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  1. Just to add to this thread...I already have Touch included through my Mac Steam purchase....my mates are all about to buy it on the AppStore and Android stores so we can all play a network game.... Will this work or do we all have to be on the same platform for a network game to work?
  2. Sorry, maybe I didn't explain it clearly. Basically you can now delete the UID finder pack (it has served it's purpose to locate the UIDs of your staff.) Save your new images of your staff in a new folder as "1915386958.png" and "1916240599.png" and change a config in the new folder to: <record from="1915386958" to="graphics/pictures/person/1915386958/portrait"/> <record from="1916240599" to="graphics/pictures/person/1916240599/portrait"/> reload skin and your new images should now be showing.
  3. Cheers Kubi. HERE is a handfull of ones I already had. Unfortunately they're all white, but if the demand is there I'll source and cut some more diverse.
  4. Download For several FMs now your Press Officer & Personal Assistant have been Regen's with a hidden UID making it seemingly impossible to replace their images.A few years back FMfan.ru boxed together all the hand-made regen images and created a config that auto-applied those to regens. I have taken that config and applied it to a base file of 15000 png files that are all numbered for easy reference to enable you to figure out with image goes to which UID by cross-referencing against the config file.It still involves a bit of work, so you'll still need to be patient, but finally there is a way to replace those images.1) Download & unzip file2) Place in My Docs/Sports Interactive/FM20/graphics/faces (Mac = HD/users/user/Library/application support/sports interactive/fm2020/graphics)3) Then in the game go to Preferences > Interface and untick "Use caching" and tick "Reload skin when confirming" - Apply4) Take a look at your Inbox and see if you have any messages from your Press Officer & Personal Assistant - hopefully they now have a Black image with a number....Make a note of this number5) Within the UID Finder folder there is a config - open this in TextEdit and Search (ctrl-f) for the numbers you made a note of - BEWARE there may be several entries using the same image depending on the size of Database you have loaded.6) Save your chosen image as the Regen number you found in the config and create your own "Regen Staff" folder with accompanying config file using a config creator or just copying and editing an existing one.7) Reload skin - ctrl-r ...and hopefully it should workAs you can tell from the above - this is a bit tricky, so it's one for the die-hard gfx mod fans, but hope this helps.BIG thanks to FMfan.ru for giving me the idea and to all the amazing graphic creators out there who make the game so good!
  5. Hey all I'm using FM Base Retro skin and have the Aerial google pics enabled (along with background stadiums) as you can see in Pic1 in the Schedule screen, however I can't get my training ground pic to load, I just get a default space (see Pic2.) I've tried saving the image as the ground UID, the U23's & U18 team UIDs and added the lines into the relevant configs to no joy...can a team have only one stadium image in the game, or is there something I'm missing? PS. The image is a .Jpg and 2560x1600px, but I don't think pixel size matters...
  6. Looks good @pikawa94 - as you're starting on the panels, can I request that the player profile picture can display the full 250px that the cut-out megapack now has, and staff at 180px? Would also be awesome if you could figure out a way to have backgrounds lightly visible as well, but I think people are having trouble with that in the Beta so can't ask for everything
  7. Hello all I'm really sorry to post about this as it's been discussed a LOT but as yet there are hardly any actual released editor files on BREXIT...at least none I've been able to find. I saw the template that was released here and Rob at Susie released THIS, and while it may well work, it only allows you to load "English League One & Above" for some reason....Unfortunately I don't know enough about the Editor to to take a crack it myself. I see someone has been trying to make it work with England-to-Level22, but I just want to get it working with the normal FM League structure.... Has anyone been able to stop/long delay Brexit whilst still maintaining normal leagues in game?
  8. Cool, thanks for the heads up Thanoulas, great work as ever!!
  9. cynathor, I had that problem and thius removed the MA from my Mac and installed the latest version, but that's when it I got the Unsupported FM version, so I think it's a clash between the recent FM update....
  10. Hey Thanoulas Having trouble loading...It's saying Unsupported FM Version. I'm running the new 13.2.0 and MA 0.4.2 - Is that the problem? Will there be a new MA out soon? R
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