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  1. can you do a "recover/reset" password through your email?
  2. In Scotland, you get the "intake preview" around December 7, and then the actual youth intake in mid-March. (that's only country I've been actively playing so far this year.) Kind of annoying this year that the preview pretty much sets what to expect, and then you have to wait 3 months for the results.
  3. I DL'ed a Covid database from the Steam Workshop. More a nuisance than anything, I had a couple players randomly out for 3-4 weeks, and one player who was out for 7 months. The Brexit coding is annoying enough, don't need a hard-coded pandemic in the mix.
  4. Glad to see someone else who does this to keep track of best position and quality. I also add an asterisk or two to denote "Home grown at club" and Home grown in country" so I don't lend out or sell off all my home-grown players. And yes, having the box wipe out is a hassle.
  5. Oh. I'm American, I know that there's some lingual fluidity due to proximity of European cultures, but didn't realize that any two languages payout with 6-8 additional tongues. Last year, when I took over international management of a non-native country, it took 6-9 months just to learn "Basic French". And IRL, even with 2 years of German, I can only ask where's the bathroom and order a beer.
  6. Started a beta save as a Danish/Icelandic manager on a Northern European journeyman. Selected at starting languages Danish and Icelandic. Haven't really paid attention to my manager profile since then, but noticed today post-go-live my manager is now fluent in Danish, Icelandic, English, French, Spanish, German, Faroese, Norwegian and Swedish. One season into the save, this amount of fluency seems...extreme.
  7. if it's still available, it should be accessible through the main login screen menu. I think it's under "downloads", but I'm not in front of the game right now. There should be a "purchase" option for it.
  8. My wife has now taken to asking "Have you asked the board for a better contract?" or "When do you get that check for winning the Champions League?" whenever I start grumbling about the wonderkid striker who JUST signed a 4-year contract a year ago and wants a re-negotiation because he's a better player...yeah, that's why I nailed you down to a 4-year contract...and seriously, fire your greedy agent!
  9. Apparently Morrissey exploded, hasn't posted since December. Wonder if he completed the database and put it on Steam somewhere? I was thinking about a LLM in Scotland for the rest of the summer.
  10. THIS is what's great about FM and the editor - the ability to destroy international football and make it pleasingly local...and no PSG to poach all your players.
  11. Have you tried the "custom" database size where you can select "load players based in nation" "load players based in continent" "load players with continental reputation", etc? It SHOULD create those players if they're not available.
  12. Did you try using the "Custom Database size" where you can add "players with continental reputation" or "players based on this continent"? I've generally done that just to push more players into the database, and I get players in their 20's and 30's.
  13. There is an empty database on Steam Workshop that when loaded at the beginning of a save generates an entirely random world of players. It DOES take a few years to really populate with "great" players, I've seen saves where a center back wins best player in Europe. I actually took the time to wipe all the players out of the database over the last two years and uploaded it to Steam, but someone beat me to it this year.
  14. Diving in for a look with 4th level Zimbabwean side Chicken Inn FC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_Inn_F.C. Picked it strictly on the name, which is also evidently a restaurant chain.
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