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  2. I've noticed that when using IR my assistant manager makes 3 subs at half time. Is there a way to tell him to wait until the 60th minute at least? Mostly he does it when players are playing outside their positions, but my idea is to re-train them
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  4. I had real name mod installed, I thought that was the cause, but even after I uninstall the whole game and all remove of its files(1.game location, 2. document 3. C-disk user) , and reinstall the game and check again, but it still didn't show any rival. It happens in Epic FM21 and FM21 touch, also in steam FM21 demo. I tried 2 computers both the same issue.
  5. I have a quick question for anyone using this mod. I don't recall it ever happening to me before in vanilla, but it's happened to me a couple of times since I started using this mod. It may just be a coincidence, or I may not be remembering correctly. Anyway, my preseason goal was to finish in the championship group (top 6) in Denmark. I finished 2nd. I was actually 1st going into the last stage, but had a bunch of injuries and got on a bad run of form. But I still finished 2nd...yet the board tells me I've failed and they are disappointed in my performance. Has anyone else had this
  6. Player fitness just became an absolute joke as the entire team was incredibly tired through this tournament, and even still we nearly managed to hold on to a 1-0 lead over Man City, only to concede in minutes 90 and 94. Not a classic performance.
  7. Curious if something like this would work in the current game, I always think back to the original post when thinking about trying a 4231
  8. Onwards and upwards Scotland. Now let's all become German next Tuesday.
  9. 169 total then. Forgot my 4 point hit.
  10. This one paid off - at the sacrifice of 1 Determination (his development has been terrible anyway so it won't be missed) - Filippo Favero changed the part of his personality that shows through as media handling style from 'Outspoken' to a far more palatable 'Media-friendly' in almost exactly 2 months.
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  12. I've thought about this. I'm not sure that he's a Sugar-Daddy exactly, (but then again I've never had one so I wouldn't know), but he's certainly generous with his investment.
  13. Everything is relative. I already had 2 big useless blokes attacking the posts so I want something different. I use my strikers because they are generally the best finishers. From time to time I have had a DLP with great technique and very good long shots and in that situation he would make a good lurker, (although I still like the player in that position to advance with the ball). They don't have to be your strikers, but I want to offer a clinical threat rather than a brute force threat, so in my squad that means my 2 strikers. Something I also think about is what happens when and
  14. Also separate post: Must be nice to have Sugar Daddy! I'm Jealous..... My team can't even pay the staff let alone the players....with the turnover!
  15. I appreciate your thinking and opinion. I will reflect on it with my own teams. Also I don't have a 17 Long throw....but if I ever have the chance again..... What are the characteristics of the GF players....I watch a lot of soccer but don't understand the intricacies, so all of this is helpful. (I became a fan and FM player later in life FM14, but I treat it more like a strategy game)
  16. Denmark Italy Netherlands Belgium Spain France England Sweden
  17. After the group stage, our leader @HOORAY HENRIK is now 11 points clear. The chase is on.
  18. Hello, Is there a way to disable the option of the CPU managers being fired, unless being relegated using the In-Game editor or the pregame editor? If so, what are the instructions to do so? Thanks in advance
  19. The truth is that there isn't a simple answer to this one. They all play a part; but my thinking here is that we have to win the ball before the game decides whether it ends up with a shot on target or not. Heading doesn't determine if the player wins the header, so at this stage it's out of my thinking, (or at least moved to the back of my mind). Then it gets a little harder. You have strikers who are likely to have good off the ball scores allowing them to lose their markers, but the players with the best jumping and strength attributes are generally going to be your centre-backs so yo
  20. Totally agree. I've said after their first game that there's no way Germany are going to keep a clean sheet in this tournament, so sitting back and hitting them on the counter or from set pieces (which they've been defending really poorly so far) is the way to beat them. If Hungary can put two past them, heck, if Adam "one-goal-all-season" Szalai can score against them, then England will, too.
  21. Season 2021/22 After a belated start to our campaign, we finally got underway. Assessing the limited options on hand, we alternated between a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-1-2-3 for most of the campaign, mainly settling on the former. To say it was a mixed affair would be an understatement, hovering closer to the relegation spots than was comfortable early on before settling in to a lower table placing. The one bright spot of the opening season was our unexpected progress to the 3rd Round of the FA Cup, but sadly for our finances, our only reward was a home tie against West Ham who made short work of u
  22. NK TOŠK Tešanj, Bosnia. Apr 2024. M:tel Premijer Liga. We might be unbeaten this month, but it's not enough. The equaliser that we conceded to Široki Brijeg broke our hearts and spirit. It was the 95th minute and we deserved to win and had we done would have resulted in a 4 point swing, (which is what the difference is now), and the only reason we drew to Tuzla is as a result of the previous draw. I'm sure of that. We have 4 games left and 3 of them are against decent opposition. I think there is next to no chance of us winning all 4 and that's what is needed if we are to have any chance
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