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  1. For some types of training, it's hard to get coaches with an over 3.5 star rating. It's also hard to get scouts that I can really trust (I have a few with 17+ judging attributes, but a lot are still around 13-14). I guess it depends on the requirements: the board is already very happy with my performance, but I want to win the Champions League and I feel I would need better staff for that (or at least to make it easier for me) and I could easily afford it.
  2. Can the stay wider instruction be used for central midfielders? I'm trying a tactic with 3 Box to box midfielders. It's working fine so far, I was considering if I could improve it by using the "stay wider" instruction for the 2 lateral players (during highlights I noticed the players are really close to each other). However, I'm not sure what this does exactly, from what I read it's meant to make wide players hug the touchline. Also, the players have the "Roam from position" instruction (I'm guessing this is a default for the role since I didn't add it) and I'm not sure how this would in
  3. Does anyone know how I can increase maximum staff wages (if it's even possible)? In my save, the year is 2023, I'm playing as FCSB, Romanian league, club finances are around +50M euros (considered rich), reputation is national (3.5 stars). My wage budget is around 2.3 M euros/month and transfer budget around 32 Meuros. I'm spending ~1 M euros/month on wages. Still, I can't increase the maximum wage for a scout over ~7K/month or a coach higher than ~10-11K. Everytime I ask the board to increase the maximum wages for a staff role, I get the answer that we're already spending enough on staff
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