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  1. Have you tried clearing your entire cache and preferences rather than just a single file?
  2. Thanks for reporting the issue. Unfortunately once this kind of issue has occurred we can't retrospectively solve the issue for you, and, ideally for us to look into the issue we would require a save game before the issue occurs. We will be investigating this for a future version, thanks for reporting the issue.
  3. Have you tried just rolling back the driver to the previous version?
  4. It's always been on PC (back when it was Classic), the name is just to emphasise the cross-save nature for Tablets as well so you can play close to the full version on the move as well.
  5. Is there a reason you are using an emulator/virtual machine to play the game?
  6. We would need a save from before this started to happen, do you have that?
  7. Intentional I'm afraid.
  8. Which reports are you referring to?
  9. Thanks, this was an issue with the forum conversion and has now been fixed. So even if you did check a year ago it would have been fine then on the old software Thanks for reporting this.
  10. Can you be a bit clearer what you mean please - ranking?
  11. Try again but with Steam and FM completely closed and not running.
  12. Ok one of the reasons the cloud save may not be working is you are not on the latest version of OS X Yosemite. Please update your Mac OS, and then try again (if you haven't already grabbed the save files from the location I gave you in the above post) Thanks
  13. In Finder you will need to go to: "~/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/cloud/" If you are having issues getting there, as I said above I will need to know what OS you are using to provide you with exact instructions.
  14. If you let me know what OS you are using I can provide you with exact instructions where to find the cloud save game files. Thanks.