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  2. Depends what you mean by "long term". There's a guy in career updates doing an incredibly long one, and I'm considering doing one where I only sign players from our youth academy and the two affiliates that carry the name - Ajax Amateurs and Ajax Cape Town. In fact, as I turned off first window transfer budgets I may do that now anyway.
  3. Okay, sometimes with ASUS they have slightly different configurations than Nvidia, so they recommend running the graphics card drivers directly from their support site. For your specific system ASUS GL552JX, these can be downloaded here - https://www.asus.com/uk/ROG-Republic-Of-Gamers/ROG-GL552JX/HelpDesk_Download/
  4. No difference with the new beta patch, I still have lag in 2D match engine and in-game menu.
  5. And IF he has the trait playing as a winger, he will do both? The answer i was if he would look to do it MORE with both the trait and the PI, than if he didn’t have the trait but only the PI.
  6. If you want to get the best out of Ozil you should be looking to play him centrally as an AMC or MC especially if adopting a shorter passing style, that way he has a far greater scope for where he can pass. On the wing, his passes can only go two ways and that is either inside or backwards. As for exploiting Aubameyang's pace, I'd consider using him as an IF on the attack duty as an AML but given the rest of the tactic, I think you are going to struggle to create situations where you can consistently exploit that aspect of his game. In my opinion, you are being rather passive with your players and they aren't really functioning as a coherent unit. You don't need 2 defend duties in the central midfield and you can afford to be more aggressive with the forward movements of one of your fullbacks given you have a DM who will sit back and cover when they go high up the pitch. You can also be more aggressive with Ramsey and play him on an attack duty so that he gets up the pitch and offers more close support to your lone striker which you need. What are you observing in the games that you are drawing when you think you should be winning?
  7. He will look to cut inside whenever possible. Occasionally though he might be forced to run out wide by the way of opposition defending.
  8. BBM and DLP is definitely a safer combo defensively than BBM and CM on attack.
  9. Our next action was in September, with the return of the Nations League, and a fixture with an old foe which left us in top spot after two games
  10. Been pretty inactive in here due to not having the time to play. Tried to continue my old Salford save but just couldn't get into it knowing the new update was out and have once again gone for Salford. I've picked up a couple of real quality Spanish players from the lower leagues and I'll drop the names of these in later, they're definitely worth a look from the first season.
  11. Yeah I was kinda hoping that training with the seniors would boost him somehow but maybe not. Thanks everyone 👍🏽
  12. It would seems like that this is a graphical issue. To make sure both graphics cards have no error, can you uninstall and reinstall both the latest Intel and AMD graphics cards for your laptop, please? Details on how to do it is here - After reinstalling, I would suggest you to delete the caches and preferences folders and verify the game files, too. Let us know how you get on, please. Thank yous.
  13. I will try to check it later. I have a lot of graphics/logos/skins etc., GB’s of addons, so sorry, but from my point of view it is a waste of time, to remove it, and again install it, especially that most of the players have problems with lag. This is not a problem of my MacBook
  14. I use the computer plugged in to power source, with the battery off. The power mode is in "Best performance"
  15. Are you playing the game on battery or was it plugged in to power source? Can you make sure the power mode for you laptop is "Best performance", please?
  16. The 2nd tactic is an improvement but I would think about the following. - Low Crosses are only really effective when made from the byline but you don't have anyone in the team driving to the byline to provide that sort of delivery. - I wouldn't split the defensive line by having one central defender on the cover duty and the other on the defend duty. The concern would be that doing that just creates space in between them which can make them vulnerable. I don't think it's a good idea when combined with a higher defensive line as I think that the cover duty defender will just play everyone onside given his slightly deeper positioning. - You still don't have a clearly defined number 10, number 9 partnership. All the players you expect to contribute to attacking are all congesting the central areas and wanting to do very similar things. You need more variety in order to disrupt the opposition defensive shape. At the moment it's very predictable.
  17. This is going from bad to worse. Early March and only a single victory in 2020. I need to go back to the drawing board. Any suggestions on playing hoofball? I have a striker 1m93 with 15 acceleration, 12 pace, 16 dribbling and 14 finishing. Sure he should be able to bang in some goals. I just cannot find a way to make him score. quick direct counters is what I'm looking at, I just can't seem to replicate it.
  18. Maybe their finances are being drained by having 30+ first team players on 300k a week, many of whom have like 4 appearances in 3 years.
  19. Im into 4th season in our Newcastle game, still cant manage to win a single trophy. Im trying to use a 4123 DM Wide, 1DM and 2MC I want my striker to hold up the ball to create chances for both inside forwards and MC, but i couldnt find any success with it, with 1 winger and 1 IF its fine, but i want my team to play a Robbery style of football. My striker Pellegri/Origi on DLF S or CF s can never hold the ball to let two IF to score, let alone create any chances, i cant create any CCC and HC at all, no matter strong team or weak teams, i can only score goals through dead balls, my AP and BBM combination is completely not working, no ideas what is happening there? With IF (A) they are not getting close the box, with IF (S) they create nothing, short passing style this year did nothing for me this year, every key passes my team made is basically from corners or long passes from our CB, with Sergio Gomez, Viktor Fischer/E. Vargas/Malcom in our team, there are enough flair to create chances. Also, i have always been emphasizing on wing back plays in previous version of FM, when two IFs cutting inside, wing back to cross with the space provided, this year my IFs are often running to the byline, wingback have to spaces to work with, even with spaces for them to work with, wingbacks are like snails, they are so slow to do a crossing, always cross into their fullback and go out for corners, what is the reason for SI to make wingback keep hold of the ball and wait until their defenders to block their crosses? Also, is that possible for a team to concede more than 15 free kicks a season? Can SI show me some real life example that a team concede > 10 direct free kicks a season? I have played many years of FM, and this year is the worst of all I included my current save here, i just cant see anyway it works: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a5B5q-rhmLE8YIp2ZB1EmR5W9hPwBJqx
  20. Thanks for bringing this up, this is now with our team and is under review.
  21. Cant get stabile results. WHat I really wanted is to get use of Ozils pass and Abumayangs pace. But at this point I am open for everything. Get just draws
  22. Today
  23. oh man this suckssssssssss i've started myself a save in the lower leagues and i've started to have the utmost respect for what you are doing. my save is going horribly since i reached the first league. only defeats, my players are **** and holy **** i'm annoyed
  24. He should do mate - was playing the the Scottish Premiership and Europe last season with Aberdeen and before Salford's money came calling.
  25. Indeed, fingers crossed! I'm also going to be away overseas all of next week so playing time and updates may be somewhat slower until I get back. In the meantime, I'm getting some games in today.
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