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  2. Hi ! thanks to my work (I am a sports teacher in Marseille), I was able to collect informations about young OM players, when I gave them their exams : - Samuel RENEL is AMC or MC and he's 1m80 tall, right foot. - Henri BONET is DM or MC, 1m70, right foot, born in Marseille. - Mehdi BAALOUDJ is STC or AML, 1m83, right foot, born in Paris, of Algerian origin and came from CS Sedan. - Sacha GUILHEN is AMR or RM, 1m78, right foot, born in Sète and came from SC Bastia. - Romain SAEZ is DC or DR, 1m79, right foot, born in Dechy (59) and came from Istres. - Joakim KADA is DC, 1m88, right foot, born in Arles and came from AC Arles. in the hope that it will be useful...
  3. July 2020 Brought in a left winger to rotate with Jez Andrews and now my squad is complete. He arrives on a loan from Ipswich and we don't pay any wages to him which is nice. Here are all my dealings. What isn't showing is the mass of players who left on a free, the most notable being Kieran Murtagh, D. Stephens, Tom Walker and Denilson Carvalho. Denilson, an Arsenal academy graduate, I wanted to keep but he had been unhappy for a year and wanted to play higher up the divisions. He's been out of contract for a month now and still without a team - if that's still the case around Christmas time maybe we'll see if he wants to take up negotiations again. This below is my preferred (not strongest though, a little emphasis on BW/Arsenal players ahead of others (only Wassi in the starting XI who doesn't fall into that category)) starting eleven and my preferred bench. I have some concern about the age of my squad, the average age of these first eleven is only 19.3 years! They'll have to be quick learners and show some maturity in the meantime. Tomorrow (August 1st) is the first game of the season at home against Blackpool. Let's go!
  4. Did you get this going? I am considering them myself, but I am having a hard time not envying Benfice and their wonderkids, and I am quite torn between the two clubs.
  5. Great insight, thanks for that! I might, but I don’t have suitable players. This one, however, is perfect for that - regarding the tier, of course. OK, why: - DLF(a) - IW(s) - Wb(d) - the tight marking?
  6. double congratulations there then @Crispypaul... Can be difficult making time to play the game at times with young children,
  7. If you have north and south divisions already created either you set teams for these division (based on north/south location) or set individually preferred north/south division in club->competition menu.
  8. I'll add the following, written by SI themselves as a result of developing the new training model and following research with real life clubs (it's also pinned to the top of the Tactics & Training forum): Individual Training Individual training has moved in a more realistic direction. Complimentary attributes are now grouped together, where it would be impossible to train one without influencing the other. Some attributes are no longer available under individual training. This is because it is not realistic to be able to train these on a one-on-one basis. They are included in the team and unit training sessions however. Goalkeepers have no Individual > Additional Focus. Instead they have their own bespoke training sessions available in the schedule. Explanation on some of the attributes that are no longer available for individual training: Crossing - this is more dead-ball crossing, so Free Kicks and Corners. Open-play crossing is prevalent in quite a few of the team/unit training sessions. Dribbling - dribbling around cones in isolation isn't reflective of actual in-match dribbling and not something that is done in reality to improve dribbling. Tackling - this isn't the lack of another player to tackle but rather that tackling is something of an innate ability and not a skill that is directly improved with individual work. It is more a player's positioning, marking, decision making etc. that is worked on and improved one-on-one. Bearing in mind this was developed following research with clubs in order to be more realistic, if anyone disagrees with that realism and can follow that up with first hand experience, you're best off raising it in the Training and Medical Centre forum.
  9. Nice one! You must've been buzzing off of a late league win like that!
  10. Closing this, because OP has had several threads on this already.
  11. Das kann natürlich verschiedene Gründe haben. I denke aber es ist schlicht so, dass das Netzwerkmodul vor 20 Jahren noch ganz anders programmiert war und es auf neuen Geräten nicht mehr läuft.
  12. Care to add anything more than that?
  13. My previous Sunderland save. In season 1 I stumbled on a newgen GK who my scouts rated as being League 1 standard already at only 16 years of age and with potential to improve massively. I snapped him up, threw him straight in to the first team and he did the job brilliantly. Two years and two promotions later we were in the Premiership and he was still my first choice, he kept on improving and my coaches opinion on his potential kept on improving. At this point he was rated as being a decent premiership player and with potential to improve much further. The thing is that by this point he was starting to attract attention from a host of big clubs and he was getting a bit unhappy with staying at the club. However when we were in the Championship I signed him to a 4 year contract and so whether he liked it or not he was staying until a club met his £80m release clause! The problem that I was of course going to run in to was that if nobody met it then he wasn't likely to sign a new contract and I would lose him on a free but I decided to take that gamble. I figured that if we did well then we could push up the league far enough that when he was in his final year he would be happy to sign a new contract, and we did really damn well. Survived comfortably in year 1, mid-table in year 2 and in year 3, the final year of his contract, we were pushing for a Champions League spot and I was planning to start contract negotiations when he had about 7 months left on his contract, leave him as much time as possible to see that the club could match his ambition but sign him up again before any other club could make a move and offer him a contract. Now for the screw up... When January rolled around I was pretty much just skipping through between games, I wanted to finish the season and was holidaying between matches. One day I arrive back for a match and when skipping through the news saw that Arsenal had a bid accepted for him and he'd agreed to join them. As his contract was near an end his value was plummeting and my assistant had accepted an offer of £7m! A player who had previously been valued at around £35m, with a release clause of £80m and who was the best player in my team by a country mile sold for £7m. I rage quit the save and started a new game. Two things that make it even worse. 1) After I quit that save I went and loaded a slightly earlier save from a few weeks before, and found out that at that point he was happy to sign a new contract so I could have easily wrapped him up with a new deal. 2) I checked his PA. It was 184. So I lost a keeper who had the potential to be one of the best in the world for bloody £7m.
  14. I've found lowering my macbook's resolution has helped HUGELY - not perfect but it works as a short-term fix
  15. Interesting topic and one that has me stumped. Having grown up through so many managerial masterclasses I can find admiration through most ranging from Mourinho to Keegan tbh. If I had to pick a few it'd be a quad-brid (ah new word) between Mourinho, Benitez, Klopp and Guardiola. I think they've had the most influence on myself tactically. No matter what club I am at I can draw inspiration from those managers.
  16. Saudi Persistence After bids from Al-Hilal and Al-Nassr made big bids for Haynes and Pesir, they changed player once again as Al-Hilal stuck in a bid for Karikari. Of course I'm going to reject it, he's worth more than the money being offered to me in terms of his nationality (Ghanaian) and position he plays (DM). Ultimately if he, Haynes and Pesir want more money, that's not a problem as I can offer them up to just over £40k per week if I need to.
  17. Hi there! First of all, I love the skin. I was wondering if there's some way to display the flags only in certain places like player nationality (every place that displays the player's nationality), nation information (but not in places like next match or fixtures), etc. I want the other places to have the FA logo which I have from a logopack. Also weirdly the Netherlands and Gibraltar have a logo instead of a flag in some places and I can't seem to change that.
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  19. 2026/27 End of Season Review Only two other teams finished with a positive goal difference, and it was only with +1 & +2 GD! Overall Best XI 2026/27 Best XI Farouk Origi (YP2a) Hugo Ndikumana - Mark Odula (YP7b) - Bineyam Bertrand (YP6n) - Emmanuel Mbakiyé (YP3e) Khalid Nouruddin Ndayisenga (Y Cécé Nkurunziza (YP6a) - Israel Ayele (YP2p) Ashenafi Aubert (YP8c) Bernard M'Banza (YP8a) Abdulkadir Ahmed Onyango (YP5a)
  20. How do you justify many of the other individual training focuses if that's the case?
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