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  1. My wife has now taken to asking "Have you asked the board for a better contract?" or "When do you get that check for winning the Champions League?" whenever I start grumbling about the wonderkid striker who JUST signed a 4-year contract a year ago and wants a re-negotiation because he's a better player...yeah, that's why I nailed you down to a 4-year contract...and seriously, fire your greedy agent!
  2. Apparently Morrissey exploded, hasn't posted since December. Wonder if he completed the database and put it on Steam somewhere? I was thinking about a LLM in Scotland for the rest of the summer.
  3. THIS is what's great about FM and the editor - the ability to destroy international football and make it pleasingly local...and no PSG to poach all your players.
  4. Have you tried the "custom" database size where you can select "load players based in nation" "load players based in continent" "load players with continental reputation", etc? It SHOULD create those players if they're not available.
  5. Did you try using the "Custom Database size" where you can add "players with continental reputation" or "players based on this continent"? I've generally done that just to push more players into the database, and I get players in their 20's and 30's.
  6. There is an empty database on Steam Workshop that when loaded at the beginning of a save generates an entirely random world of players. It DOES take a few years to really populate with "great" players, I've seen saves where a center back wins best player in Europe. I actually took the time to wipe all the players out of the database over the last two years and uploaded it to Steam, but someone beat me to it this year.
  7. Diving in for a look with 4th level Zimbabwean side Chicken Inn FC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_Inn_F.C. Picked it strictly on the name, which is also evidently a restaurant chain.
  8. I was really excited about a multi-level USA structure with promotion/relegation (because a static league structure just isn't rewarding to me), but my hometown team is in the Atlantic National, and we're 1800 miles from the Atlantic. I'd have to move around about 200 teams and input stadiums and I'd probably screw it all up...yeah, I'm probably going to start editing, I gotta get my FC Wichita to the top. oh, and the player contracts expire 1/2/1900.
  9. yeah, I certainly don't like having to edit my preferences every time I start up the game, and this has never been a problem in previous editions. In previous iterations, I edit my preferences once and there they stay for the entire yearly cycle.
  10. I had no problems during the beta, game goes live, a couple hot fixes come through and now...I have no in-game visuals, even with the default skins. Yes, my drivers are up to date. Kinda hard to manage a game from a dark broom closet under the stadium.
  11. I dropped the custom skin, am using the standard FM Dark skin, and all I see is a black screen and the text updates at the bottom.
  12. Hmm, going to have to switch to a default skin and see if that's where it went. thanks!
  13. Kind of disappointed that the "no comment" option has been removed from press conferences and the "additional comments" box was removed (which I acknowledge has no bearing on the outcome of the game, but it was always fun to see my manager cuss out my hated rivals)...unless this is a skin-specific omission, because I can't storm out, either.
  14. Some of them are clubs meeting the transfer minimum, others were "too good to turn down" grabs by the chairman. A couple of the players demanded to speak with bidding clubs, and even though I had their asking price set several times their value, the Premier League teams gladly would pay it. Realistically, a club at League 2 level's going to take those offers, especially with a 30%-40% sell on clause. Largely because of that, Forest Green's one of the richest clubs in England outside of the "big 6"...which you'll see as we make our ways up. Because of that, I've been able to snap up some potent
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