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  1. Could you provide a link to Rashidis thread please.
  2. Smurf you're a ledge really appreciate you doing all that. Regarding a monitor which one would you choose if you could? Also what system would you build for £1200 not including the monitor in that budget?
  3. Budget is about £1200 give or take. Yes, will be needing a new monitor aswell, to be included in the budget.
  4. Haha cheers mate, im aware of what a desktop PC and Laptop is. Perhaps saying I don't have the first clue was the wrong thing to say. What would you recommend a desktop PC or an all in one? If a desktop do you recommend any in particular?
  5. Just had to google what an all in all one was, so I’m not sure. Should it be what I want? I don’t have the first clue when it comes to computers.
  6. I’m looking to buy a new PC and spend a fair bit on it between £1000 to £1500. Would you recommend this?
  7. Started a save with Valencia after getting bored of my Fulham one. Centelles was promoted after Gaya left. Locatelli was brought in as a direct replacement for Parejo. Incredibly we lost 1 league game all season, to Bilbao, wasn't enough to win us the league tho. We exited the Spainish Cup early doors, 1st round in fact. We are currently on a 36 game unbeaten run.
  8. Wouldn't call Crystal Palace a useless bunch of no hopers, a squad like that should never have been in a relegation battle.
  9. Just achieved a 5th place finish in the league with Southampton with this tactic. Tadic was incredible in the Enganche role scoring 25 goals and providing 19 assists.
  10. Where do I find that screen with tactical advice, haven't seen it for ages?
  11. Really curious as to what the one instruction is?
  12. I sold Cattermole 7m and Borini 11.25m, didn't manage to bring anyone decent in tho. Finished the 1st season in 8th, level on 63 pts with Watford and Southampton, didn't really want Europa League football anyway. Defoe, 28 goals and top goal corer, and Januzaj, 13 goals 12 assists were my best players. 2nd season I've brought in: Ajer Tarkowski Berahino Schlupp Manquillo Amiri Hourihane Bassong Will Hughes Sitting 3rd after 12 games.
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