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  1. Sorry to resurrect this one, and I'm pretty sure it's not possible, but is there any way of finding out the UID of your personal assistant, so a picture can be assigned?
  2. Hello all I'm really sorry to post about this as it's been discussed a LOT but as yet there are hardly any actual released editor files on BREXIT...at least none I've been able to find. I saw the template that was released here and Rob at Susie released THIS, and while it may well work, it only allows you to load "English League One & Above" for some reason....Unfortunately I don't know enough about the Editor to to take a crack it myself. I see someone has been trying to make it work with England-to-Level22, but I just want to get it working with the normal FM League structure.... Has anyone been able to stop/long delay Brexit whilst still maintaining normal leagues in game?
  3. Just to add to this theory, Jefferson Montero has "Runs with Ball Often" trait and is tearing up the league - 22 apps, 17 goals, 7 assists and 7.79 avg, but his attributes aren't amazing (except for pace) This tactic is amazing, kutgw.
  4. Thanks Lucas, I have figured out what was wrong. I had unchecked "Use Retina Display" but hadn't re-started game before selecting the skin. I have found that if I untick the retina option and then restart game...THEN move the new skin into the skin folder and THEN choose it in prefs it seems to run smoothly. The slow run time was due to it still being set to Software rendering rather than GPU assisted as someone suggested. So long story short...I think it might be ok now (although can't use the Retina option)
  5. Are you using a 3rd party skin out of interest? I came across this problem two days ago and the only solution so far has been to delete the skin out of the skins folder and make do with the standard game one. The game has crashed a couple of times since, but is much more reliable...
  6. Hey Had a bit of a confusing last x2 days, up until then all skins were happily working, I was using wannacuprew's excellent skin without a hitch, but had loaded others successfully also. Then I got an "Out of Memory" error in FM and it crashed, tried reloading and got the infinite loading screen problem, wannacuprew released a fix for this, but now FM won't run any non-SI skins at all, it just crashes as soon as I try any. It does run the two basic ones included in the game however. I have tried deleting Cache & prefs folders and re-verifying cache integrity via Steam all to no-avail. I also tried changing the Rendering Mode to "Software" prior to selecting a skin along with unticking "Use Retina Display", but got the out of memory crash again. Any other suggestions...uninstall & re-install of game? PS, my system: iMac 27" 4GHz, intel core i7 32GB RAM AMD Radeon 4GB OSX El Capitan FM 16.1.1 PPS. Having gone back to the game using the old basic skin, it seems like the whole game is suddenly running really poorly and slowly, in fact so bad it's nearly unplayable...has there been an update behind the scenes that could have caused all this?
  7. Thanks for the images. Weird. At first glance I can't see what may be wrong, everything seems in the right place. Have you tried Clearing Cache? Do you have a Regen mod installed like the haircuts one? I'm not sure if this clashes, perhaps one of the graphics mods here may be able to shed some light on it?
  8. Post the image on imgr, flickr, photobucket, or another image sharing site and then post the link here. I presume you can confirm all the other suggestions I made?
  9. I am mac based myself, so I can confirm that makes no difference. Make sure the image is saved as "xxxxx.png" and NOT "xxxxx.PNG" for some reason this has an impact. Also, make sure the folder is in the following destination: User>Documents>SI>FM14>graphics, some people put it in the Similar SteamApps location. Can you attach the config file and a screenshot of the open folder where the image & config are housed and that would help me diagnose the problem?
  10. Sorry to post on this old topic, but I was wondering the same thing....does anyone know a workaround to get decent quality output?
  11. Hey... I'm a bit stumped. Once again I'd like to change the player profile pics back to their intended size of 180px, but I'm having trouble locating the "player personal details panel.xml" I'm using the Dark Base2014 skin. Last year people were fairly quick on releasing a 180x180 mod, but although people seem to be finding a way to do this for themselves, nobody is sharing it clearly
  12. This is a Photoshop question tbh. Type in 180 px & 180 px in the top bar when you have selected the Crop tool. This will create a 180px square for you.
  13. Have you remembered to tick & untick the relevant boxes in Preferences? (You also need to make sure "Show Regenerated Faces" is ticked - it won't overwrite a default blank regen face...if that makese sense)
  14. It is really disappointing though as it has rendered all the wonderful work the community do in the 3d Kit creation largely pointless as you can never get quite close enough to show off all their hard work I wish SI would stop "Fixing glitches" the community are already using to improve gameplay :s
  15. Well that's how many you should have now (that's everything up to and including 5.04)
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