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  1. Probably our last chance at an Invincible season as the Dozen begin to leave. New owner decides to cut our payroll to 1/3 last year's but STILL wants us to sign "high-profile" players...in Reunion. Rock wins the "Inter-African Club Player of the Year". Le Guieneen bids us a fond adieu while he runs directly to France. and Rock goes to Havre FC. Xavier Alden wins PoM in French Cup penalty thriller.
  2. and so we qualify for next season's French Cup while still playing in this season's... and we clinch the league with a 10-0 win. and Crean nets a perfect 10. Senior international call-ups Next round in the French Cup is a laugher, 11-0, Crean with 5 assists
  3. De Beauharnais sets a Saint-Denis record for goals in a game with a full five fingers. Say hello to the new boss...same as the old boss... We're in the ACTUAL FRENCH CUP...playing a semi-pro team out of Tahiti. And when you go to PLAY the French Cup game...you run into THIS: (Note regarding the French Cup: a bug in the French Cup code ALLOWS teams from overseas territories to qualify for and play in the cup, but the territories are all marked as "foreign" despite them being French territories. Sports Interactive isn't going to fix it in FM 21, so all I can do is set an "i
  4. The board decides Le Guieneen would LOVE to go to OM and provide them with another cash infusion. and Petit-Homme decides FCP in Portugal would suit his talents. "Walk the ball in"?  We're outscoring our opponents by a 5 to 1 margin. Be careful how you speak, Bador... Crean scores a hat trick as we "walk the ball into the goal"....7 times. things are going great...how about the threat of a takeover?
  5. Poor Crean can't catch a break - must have a high injury attribute. Britus Rock has his ear turned by the French national team...knew that this would start happening. we can't compete with the reputation of France, but it's sure going to be awkward around the Saint-Denis locker room. Roland Garros nets 4 for Reunion vs. Sao Tome and Principe Your offers, sirs, for Josu Crean are, quite frankly...doo doo.
  6. yep, working on it this weekend, just wrapped another season.
  7. I always play a fairly "team focused" manager, but as long as the odd "problem child" is producing and not sowing discontent, I just let him play and work around him. If he starts acting up...I dump him. I play FM for enjoyment, and if a player is harshing my enjoyment, I don't want him around. I take a fair price for him, and on the way out the door, I give him a profane nickname. And each time the press asks about him after he's gone, I'm brutal, even using the "additional comments" button.
  8. Primarily Target Man, although he seemed to be productive even as a DLF or F9. Heck with this team and the right tactic, he'd probably be able to play goalkeeper.
  9. yeah, if he hadn't BROKEN HIS LEG...(oops, spoiler...)
  10. Without spoilering anything (because I'm a couple seasons ahead of my posted updates) there are 3 (soon to be 2) left at club. They're being sniffed by the French leagues, but most of the offers have been insulting. One actually just signed a contract extension, but you know how binding those contracts are if France (or Portugal or Saudi Arabia or China) comes calling.
  11. back for more later, got plenty of screenshots to go...
  12. Well, seems like the money's starting to roll in at Saint-Denis The Reunion National Team gets to play the occasional friendly, since we didn't qualify for the African League prior to Baker's arrival. no matter where they end up, Rock and Garros scored their first international goal for Reunion. Meanwhile, Lamas starts his international career at Martinique. and Petit-Homme turns out for French Guiana and X Alden caps for Guadeloupe
  13. and then, after he sells off half the team, the president decides to step down Roland Garros punches his ticket out...in 2 years. our first continental (African) player of the year. and what the heck, Guillame Rees get a ticket off the island. and Jacques Hawx...will the last wonderkid turn out the lights?
  14. End of first season selection stats How we lined up our first season team finances page - Reunion is NOT Ligue Un. Awards and Records 2020 Awards and Records 2020 part 2
  15. De Beauharnais to Bordeaux...in about 18 months. We win the Coupe de la Reunion. ...and our first league title. and we win this, which I think gets us into the actual French Cup competition. How about an invincible first season in the league?
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