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  1. Gonna throw my hat into this again going with the mighty South Shields!!! UP THE SHIELDS!
  2. Managed to survive my first season up now its to for progress
  3. another season done and PROMOTION PARTY IN MERTHYR!!!!!!
  4. Finished another season and then forgot to post it here :P but here is the pic of last s eason im about 3 months into the next season :P Anyways it was a really bad season struggled big time but managed to keep Merthyr up and got a new contract with them
  5. Well thats season 1 done with Merthyr Town. Not a bad season was close to the last playoff spot till the last 5 or 6 games where we fell apart no special signings or anything or I'd show you that gonna rebuild most the team but on to next SEASON! Also was able to get my National C licences and currently working on my B!!!!
  6. Well I'm gonna put my hat into the ring started with Merthyr Town Wish me luck
  7. I run Windows Defender and Malwarebytes thats it and the only time I run my scans are at like 4 am when im asleep
  8. So all of my players Career Histories are randomly missing!!!!! Pic below to show what i mean.
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