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  2. Only City can catch us ,we need 3 points in 3 games for the title
  3. Incredible Jim, this entire thread is just incredible. Very well played sir and KUTGW.
  4. Generally, when a player is performing an undesired move repeatedly it usually has very little to do with the player in question but more what the players around them are doing. The screenshot you posted doesn't really help diagnose the problem as there is no context, a .pkm of the match would be more helpful. You also need to keep in mind that Inside Forwards naturally start out wide and on more aggressive mentalities will position themselves even wider when your team has possession. Therefore if they receive the ball and there is no space for them to cut inside they are likely to revert to crossing the ball. In order to arrive at the situation where they cut inside more and cross the ball less, you need players around them making distracting runs which pulls defenders wider and opens up the channels. In a 4-3-3 the players you need to do this are the fullbacks NOT the lone striker whose job is to create depth, not width when you expect your main goalscorer to be a False 10. In all the tactics you have posted you've got no attack duty fullbacks attempting to get forward and create width which could be contributing to the problem. I don't know whether you watched the Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur CL Quarter Final 2nd leg but I think it would be useful for you to compare the way you've set up your wide partnerships to the way that Man City set up theirs. The key here is creating and utilizing space effectively by having players perform off the ball movements which create space for the player on the ball. As it stands your players aren't doing that and instead all want to occupy the same space which can lead to overloads which can be useful in the right circumstances but you can have too much of a good thing. The DLF, both IFs, and Mezzala all want to move into the channels which is way too much from my perspective and has completely unbalanced the tactic in my view. Hopefully, I've been of help All the best
  5. Well, Burnley playes a rather typical 4-4-2 low block and is the first thing that comes to mind for me. Just look at how they nullified Chelsea in the 2nd half yesterday...
  6. Apart from the fact I don't follow rule books, check the PIs as IWBs are not the same as WBs
  7. This is best but Dan didnt complete,,,there is lvl. 11 ,Dan 22
  8. I think there is a difference between playing "intuitively" and "min/maxing". You mention hidden attributes, that's an example of min/maxing. Those attributes are hidden for a reason, they should be intuitively brought to the the fore throughout the game (if you've suggestions on how to improve on that please do shout) but you're not actually meant to be become aware of the precise numbers at any point. In reality you can only judge a player's personality by their actions, the intention is to tread a line between simulating that and creating a system that works in a (simulation) game. Of course under the hood there needs to be some rules and if you wish to look-up/work those out then absolutely fair enough but this is not intended to be necessary for a good relationship with the gameworld. Speaking specifically about Training it was designed in such a way that approaching it logically as a football fan should yield a positive response. Even leaving it to your Assistant will not negatively affect your game. However, if you wish to squeeze every drop out of it then the ability to do so is there. For example, no default schedule includes a Match Review session. If you want a little extra in this area then simply add one to your schedule as desired. As the person who designed the system however I do not believe you need to be inside my head to do that, everything that the Match Review session does is stated on the in-game card itself, as with every session and its effects there's nothing hidden. I do not believe there is a "perfect" schedule out there for you to download and for me this is a great thing. The intention was not to create a win/lose scenario but rather a system that allows you to deal with the same "questions" (matches, injuries, development) in a variety of differing ways, all of which, if logically applied, will have different but not necessarily "better" or "worse" outcomes. The inspiration and intention for the new training module is to allow you the stage to act as a real manager would (without the coaching qualifications) on the training pitch. FM is intended as a simulation of the living, breathing football world. Bringing that to life in a sophisticated but intuitive way is always going to be a complicated task but our goal is to nail that. As ever, if you have suggestions on how better to marry the reality of football with the functionality of a simulated game then please do head over to our Feature Request area, tag me if you'd like, the more specific the better
  9. I was messing around with the editor however I messed something up with it as I cannot load England now as it says there’s not enough teams in certain leagues, I tried adding them back and I thought I did but it still won’t work, anyone know how to help?
  10. https://community.sigames.com/topic/473790-creating-tactics-the-book-of-roles/ Knap this post by Rashidi says that if you play an IWB with no player in the AML/R or ML/R positions then the IWB functions as a wing back. I have tested this by moving the players back from AF to AML/R. How come you have chosen IWB for the tactic if they act as WB?
  11. This makes sense. With my example, Fabregas, he actually did move further back down the pitch as he aged and his mobility decreased.
  12. Forgot to mention that this is in fm17 so tercera division is not on the database, i was reading somewhere that if the team is 2 or more divisions below the lowest playable league they can't get up...like say seeing a 8th tier team in england reaching conference
  13. Just delegate to the AssMan... Training is, simply put, not worth your time or effort. Mentoring can be worth it but it's a longer-term progress so it's hard to tell if it works or not. Frankly I've got enough success with "the general traits of the team have had a positive impact on the player" kind of automatic mentoring. I'd focus more on the tactical aspect of FM, as it's the only part that has a noticeable impact on your performances. And it requires a lot of dedication to get it right anyway, so you'd be better off delegating most of the "extreme realism" bits and pieces
  14. No problem I will take some videos when I get home from work but in the meantime I know that my MacBook is a 2017 15 Inch model with i7-7700HQ 2.8ghz processor with the AMD Radeon 560 4gb gpu
  15. Generally I would say yes. The DLP needs to find space to receive the pass and then pick out a teammate but he will generally be doing so in a less crowded area than the AP. AP's tend to need to be more mobile because they pick up the ball as the opposition are frantically getting back into their defensive shape. An immobile AP is probably not actually an AP. I could foresee playing an immobile but excellent passer as a DLP as long as he had someone doing the running alongside him.
  16. Hi @Johng, Sorry to hear you are having issues. Can I confirm that the issue is for Football Manager Touch version of the game? Couple of questions if that's ok, just to eliminate simple issues; Are you ensuring when you upload the save the cloud you then quit the game and allow steam to sync in order for the game to be uploaded? When booting the game to load from the cloud, are you receiving a message to stay that your files have not be synced by Steam? I'm going to investigate today and see if we can find any issues. If the cloud continues not to work it may be preferable to use an alternate sharing drive, such as OneDrive for the time being. Thanks
  17. So the main difference, as far as you are concerned, is that an advanced playmaker is generally more mobile?
  18. Unfortunately I can confirm the issue is specifically related to the editor data and due to this we're unable to provide a fix. It looks like it's been caused by problems found via the MLS and the salary cap caused by changes made. We would suggest if you were to start a new save that by using the assorted files above you potentially could encounter the same problem. Apologies about that.
  19. I do understand that. I tried to adjust the transfer and wage budgets to test if anything happens because in my example, ManCity and Real Madrid didn´t buy players for 3 seasons ( i checked all the top clubs transfers at start and end of season). I was wondering why because they didn´t even had a full squad (15 players and around 10 greyed out). After adjusting both clubs budgets they started buying players again. So there is definitly something going on, i just don´t know what it is. Also what i have noticed, if i take over a club, they always have overdrawn wage budget. Maybe that´s related to the problem. PS: i also checked the budgets during the season with the editor, the budgets dind´t really change (ManCity had transfer around 500k-700k, Real Madrid around 1m-1.5m, same applies to wage budget)
  20. Not all DLP's need to be good defensively. JonJo Shelvey is a good DLP but isn't particularly good at screening or winning the ball. The differences are largely positional in that DLP's will operate in the space behind the midfield whereas AP's will generally operate in the space ahead of the midfield. AP's will generally, although not always, be operating in tighter spaces and so need good composure, first touch, agility, OTB for example. People may disagree but I tend to think of a DLP needing others to provide the movement and so needs lots of vision to spot their runs, whereas an AP needs good OTB in order to find pockets and then slip others in. DLP's are players like Michael Carrick and Jonjo Shelvey whereas APs are players like Christian Ericksen and David Silva. Edit: As long as the DLP has sufficient defensive support he can get away with focusing on playmaking.
  21. Today
  22. If you don't mind as we'd be interested to see. We're surprised that anyone would potentially be running worse via the public beta. Would also like to see your specific system specs, so from your 'about my Mac' - details here - https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201581 - could you please state your Mac model (so say Macbook Pro, Retina-15 Inch Late 2013), the processor and the graphics of your machine? All that info should be available like is shown via on the 'about my Mac' panel as linked above.
  23. Hi @tommi1980mi can you upload a save game from before a future transfer is supposed to go through?
  24. Hi there, could you post an image of the notification you receive when starting the Editor? Are both the game and the editor installed on the default install locations on your computer? Often issues with the Editor not starting are related to not being able to find the database (which is part of the main game files).
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