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  2. Your setup of roles and duties really looks very good for a possession-based, short-passing approach you want to implement Instructions also make sense, although I would not insist on the WBiB at all costs (or at least not all the time). Because there will be situations when such instruction is likely to overcomplicate your attacking play and thus potentially do more harm than good.
  3. Central play is definitely improved compared to FM 20. Maybe @XaW can bless you with one of his glorious GIFs. Anyway, there's a free Demo available, so you can see for yourself.
  4. Your setup of roles and duties looks okay(ish) overall, but is not optimally suited to a short-passing game. I also don't see any particular reason for the use of wide(r) attacking width, especially as a regular part of the tactic. Instead, attacking width is the type of instruction that should basically be used/tweaked on a situational basis. Being that much specific when it comes to keeper distribution is something I personally would look to avoid as well. In short, your tactic already looks pretty decent and therefore should not require too much tweaking.
  5. I am a big proponent of using an Advanced Playmaker (support) in place of the Deep Lying Playmaker in systems like this. The DLP is obviously very cautious/stable as a second holding midfielder, but I don't think the AP is excessively aggressive with the good structure all around him. He has a bit more license to move to hurt the opponent and combine with the front 3. The AP plays in the space between your opponent's defence and midfield, and the DLP plays in the space between your defence and midfield. IMO, you want more of the former from one of the two "8s" in a 4-3-3.
  6. hello guys i need help i am new with moding I want to play FM21 with "custom/created league(DB file )" when i start the game i cant select them because they are available for 21.3 version of FM,and my version is 21.4,so how can i update league versions to i can use them on 21.4 How to change league prize money for finishing 1,2,3,4... on custom created league? how to change or remove limit for foreign players?
  7. I attach my screenshot, you can see I do not lie, I am with Kisvarda. Despite of this, I still like this game, but usually never quit when my team runs good form because of this...
  8. I tried to approach to sign regens with no contract and even when they accept the offer and I have WAY more money than the compensation fee is, the board sends me a message saying that I don't have enough money to pay the transfer, so the transfer is postponed. PS: can't seem to attach the file, because it says it's too big.
  9. I haven't bought FM 2021 yet, are chances created from central play increased in comparison to 2020? I can't seem to score from anything but crosses in this version
  10. Looking for some feedback on a new tactical set-up. Playing as Wolfsburg, season 6. Team is a top 4 side, finishing in the Champions League places the last couple seasons. As we play a lot of high-pressing sides, I'm looking to play a possession game, using our movement and passing to open up space in the opposition defense. Does this selection of roles/duties/instructions look like it will get the job done? I've debated whether to use a carrilero or a DLP on the left side of midfield. The two players I have there can play either role. One is a bit better CAR, the other a bit bet
  11. my concern is that an AF-a pinning back defenders earlier in the attacking phase (higher mentality, GFF, MIC) opens space for the WP-a to move vertically and laterally, meaning the defenders are caught having to defend in two directions simultaneously, and one axis of that movement is in behind, whereas the movement of a CF-s (towards the left, but also deeper) and WP-a (towards the center) is all in front of the defenders, which imo is easier to defend against (this is also why I like the combination of CF-s and W-a on the right, creating that attacking movement behind the defensive line
  12. https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/26-editors-hideaway/ The link above will be the best place to post the question.
  13. July 2021 Part 2 Decent preseason. We started with the game against Monaco. The team adapted my formation and we were 1:0 until the 85 minute. After that we played some small team to get the moral up. The transfer business is looking decent. A squad overview will follow after the window closes. I signed mainly players with Moroccan nationality but I had to do this one.
  14. Those formations have space between defence & midfield blocks which a hole player can benefit. You can use a formation with CAM or a formation with 3 midfielders with 2 CMs which use halfspaces. This formation suits more to a direct approach or a higher tempo instead of shorter passing for me. Because you use both strikers on attack and remaning players on support who can attack more.
  15. And +1 from the "other side", regarding saving/loading. No change for me.
  16. Dunning Kreuger 2028/29 - a sudden but inevitable change of venue Kreuger planned to make only a few changes to the squad this off season. After all, why fix what was working pretty well? Jets 3rd choice CB had unrealistic expectations for a new contract, and thus was allowed to leave on a free at the end of the season. His replacement was another CB with an expiring contract - and a slightly better player to boot. The hunt for a satisfactory striker continued, but with no obvious good options. On a more concerning note, good performances over the past year drew attention to several membe
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  18. hello guys i need help i am new with moding I want to play FM21 with "custom/created league" and when i start the game i cant select them because they are available for 21.3 version of FM,and my version is 21.4,so how can i update league versions to i can use them on 21.4 How to change league prize money for finishing 1,2,3,4... on custom created league? I am sorry if my topic is in wrong place
  19. This UI is just awful, I can't even choose to watch a previous match in full. I have to save the match and quit to the start menu to be able to view in full and then I lose all access to player profiles...Awful.
  20. Quick update, after a really bad start I wasn't able to turn the ship around. In the last few matches the players were unhappy with me, which led to me getting sacked. But I had a nice few seasons, I'm 100% trying this challenge again. But for the next time I think picking a smaller, not Big5 country. But for now I will follow your youth adventures. Thanks for having me! final league standings (me 18th)
  21. It said I dropped Tim Payne from the 23-man squad... when it clearly states that he is registered?? save game uploaded as Journey across Europe which is before squad registration
  22. Not really. CFs also attacks space but not the same amount of an attack duty striker. Sorry but that is also not true. WPa on the left with CFs in front of him use different areas of the pitch. WPa plays more centrally and CFs roams around vertically & horizontally on the left half of the pitch. That is not a bad thing for a 4-4-2. Because there is no DM, a conservative full back with a support duty winger can balance the tactic with one side is attacking with taking higher risks and the other is supporting attacks with lesser risks.
  23. So i''ve just started my 2nd season with Sporting Lisbon and we've gone with 4-2-4 this season as we really struggled the season before with a 4-3-3. I really struggled against teams that put men behind the ball. This season, we're having none of it and we've started the season like a train - except in Europe - where the first two sides have both played a 3-5-2 variation. I couldn't get near them and they scored almost identical goals - two stright, direct passes to the forwards that are left up front. So whilst i'm happy with how this plays against 4-2-3-1, 4-4
  24. I'll give this a go I like a long term build a club save, I've chosen Whaley Bridge because I'm from about 5 miles away and my dad was brought up in Whaley and used to play for them apparently here is my profile.
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