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  1. Hey sorry if that has been asked before. But just signed Bentancur for my Chelsea side - 3rd season in for £82m, what’s the best way to use him to get the best from him? I’ve also got Mount, Rice and Havertz. Juve used £72m of the £82m to sign Kovavic from me! Thank you.
  2. Welcome mate, the more the merrier! Best of luck, let us know how you get on.
  3. Im on the second season and Spurs are fighting relegation in February. 3 points clear of 17th position. 26 games played. Kane sold to Barcelona at end of 1st season. Jose was sacked 23rd December, Michael Laudrup took over in Jan 21 and was sacked October that year. Luis Enrique now in charge. Notable signings: O Edouard - Celtic, M Aarons - Norwich, V Mykolenko - Kyiv, M Dembele - Lyon.
  4. Oh man.... 2nd season. Champions League group stages.... finished bottom without a win. First time in my whole FM career that’s ever happened. Felt numb. I did have Real Madrid, Inter and Monchengladbach in my group but still. Got smashed 5-0 by Inter, with my players refunding the supporters. 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️ . On the other hand - I’m 5 points clear in the league and just been given a new 4 year deal.
  5. GET IN - 3-1 winners, Werner with a hat trick. B E A Utiful. NOOOO it crashed.
  6. Just finished my first season....finally! Quick Review: League: Winners beating Liverpool by 2 points, won on final day of season. FA Cup: Lost to Burnley in Quarter Final. League Cup: Lost to Liverpool in 3rd round. Champs League: Lost in semis to Real Madrid. Transfers were disabled for first window, but signed Otavio from Porto in January. Player Records: Timo Werner: 21 goals in League - 34 in total. Brilliant first season. Tammy Abraham: 11 goals in League - 15 in total. Poor season from him. Hakim Ziyech: 7 goals in League - 14 in total.
  7. Did anyone get any money to spend in January 1st season? I had the first window off, but haven’t been given any budget for Jan. Only £30m for the following!
  8. Fantastic season Bracken, any chance of posting you setup please. Thanks mate.
  9. Sancho will out perform anyone. He’s smashing it with my chelsea side
  10. Play him on the left. Inside winger.
  11. I have the same up top. But play Mbappe as a AF and Haaland as a PF. It’s their first season together so looking forward to see how they flourish!
  12. Very good player and gets better with age. He’s versatile too, so for me he’s a good buy, BUT.... Reece James or Hakimi for Dortmund are both quality!
  13. Currently in the 24/25 season. Roman has sold the club to a tycoon - not that I needed the money to be honest. But here is my current squad: GK: Donnarumma. Arrizabalaga. RB: James, Hakimi. LB: L Pellegrini, Gerxhaliu (regen) CB: Ake, Skriniar, Tomori, Vanheusden, Alexander (Regen) CM: Mount, Bellingham, F Luis, Havertz, Wanderley (Regen), Tonali. Wingers: Chiesa, Pulisic, Sancho, Hudson-Odoi, Fati. Strikers: Haaland, Mbappe, Abraham, Pinamonti. First ever time of spending serious money on someone like Mbappe in all my saves over the FM years. He
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