear your cache and preferences: Quit the game Open Finder Go menu > Go to folder > "~/Library/Application Support" Delete the Sports Interactive folder Try again.
  15. There is a Keyboard Shortcut section in the Preferences that will explain what keyboard shortcuts there are and what they are for