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  1. Just started a network save with my mate, he is Sheff Wed and im Barnsley. Hes flying and im struggling. The average age of the squad is just 23! Some good looking youngsters in the squad but deffo need to add some experienced older heads.
  2. Are you playing Havertz as a F9 or AM, where do you see Kante fitting in?
  3. Having the same issue with Swindon, in my 4th season and still no U23 squad..
  4. I have a Medion Erazer P6705, which runs FM sweet. My friend is looking to invest in something similar with a budget of £700... Thankyou in advance for any replies or suggestions EDIT-Can list specs if required
  5. I second this, he scored 41 goals for me in the championship and has 14 in 16 games in the prem.
  6. Could all 3 roles be used effectively at the same time?
  7. Joe Rodon Van Der Hoorn Matt Grimes George Byers Bersant Celina
  8. So I’m playing with Chelsea and to get around the boards, no more than a 1 year deal to over 30s and losing Willian on a free, I gave him a new 1 year deal with said clause. However, it’s now January 1st and I have no option to trigger the clause in the contract? Is this a bug or is it because he will in effect be on an 18 month deal and this goes against the boards vision?
  9. All the stats you mentioned bar long shots are 13+, at 19 and English with plenty of scope for improvement I can definitely understand why people are paying 70m+ for him.
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