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Found 96 results

  1. This year I've decided to get more involved with skinning, but I'm having some issues. I didn't get to moving panels around yet but there are a couple of things that I haven't figured out how to change yet. First thing, hovering over buttons. The color I'm using is much brighter but it seems like opacity is lowered, couldn't find how to change that. Tried with alpha="255" but that doesn't really change it. Also here : https://gyazo.com/e2f242d523ec448e83ac75572a30b3b8 I know you can edit graphics, but I'd avoid that if possible since it looks like it's really tedious. Second, I need to change font color on selected item in inbox. Third, there's still some purple left! In tactics creator, when you select In transition, In possession, Out of possession it's in purple, also trying to change that. Fourth, player names box, I'm trying to change color of that too but couldn't find how. Fifth, top of tactics creator. It's still in green and I don't know how to change that. And sixth, nothing major but I'd like to change color of that switch in scouting menu (list or cards view)
  2. wicksyFM

    Skin Help Please

    I dont really know what this is called. Im trying to change the purple to grey so it matches the colours of the dark theme
  3. michaeltmurrayuk

    Information for Previous Versions

    To clean up the pinned threads this thread will contain links to threads that were pinned for previous versions so if anyone is still wanting information for previous versions they can still easily find it. (New thread as the old one got scrambled by the forum upgrade).
  4. Football Manager 2018 and Football Manager Touch 2018 - Skinning, Modding and Graphics Knowledge Base Welcome to the latest version of the Skinning Bible which has been newly rechristened the Skinning, Modding & Graphics Knowledge Base. This thread should over time contain links to the most important and useful threads in this subforum, however what I have also been doing over the last few years is tagging any interesting or informative threads with a skinning tag, so whilst I try and build up the content in this thread if you cannot see the answer to your question here or you are just starting out skinning then have a browse through the forum and open up any of the thread with a skinning tag which should give you some useful if random bits of skinning knowledge. Like in the past this thread will be split into several parts; How To Create Football Manager Graphics Guides Football Manager 2018 Skinning Guides Links to Useful Threads Whilst I am in the process of checking and updating the various guides you can find some useful information for FM18 in the below threads; FM18 Skinning & Graphical Changes FM18 Skinning/Graphics Information If you have any comments or suggestions on the layout or spot a useful thread that has been missed please use the suggestions thread here If you want the FM2017 thread then see this thread.
  5. I have various custom views, and the one I use during the season contains information on Match Load, Injury Susceptibility and Overall Risk which, as default, show as text as attached here. Does anyone know how I can customise this to colour the different text backgrounds - i.e. green for 'Low injury risk' / 'Very Low' / 'Light' and red for 'High injury risk' / 'Very High' / 'Heavy' etc.?
  6. How to change the attribute increment (green default) or decrease in attribute(red default) colours? In below screens are the default colour schemes for my skin but how to change those specific colour I am giving some shots regarding this, please Zoom in to see what I am highlighting.
  7. When viewing my personal profile page, the bottom panels could use some of the space that is above. Particularly, I'd like to have the 'History' panel bigger. Can this be modified?
  8. So I would like to change two things in the basic skin to make it more to my liking but don't really know how. Firstly, I would like to know how to change the background picture and secondly i would like to know if there's a way to set the transparency for those boxes in the attached screenshot below. Want to change the bg pic to solid grey color and make the boxes almost fully transparent. If anyone could help me with it, that would be great.
  9. Hello, I kinda got tired of skin that I was using for so long, so I've decided to make my own. I've edited most of the colors but one thing is still in that (imo) ugly green color. I can't figure out how to change that one...I really need some help since I've been trying to figure it out for past few hours lol
  10. Hello, I'm looking for help with the following: 1) Removing Role Suitability from the Tactics Pitch (just here) 2) Changing the Scouting Card to darker color and respectively changing the text to lighter color 3) Which code line in settings.xml file controls the bars (not the red and blue coloring - I figured those) in Players Attributes Comparison panel and also how can I shift that panel down so I can eliminate the scroll bars? Thanks in advance
  11. steveyisatard

    Balance Graph Colours

    Want to change this from orange to the pink used in the lighter skins, but can't figure it out.
  12. Hi, how i can edit text ad picture in this green rectangle? What is the file .xml for edit?
  13. Hey folks I want to change the Pep Talk screen panels http://prntscr.com/k17b97 so the players in the bottom panel have more space. I am not really interested in their reaction from the top panel ( Joel Matip Looked happy. Who cares lol ), but I want to be able to quickly see the entire team so I can see their half time/post match ratings. Also, is it possible to change the order of the bottom panel columns? I'd like to move Morale and Body language at the end, and move the last 6 columns close to the players name. Thank you PS: I learned how to use Resource Archiver, I have notepad++, and have the basic skills. I have no idea where to look to, searching this forum for pep talk gave me zero results.
  14. ferociousblazze

    Hidden Attributes panel

    Is there some way to create a panel for the hidden attributes of players/staff in the overview profile screen? And if anyone knows how to do this especially with the flut skin? I've seen a panel like this in the nocturno skin but it doesn't seem to work
  15. Hey guys. This year, I have noticed that the mentality bar on the player instructions panel is broken up into 20 sections, however, it's really hard to see them (see highlighted screenshot). Does anyone know what controls the colour of the individual bars that make up the 20 so I can adjust them? I know last year there were discussions about modding this section to show the number overlay on this section so you could see the mentality, but I think the bars are a cleaner solution if I can change the colour of them to make them stand out more. Thanks.
  16. cully09

    Change Title Font

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how I change the font in the title where it says "Squad". I have changed the font info in the skin folder but it doesn't appear to be working. Any ideas? Sorry if this has been mentioned but I was'nt able to find anything.
  17. Goodrebel

    [FM18] Player tutoring panel

    I've made some changes to the tutoring panels to allow hidden stats/PPM's. You'll need to have the editor to display the panels correctly # To get the panels working, download the panels, make sure they are named correctly (player training panel.xml, tutor information panel) and copy them into your skins panels/player folder. player training tutoring.xml tutor information panel.xml
  18. Last year this forum was inundated with requests re. the club overview and often a lot of questions were asked several times before. I can see it's starting to edge that way this year already too... So in an attempt to keep it a bit more contained and less frustrating for everyone I'm going to try and keep the majority of my contributions (i.e. downloads/help) within here. Hopefully this will be a good referral thread. Having become familiar with the types of requests, I will be personally customising the club overview panel again this year (and it's 'secondary', associated panels) and will be making any finished results available in separate downloads here. That will progress over time... Hopefully others will contribute their work too, in the long run I'm sure it will result in less aggravation with requests... So to start with....last year there were lots of requests re. enabling the stadium picture within the default club overview panel, so I'll start this year by replicating @wkdsoul's FM17 download for FM18. If you want a simpler, default style overview with just the pic. added, place the two attached panels within your club folder in the panels folder (you will need a modifiable skin to start with, michael has provided some base skin downloads at the top of the page). I've also made the left hand column slightly larger and balanced (see screen shot) As always the stadium pics themselves are a separate download, found in the usual places (fmscout). (I've edited it completely with FM18 files so there should be no compatibility issues. I've not edited anything else with this download but I am a hi. res. user so not sure how it will look on low res.) club overview stadium panel.xml club overview panel.xml directory to place your download: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\skins\SKIN NAME\panels\club - create any folders not already present. delete any numbers in the download title so your files read club overview panel and club overview stadium panel within your folder.
  19. Hi Guys, can someone tell me how the panel calls of the below screen? Thanks
  20. Does anyone know how to get this feature Past Meetings from FM17 back into FM18 as they removed it and left a big space Any ideas appreciated Thanking you
  21. hdsnviefbvs

    Text color font

    Anyone know how to locate and change the colcor of this text ? (Past winners in competitions screen) I want the text to be white , no color. I have looked inside some XML files in panels folder, but I can't find out. Do anyone know?
  22. k3nz00

    change icon image

    Hello, how i can change this icon in match screen?
  23. Hi, Sorry if this has already been asked but I scoured the forums and can not find the information. Is there a way to change the appearance of the Small Icons (Injured, Wanted, Unhappy etc) and where are the files located? Thanks
  24. Hi, this is my Match Title Bar: How can I extend logos UNDER team names? At the moment, if I enlarge the logo, it shrinks the team name box. I want it to extend under team names. This is my match title bar code: ... <!--HOME AREA--> <container class="bordered_box" id="T1Co" appearance="boxes/custom/match/titlebar/homeaway/paper" width="280"> <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" alignment="left,extend" gap="0" offset="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" apply_to_children="true" inset="0" /> <!--home team main logo--> <widget class="picture" id="hmtF" height="100" width="100" scale_picture="false" keep_aspect_ratio="true" transparency="0.5" image_alignment="centre"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="htpc" /> <integer id="set_property" value="file" /> </record> </widget> <container> <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" alignment="right,extend" gap="5" offset="5" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" apply_to_children="true" inset="0" /> <!--home team name--> <widget class="text_button" id="T1nm" size="10" auto_size="none" alignment="left,centre_y" click_event="htac" font="title" multiline="true"> </widget> ... Thanks!
  25. <<Macaco-RJ88>>

    Base Skin - Logo Size

    Hello! I would like to know how to fit the logos into the rounded space on player's profile screen. I use TCM pack, so small logos are with the standard size 20x20. But The nation and club logos look so small on this page. Anyone able to help? Thanks!