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  1. I had this last summer (in-game summer, not actual one!) when I tried to add the Scottish league, it just didn't get added. However I managed to add the Dutch one after that without problems. So it could either be random or restricted to certain leagues, hopefully not the latter. Have you tried saving a day or two before the league is due to be added and then reloading a few times to see if it works?
  2. Season 18 (2037/38) - RB Leipzig German Cup pursuit I managed to upgrade the squad quite a bit over the summer, with one of my former Brazil stars William joining us in goal and a great left back I scouted all the way back for Fiorentina but who chose Atletico over us - Aleksandar Atanaskovic - joining us from Liverpool after for some reason being transfer listed. Another long-term target I finally managed to buy was another Brazilian Naldinho, an attacking midfielder who I wanted to get both for Fiorentina and Nantes but couldn’t afford to due to their foreign player limits. Th
  3. Season 17 (2036/37) - RB Leipzig I was somewhat lucky with the RB Leipzig job coming up as soon as I quit Rostov, and after winning the Copa with Brazil I could fully concentrate on the remaining club trophies. The squad was a bit of a mess, they had way too many players, maybe something happened to the II team and they all got integrated into the first team squad or something like that. So I spent the summer trying to get rid of close to 30 players, and got a bit carried away with new signings as usual, spending north of £200m throughout the season, albeit much of that was recouped throu
  4. Just caught up with this - what a thread, and what an achievement with Vaduz! Looking forward to the next chapter of the Fools and Horses saga ))) By the way, I hope you try out Croatia at some point - apparently Fools & Horses is absolutely massive over there (and in the Balkans more generally I think), so Rodney would get a proper hero's welcome!
  5. @vikeologist thanks! Yes, I was definitely not expecting to be done with the international side so soon. Guess not having to win the confed cup helps, but still, the international side of the game is so random I'm very relieved to get it out of the way. Think getting both the France and Brazil jobs helped, as these seem to be the best two sides in the world over the past 10 seasons or so - but even with them I had some dodgy moments... Think I'll probably stick to England and Germany for the cups, nice not to jump ship too often (took me forever to clear out the Leipzig squad over the summer..
  6. 2036 Copa America - Brazil This is my first tournament with Brazil, but will it also be my last? I hope that it is for the right reason - that if I win the Copa, the international side of the challenge is done. On the other hand, there are also plenty of opportunities to mess things up and end with a sack. But my Brazil side are ridiculously strong, so I’m cautiously expecting to lift the trophy, even though Colombia and Argentina should provide stiff opposition. We start things off with a group containing Colombia, Japan and Uruguay among others. Group Stage Quarter Final (if
  7. @berrers That is some tough luck right there, part of what this challenge is about but it's super annoying to get those results - hope your luck turns soon! @The RegistaCongrats on ticking off the two big international trophies, the Gold Cup will be a walk in the park for you since Spain are not in it )))
  8. Season 16 (2035/36) - Rostov After I quit Nantes, the Russian league was the only one with jobs available, with the CSKA Moscow and Rostov posts both vacant. I fancied taking over another underdog / sleeping giant so went for Rostov instead of CSKA. They finished 4th the season before and 10th this year which led to their old manager getting the sack. I thought I could quickly improve an underperforming team, but it turned out that they really just over performed last season and the quality of the side was very much Russian mid-table, quite a step down from the Champions League winners Na
  9. @Siepe1990 Congrats on completing! Although now you have to find something other than this challenge to keep yourself entertained on the weekend ))))
  10. Yeah makes sense; true you do seem to have a knack for those continental competitions! I would recommend managing in the ACON at some point, just for the sheer craziness of the experience )))
  11. Season 15 (2034/35) - Nantes League Another year, another trophy ticked off the list. I started off with a massive spending and selling spree in the summer - my scouts just kept finding these wonderkids and elite players who could be gotten for reasonable price, so fair to say I got a little bit carried away: ))) In real life, having such a hodge-podge of new teammates would have been a sure way to disaster, but luckily FM is not real life and they gelled reasonably quickly to produce a great string of results in the autumn and early winter. We lost our first game away to Mars
  12. @goonergez congrats on ticking off North America! Always a bit of a "lottery continent" with all those cup competitions... And you prevailed despite the MLS rules )) Are you tempted to get an international job at all? In my experience, those international tournaments are a bit random and infrequent so it's good to have time go give them a few goes
  13. @Siepe1990 Thanks - yeah I'm definitely doing well in this challenge, think having attempted this a few times before also means you know how to engineer a fast start by starting in Africa etc. That being said, I really don't think completing this challenge the fastest way is necessarilly the best way of going about it - building clubs up, spending some time in the beginning in lower leagues and tasting success after some failures is the more fun way to do it I reckon. I was kind-of planning to do that and not focus on winning, but now I'm getting close to completion I'm just inclined to go for
  14. 2034 World Cup - France At the last World Cup, my Mexico team lost to France in the third round. This time, I am managing France. Even though Mbappe has just retired, the team is very strong - we’ve won the Euros and the last two Nations Leagues, and are ranked first in the world. There’s also plenty of depth in all positions bar left back. But this 100-team World Cup format feels like a bit of a lottery and I still have some painful memories from losing three WC finals in a row during my last attempt at this challenge, so I kind-of get this feeling that we are set up for a late knockout-
  15. Season 14 (2033/34) - FC Nantes After winning the CWC with Barcelona, I quit and waited for the right job to come along. I kind-of wanted to go to a not-too-big club to have a chance to build the squad a bit and not just win everything easily, especially since I still need some international tournaments and have won all the necessary club continental trophies already. So I was happy when the job at tycoon-backed Nantes came along, and I got it. Unfortunately they went on a bit of an ill-advised spending spree in the summer so I only had £9m left in the bank. The squad was decent but
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