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  2. I'm not sure where to post this, but... I tried to change Nation Rules and got to the point when the Editor validated my database. Unfortunately, when I select the database, the changes aren't in the game. Is there anything else I have to do before using the database?
  3. Well it would entice people to play the game, because reviews would be good.
  4. I will need to go back and look- I will let you know
  5. Shameless copying from @_Ben_. I will be looking to manage teams in/around Essex and bring up the level of football across the county. There are only 2 League Clubs in Essex (Soon to be one after this season though) but there are a number of teams in the Non-League and just below. For this purpose I have loaded the Isthmian League using the download created by @BoyInGreen in the Editor Forum. I won't be making any hard and fast rules but I will looking, eventually, to have players from the academy playing and players from Essex. I will look to prioritise choosing other Essex teams for transfer
  6. Relieved to confirm top spot in the group after falling behind to a sloppy goal. Kilmarnock won their last game 3-0 so a defeat would have seen us eliminated.
  7. 43? Yes, you can make a cup with that number: 1st round: Enter 22 teams, 11 winners 2nd round: 11 teams from previous round, 5 new teams, 3rd round: 8 teams from previous round, 8 new teams, 4th round: 8 teams from previous round, 8 new teams, 5th round: 8 teams from previous round, 6th round: 4 teams from previous round, 7th round: 2 teams from previous round, (winner)
  8. I've lost count of the amount of times I've read through this thread. On my latest read through, one thing that interested me was the '10 year reflection' post. You mention a few things about how you'd alter the individual training to further develop specific attributes e.g. finishing. You also mention potentially using more fitness training (combined with individually training roles such as defensive forward and defensive winger) to help with developing attributes for pressing. Other than that, did your team training generally stay fairly similar the second time around i.e. heavy tactica
  9. Hey, people, just noticed, is match preview gone? With the weather, attendance etc. Can't find it anywhere
  10. I prefer avoiding amateur status for the reason you mention. The central question is how many intra-season transfers there are normally. If the Belgian lower leagues usually see a lot of activity then it may be as intended(and you can steal other players yourself) but if it's normal that players stay full seasons then you're better off suffering through financial problems. Btw, my experience has been that the game adjusts finances after a while for AI teams. For yourself you just have to be realistic about what kind of squad you can have. Maybe you'll have to accept that
  11. Not an issue with FMT. Even without using Instant Result you can get through seasons so, so much faster. With Instant Result a season can be done in a matter of hours. That's what I usually do to fast forward through the first 10+ seasons or so to get to the stage where you have maybe a 50:50 split of newgens and original players. Prefer doing that to holidaying as you retain more control.
  12. I had one player be unhappy with a teamtalk at the start of the season, since then, whenever one player decides he's over it, another immediately complains about team talks (even if the game was a week ago). My latest one was Carroll deciding he was happy and longstaff announcing hes upset with them (24th of Feb) depite the prior game being 20th and everyone being happy with it. Carroll hasnt even played when he said he was unhappy... Uploaded save file as Jops.fm to Sicloud
  13. Widgets are gone, but most of the info can still be reached with a single click. All the useful things for your own players (body language, rating, goals, condition) are always on the screen at the bottom. They are not encoded by numbers but by symbols, which is a little jarring to begin, but you quickly get used to understanding at a glance what this info tells you. And it is significantly less intrusive than the widgets. IT does take getting used to, and people do resist change, but this is a good one. The rest of the things you can access with a single click. Well, most of the things.
  14. Really enjoying this so far. No idea how i have won any games with this team of only 13 players in the squad.
  15. This is the thing... Back in the late 90's early 2000's I would get through 20 plus seasons... Now the most I have managed in the last ten years is 3 seasons... I just find everything so laborious
  16. June 2027: Professional We have no choice but to get promoted now. The wage increases that this will incur will mean too long at this level is unsustainable.
  17. January/February 2021 We lost our first match of the season... But, we still managed to keep the gap to the second place!
  18. I'll be straight back to FMT when it's out. Looking at the Beta and full release in the full version have confirmed to me that this is probably the FM to get me back into the series properly for the first time since about FM14. However, I am reminded how looooong it takes to do stuff in the main game so I'll happily revert back to the dumbed-down baby version () of FM on the 1st December.
  19. Ah I see--I hadn't even thought that you could assign more than one nation/region. Thanks guys
  20. So this could be promising, but I was hoping that we would be getting full backs, which I was looking for. Given how many areas seem to be weak, perhaps the full backs aren't a bad area? Who knows.
  21. I played Touch when it was new and classic. And I never really saw the point of it from my perspective. I really do not mind going slowly through a season. I only just finished by first season from the save I started from Beta release. And I am totally okay with that. I understand the opposite point of view, so this is not a criticism of those who like to go through faster. The main reason I do not use it is because you simply lose too much. Yes, it is quicker, but the things that are cut out add to the game and make it more immersive. It just cuts too much of the game out for my tastes.
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