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  1. @TerminalPortugal Congrats!! That was a bit unexpected wasn't it; I checked this forum for the first time in a few days and you've jumped from season after season in midtable to two league titles and a CL win - super stuff! Sounds like you finally managed to hang onto a few of the promising players, and get one over the teams that have been buying them off you )))
  2. @scarp congrats, completing this with Brora is no mean feat for sure! Nerves of steel there in the final ))) Wonder what you were thinking when Real scored that 94th minute equaliser... Probably something unprintable
  3. Sounds like a good podcast, might make me finally subscribe to The Athletic ))) Might give it a go then, there's currently a HOYD with a 5-3-2 preferred formation going spare
  4. Does anyone know if the HOYD preferred formation affects the distribution of positions in the intake? I'd like to get some defenders in so thinking about hiring a HOYD who prefers a back 3 or back 5 formation, but not sure this would make much difference (I remember in the past there was a forum post somewhere arguing that the preferred formation does not matter)
  5. Cultural Durango – Season 6 (2026/27) The club turned professional after the promotion, so I spent the summer offering everyone new contracts and trying to keep us under the £7k per week wage budget. The quality of the teams in this division didn’t seem that much higher than in the one below, so I was hopeful of us being able to stay up without too much trouble. Primera Division RFEF Grupo I The early season form justified my hopes as we were solidly mid-table and playing well in most games. But then our form really started to click and we went on a pretty crazy 16 game unbeaten run
  6. @libbyshuss congrats!! great to see you complete, from your updates it felt like you were getting closer and closer for a while now ))
  7. Cultural Durango – Season 5 (2025/26) Segunda Division B Grupo II We started the year with three 4 star attackers who are rated as good players for this division and four 2 star defenders who are not very good at all. This set the tone for a very exciting season, where we scored a lot, conceded quite a few, and mounted a number of comebacks thanks to our high (fine-induced) squad determination. We were bouncing around close to the playoff spots, but this season we actually seemed able to beat the top teams. The crucial game was away to last season’s champions Cornelia, with us going 1-0 d
  8. By the way, does anyone have any tips for managing a B club in Spain, in particular with regards to staff / training? I got a B team now but no coach wants to join or manage them, so I think my B team players are basically training without any coaches which is not ideal (not that my A team coaches are that good mind)
  9. Cultural Durango – Season 4 (2024/25) Segunda Division B Grupo II A season similar to the last one; we started well but then tailed off and spent most of the year in mid-table. A late surge during the run-in had us get tantalisingly close to the playoffs, but we drew and lost the two crucial games against playoff rivals Badalona and Llagostera which saw us finish 5th, 1 point less than last season and 2 points outside of the playoff spots. Players: He is not rated as our best player but Syndou Diomande 02a is definitely the man - he is pretty much the only player at the club who
  10. @Padders good to have you back; think I admire the perseverance of posting a write-up of each of the 50 seasons as much as that of completing the 50! Any sneak preview of where you are in year 2071?
  11. Jesus christ! Think I never got anywhere near that much in all my times of playing this challenge, or even had a former player sold for that much on FM. I'm guessing you don't need the money though since you've been in Serie A for a while?
  12. Cultural Durango – Season 3 (2023/22) Segunda Division B Grupo II Well, what a difference a good striker makes! We ended last season in relegation form but started this one brilliantly, with Syndou Diomande 02a scoring goals at about twice the rate of our old strikers. Even after the first few months, our form continued to be good and we kept bouncing around just outside the playoffs. With the season drawing to a close, we had a chance to enter the playoff spots but lost 2-0 at home to 3rd placed Amorebieta to leave them 5 points ahead of us with a game in hand. I thought we blew it but a
  13. Cultural Durango – Season 2 (2022/23) Segunda Division B Grupo II Damn, that was one tough season. We lost three of our four best players on a free over the summer, but somehow our great spring form still had me expecting at least a top half finish. True to that, we started great and went as high as 3rd in October. But then we went on a terrible run which saw 5 defeats and 2 draws in 7, and soon were all the way down in the relegation zone. The rest of the season was spent bobbling about just above the relegation places, until we faced fellow strugglers Haro and Terrassa in two of th
  14. Was horrible to see, thankfully looks like he's going to pull through, touch wood
  15. Cultural Durango – Season 1 (2021/22) Segunda Division B Grupo II Early on in the season, I didn’t think we were gonna make it through: too few players, too many playing out of position, some positions like right wing were not covered at all, and any injury would immediately send us into turmoil with me having to play a reserve keeper in the attacking midfield in one game :o True to form, we started terribly and were rock bottom with 1 point after 7 games. But then we played some teams around us and managed to pick up some draws and wins - the bottom teams were so poor all season tha
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