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  1. I’ve had no such issues neither @Jimmy Wong when tabbing to other screens. Only when I’ve left it idle for a while and then try to progress it crashes. I’ve had skygo playing, iTunes, WhatsApp, Steam and 2/3 tabs on Safari open. 🤘🏼
  2. They are trying believe me, they know the problem too but it's very complicated. It's being worked on but to date with no success. I've got my MacBook back, played it for a while and all was well. Was only when I left it sitting for a while and came back to continue that it crashed. But to say an unwillingness to fix the game is just silly, they've been trying, but Apple changing things and changing again soon to Mojave 10.14.5 throws spanners in the works. Frustrating I know, but why not play, save and then continue more often? At least then, you shouldn't lose so much progress if and when it does crash.
  3. The problem lies with Apple it seems not SI mate. Doesn’t help with Apple keep doing updates and what works one minute doesn’t the next. It’s being worked on (believe me, they have my MacBook). It’s not a straight forward fix.
  4. To be honest, I think the lagging had been fixed. It’s now the crashing that is the issue.
  5. They are working on a fix believe me. They’ve got my MacBook for a start!
  6. I play in full screen mode, FM dark skin. Crashes at different times, sometimes processing other times in the inbox screen.
  7. Well known bug. Has yet to be completely fixed. Been like this for a month now. Hopefully a new fix coming soon, because the one yesterday didn’t work!
  8. I started as Woking and now in my 3rd season in the prem. gained promotion every year. You just starting out?
  9. Seriously thinking this could be the last time I ever purchase a game from this series now. This has gone on long enough and still nothing. Getting ridiculous now SiGames.
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