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  1. Thanks very much Ben, silly how I didn’t realise!
  2. On my save there isn’t the option to have a segundo volante when choosing player roles. No idea if this helps, but it does show up on a player profile when looking at the positions they are familiar with.
  3. I don’t know if this is a limitation of Stadia (hopefully someone at SI could confirm if so) but the graphics during matches aren’t as good as those I’ve seen on other player’s PCs/laptops (I do appreciate some people have amazing set ups, but Stadia can play graphic heavy games flawlessly, so thought it would handle match graphics easily). Otherwise the game runs very well, no lag, very rare fuzziness/blurring (when my internet is struggling) and is very speedy. It’s just the graphics are poor and a bit juddery. I play matches in 2D view but have replays in Director mode. I’ve the Stadia app set to max performance. I’m not sure if my MacBook supports 1080p but the graphics (in my head) should still be better regardless. Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks Edit: title and added some additional context around videos seen
  4. On Stadia search doesn’t work when using my laptop keyboard from the news page. If I click on a player or club I can then type in the search bar. No idea if I need to start a new post like this to report something - but can’t find a thread or forum for bugs. Thanks for your help
  5. Great idea. Would really help when narrowing down targets too as you could lock finishing at a certain level and then tweak the others to find your match.
  6. Like this idea. If I’ve had a break between sessions I’ll have forgotten and will end up playing them still. even without a break I forget - so would be a great feature
  7. I’ve just found a “fix” for this btw. Go Transfers, Director of football, Transfer Targets. One of them on there will be your top target, you can then remove them as such. It’s been bugging me for 2 seasons so I’m relieved lol
  8. My idea is that you add a second device to your game, such as an iPad or iPhone. This second device then acts as a second screen for certain scenarios. In particular; during a match an iPad could show your tactics screen. Allowing you to make tactical changes, substitutions etc as the game plays out. This then opens up more options. For instance you could go split screen on the iPad and have stats one side and player form/fatigue on the other. Or maybe keep track of other games and the league table - all without cluttering up your pitch view. Plenty of extra ideas to add to this I'm sure so would be great to hear what you all think.
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