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  2. Great work. For me the most devastating thing Bayern do is the way they attack the penalty box and how they play the ball there. Liverpool do pretty much the same thing as well from a slightly different framework.
  3. Those unable to see the pre-game editor. Make sure you have the tools box ticked in steam...
  4. Tablet resizes itself (to default?) every time it is minimised
  5. I'm just one match into the full version, but after many hours of the beta - I can say the match engine feels better and more logical than ever before.
  6. No. The long explanation: FMT has no editor on any platform. SI has said, that FMT will have an editor when the iPads/Tablet and Switch (and probably now the Xbox), are capable to handle an editor. Those that want FMT Editor, are simply waiting, for these platforms to catch up to minimum requirements set by SI.
  7. As per the earlier post from Neil Brock - the editor is still propagating and should be with you shortly. You may find it beneficial to restart team, but if not it is a matter of patience.
  8. You paid £35 for the game. You just happened to get access to the beta with pre-purchase.
  9. As you can see in the screenshot it says I need the base game to purchase, I do have the base game and played the beta on steam too. I've tried the in-game store too but that doesn't work either. Thanks.
  10. Before the game updated from beta I could send me assistant, now I cant
  11. I don't know if this is a good place or not to post this but I can't verify polish second division in editor, something is not changed and I've got the message that 18 teams is maximum/required but it found 19 (because this season it's 19 teams).
  12. I don't know if it's a data issue, or should be brought up elsewhere, but there's a problem with the promotions/relegations when choosing a team in the league. If you go to pick which team to manage, both Cork City and Shelbourne will be shown in the premiership, and Drogheda and Longford Town will be shown in the first division. When you start the save properly, but will be placed in the correct leagues (i.e. swapped around.)
  13. What you on about there is a change list there just not letting us see it, are you 9 years old?
  14. Just started to download the full release, praying to the FM gods this is fixed
  15. but can you remove restrictions from UK with the editor?
  16. The in-game editor should be purchasable from inside the game on the main menu. Go on the drop down and select "Downloads", then choose the IGE and it should work.
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