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  1. I actually think that would make audio commentary a lot easier since all the focus would be put on those situations and thus would be a lot more limited. I would be ok with it because otherwise I usually just have music playing while the game is running.
  2. Sorry for taking so long to respond. I kind of lost interest early on when no one tried to actually sell me the product. Plus it's the middle of the work schedule now. I believe the Demo only allows you to play as an English League team. Something I never do. Also, it often takes hours to find all the features and every hour wasted on a career I won't continue is an hour wasted. It was not my intention to get this thread back on that topic which I said I already suggested a while ago and it was shot down by the company. I still think it would be the better model, but since it won't happen, I am not arguing that anymore. I don't like demos for the above stated reason and I don't like videos (also stated in a prior post) because they are too long and often full of fluff. One thing that convinced me to buy '15 when debating there is learning that managers stats actually improve over time as well. Thanks for the information. When I got no direct response, I kind of figured being told to go play the demo and being told to watch the video meant "nothing new to see here." Match Engine improvements are always great. That is for sure. And extra media interactions is good too because they were always lacking. But like stated above, I really wanted new features such as when they made manager stats improve for the '15 version. I do like that the positions react properly. First of all, "biannually" isn't (sic). It is properly used as I even provided the dictionary entry to prove as much. You can put irrefutable evidence in front of someone and they still won't believe it. And yes, I wanted opinions because I don't feel like sinking hours into a game I may not even continue onward with. I was looking for the opinion of biased people because I was in the mood to play and was looking for persuasion to buy the product. That day, I was in the mood to either continue my '15 game, which has sat dormant for a year, or buy '17. Generally speaking, I have a hard time playing old versions of games after a certain point, so yes, I was looking for a reason to buy. And again, I was not persuaded because, it appears, there is nothing new here. Exactly. I am someone that reads Amazon reviews before buying a product a lot of the time... And in hindsight, maybe I should have done that here. Reviews of products exist for a reason. And also, as someone that is not huge into football... someone that plays this game because I am obsessed with stats and management, I may not notice a lot of the differences hence why your descriptions of changes in the match engine were beneficial (even if it may not have been enough to persuade me). Thanks for the opinion. Can you tell me what you like better about it? Yes, let's just bring up the elections. But since you went there, I am a political junkie and have been following the race since candidates first started declaring. Asking for others opinions is actually part of making your own opinions so long as you are open to both sides of the argument. I also wouldn't say our two nuggets are any worse than people like Merkel and Hollande. By the way, I went to the Paradox Interactive forum and asked about the game Stellaris. Dot a single person sent me to a company video or told me to try a demo. Of course, a demo doesn't exist yet, but I am an avid EUIV player so I know the gist and am more concerned about the details. Anyways, everyone that responded gave opinions. They told me aspects of the game that were good and aspects that were bad. I made the decision that I will wait for a couple more patches and expansions. But I was very appreciative of the effort put into the responses. I think, as I already stated in this post, the reason there is little substance here is because little substance was added.
  3. Fair point, but I see Trump being elected as having zero impact on soccer worldwide while the Brexit may or may not (as you said) have an impact. Fair enough. I will probably just avoid it altogether then. Don't feel like getting into a political debate as I like not being banned (you never know what direction they take).
  4. Thanks, but I'd prefer a write-up rather than a 30 minute video. I hate when places (think IGN) create long videos and provide no text. Especially when half a video is usually pointless fluff. I made a poll on these forums a year or two ago with that idea and over half the community supported it. But SI and others said it would never happen. That is too bad, but that is also why I simply buy every other year and I may skip this year's iteration as well.
  5. Generally speaking, I am not a fan of demos these days. Usually they either give you the full game on a strict time limit or they give you a partial game. If it's the full game and I can continue my save should I upgrade, then I may give it a try anyways... But I really would like to know what some of the significant changes have been. It's really hard to find details on the website.
  6. I've bought Football Manager biannually* since 2009. In other words, I own '09, '11, '13, and '15. What features have occurred since '15 that would make this worth the upgrade for me? The addition of Brexit is interesting to me, but I almost think it's a year too soon and should have waited for next year's edition (I am 100% fine with it though). But beyond that, is there anything that makes it worth the upgrade? *A couple years ago I made a post about whether this game should be released biannually or not (every other year). I was corrected in that the word biannual means twice per year. Apparently, it can go either way, so I will use it how I always have. From dictionary.com: biannual adjective 1. occurring twice a year; semiannual. 2. occurring every two years; biennial. Yes, I am still bitter about this correction.
  7. What does this matter? When has a FM game ever mattered in regards to whom gets elected to political office, especially America?
  8. I am glad to see this is in the game, but at the same time, maybe it is a year too early to include it. Either way, I have been close to making topics in years past asking about why nations only ever join the EU, but never leave the EU in the game (at least, I have never seen one leave as of FM'15 and prior). My question on this is whether or not the game will potentially forecast a total disintegration of the EU over a 30 year time frame. If the English do leave, especially with a "hard Brexit," the future of the block is definitely in question. My second question, and I hope this is not considered political because I am taking no side. I just want to be educated on this since I am an American. While I feel I have a better handle on the EU than most Americans, I know I definitely am not "well-educated" on it either. There is a lot of talk on Scotland in this game. In real life, many believe Scotland will indeed seek an independence referendum to try and remain with the European Union. My question is simple. Since Scotland, from what I understand, receives more fund than it contributes, what incentive would the European Union have to either keep Scotland in the block or allow them to enter later? The EU does have a history of doing this with Eastern European nations, but Britain is one of the largest contributors (again, from my understanding, so please correct me if I am wrong) of capital to the block. Thus with losing a major financial contributor, what incentive is there to add a nation that would take more capital than it contributes?
  9. So I only had 35 hours in FM'15 and hadn't played since shortly after it was released. I could not believe that the interface bug where information tabs were not displaying properly in the tactics, squad, etc screens has not been fixed. It still occurs where you select something you want to see and it often doesn't show up. You also cannot make certain columns skinnier to try and make more appear. Sometimes you can make the hidden ones appear by deleting others. It's a pretty shameful bug that is unbelievable to not have been fixed.
  10. Anything less than 60 minutes per match doesn't seem to help much. It's very frustrating playing as a semi-pro team and not being able to build match fitness. Took me six friendlies and over 15 matches in the season to get I'd say 2/3 of my players match fit. 100%? Only for the keeper.
  11. Good luck getting all your players match fit with a semi-pro team. At least in the Swedish Second Division..
  12. I think the SSD and processor speeds are the most important things for this game.
  13. Doesn't help that match fitness seems to be nerfed for semi-pro teams. Half your team won't be match fit halfway into the season even if the players play every match.
  14. But if a player could be told it was so he was fresh for the next match, then he may not have that type of reaction. I would actually like an option pre-match to tell my entire squad (and sometimes this does come up in interviews... at least in older versions so I am guessing this one as well) that some are going to be either rested or subbed early due to an upcoming match only a couple days later.
  15. None of the other answers seemed any more suitable than the one I choose. I suppose I could have had my captain speak to him, but I figured I could explain it better. And yeah, sometimes something similar does come up in interviews, but it did not in this case. And it doesn't matter that he wasn't tired. The point was the next match was three days later and I wanted him to be nearly full strength for that one. Reminds me of when a player goes down injured and they ask who you are going to replace them with. Say it's a central defender. They list your other central defender and if you select a real back-up, then your starting central defender gets mad. If you select the other starting central defender, then they ask if there is any chance he takes the other guys job. And all I can think is "uhhh.. No? Do you not see that he is already a starter?!"
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