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  2. 95th minute of the attached PKM. Forest gets a counter attack after a corner, look at the leftmost defender of Dulwich Hamlet. For no reason at all he decides to sprint to the right to mark a player who is in a much less dangerous position than the ball carrier who he was previously marking. Ball carrier gets a free run at goal because of this. Mental mistakes do happen but this looks way too unrealistic to be a normal mistake. Nottm Forest v Dulwich Hamlet.pkm
  3. Great. Thank you very much!!! And I will check facebooK;
  4. I don't know if newgen second nationalities count as a data issue or not, but if not I hope the researchers can bring this issue up to the right people: I think the amount of domestically born newgens with African second nationality should be increased significantly. Look at the picture of the French youth team in game that I attached that is full of real players, only 4 players don't have some sort of African heritage. Keep in mind that there are a massive amount of French players in the database that have a second nationality but are not accounted for, which may have affected your decision for the mediocre African second nationality percentages. So even though you may think the percentage is sufficient enough, in reality it is far from a realistic value. The domestic born newgen second nationality values be like Canada where the majority (around 2/3 or more) of players have a second nationality, with a large portion of those second nationalities coming from African nations or territories such as Reunion, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, etc. I hope this can be fixed soon. Thanks 👍
  5. 2nd post of the thread as always (under a spoiler tag).
  6. August 2030 An excellent start if we want to be relegated. Absolutely horrible. At least that Orient victory gave the fans at our new stadium something to cheer about.
  7. Click on the globe, country, transfers and then released. Off the top of my head, that’s the spot
  8. This is the worst addition to the football manager games . You can't make any tactical decisions . When you play in the 3d mode there's lines missing on the park and it's jumpy . A really terrible version on the tab a . Are there any updates planned or refunds
  9. Obviously this save wont carry on but how did you pick your squads was it based on performances at there clubs or reputation?
  10. A couple of the media handling options are off. Can't get Media Friendly on its own for example.
  11. Hi Harrison, Still not fixed in the latest update? Is there any news on this ? Thanks
  12. You just need to pick the "released players" option when looking at a club's transfer history.
  13. If you don't want to drop your defensive line and stay pressing so aggressively expect to concede a few goals like this, on the other hand you should score other wise risk isn't worth the reward. Anyway to help your defence id play offside trap, if your centre backs have good team work & composure (14 or above)
  14. I have seen a couple of people posting on various pages about their setup for attacking set pieces (near post appears to be a favourite), but what about defensive? I have seen very little regarding defending set pieces. Do you guys leave it as default or do you have your own setup?
  15. Not sure what you are trying to argue? A club that increases reputation and income radically in a 10 year period would certainly build a new stadium if their current was nowhere near the capacity that the club need. And you dont often see such rapid grow, but it happens in FM. It makes no sense at all that York City, current Premier League champions and CL finalists in year 2035 still have York Community Stadium with 12.500 seats. A new stadium would have been build. To put into the game that a club under no circumstances can build a new stadium within a period since last was build makes little sense and do not reflect real life.
  16. Results - January 2020 This was one of our better months, a win at the start and another at the end with a couple of draws and just the one defeat, we are now out of the relegation zone. We are also out of two cups but league is the most important so not too bothered about the cups at this stage of career, made first cash signing this month, Oliver Bozanic joins from Hearts for a fee of £13,000. Squad Information
  17. Post a screenshot of it, no one is going to go through the effort of uploading it to thier game to do an analysis of your tactic.
  18. When using pass into space I normally use a lower line of engagement So the forward players have space to run in to. It also looks like you might have problems with players deserting the centre midfield position. Your BBM will roam from position and out of possesion a BWM on support will to chasing the ball. Your deep lying playmaker on support will get forward when you have the ball, and with your wing backs being positive you could be open to a counter. If your team are much stronger you might get away with this, because when pressing you'll win the ball more often than not. If your more evenly matched to the opposition teams Id think about changing your Deep lying playmaker to a role that provides more defensive cover. Peharps just changing the duty to the defend, or making the role a defensive midfielder.
  19. I am seeing the same issues with my Liverpool team, has a resolution been found?
  20. loe this. do u gave a trophy cabinet summary anyway?
  21. Do they have such youth teams in real life?
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