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  1. DANNY1000000

    Turn off Highlight Key Attributes

    Cheers for the update, I hadly played FM16 and not even played a match in FM17. This issue just annoys me when looking at players so I turn it off, I know its extreme but surely a setting to turn it off isnt too hard when you can (in my opinion) pointlessly change all the colours of attributes.
  2. Is it possible to turn off "Highlight key attributes" in player profiles permanently? Annoys the hell out of me.
  3. Had my thread closed about loan fees http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/405553-Loan-fees, had the same issue in fm2014
  4. DANNY1000000

    Loan fees

    I have never had more than £200k. AI want loads for the likes of januzaj
  5. I'd like to see an "Is At Most" filter for these. Would help with removing them from shortlists.
  6. DANNY1000000

    Loan fees

    Why is it that you can only receive £200k p/m for loan fees?
  7. DANNY1000000

    FM15 Sidebar

    I don't like the default skin either, its too dark imo
  8. DANNY1000000

    FM15: Good Defenders

    He wouldn't be much good without them.
  9. Game crashes when I go to the game and I had to holiday past the first west brom away game in the cup
  10. DANNY1000000

    Game crashes on quit

    Nearly every time when I quit and save the game crashes but appears to have saved and quit! Past couple of time I have been unable to reload my saved game as it is corrupt. Also when start steam and attempt to run FM my computer goes dog slow. This has just started happening in the past couple of weeks.
  11. DANNY1000000

    Rebounds off the bar

    Most of the posts I have seen from you are condescending.
  12. DANNY1000000

    Rebounds off the bar

    Do you just troll through peoples posts to slate them?
  13. DANNY1000000

    Loans Fees

    Anyone know?
  14. And I mean the blatant awful ones when they can easily cut the ball back or cross it