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FM12 Big Euro Nation: Small Club to Big Club Challenge

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corinthiano - i guess i have to really! 5 points clear of 2nd with 3 games to go. we rode our luck a lot in the match but a tactical masterstroke by myself switching from 442 to 4132 with 3 CM's nullified their threat and Scherbakov scored the decisive goal. over the moon.

liking the look of Momotenko as well. could be a star for you.

G-Wiz - solid season there. as corinthiano says you have a decent strikeforce there. good luck next season.

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rlips - wonderful form in Europe! Keep it up!

corinthiano - good first season in the top flight, we seem to be moving at a similar pace :). I like the look of the Ukrainian kid too, could work wonders from the left.

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I wish I was in the first division, only in the second tier for now. Hopefully we can get there in a couple of seasons, but knowing me it could take more time...

I am actually thinking of playing Momotenko as MC or AMC, I just can't bring myself to play with wide midfielders in FM. He lacks the creativity to be a playmaker, but he is so much better than all my other midfileders that I might just play him there for now.

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Clyde End Of Season Report


An amazing start to the challenge I got promotion by a quite comfortable 13 point lead

also got a few prospects in the team that could develop quite well

the one bad point is my finances (Mostly because of my board buying our stadium) and have I been left with no transfer money next season


My best striker left during the winter due to his loan expiring and him failing his medical but i got a few that looked good but both of them had goal droughts of over 11 hours was gutted



As seen im my half season report i was undefeated at new year ended up with 3 losses on my record at the end of the season which was way above my expectations that i set my self of getting into the playoffs


Third Division Table

I won the division with 4 games to go and i was about 13 or 14 clear had a couple of injuries in the next couple of games but it was the end of the season so it didn't matter




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corinthiano - oops! Could have sworn you were top flight :o

In my news, I just got offered the AC Milan job :eek:

They've suffered a major fall from grace and are 10th in Serie A. They could only offer me £350k as a transfer budget! Bad times for the Rossoneri

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celticdaft - congrats on the title. bit tough on the transfer front but experience of scotland tells me that you don't need money for signings just yet as their should be enough out there on frees. i don't think there is much in quality between the two leagues either. good luck

iacovone - must be a fall from grace if you are their best option!! ;) sounds like they are struggling though.

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After my Barakaldo save went due to the hard drive failure I have left this section for a bit but have decided to come back. I nearly started Barakaldo again but I felt that getting as far as I did as quickly as I did with only Basque players again would have been too much to ask for the moment, so I have gone with Messina in Italy. Before I get on to what has happened so far i'll do the usual screenies.



Club info

I have actually completed the first season and am in the second (though I will talk about that once it is over and done with)

Transfers in











Ins and outs

Season review


Serie C cup knocked out 1st round

Top scorer and player of the season

I had actually only planned to sign the original 4 at the start of the season due to funds being tight but a bad start to the season meant I had to try and add a bit more quality to ensure survival at least. The autumn spree improved us immensely as we went on a 23 match unbeaten run to find ourselves 13 points ahead of the 3rd place club at the time. As it happens that cushion was badly needed as we played 6 of the top 8 in the last 7 games and dropped a fair amount of points in that time (though I partly blame the fact we had another few players were settling in and an injury to Capellino amongst others)

Money is poor, losing around £50k per month and the chairman left with the new board not adding any funds so we will be struggling for a while unless I sell at some point.

Just read the last few pages on here and too many people to mention but it seems like a lot of people are doing very well :applause:

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Messina 2013/14 End of Season report


Top scorer/player of the season


Serie C cup

Serie C Super cup

Coppa Italia

I'm delighted with the way the season has gone. I lost my scout at the end of last season and couldn't afford to replace him until January which meant I had to make do with the squad that finished last season, so for us to storm the league up until the winter break was not only a shock but an amazing push by us. We had the total opposite of last season with that start a poor middle section and a strong finish but we manged to get ourselves in a good position again and eventually take the title. Otto was superb after a slow start to his career at the club which included me having to send him home for a month in pre season but that turned out a wise move as he was something else when he came back. Silva in midfield pulled the strings and most teams couldn't cope with them.

We are still in a bit of debt but getting Roma away in the Coppa Italia was a life saver, in fact we were unlucky to lose and I believe we could have won if we wasn't down to 9 men but we weren't expected to win so I am pleased with the effort.

The Serie C cup was a nightmare, I had been playing a reserve side most of the way through in the hope we'd get knocked out but typically we ended up with a semi decent run in it.

I'm on a big scouting mission now trying to look at players newly released from clubs, big changes are needed if we are to stay in Serie B. A few of my better players are wanted so if it means a better balanced squad then I am prepared to sell for a decent price.

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End of Season Report - Novese - 2027/28 (Season 16) - Serie A

Serie A - 12th

A much-improved season! We've taken to the challenges of Serie A and suitably claimed a nice 12th place finish. There were no enormous hammerings like last season and we actually conceded a very respectable 42 goals (the eighth best in the league).

This meant we had the basis of a team capable of winning against the big sides. Our win at the San Siro over Milan was an early season highlight but the best accomplishment was doing the double over Napoli (they of Claudio Ferraro fame).

There were, of course, some disappointments but we secured survival for the second season running - our aim from the off. With the more rigid defence I can now look to be more attacking in our set-up as clearly scoring just 32 goals isn't going to win anyone anything!



The Cup:

A disappointing 1-0 home loss to Parma put paid to any cup chances this season.

The Squad

Doauda Solo (DR) - signed as Bernard Dupont's replacement and he's had a fantastic debut season. Just look at the average rating! Superb. I expect a lot of interest in him this summer but I just attached him to a new contract, so we should be fine. Won fans player of the year

- the new club captain was imperious at the back. I just need to find an equally good partner to really shore up our back-line. I like him though, plenty of potential to be a club legend.

- bagged his traditional double figures for us and mostly played from the right. He's a tricky customer and somehow always finds chances. Thank god otherwise we'd have been relegation fodder!

- struggled with injuries a bit but by and large had a good year for us. I'll be looking for him to step up next season.

- Brazilian signed on loan from Roma began very encouragingly but petered out as the season dragged on. Will return to Roma and is unlikely to return.

and (ST's) - 3 goals in 60 appearances between them. I really hope it's my tactics rather than them. On paper they should do damage. In reality they were utter utter tripe. Need a drastic improvement in them before I lose faith. The major disappointment of the season.

I managed to convince the board to work on the youth facilities (£350k being spent) and improve the junior coaching budget. All in the name of developing some Novese talent - it's all run dry since David Nicolini came through - and sadly he's just slightly below this level.

Objectives Complete?

  • Avoid relegation

Success! An improvement to 12th place is fantastic in my book.

  • Hit the 45 point mark or more

Success. 49 points.

  • Continue to develop the ground/training facilities

Success. After the training ground improvements, we have youth facility improvements and junior coaching budget increases coming.

New Objectives:

  • Break into the top ten
  • Hit the 50 point mark or more
  • Score goals. 45 or more in the league

The steady progress at Novese continues. There is a pretty obvious top 10 and bottom 10 in Serie A at the moment. My next target will be to break into that top half. It will be tough and I'll need to be shrewd in the transfer market but if our strikers find their form again we should be capable of doing it.

Joining us in Serie A this season are: Udinese, Cagliari and Salerno. Departing Serie A are: Bologna, Torino and Empoli.

Seasonal Best Eleven

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Nice season there iacovone! Can't think why your strikers aren't scoring more goals. They look like they should get games in the league. Are they missing lots of chances or not getting them?

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RasenBallsport Leipzig

This is the start of my first ever attempt at this challenge. After playing FM12 casually for a few months, I have decided to dip my foot into a challenge like this. In previous years I have always attempted dafuge's challenge and felt like a change this year. So after waiting 30 minutes for the year to holiday, I was pleased to see Redbull's foray into German football appear in 3. Fussball-Liga.

The club was founded in May 2009 after Redbull bought out the playing licence of fifth division side SSV Markranstädt. It is the aim of Redbull to appear in the Bundesliga inside 10 years. The aims of the corporation fully coincide with the aims of the new manager. They will play their homes games in the newly renamed Redbull Arena with a lofty capacity of 44,345. The club has average training facilities, average youth facilities, adequate junior coaching and above average junior recruitment. With some decent facilities in place and a good level of financial backing, I thin kthis could be an enjoyable journey.

With a lack of history at the club and no Leipzig based football club having won the top football league in Germany since 1913, I intend to restore some pride to eastern Germany.

Media Prediction: 7th

Expectations: Respectable league position

Transfer budget: £475k

Wage budget: £140k per week

Manager Home

Manager Info

Manager Profile

Club Profile

Club Info

Squad 1 - Squad 2

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welcome AliG and good luck with RB Leipzig. good to have another german player.

iacovone - good improvement mate. seems like you are settled in the league now. good luck next season with the push for the top 10.

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I just noticed, my new English Striker is labelled "The Next Bobby Zamora"

travels around a bit for big money, yet flatters to deceive??? i wouldn't expect loads of goals then... ;)

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Really like the intro-post to this challenge. Always nice to read about the past years challenges, the people that have accomplished it, and with which team. I can understand why this challenge has been so popular.

Is there a reason that Turkey haven't been cracked yet? Is it a difficult country to manage in?

I am doing Gundos challenge myself for now, but will read through and follow this thread closely. KUTGW!

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Thanks rlipscombe. Looking forward to the challenge.

So far I'm a month in and my team was awful through preseason. Following an opening 3-0 loss, I have now won 3 in a row keeping clean sheets in all. Time will tell how long this lasts though. I see the challenge was completed last year with RB Leipzig though so it is definitely doable!

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Thanks rlipscombe. Looking forward to the challenge.

So far I'm a month in and my team was awful through preseason. Following an opening 3-0 loss, I have now won 3 in a row keeping clean sheets in all. Time will tell how long this lasts though. I see the challenge was completed last year with RB Leipzig though so it is definitely doable!

it is definately doable. RB Leipzig have best budget in that level which should help early doors. you have some good players too which should see you ok for a bit. sounds like you have found some form - good luck

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EDIT: Great season there G-Wiz, your strikeforce looks pretty decent, you reckon you could challenge for promotion next season?

yeah i think considering how well we performed last season with only a few additions to the squad, if we can strengthen a few positions a bit more then you never know...for a proper promotion push we really need a new GK, a stronger CB, and a creative midfielder. We conceded far too many goals last season, otherwise im convinced we couldve been right up there.

having said that, my boards lack of ambition is really starting to get frustrating. once again i have no transfer budget, and my wage budget has only increased slightly, to £10,500 a week, so i will probably need to move players out before i can bring anyone in

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Messina 2014-15 Review

Ins and outs


Signed as a squad player though my scouted rated him, wasn't really that prolific over the season but was steady enough.


Absolutely superb at left back all season, was a contender for my player of the year at one point.

Barth (1)

Took a lot of haggling with his agent to get him on board at the start of the season but I was determined to get him no matter what it cost and he was superb all year and kept everything ticking over. This is him at the end of the season, his importance was shown in the games he missed more than any other player and that's why I made him my player of the year.


Came in January to boost numbers and did well, I think there's a lot more to come from him.


Another top signing in the winter, I had 2 £6M co-ownership offers in the summer but he wouldn't join either Bologna or Lecce, I could have done with the money but in a way I am glad he rejected them.


He was more a back up player but has done well when called upon, I accepted a £1.4M co-ownership at the end of the season for him so there must be something there, unfortunately I needed the money for other signings and he was the most disposable (though he stays with us for the time being)

Top scorer

Goes to that man Otto again, he took to Serie B like a duck to water and was the divisions top scorer.

Season Overview


Coppa Italia

I am still in a bit of shock by it all myself, but we had a flying start and as I usually find if you get a good start the confidence is high and results keep coming. We let more goals in than I would have liked but I can't be too harsh as I would have been happy finishing just above the relegation zone at the start of the season. It wasn't always pretty, 14 goals came from indirect free kicks, another 8 from direct ones and 9 goals from corners (never had that many set piece goals in a season before) but in this division results are everything and i'll take another year of it in Serie A and then start to work on playing the pretty stuff.

We had the 3rd highest attendance in the division and made a small profit each month but the gate receipts from the cup games and the £400k+ from reaching the 1st round were invaluable to us.

I'm about to play my first Serie A game against Padova, followed by Lecce so we do have a good chance to get some early points on the board. I've managed to get far better staff in now as well plus quite a few players and more targeted so i'll probably do a half season review this time to save an a very long end of season post.

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I approach every match with complacent disinterest apart from Champions League Knock Out matches before which I have stomach churning terror of impending disaster; especially second legs. It's not uncommon for me to play through the game for a few hours until I get to one of those matches and stop playing, thinking I can't handle this at the moment. Sometimes when we go out I stare at my screen in disbelief.

So a hatrick in the first 8 minutes certainly helps calm the nerves. Safouan Yilmaz, I'm developing a bit of a man crush on you.

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Ercan Yildrim scores the Liga BBVA Goal of the Week in a 3:1 victory over Villareal.


Finally looking like a team, though tomorrow is the end of the first half of the season and we face Real Madrid.

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I have a player from my youth set up who is dubbed 'the new Raul Meireles'. I don't see it myself. He's a decent player, but I'd say he's more of a winger.

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Messina 2015/16 Half season report

Obviously I have had to be very busy in the transfer market as we probably went up a season sooner than I would have liked. Most players in are on frees but I did manage my first 2 cash signings who look very promising.

Ins and outs










Half way table

I am delighted with the start we have made, we have only really been hammered twice and have Milan and Napoli as major scalps. My transfer dealings were mainly young players as you can see because my thinking was build a team now even if it meant going down this season i'd have a good base for any relegation and future promotion but it has so happened that they have excelled and even if the 2nd half of the season doesn't go as well as the 1st we should be safe as the bottom 3 are really poor.

I was offered the Parma job which I obviously turned down but it was good to get my 1st offer from another club, especially one as big as that.

The signing of Prince was a big one for us, I had tried to get him in October and would have come then if the board would have gave me the extra £2k a week I needed but the board finally upped the budget in Jan and we snapped him.

I had been playing 4-4-2 all season but Prince's signing means I am going for this formation so we can control the midfield better against bigger clubs. Otto isn't as prolific this season but he has still chipped in with 8 goals, i'm not sure he is actually good enough for this level but I can't bear to get rid of him after all he has done in the past 2 seasons (how sad am I loving a player like that? :lol:)

I don't think i've enjoyed a save on FM like this since my Santa Cruz save on 09, the game is running quick and I just keep on wanting to move on to the next match as soon as I can which is why i've flown through it so far. I thought days like this were behind me but my faith in FM has been restored with this save so far :cool:

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I have a player from my youth set up who is dubbed 'the new Raul Meireles'. I don't see it myself. He's a decent player, but I'd say he's more of a winger.


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Since you asked. Here is Álvaro Pinto dubbed the new Raul Meireles and compared to Andreas Jensen within my squad - I honestly don't see the similarity with either, I don't see him being involved in the middle of the park for quite some time, if ever. He looks to me to be a decent right winger in the making though. Will look to give him some game time in the second half of the season/the cups.

While I'm at it - here's Rui Lopes who came through in the same batch of youngsters as Pinto and who also appears to have the makings of a decent centre-half. No comparisons have been made but he is part of the Portugal U-21s side. He really needs to improve the physical side of the game, but hopefully that'll come with time.

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You know that dominant, free-scoring team I had a couple of seasons ago? If anyone finds it lying around could they please send it to me. My team this season (in the league) look as though they've never played together before. Baffling considering how long some of them have been with the club.

Do you think it's worth shipping out some of the players who've been around for a long time? Try to freshen things up or is that a waste of time?

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sounds like it might be time to freshen it up a little bit....

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January has rolled up and I've broken my record transfer fee bringing in some midfield quality. Hopefully he'll make a difference. Otherwise it might be time to say goodbye to some established names in the summer.

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CelticDaft98 - Great first season there, best of luck in the Second Division.

iacovone - Good season despite the lack of goals, which I have also found very strange, hope you can sort that out and push for a top-half finish next season.

Dexter_Morgan - What an amazing rise to the top! Looks like you should stay up quite easily this season.

AliG - Best of luck with RB Leipzig, had a go with them last year, only got to 2. Bundesliga but I remember never having to worry about finances. Quite a different scenario with my Real team now...

G-Wiz - I know what you mean about board ambition, in my second season at Liga Orangina I only have a wage budget of € 7.75k p/w. I keep finding awesome players, but that would take up 15-20% of my budget, so frustrating!

vikeologist - That is an awesome result, could this be the year?

PRDH - I'd say freshening the squd up sounds good as well. I am not the loyal kind, if I see someone I think is better than what I currently have I don't think twice about signing him, given I actually have the finances for it...

As for Real, we have started steadily in the league, I think it will be a year of consolidation.

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Right. It's time for my annual defeat in the Champions League 1st Round Knockout. This year it's AC Milan who get the honour of ruining my season. I'll be welcoming them to Angra do Heroísmo for the first leg.

Kick off - Going into the game with a couple of long term injuries makes life harder

7 mins - Jensen gives the ball to Mamede who surges up the middle before releasing Neira on the edge of the box. He beats his man and slots it under the Milan GK. 1-0

26 mins - Milan have their first serious chance as they find some space. Fortunately they contrived to put it a long, long way over the bar.

39 mins - Fontaine runs up the left touchline. Gets to the byline. Whips a low ball in across the box where Neira is arriving. He throws himself at the ball, gets a touch and diverts it into the net. 2-0

Half time - A decent performance in the first half here has definitely given me something to play with.

50 mins - Descazals puts the ball into his own net to hand Milan an away goal and a way back into this match. 2-1

57 mins - After the ball is swung in from the right Fontaine gets a shot in on goal. It beats the keeper but comes back off the upright. It falls to Fontaine again but he's muscled off the ball. Hang on. The ref has given a penalty. Jensen steps up...and SCORES! Not a subtle one as he blasts it up the middle, but that doesn't matter and the two goal advantage is restored. 3-1

61 mins - Oof! A shot from outside the area slams inches past the post.

64 mins - That's a vicious challenge from Meriano, the Milan centre back, and he's hurt Mamede. Looks like he'll have to go off. He'll be joined by the Milan player who, justly, has been shown a red card.

70 mins - Neira is played through one-on-one with the keeper. Chance for his hat-trick. He's blown it. Shanks the ball well wide.

72 mins - Some lovely interplay leads to Peek, Mamede's replacement, firing a low shot on goal. It's a great save though.

76 mins - Getting a lot of joy down the right now. Another chance comes and goes as the shot is fired into the side netting.

85 mins - Another ball in from the right finds Fontaine at the back post and he calmly slots the ball home. No! Ruled out. Offside. Ooh, I'm not convinced that was the right decision.

90+2 mins - Corner. Final chance of the game. Nope. Headed over. Peep, peep, peeeeeep. Game over.

Full-time - 3-1 - A really good performance from the team has given me something to take to Milan and defend (maybe more).

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Right. The boys have made the journey to Milan. Unfortunately no left backs have. Injuries have struck down my left-sided full backs. We'll try our best and we've got a two goal advantage heading into this game.

Kick off

6 mins - Milan with the first chance of the game. Cross comes in from the left. Striker with space. Svoboda pulls off a cracking save.

28 mins - Milan corner. They win the header. Cleared off the line. Not far though. Milan put the loose ball into the net 1-0 (2-3).

Half time - It's been all Milan in the opening half. Still ahead on aggregate but we need to improve in the second half.

70 mins - Dreary second half so far. I've made the slightly risky move of switching to a back three and wing backs to try and get a foot hold back in the game.

75 mins - Fontaine swings a corner in from the right. Hermans rises the highest, but his header comes back off the bar. So unlucky.

76 mins - Swift counter attack catches the defence all at see and my right back trips the Milan player on the edge of the box. From the ensuing free kick Descazals clears the ball off the line. Tense stuff here at the San Siro.

85 mins - Descazals wins a header but it's heading towards his own goal. Svoboda smothers it. Lucky escape...

90+2 mins - Milan getting desperate now as they start shooting on sight from all over the field. This time a shot from 40+ yards flies high and wide. Just 60 seconds to hold on...

90+3 mins - Svoboda launches the ball forward. Partida is fouled. They take the time over the kick. Send Fontaine into the corner. And there it is. The final whistle and we're through...

Full time - The goal in the first half made things more stressful than I'd have liked. We nearly went behind on away goals a couple of times but have come away with the result we needed and are into the Quarters...

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well done PRDH!! good luck in the quarters, whoever you draw.

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Thanks guys. You'll be the first to know when the draw is made.

But, in the mean time, can I introduce you to the latest product of my youth set up, a local lad who has grown up on Terceira (the Azorean island which Angra do Heroísmo is on). I have high hopes for him. There are a couple of obvious deficiencies but hopefully those can be improved. Anyway, without any further ado - meet Pedro Cardoso.

How far do you guys think he can go?

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Pedro Cardoso looks very, very good! Technically and mentally he is already great, if you can get his physical stats up he will become a beast!

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Oh dear,we don't look like the same side that played so well last season and early this season. With ten games to go we are in 15th place, one point off safety. We dn't even remember what winning feels like properly. Going to have to produce something special to stay up...

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Good luck corinthiano.

Yeah, if I can get him up to a reasonable level of speed (I'm already working on it) then I think he could do very well.

The draw has been made and in the quarter finals I will play - Lyon.

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Getting a bit of a thumping at the hands of Porto right now. It will, in all likelihood, signal the end of my title challenge this season. I suppose my run of league wins had to come to an end at some point. Concentration will switch to keeping in the Champions League places/my Champions League campaign.

Edit - I think this signals a time to have a rethink squad-wise. I've had largely the same team for a while. I might look to move on some of the bigger earners. Build again. It's not as if this current team has been consistently getting me where I want it to be in terms of Europe. I suppose it could be risky. But this performance against Porto is showing that I've let other teams in Portugal catch me up. And that needs to be rectified.

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PRDH - Cardoso looks like he'll be a star! with a bit of pace he'll be a world beater! good luck against Lyon too.

corinthiano - sounds tough. good luck in the run in.

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It has certainly been an odd season, just went on a 4 match winning run, which included wins over run away promotion contenders Penafiel and Estoril. This leaves me 5 points off the relegation places with 5 games to go, a couple of wins can guarantee me Liga Orangina football next season.

EDIT: Make it five in a row. 4 games to go, 7 points off the relegation zone. I feel pretty safe.

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Real Sport Clube – 2016/17 Liga Orangina

Liga Orangina

Media Prediction: 15th

Board Expectation: Avoid Relegation

My Target: Stay Clear of Relegation

League Table: 10th ǁ Position Graph

If you look at the final league table you would assume this was a boring season in which we just consolidated in the league. However when you look at the positions graph you get a feeling of how much of a roller coaster ride it was. We started the season OK, performing like a mid-table team. However once we got knocked out of both cup competitions it seemed as if the team lost all confidence and we went on a 9 match winless run which put us bottom of the table with 10 games to go. We then miraculously went 7-3-0 in those last 10 games, beating a couple of promotion contenders on the way. In the end I am happy we survived, even if it was a bit more tense and emotional than I wanted it to be.

Taça de Portugal Millennium

Second Round – A tricky tie against Vizela, were we went behind and only equalized with 10 minutes to go before winning it on penalties.

Third Round – Another tricky tie, this one won through a Gil strike towards the end of the game.

Fourth Round – An absolute trashing against Belenenses, knew it would be difficult to go through, but I was not happy to go out like that.

Bwin Cup

First Phase – Group B – A very tight group, thought we were lucky to get out of it.

Second Phase – First Leg – Very proud the team managed to hold off a strong Vitória Guimarães, even if it was a bad result for the second leg.

Second Phase – Second Leg – Just couldn’t hold them off at their place.

The Royals

Transfers ǁ Squad 1 ǁ Squad 2

It was a year of less movement as I did not have a lot of wage budget to play with. The main focus was bringing in an AMC and I was happy with the signing of Momotenko. The only position where I felt we were short was up front, as Medina was past it and all my back-ups not ready to step in on a permanent basis.

GK: Buick – Had a decent season and is attracting attention from top-flight clubs.

DR: Antônio – Covered as DC when Felipe was injured.

DC: Felipe – Got injured quite a bit this season, but played well when fit.

DC: Eduardo – Another good season, is our penalty taker as well now.

DL: André Dias – Good season, keeping my back-line meant were pretty solid at the back even during our bad run of form.

DMC: Douglas – Douglas was ok, but I already signed his replacement on a Bosman, so he will be mainly back-up next season.

MC: Valeriy Nesterovskyi – Initially brought him in only as back-up, but he was better than Joedson. Did OK, but I am not entirely satisfied, so might replace him.

MC: Rubén Pizurno – Another good season by Rubén.

AMC: Illya Momotenko – My key signing. With him we were awesome. Problem was he was injured for a good part of the season and we missed him badly. Hopefully he can stay fit next season.

ST: Gil – Not as effective as in previous seasons, but I am going to blame Medina for that :D

ST: Nicolás Medina – He is past it, not good enough. Already signed a replacement, but might bring another striker in just for further back-up.

Other News

Finances – Amazingly we managed to turn in a profit this season, due to the constant cash injections by the board and the € 250k league prize money.

This Season Targets

1. Keep away from a relegation fight Fail – I thought we were doomed at a point, in the end we were safe but I ideally I don’t want it to be this tight again.

2. Have a half decent run in one of the cups Success – I think I did pretty well in both cups, it was only a bit disappointing to lose so heavily to Belenenses.

3. Stay within my wage budget Fail – We were only € 1k over this time, just couldn’t resist bolstering the squad.

Next Season Targets

1. Mid-table safety

2. Be more consistent

Another wage budget increase, now we have € 10.5k p/w, am thinking of either signing another striker or MC for the first team. We really need to settle in this division now, so I want a boring mid-table finish.

Career Overview

Season       League                     Pos      Taça de Portugal     Bwin Cup        Europe      Achievements
2012/13      2. Divisão - Zona Sul      7th      First Round          N/A             N/A         None
2013/14      2. Divisão - Zona Centro   3rd      Second Round         N/A             N/A         None
2014/15      2. Divisão - Zona Centro   1st      Third Round          N/A             N/A         Promotion
2015/16      Liga Orangina              10th     Second Round         First Phase     N/A         None
2016/17      Liga Orangina              10th     Fourth Round         Second Phase    N/A         None

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Nice season of consolidation there corinthiano especially after your mid-season troubles.

In other news - STOP THE PRESSES - Porto have lost their final game of the season, it was two days before mine and means I have a chance at the title again. This would be staggeringly undeserved if I manage it. They have been by far the best team in the league this year. You'll have to wait until this evening to find out though - ooh, I'm such a tease!

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We still can't score and we now can't win. This is going to be a tougher season than the last for Novese :(

Haven't won in 6 and haven't scored in 4. My change in formation really isn't working, but I want to make it work :mad:. It's a W-M style tactic. Difficult to implement but we dominate games without scoring, it's very frustrating.

Plus, the chairman wants to leave and due to his budgetary mis-management we're drifting toward financial ruin! Not good.

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Messina 2015-16 Review.



Fixtures 2

Player of the season

The impact Prince has had already has been outstanding so to win this in half a season shows how important he has been to the club.

Other notable players are Preub who I had to move out wide when I changed to 4-3-3/4-5-1 so his goal tally didn't end up that great but i'm still pleased with how he has come along and Olsen who couldn't even get in the team until an injury to Raul and at one point was on his way out, but I gave him the run in the team and he repaid me with a decent goal tally and he has quite clearly been getting better as the season wore on.

I have become a legend at the club already as well, i've never managed it as quickly as that even at teams where I was winning titles and European cups, in some cases i've done that in small clubs and never got past being an icon.

I've got the board to do the first upgrades on facilities, i've done 2 youth coaching improvements already and i'm hoping i'll get the option to improve the recruitment range this season. The board expect a mid table finish already which puts me under a bit of pressure but with the signings i've made for this year (i'll link in my half way report as i've already started) it looks like we can at least do that again. One position I am struggling for is a goalkeeper, Sclopis is decent enough but I think not having decent coaches for 3 seasons means he'll never become good enough for top level and Willian is too eccentric for my liking, he was a panic signing as I had no back up at all.

corinthiano - well done with your season, hopefully you can push on a bit more next year. Nesterovskyi looks like a good player try and keep hold of him.

iacovone - sorry that it isn't going that well mate, I have a W-M tactic that I have used for other clubs and it is hard to get going and I have never been able to get a solid defence with it though I do score lots with it no matter how good the players back there are, in fact i'll be looking to use it once i'm established as top flight club and see if I can sort that part about it out. I'm not really sure how things stand on here with tactics but if nobody else has a problem I can do a screenshot of mine to give you a few ideas?

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iacovone - clever o you to use the forum curse in reverse, have to try that out if things get tough at Real ;):D

Dexter_Morgan - Solid season there with Messina, Prince is one hell of a coup! Do you think you can push for European qualification this season? I have kept on Nesterovskyi as well, he will start the season in the first team.

PRDH - Winning a title undeservedly just tastes better, hope you can do it!

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I think Europe might be too soon, I have really good scouts though now i'm in Serie A so I trust that the majority of the first team will be good enough to achieve it soon, i'm just a bit concerned that the squad is thin especially at left back and midfield. We have had a good start though and Inter, AC and Juve aren't in the best of shapes going by the games i've had against them, Napoli and Sampdoria seem to be the biggest clubs now.

Prince was a brilliant coup. To get him for £15k a week as well was brilliant. I missed out on Sergio Canales for free in the summer, I've never had him on any FM and he would have fitted right in :(

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Lusitânia Açores - Season Summary - 2029/30


Key figure - £14,214,773 | Summary

A couple of expensive transfers this year saw the finances take a bit of a hit but the Champions League money ensured that we stayed solvent.

Club News

1/ Youth facilities upgraded - they are now State of the Art.

2/ Stadium expansion completed - capacity is now a healthy 39,682

3/ Another expansion was commissioned by the board (without my request) at the end of the season which is set to add another 5,182 seats to the ground.

Transfers | 12 in (£24.5m) and 22 out (£18.75m)

A couple of big transfers with Pitoco and Scaricamazza broke the transfer record twice in one season. The majority of the money is leaking out of the accounts over the next four years though which is why the finances survived as they did.

In terms of exits the established players to go were Gai and Madsen who left in January along with other assorted flotsam and jetsam that had gathered around the fringes of the squad.

More exits are planned over the off season as I look to move on some of the high earners who have never quite pushed me over the line.

League | Predicted - 2nd

Table | Graph

This was the scrappiest of my league wins (I know, not the hardest life). After a 4-0 loss to Porto left me a way behind them and sitting in 3rd I really thought my grasp on the league had gone. Benfica were also ahead of me and I was facing having to get into Europe through the qualifying rounds. However, Porto wobbled and fell at the last. They lost to Benfica and Tourizense (who won to leap out of the relegation places) while Benfica slipped up and drew to 5th place Beira Mar leaving me playing last needing to beat Leixoes to win the league. The boys stepped up to the plate and got the 0-1 victory that saw us claim an 8th (yes, Eighth) successive league title.

I'm still not convinced by my team, and there are going to be some big changes over the summer...


Supertaça | Winners

A very exciting game to open the season. We opened up a 0-2 lead in the first half before Porto dragged us back. We went ahead again, they equalised but a couple of late goals secured the cup.

Taça de Portugal | 6th Rd

We dropped out of the cup against Sporting. I sort of wish I could opt out of these cups now, they just feel like they get in the way.

League Cup | Group

Another cup I really don't care about anymore. Next season I'm going to play the youth team in this and the reserves in the Taça de Portugal.


Group Stage | Table

A potentially tricky group was negotiated without too much trouble. A couple of defeats to Barcelona were not unexpected but victories over the rest saw us through.

1st Knockout Rd | First Leg | Second leg

A tricky tie against AC Milan was our reward for getting through the group stages. I wasn't optimistic but a great performance in the first leg (3-1) put us in a strong position and we closed it out with only a moderately stressful performance (0-1) in Milan.

Quarter Final | First Leg | Second Leg

Lyon were our next challenge. We jetted off to France for the first leg and left with a 1-1 draw and an all important away goal. We brought them back to the Azores and a freak goal in the 88th minute put us through to the semis.

Semi Final | First Leg | Second Leg

Another French teams were next in our sights, PSG this time. They came to Angra and got a 4-2 win leaving us needing a miracle in Paris. It didn't come as we lost 4-3. A decent performance away from home but we were let down by our home performance. Our second semi-final exit now. Time to rebuild and come back stronger next season.

Squad | Overview

'Keepers | No change here, Svoboda was our number one and everyone else fought over the scraps in cup competitions.

Ales Svoboda - 45 apps, 40 conc, 23 cln - A slightly disappointing season, but I'm keeping faith for now. Still our number 1 and I'm planning for him to be the same next season.

Boquita - 5 apps, 5 conc, 3 cln - A decent number 2 who could push on further if he gets the chance.

Defenders | This is one area where I'm not going to make too many changes, defence has not, as a rule been my problem.

Pitoco - 47 apps, 1 gl, 2 asts, 2 MoMs - Brought in at the start of the season and was undisputed first choice. He's a very solid player in his position.

Stijn Hermans - 4(6) apps - Time is up for the Belgian. He's not progressed as I'd wished and is off when the transfer window opens.

Sébastien Gautier - 49 apps, 4 gls, 1 MoM - Another strong season for the defender. One I'd like to keep, but we'll see if silly money comes in.

Giannis Sentementes - 2(1) apps - All about the potential with this young Greek defender. If he spends a couple of seasons learning the ropes behind Gautier and Descazals then I think he can move into the first team and do well.

Rui Lopes - 0(1) app - Local lad who made his debut this season. He's got very good technical stats for his position. Needs to work on the physical side of his game to really break into the set up.

Meraneh Descazals - 46 apps, 8 gls, 2 asts, 7 MoMs - Legend, nothing more to say. Scored the goal that won us the league this season and his partnership with Gautier is very strong.

Jaimy van Putten - 7(5) apps, 1 ast - Decent back up but nothing more. He had a run of games when Osses was injured without impressing.

Mauro - 4(6) apps, 1 ast - Another young guy in the defence. Needs to work on the defensive side of his game because going forward he's already excellent.

Christian Osses - 41 apps, 5 asts - Fewer games than normal this season as the result of a couple of injuries. Still first choice but I need to organise some serious competition to push him on again.

Midfielders | An area that could see some major surgery over the summer.

Tornado - 13 apps, 2 asts - Struggled for game time as I blooded my new record signing. He has a future for me at this stage, but we'll see how he progresses.

Roberto Scaricamazza - 26 apps, 1 gl, 3 asts - The new record signing arrived to add a touch of class to the midfield. He generally did, though I'll be looking for further improvements next season.

Mario Skeffington - 6(3) apps - Young Aussie who will rotate between the middle of the pitch and the wide areas. He's reasonable if nothing special at the moment but he does show some nice touches occasionally.

Emin Dalkali - 31(6) apps, 12 gls, 9 asts, 3 MoMs - Really stepped up to the plate this season after Gai's exit. He has possession of the right wing berth for the new season.

Joffrey Fontaine - [37 apps, 4 gls, 22 asts, 1 MoM[/i] - Another good season for the left winger, but he is one of the established players I might look to move on over the summer. He wastes opportunities with slightly wayward shooting and is on very high wages.

Stefan Fink - 13(11) apps, 2 gls, 4 asts - The man I'm looking at to replace Fontaine. He's showed enough to make me think that with regular game time he can do a good job for me.

Andreas Jensen - 38 apps, 8 gls, 17 asts, 2 MoMs - Another of the regulars who is off. The decision has been made. He's a good player and he's wracked up a huge number of assists, but most of them are from corners and I don't think he has enough influence in open play.

Holger Lemke - 3(5) apps - Will get more responsibility next season with Jensen's departure and it will be time for him to show what he can do.

Héctor Partida - 10(18) apps, 1 gl, 3 asts - Continuing my trend of promoting from within he will get his chance at the starting role next season. Hopefully he will produce some good form.

Álvaro Pinto - 5(7) apps, 1 ast - Another of the local lads who has made his debut this season. I think he has the potential to at least turn into a good squad player.

Forwards | The forward line were fairly unlucky with injuries this season, as soon as one of them built up a head of steam they seemed to get a semi-serious injury.

Labros Pavlou - 1(1) apps, 3 gls, 2 MoMs - Stunning form when he played, but I'm afraid he's not quite good enough to get regular game time and is around as a last resort.

Allan Tranberg - 6(7) apps, 9 gls, 1 ast - Another to play well when called upon but he's not developed as I hoped and is probably only ever going to be a squad player here.

Alan Neira - 41(1) apps, 18 gls, 15 asts, 5 MoMs - Not as prolific as he has been but still played well and was the least injury prone of the front line.

Micha Peek - 15(9) apps, 10 gls, 6 asts, 3 MoMs - Something of a breakthrough season for the young Dutchman. He's been around the squad for a while now and he took his chances well. His ability with both feet is very useful.

Sidnei Mamede - 16(6) apps, 15 gls, 7 asts, 5 MoMs - Another to struggle with injuries. He had runs of great form but they were almost always ended by a niggling injury.

Miguel Angel Klein - 0(2) apps, 1 gl - Decent back up and seems happy to play that role. It's one he may have to accept for some time.

Edemilson Mendès - 22(2) apps, 16 gls, 2 asts, 5 MoMs - A return to goalscoring form for the prolific striker but again disrupted by injuries as he recovered just in time for the title celebrations. His record stands at 71 goals in 83 league appearances and if he can keep fit then I think he could spearhead us to glory.

Pedro Cardoso - Another local boy who emerged this year and the best of the lot. He hasn't made his debut yet, but will certainly get some game time next season once he can be registered. I have high hopes for this guy.

Aims For This Season Were...

1/ Retain league - Yes, but only just

2/ Improve European form - at least Quarter final. Yes, exceeded them by getting into the semis

Aims For Next Season Are...

1/ Get back to my dominant league form.

2/ With a nice draw I'd like to get to the CL final.

3/ Blood my youngsters in the cup and ends of league games.

Story So Far...

Season		League			Position		Achievements
2012/13		Second Division - South	12th			Avoided Relegation (just)
2013/14		Second Division - South 1st			Promoted!
2014/15		Second League		14th			Avoided Relegation
2015/16		Second League		2nd			Promoted!
2016/17		Premier League		13th			Avoided Relegation
2017/18		Premier League		3rd			Qualified for Europa League
2018/19		Premier League		4th			Europa League again
2019/20		Premier League		5th			Europa League again
2020/21		Premier League		1st			Champions!
2021/22		Premier League		2nd			CL Qualification again
2022/23		Premier League		1st			Champions!
2023/24		Premier League		1st			CL 1st Knockout Round
2024/25		Premier League		1st			CL 1st Knockout Round
2025/26		Premier League		1st			CL 1st Knockout Round
2026/27		Premier League		1st			CL 1st Knockout Round
2027/28		Premier League		1st			CL Semi Final
2028/29		Premier League		1st			CL 1st Knockout Round
2029/30		Premier League		1st			CL Semi Final

Previous Updates


















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