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  2. Its all lies, we are top of the league haha
  3. Keep getting mails about players in my shortlists. When i try to untick the options to follow shortlists, as in the picture, it doesnt work (nothing happens). I'm using a custom skin but the same happens with default skin:
  4. Hi ! As you can see on the two screenshot, I have a U19 squad ass manager named Régis Beunardeau. But in the coach responsibilities panel, he doesn't appear, Since that game was started with the beta version, I tried to run a game from scratch, and the same problem appears, not only for the U19 ass manager, but for the Reserve ass manager too. No problem for the 1st team ass manager. Btw, yes i'm using a darker skin, but I reverted to a standard skin, and the problem is still here.
  5. I'll post it here as well, as there was no reaction in the league issues(yes i know it's busy but perhaps now it will be looked at)Squad selection, for selecting the 18 players for match day it´s needed in the game to select 6 players that has a home grown status Belgium, but this not longer needed, you only need to select 8 players in squad registration of 25 in the beginning of the season. In the picture you can see an extract of the current belgian book of rules regarding squad selection and registration
  6. Hi - I have noticed that if the Steam Client is 'Online' then the in game editor works fine, however if I am 'offline' it is greyed out and not working. Playing on Windows 10.
  7. Is it only me or are the player rating stars a bit grainy/lowres on retina displays?
  8. This is an issue which is with our team and it is under review.
  9. I just played with lowest Irish team and won 4-2. No special tactics just a plain 4-4-2. So I’m wondering what the difference could be. Which team (or teams) have you tried?
  10. Completely prepatred to get shut down for this, but I can't help but feel Man U as a whole are massively overrated, in the Beta they came 2nd in the first season, and in my current save they are sitting 1st in the Prem having won all their games, I just think there must be something missing from their ratings or Solkjaer that sees this happening? Lets take some specific example... Rashford... 14 finishing. Generally throughout his career he's massively underperformed against his xG. What this seems to tell me, is his off the ball/ability to get in the right places is rig
  11. SSD would only affect Saving/Loading, so you shouldn't see much of a difference.
  12. FWIW I tested this a few times and when my PA was not detected it turned out it was just a few hundred ID's higher up. The config you provided goes to 2000096457 and my PA was found at 2000096647. IMO this is not that much of a pain given that it only needs to be figured out once at the beginning of a save.
  13. Agree, everything is as it should be yet we don't have the option of 75% as we did in FM20. Scouting wise with my custom view i can't see as many stats or players within the list.
  14. SEASON 2021/2022 TRANSFERS Prolific and experienced goalscorer Nils Petersen joins from Freiburg. He will give Daka some good competition. Sergio Gomez was my dream transfer as I plan him to replace Szoboszlai as our advanced playmaker, and we even got him on a free! Timo Horn is a massive transfer for a club like us but he was transfer listed and we snapped him up for cheap 7M. Aaron Hickey is an 18 year old scottish left back who I want to replace Ulmer with in the long term. Central Defender Zouma adds more depth and talent to our team, although he goes to Liefering fo
  15. Can you get a skin that shows the green circles for positioning and the names on it tried loading in some skins but not found one that shows green circles and names can not be bothered keeping having to go into the players on the new one its terrible and why has this been changed? This was last seasons and it was the same the year before but now its changed
  16. That's due to changed font. Nice catch, I will try to fix it. Didn't see it since all my players have one trait at best Sorry, I didn't figured it out yet myself. I will still looking. Possible, but only when I will have reference from other skin. Definitely won't be able to implement that from scratch.
  17. When a goal is scored I have not seen any information on assists. In FM20 credit for assists was always shown along with the goal scorer's name. Also, at the end of the game I have yet to see a Player of the Match indication. Has this been removed or are my players just not very good this season?
  18. I suspect the OP meant how long do SI have the licenses. Although we can play any version we own with the corresponding ME and UI, if licenses carry over for the years that SI had them there would be no reason why each iteration of the game shouldn't be able to load old databases. so you could play previous seasons with the current ME - obviously the further back you go, the more interesting that prospect becomes.
  19. Only just about to start long term career save in FM21 with Premier League team. Didnt try beta and unfamiliar with Brexit impact on 1/1/21. Was wondering if it was worth buying foreign wonderkids pre 1/1/21? better to go for EU wonderkids? Insight would be appreciated.
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