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  1. yes, I'll try to get it to upload - I DID discover: Vacationed from 6/27-7/1, looked at the Bundesliga transfers, and there are several teams (Mainz, Dortmund, etc.) that all have a slew of players joining on 7/1, and they're all pants. And while I have 6 GKs joining, Dortmund has about 8 MC/AMCs joining. I clicked through to July 2nd, the players disappeared from my transfer history, but now they're at Bayern II...and they're really rotten. I have a transfer budget of $450 million, they're on 2-year contracts, so I might just cut them all loose or send them out to the affiliates. I know they're not going to get game time at the expense of legitimate prospects. File will be named "Bayern 2028 phantom transfers July 1" but the save is from June 27th.
  2. June 30th, 2028 at Bayern Munich - no incoming players listed as transfers...July 1st, 2028, there's suddenly 25 players joining the club, none scouted, most of them crap, late 20's-early 30's, and 6 goalkeepers. I have myself set to make offers for players, so the DoF shouldn't have extended contracts, and I don't offer contracts to unscouted players. The previous save, from June 27th keeps producing the players. I look at the player profiles on 6/27, it shows them as members of a team with no mention of a transfer or a contract offer, but on 7/1, they're suddenly members of Bayern Munich without any prior notice.
  3. Some of them are clubs meeting the transfer minimum, others were "too good to turn down" grabs by the chairman. A couple of the players demanded to speak with bidding clubs, and even though I had their asking price set several times their value, the Premier League teams gladly would pay it. Realistically, a club at League 2 level's going to take those offers, especially with a 30%-40% sell on clause. Largely because of that, Forest Green's one of the richest clubs in England outside of the "big 6"...which you'll see as we make our ways up. Because of that, I've been able to snap up some potential wonderkids that have as good or better potential than the Dozen. Oh, and to answer the other half of the question, I'm always a big believer in Moneyball - buy a ton of prospects young, develop them, keep the best and sell off the rest (and include those "next sale" clauses for later income.) Without spoilering too much (okay, probably spoilering too much), I have a $250 million+ transfer budget that I'll never use and I'm $1.7 million/week under my wage budget.
  4. Then there was that time with a (West) Ham and Seppanen sandwich. The chairman's got to love this massive transfer cash infusion to a League 1 club. and Crouch goes down Southhampton way, seems like we're losing all the boys. which means the remainders are mad that the chairman's raking it all in (it's NOT MY FAULT!). that transfer period where we're big spenders AND big losers. but the financials look GREAT!
  5. Checkatrade third round vs. Swindon But of course, Wallace ultimately ends up at Man City. Book a place in the Carabao Cup final for Forest! and in other cups, Forest passes a 4th round test vs. Millwall Fulham grabs a Ginsberg for their collection
  6. Forest qualifies for the Euro Cup knockout round Balicki goes professional for the Green. FA Cup, third round, down goes Walsall. 1st leg Carabao Cup semifinal against Leeds Wallace is lost in a "too good to turn down" offer...and more of those to come, I'd say.
  7. Er, damn, has it really been that long since my last update. I'd make excuses, but it was just life, house projects, a fairly bad bout of a cold, and an inability to walk away from the save to take the time to upload updates. (Plus, linking to each Steam pic is a pain, and yes I know, I took the pain on myself.) But let's see where we were and where we're going. We were in Sept...2019 (to tell you what an awful person I am, current game-time I'm in May 2023, so this may take awhile.) In League 1, beating Arsenal's U23s is a big deal but Beating Bolton in the Carabao Cup is kind of significant. But then you lose your best GK for a month and a half... First legitimate job interview offer with Swansea, but I don't even listen to their offer. Colchester goes down to Green in the 2nd round FA cup
  8. did you look in "trash/recycle bin"? Did you at any time upload the save to the Steam Cloud? How deep did you bury your brother?
  9. I've got the week off from work, so between home projects and compulsive FM play, I'll try to upload some more screenshots.
  10. First Euro Cup game against a team I've never heard of. Thank you, next, Trnava Zenit, now them I've heard of... but we leave them in the dust, too. Keeping the cups going back home - Down goes Fulham.
  11. three senior team call-ups from Baker's Dozen to England's 11. League 2 end of review League One preseason game - team's hitting on all cylinders. and the first loss to Baker's Dozen - Silva goes to A.V. and then the chairman decides Man City's offer is TOO GOOD to turn down...goodbye, team captain Rees.
  12. Yes, I probably could...but I bought the in-game editor a few years back and...I would catch myself cheating. I'd peek at CA/PAs, transfer underperforming and unhappy players to other teams in my division, Remove injuries...I couldn't help myself. I know FM is a one-person game, and I was hurting no one else, but I couldn't legitimately celebrate achievements, because they were no longer my own. It's like the youtube guy who was adjusting player's stats and abilities behind the scenes for "narrative purposes" and one of his views noticed huge jumps in player ratings from one episode to the next. But...I might get the Ingame editor to make that one adjustment, because it's really hard to fill out a roster when you need 7 HG players in the matchday squad and 13 of your 25 registered players aren't home-grown. But I promise that's all I will do for this experiment, I won't try to pull players back from the Premier League because of a bone-headed mistake I might have made or because the chairman decided Man City's offer was too good to turn down and...er, said too much.
  13. 1. You have no idea...yet. *sniff* 2. Mostly U-21s, I'll try to post those, too.
  14. Yeah, I'll try to screen-shot one tonight, but it's essentially a stock 4-2-3-1 Vertical TikaTaka, except when it's a 4-2-4 T/T. With this group, I could throw us out in a 1-2-7 and compete.
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