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  1. So I would like to change two things in the basic skin to make it more to my liking but don't really know how. Firstly, I would like to know how to change the background picture and secondly i would like to know if there's a way to set the transparency for those boxes in the attached screenshot below. Want to change the bg pic to solid grey color and make the boxes almost fully transparent. If anyone could help me with it, that would be great.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for help with the following: 1) Removing Role Suitability from the Tactics Pitch (just here) 2) Changing the Scouting Card to darker color and respectively changing the text to lighter color 3) Which code line in settings.xml file controls the bars (not the red and blue coloring - I figured those) in Players Attributes Comparison panel and also how can I shift that panel down so I can eliminate the scroll bars? Thanks in advance
  3. ferociousblazze

    Hidden Attributes panel

    Is there some way to create a panel for the hidden attributes of players/staff in the overview profile screen? And if anyone knows how to do this especially with the flut skin? I've seen a panel like this in the nocturno skin but it doesn't seem to work
  4. Hey guys. This year, I have noticed that the mentality bar on the player instructions panel is broken up into 20 sections, however, it's really hard to see them (see highlighted screenshot). Does anyone know what controls the colour of the individual bars that make up the 20 so I can adjust them? I know last year there were discussions about modding this section to show the number overlay on this section so you could see the mentality, but I think the bars are a cleaner solution if I can change the colour of them to make them stand out more. Thanks.
  5. Goodrebel

    [FM18] Player tutoring panel

    I've made some changes to the tutoring panels to allow hidden stats/PPM's. You'll need to have the editor to display the panels correctly # To get the panels working, download the panels, make sure they are named correctly (player training panel.xml, tutor information panel) and copy them into your skins panels/player folder. player training tutoring.xml tutor information panel.xml
  6. Ok, so I have literally zero experience with actual skinning/modding of the game, besides installing other people's skins While I have found a skin I like for FM18, I just want some more information on the Tutoring panel, so it includes the player's Media Handling Style (for both tutor and tutees) as well as any Preferred Moves. This will make it much easier to pick the pairing I want, as well as selecting the right option in the player talk afterwards. Now, after digging around a bit, I found this widget in the "tutor information panel.xml" file: <!-- personality_label --> <widget class="personality_label" auto_size="vertical" size="small" colour="faded text"> <record id="object_property" dont_set_hint="true" get_property="PPst"/> </widget> I think I would want to add the extra info to this part of the panel. But how do I find the correct objects or widgets to add here? I did try to read in guides section and also did some googling. But I didn't have much luck figuring this out. Any help from the skinning masters would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Football Manager 2018 Skinning Guide Part 3 - Changing the Font Settings Welcome to the third part of my updated Skinning Guide for FM2018. Before reading this guide make sure you have read the previous parts of the guide as this part will be following on from them. The previous guide talked you through creating a new skin, albeit one that is identical in appearance to the default skin, this part will explain how to edit the font and text settings. Before starting I advise you have the following folder locations open; - Your 'Working' folder location which is where you extracted the default game files to. - The 'bbc_skin' folder within your User Data Location. (Or the skin you are working on). - The Fonts folder for your computer, if replacing the fonts (found at C:\Windows\fonts) Editing the Fonts Editing the fonts in FM18 is done in largely the same way it has been since FM15 changed it. The font settings are mainly contained within the various xml files located within the fonts folder for your skin, though some settings are still controlled by the various panel xml files. The first thing we need to do is to locate the default font files, these will be found in a couple of locations within the file you extracted to your 'Working' folder. The xml files will be located in the following folder: \sitoolkit\skins\fm light-widgets\fonts As we are basing this skin on the light skin we first want to look in the above location, if you are making a skin based on a different default skin (dark or fmc) then look in the widgets folder for that skin first. You will also need to look in the fm-widgets folder as this folder contains the base files as the other folder only contain files that have been edited by those skins but only take the files from the fm-widgets folder if they don't exist in the other folder. Whilst the font files themselves are located in the following folder: \sitoolkit_uncompressed\fonts Note that these locations are slightly different from previous versions as they are now contained within the sitoolkit and sitoolkit_uncompressed fmf files which if you have followed the previous guides you should have already extracted. When editing the fonts the first thing you need to do is to create a 'fonts' folder within the 'bbc_skin' folder. When done your bbc_skin folder should look like this: Now there are several ways to edit the fonts depending on what you are wanting to do. 1. The Simple Method - Easiest option but gives the least control. If you only want to replace the actual font and don't want/need to adjust the sizes or style then you can use this method. First locate the files for the font you want to use, if it's a common font then it should be located in the Windows Font folder alternatively you can download a font file from the internet. If downloading a font file then the game prefers truetype fonts (.ttf) but it will read opentype fonts (.otf) fine. Now you have your font files you next need to copy them into the 'bbc_skin\fonts' folder you just created. Next you need to rename your font files to match the default fonts used by the game. In the fonts folder you'll notice several font files however the three files that the game uses by default are: proximanova-regular, proximanova-bold, and proximanova-semibold which are the truetype versions, you'll notice the opentype proximanova fonts have slightly different names but these don't seem to be used, whilst the other fonts are to support other languages that use special characters. Now rename your font files to match those three names, if your font doesn't include the extra bold options just create extra copies of your existing font until you have enough to replace the three files. In the below example I have replaced the default fonts with the Verdana font: And this is how it looks in-game: However as you can see from the screenshot some content is cut-off due to teh character spacing being different in this font. This method is only really recommended when you are replacing the default font with a similar font, for cases where the font doesn't fit or the sizing is wrong you'll want the second method. 2. The Proper Method - More time consuming but allows full control of the font settings. This method is a little more complicated however it gives you full control over the size and style of the font and also allows you to have different fonts on different parts of the screen. First locate the files for the font you want to use, if it's a common font then it should be located in the Windows Font folder alternatively you can download a font file from the internet. If downloading a font file then the game prefers truetype fonts (.ttf) but it will read opentype fonts (.otf) fine. Now you have your font files you next need to copy them into the 'bbc_skin\fonts' folder you just created. However this time you don't need to bother renaming the font files. Next you need to browse to the '\sitoolkit\skins\fm light-widgets\fonts' folder located within your 'Working' folder as this is the location that contains the various xml files we need to edit. Whilst this folder may look daunting at first most of the settings we want to edit are located within the 'text' xml file, so copy this file to the 'bbc_skin\fonts' folder. Now open the 'text' xml file you copied over (not the original file, but the copy you always want to edit the copy not the original) with Notepad++. This file controls the base look of any text in the game assigned to the text spec, it also acts as a base for some other text specs and as such changes made here will affect most of the text in the game, though code from elsewhere can override these settings. The code we are interested in is near the top of the file: <string id="file_name" value="proximanova-regular.ttf"/><real id="font_size_xxsmall" value="6.7" /> <!-- 9px --><real id="font_size_xsmall" value="8.1" /> <!-- 11px --><real id="font_size_small" value="8.8" /> <!-- 12px --><real id="font_size_normal" value="9.7" /> <!-- 13px --><real id="font_size_large" value="11.2" /> <!-- 15px --><real id="font_size_xlarge" value="13.7" /> <!-- 18px --><real id="font_size_xxlarge" value="16.6" /> <!-- 22px --> Whilst this file contains a load more code we aren't really interested in that at the moment as that code controls how the game displays special font styles which you shouldn't really need to edit. The following line determines what font the game uses for any text that uses this file: <string id="file_name" value="proximanova-regular.ttf"/> To change the font we just need to change the text that appears under the value part, like we did when renaming our skin. For example we are going to change the font to display the Times New Roman font. First we need to locate the Time New Roman font which in Windows is located in C:\Windows\Fonts, once you have located the font copy the file into the 'bbc_skin\fonts' folder and note that the filename of the font is simply called 'times', there are also three other files copied over which are the italic and bold versions and you can safely delete the italic files. Now we change the above line to read: <string id="file_name" value="times"/> Note that there is no need to include the file extension as the game doesn't read that bit so it doesn't matter if you are using otf or ttf files. There are also two lines further down that you might need to change (though I still don't think they are actually used but it doesn't hurt to change them) <record style="semi_bold" file_name="fonts/proximanova-semibold.ttf" boldness="0"/><record style="bold" file_name="fonts/proximanova-semibold.ttf" boldness="0"/> You just change these to reference the bold version of the times font (timesbd): <record style="semi_bold" file_name="fonts/timesbd" boldness="0"/><record style="bold" file_name="fonts/timesbd" boldness="0"/> You'll also notice that these lines include the fonts folder path but the main one didn't, I don't think the fonts/ bit is important but it's safer to just follow how the game lays out the code so you just replace the font name bit. The next lines control the size of the font, with their being seven sizes though the main three are below: <real id="font_size_small" value="8.8" /> <!-- 12px --><real id="font_size_normal" value="9.7" /> <!-- 13px --><real id="font_size_large" value="11.2" /> <!-- 15px --> To change this you just change the values to suit, though I have no idea what the actual values are referenced against, the comments tell you what they are in pixels but for other values you'd need to play around until you get a size you like. Now depending on the default skin you based your skin on you may have some more lines below the font sizes: <integer id="fill_colour_red" value="47" /><integer id="fill_colour_green" value="49" /><integer id="fill_colour_blue" value="40" /><integer id="fill_colour_alpha" value="255" /> Whilst these are present for the fm-widgets and fm dark-widgets skins them seem to be missing from the fm light-widgets skin however they are important as they are the main way to recolour the text so if you are using the light skin as a base like we are here then paste those lines above into your 'text' xml file below the font size lines. To change the colour you need to adjust the value on each line, valid values range from 0 to 255 with the first three lines adjusting the amount of red, green and blue used, where 255,255,255 is white, 0,0,0 is black, 255,0,0 is red, 0,255,0 is green etc... Whilst the alpha value affects how transparent the colour is, 255 gives you a solid colour, whilst 0 makes the text transparent, though you shouldn't really need to adjust this. To change the text colour you need to know the RGB value of the colour you want, the easiest way to get this is from an image editing program. So load up paint.net, and in the Colors panel at the bottom left click the more buttom to expand the panel and it will now show the RGB value of the selected colour and as you change the colour on the colour wheel you'll see the RGB values change. For example if I select the top purple colour from the presets at the bottom I get an RGB value of 178,0,255. So we change the colour values in the xml file to match these: <integer id="fill_colour_red" value="178" /><integer id="fill_colour_green" value="0" /><integer id="fill_colour_blue" value="255" /><integer id="fill_colour_alpha" value="255" /> Now save the file and if you haven't already load the game and reload/select the BBC Skin in game and note how most of the fonts have changed to Times New Roman and some of the dark text has now turned purple as seen in the below screenshot: Note however that not all the text fonts have changed to Time New Roman, this is because the font settings for those items are controlledy by different files you also notice through the skin places where the font has changed but the colour of it hasn't this is because the colours for these bits are controlled elsewhere (which we'll explain in the next guide). To change the other bits you need to first locate the xml file from the fonts folder that controls it and then carry out the same instructions above for that file, for example to change the font in the title to Segoe Print. First you'd copy the segoe font file to the fonts folder for your skin, then you'd copy over the 'title' xml file and in that file change the file_name value to point to the font file you want to use 'segoepr' in this case and in that file you can also change the default title font sizes and colour though you'll notice not every bit will read these changes - changing the font sizes will affect the subheadings but not the titlebar, whilst changing the colours won't affect the titles on the player screen as these settings are controlled elsewhere for this screen. One thing you can do is remove the all caps option if you want and this is done by just deleting this line from the file: <string id="capitalisation" value="upper case" /> Which after playing around with those settings can give you something that looks like this: It's then just a case of going through the various files in the fonts folder until you have replaced everything you want. To undo any of the changes you have made you can either undo the code changes you made in the xml files by following the above instructions in reverse. Though an easier way to remove all your changes made to a file is to just delete the file you added to your skin and then when you reload the skin the game will revert to using the default files. ---Redistribution Terms You are free to post this content to your website provided: 1. It is not sold or behind a paywall. 2. You don't advertise it as being exclusive to your website. 3. My username and blog address are included: http://michaeltmurrayuk.blogspot.co.uk/
  8. Ferddie

    Morale icons in fm 18

    Hi, how do you change the default morale icons in fm18? The fm17 methods don't seem to work anymore. Thanks
  9. Football Manager 2018 Skinning Guide Part 1 - How to Extract Default Files & Understanding File Structure This is a simple guide to explain how to extract the fmf files that contain the default files for Football Manager 2018 and explains the file structure of the files to make it easier for people to modify the game themselves. This is a simple update for FM2018, if you read the previous version of the guide then you don't really need to read this as its generally the same, there are just two changes for FM2018; - Location of the fmf files has changed slightly as the 3D stuff is now packed into fmf files as well. For some more details on the changes to the fmf files then have a read of this post. - Whilst Football Manager Touch 2018 is again a separate entry in your Steam Library it looks like both versions of the game include the same files so regardless of which version you are making content for it looks like you only need to extract the fmf files of one which should save some hard drive space. Note however if the games get patched independently then you may need to check over the patch files for any changes made to the mode you are editing. Before you start you will need to ensure you have a couple of things ready: - A fully up-to-date version of Football Manager 2018. (Or Football Manager Touch 2018) - The Resource Archiver Tool, this is obtained via Steam from the Library -> Tools menu (note you need to own the retail version of Football Manager to have access to that versions Resource Archiver Tool). For Football Manager 2018 and Football Manager Touch 2018 you need to use the 2018 version of the Resource Archiver Tool. If you haven't used the Resource Tool before then there is a user guide installed with it that explains how to use it, located inside the \Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2017 Resource Archiver folder. (Yes the guide is for the FM17 version but it's the same FM18 version just didn't include one). - A Text Editor - Notepad was fine but it seems to have problems with the formatting of some of the xml files so if you don't want to download a program you should be able to use Wordpad instead, however I'd recommend a program like Notepad++ or a web editor such as Kompozer - these have colour-coded code and line numbers that make it easier to edit the larger xml files. Extracting the fmf files NOTE: If you are editing the Touch Mode then replace any references below to Football Manager Touch 2018 from Football Manager 2018 1. The first thing to do is to create a new folder somewhere on your computer that has plently of hard drive space and is in an easy to find location. We will call this your Working folder. 2. Next we need to locate the game folder of where you installed Football Manager 2018, this is located at \SteamApps\common\Football Manager 2018\data\game within your Steam Folder. If you cannot find the location on your computer then from the Steam Library screen right click on Football Manager 2018 goto properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files and a new window will open at your Football Manager install folder. 3. You'll also notice some fmf files in the data folder these are new for FM18 and for the most part deal with the 3D stuff so you shouldn't really need to do anything with them, however the fmgameextras, sitoolkit and sitoolkit_uncompressed files contain some skin files so you'll want to extract them if you are skinning rather than looking for a certain file. The most important file is the sitoolkit one as it contains the widget skins which contain all the graphics for the default skins so if you are doing any skinning you'll need them. 4. Now load up the Resource Archiver Tool and in the bottom right hand corner select 'Extract Archive...' And use the Location dropdown menu to browse to the data\game folder of where Football Manager is installed. 5. Once you have located the data\game folder you now need to extract the fmf file(s) you want, to do this select the fmf file in question and press select. This will now open a new dialog window this is where you choose to save the extracted files, you now want to browse to where you put your Working Folder and select that as the destination, when done a processing bar will appear as the files are extracted. Note that the Resource Tool will automatically extract the files into the correct subfolders. 6. To extract more files click 'Extract Archive...' again and the Resource Tool should have remembered your install and save locations so you just need to select and extract what fmf files you want. 7. Once you have extracted the files from the data\game folder if the game has been patched you will also need to extract the files from one of the updates folders as this is where the patched files are located. Once the game has been patched you'll want to check the data\game\updates folder for any update folders and then check them for any fmf files which you'll need to extract. 7. When extracting the update files I recommend you do it in one of two ways: If you haven't edited any files yet then when extracting the updates fmf files extract them to the same location in your Working folder as the default files and let the patched files overwrite them, this ensures you are working with the updated files rather than old files. If you have already made skins/mods/edits then what I'd suggest is to extract the update fmf files into their own location and then compare these files against the default files so you can see what and how files have been changed with the latest patch and whether you need to update old edits for the new patch. Once you have checked the files you can then merge them with the default files. 8. Depending on what you are doing you may need to extract different files, if you are planning on creating a new skin or mod then it is best to extract all of the fmf files, if you are just wanting to edit a couple of things then more than likely the files you are looking for are in the panels, skins, or sitoolkit fmf files. (In both cases also make sure to extract the updated files aswell). 9. For FM2018 what I would also do is copy over the files you extracted from the sitoolkit and fmgameextras fmf into the same place as you put the general game files so the contents of the folders merge together to save you having to switch back and forth between the different locations - you'll notice the sitoolkit file cotains a skins folder so it's easier to merge this with the skins folder from teh skins.fmf file so you don't need to switch between the two skins folders. Understanding the Football Manager File Structure Now that you have extracted the default files you are left with thousands of files and folders seemingly in no order as to where they are located, however understanding the file structure of Football Manager should help you to find the file you are looking for. If you haven't already browse to your Working folder and open the skins folder. The first place that FM looks for a file is inside the skins folder for the skin you are using. For example if you are using the Default Football Manager Dark Skin then the folder that the game first looks in is the fm dark folder. However looking in this folder you won't see much this is because skins can inherit files from parent skins. To see if a skin has a parent skin you need to open the skin_config xml file located inside the <skin name> folder located within the skins folder, so for the Dark Skin you'd look inside skins\fm dark\skin_config.xml from within the files you have extracted, upon opening the file locate this line: <flags id="parent" value="fm dark-widgets" /> This tells us the parent skin to the Dark skin is the 'fm dark-widgets' skin, and inside the skins folder you'll see there is a folder called fm dark-widgets, upon opening this folder you'll see it has more files than the fm dark folder but still not that many, this is because the fm dark-widgets skin also has a parent skin which in this case is the fm skin. NOTE: For FM18 the widgets skins are now contained within the sitoolkit fmf file so if the folder isn't present you've not followed the above instructions so back to the start and follow them again. If you now look in the fm folder you will see this skin has more files and we are finally finding files we might want to edit, however we aren't finished yet as if you look in the fm xml file you'll see this skin also has a parent skin called fm-widgets. However if you look in the fm-widgets\skin_config.xml file you'll see that this skin doesn't have a parent skin. This means when using the Default Dark Skin the game will first look in the fm dark folder for the file it wants, if it doesn't find it it will move onto the fm dark-widgets folder, then the fm folder and finally the fm-widgets folder for the file it is looking for, however it won't look in the fm light folder, so by knowing which parent skins a skin uses you have narrowed down which folders you need to look in. For example you'll see various other folders such as fm light and fm light-widgets within the skins folder however if you are basing a skin off the Default Dark Skin then you don't need to look in those locations as the skin doesn't read the files from those locations. (The reason for parent skins is to cut down on file duplication - the layout of the dark and fm skins are nearly identical only the colour scheme is different so with the dark skin using the fm skin as a parent we don't need duplicate files in the dark folders as they can just use the fm files, the only files that will be in child skins are files that are different from their parent skins, the upside of this means when you are creating your own skin you only need to include files you have edited rather than all of the files, reducing file size and work you have to do when the game is patched). If the game cannot find the file it is looking for in the skins folder it will now move onto the other locations. For example if the skin is looking for the 'match incidents small' xml file it knows it should be in the panels\match folder, however after looking through the files for the Dark Skin and it's parent skins it still cannot find the file it will use the file located inside the panels\match folder you extracted from the panels fmf file. The same also applies for graphics if the game cannot find the graphic from the skins folder it will look for it in the graphics folder. The same system also applies to custom skins, however first it will look for files in the skins folder within your User Data Location that are linked to the skin you are using, it will then move onto the skins.fmf file(s) that came with the game, before moving onto the panels (or graphics) folder located in your User Data Location before finally looking in the default panels.fmf/graphics.fmf file. This explains why when adding certain custom files they need to be located within a custom skin for the game to read them, as it checks the default skins.fmf file before checking the panels or graphics folder within your User Data Location. Whilst I get around to updating the next part of the guide you can check out the old Football Manager 2015 Skinning Guide that is linked below, whilst it's a bit old most of the stuff should still apply and will at least put you on the path to skinning. --- Redistribution Terms You are free to post this content to your website provided: 1. It is not sold or behind a paywall. 2. You don't advertise it as being exclusive to your website. 3. My username and blog address are included: http://michaeltmurrayuk.blogspot.co.uk/
  10. hey there i want to create a .xml file, to include in a face megapack, that only changes the profile picture size. How can i do it? i'v been searching all over "panels\player"'s files but i coudnt find it
  11. Hi all. Is it possible to adjust the spacing between players on the pre-match screen so that the back four look more spaced out along the defence?
  12. Khalev

    2d pitch

    Can someone tell me if its possible to make the 2d pitch smaller? If so, how?
  13. Hi, how can I resize the text in match statistics panel to hide the scrollbar? Thanks!
  14. I need to add information to the league table. Also I would like to know how to do wide and high in this panel ... Competition overview panel ... I can not find.
  15. The countdown at the bottom of the side bar doesn't work so well with transparency, is there a way to set this to more appropriate colours rather than the auto colouring or add a background to just that element?
  16. Struggling to get the kit to change in size on this particular panel, can get the layout to move around but the image never changes size any help would be much appreciated. Code:
  17. Hello, Does anyone know if it's possible to change this default background picture at pre match team talk?
  18. I'm trying to figure out how to change the role suitability indicator from its original back to the wheel from previous FMs. I've seen it done in a couple skins, but I can't figure out how to do it myself.
  19. Like in the FLUT skin, how does one add background colour to the attributes on player profiles?
  20. Football Manager 2018 Skinning Guide Part 2 - The Basics This is a quick update of FM2015 version, though nothing has changed so if you've read that one you already know what to do, I've just cleaned this up for FM18. Before You Start - Programs You Will Need Before you start doing any skinning you need to ensure you have a few tools available. - A fully up-to-date version of Football Manager 2018 (Or the version of FM you are making the skin for, this guide is good for any version from FM15 onwards including Touch Mode Skins). - A Text Editor - For FM18 I'd recommend Wordpad over Notepad as Notepad doesn't seem to be reading the formatting of FM18's files. However if you are doing a fair bit of skinning I'd recommend using a program such as Notepad++ as it colours the code and includes line numbers which makes it a lot easier to edit the larger or more complicated xml files. - Graphics Software - You need a program that supports transparent png file, if you already have graphics software you are familiar with and it supports transparent png files then I'd recommend you use that program. If you don't have any graphics software then Paint.net is a free upgraded version of MS Paint that is easy enough to use and should be good enough, a more feature rich alternative is The GIMP which is an open source alternative to Photoshop but not all that user friendly. You can also use Adobe Photoshop which is used by the professionals however it is expensive and not really needed unless you are making fancy graphics, if you do need to use Photoshop you can generally get a free 30 day trial from adobe's site and not sure if it's still available but they made Photoshop CS2 free to download several years ago and that should still have all the features you need. This and future guides will assume you are using Notepad++ to edit the xml files and where possible paint.net to edit the graphics. If you are using a MAC or Linux then you'll need to source your own programs as I don't use those platforms. The other thing you should already have done is extracted the default game files, if you haven't already done this then go back and read Part One of the guide. Creating Your First Skin In this guide we are going to create a simple skin called 'BBC Skin' for the full mode of FM18 based upon the default Light FM2018 Skin. First thing you need to do is to have two folder locations open; your 'Working' folder which is where you extracted the game files to and the skins folder located inside your User Data Location (which by default is \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018). From your 'Working' folder go into the skins subfolder and locate the folder called 'fm light' now copy this folder to the skins folder within your User Data Location. Now the first bit of skinning we are going to do is to rename the copied over 'fm light' folder to the name of your skin, so in this case we will name it 'bbc_skin'. (NOTE: when naming the skins' folder keep the name simple and avoid caps, spaces and special characters to save any problems later). Next open the 'bbc_skin' folder and you should have an xml file called 'skin_config'. Open this file in your xml editor and in the middle of that file you will see a block of code that looks like this (the rest of the code in that file you can just ignore but don't delete it).: <!-- skin details - most of these are intentionally not translated --><translation id="name" translation_id="424592" type="use" value="Football Manager Light[COMMENT: skin name]" /><string id="author" value="Sports Interactive" /><translation id="description" translation_id="420802" type="use" value="Dark text on a light background[COMMENT: skin description]" /><string id="version" value="1.0" /><flags id="parent" value="fm light-widgets" /><string id="skin_name" value="fm light" /> The first line is a comment line, whenever you see any code in an xml file that is inbetween <!-- and --> it is a comment and isn't read by the game, comment code is mainly used to explain to the user what various bits of code does. Also if you are using Notepad++ comment code will be green so you can easily tell it apart from active code. <translation id="name" translation_id="424592" type="use" value="Football Manager Light[COMMENT: skin name]" /> This line determines what name shows for your skin on the skin drop down menu in game, note that this name doesn't need to match the name used for the folder, in this case we will be calling our skin 'BBC Skin' so we'd change the value bit to reflect this. The other thing you need to do is reformat that line a little bit to remove the translation stuff otherwise your name won't update in game, so change that line to read: <string id="name" value="BBC Skin" /> On the next line you can change the author value to the name that you wanted to be credited as as the creator of the skin. The line after that is where you can put a short description of your skin and again you'll need to reformat that to remove the translation text for example this is what I have changed it to read: <string id="description" value="Light Skin based on the BBC Sport Website and Match of the Day schemes" /> Next up is the version number line, you don't really need to change this but I'd recommend updating it as you release updated versions of your skin as it's an easy way for people to check they have the latest version of your skin. Next is the parent skin line and as explained in the extracting files guide this value tells the game where to look next for the files it needs, for the most part you shouldn't need to adjust this value as you should base your skin off the default skin that most matches the colouring you want, so if you wanted a dark skin you'd have copied over the fm dark skin instead of changing this value to point to the dark skin. The final line is the skin_name one and is the most important line as it tells the game where to locate the files for your skin and the text in the value bit needs to exactly match the name of the folder for your skin, so in this example we'd change 'fm light' to read 'bbc_skin'; <string id="skin_name" value="bbc_skin" /> And with that done the starting code should now look like this: <!-- skin details - most of these are intentionally not translated --><string id="name" value="BBC Skin" /><string id="author" value="michaeltmurrayuk" /><string id="description" value="Light Skin based on the BBC Sport Website and Match of the Day schemes" /><string id="version" value="1.0" /><flags id="parent" value="fm light-widgets" /><string id="skin_name" value="bbc_skin" /> NOTE: The skin_name value must match the folder name not the name value set in this file. Now save the file, load up FM18 and go into the Preferences Menu and from the Skin drop-down menu you should now have a new option called 'BBC Skin': If it doesn't appear in the list then from the Preferences -> Interface menu untick 'Use caching to decrease page loading times' and tick 'Reload skin when confirming changes in Preference'. Now confirm your changes and go back to the Preferences menu and your skin should now be listed. Now select your skin and click confirm and there you go you have just created your first skin, albeit one that is identical to the default light skin but it's a start --- Redistribution Terms You are free to post this content to your website provided: 1. It is not sold or behind a paywall. 2. You don't advertise it as being exclusive to your website. 3. My username and blog address are included: http://michaeltmurrayuk.blogspot.co.uk/
  21. Anyone know which file to edit to get rid of the all capital letters?
  22. Football Manager 2018 and Football Manager Touch 2018 - Skinning, Modding and Graphics Knowledge Base Welcome to the latest version of the Skinning Bible which has been newly rechristened the Skinning, Modding & Graphics Knowledge Base. This thread should over time contain links to the most important and useful threads in this subforum, however what I have also been doing over the last few years is tagging any interesting or informative threads with a skinning tag, so whilst I try and build up the content in this thread if you cannot see the answer to your question here or you are just starting out skinning then have a browse through the forum and open up any of the thread with a skinning tag which should give you some useful if random bits of skinning knowledge. Like in the past this thread will be split into several parts; How To Create Football Manager Graphics Guides Football Manager 2018 Skinning Guides Links to Useful Threads Whilst I am in the process of checking and updating the various guides you can find some useful information for FM18 in the below threads; FM18 Skinning & Graphical Changes FM18 Skinning/Graphics Information If you have any comments or suggestions on the layout or spot a useful thread that has been missed please use the suggestions thread here If you want the FM2017 thread then see this thread.
  23. Hliasp


    I an trying to modify the way squad number looks in skins which includes it.. i have managed to replace the default kit icon with ss kit style(the back part of the kit) and it looks much more realistic and aestheticaly right. But the name of the player on the shirt and number remains the same big and in the same place like before, which gives an elegant kit next to player face, but name and number is enourmous..any idea how i could recise them? in what panels could this option be hidden? thanks in advance
  24. dwood79

    Custom Squad View in Skin

    Hi there! I just wanted to know how can I put a custom squad view into my skin? I mean so that it is included in that skin and appears directly under the "preinstalled views" and NOT after loading it under "custom -> myview"? Guess it must be located somewhere in the sections-folder? Can I export a custom view and somehow put the code into a file in my skin? Hope you know what I mean... for instance in Gunzo's skin there is a "GZ View" included but I haven't found where he put the code Hope I haven't missed an existing thread... since I'm not a native speaker my search-words didn't get me the answer... Thanks in advance, Daniel
  25. Hello, I am writing to enquire whether it is possible to modify the appearance of the player suitability box which is currently displayed in green? Please see the screenshot down below. I would like to change the appearance of the box, by filling the background colour of the box in a shade of black with silver or blue outline. Furthermore, I would then like to change the text to silver or a shade of grey to complete the look. I hope you know what I mean. Thank you.