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  1. I had the same issue. I downloaded a logo pack. You need to delete the hall_of_fame.dat-file before you start a new game. Then the Hall of fame will be right with Ferguson, Mourinho et al. The file ii located in the shared documents folder, not in your users folder.
  2. As you can see from the screenshot, it is the Hall of fame, not the leaderboard. I dont care about the leaderboard, and I play with real names fix and badges. But my Hall of Fame is very weird, it looks like it have imported data from the leaderboard. I want the Hall of Fame so I can compare my ingame manager to Mourinho, Pep, Stein, Fergie etc. But all their names are gone.
  3. I thought I did. I clicked where it says «Hall of Fame» under the FM-button. (The drop-down where you can save the game etc). And it shows probably the leaderboard-names. For me it looks like they are swapped with the real names. But where do I find the in-game manager standings?
  4. If you mean FM21 I got i from steam a couple of weeks ago. Other than that I just have the real name fix and some badges. It is not game breaking, but it would be nice to compare your progress and success with Mourinho et al.
  5. No. Its the ingame one. I some way it has been filled with other peoples names. And the strange manager "Auto Mation". No signs for the usual managers like Pep or sir Alex.
  6. Hi. Probably a stupid question, but when I enter Hall of fame in game, I only get to see other gameplayers managers on the list. Not the real managers like Guardiola, Ferguson etc. Is there something I do wrong not to get the real managers?
  7. Hi. I am going on a trip with a friend. There is no internet connection. Can we play multiplayer in a lan?
  8. Cheers. I will try that. And that teaches me to read the whole thread from now.:o
  9. My "match statistics" and "league table" widgets in match has disappeared. I can get all the others to be visible, but not those two. Others experience this?
  10. Hi. I am playing FMC and I am Arsenal in my first season. After a slow start I finally got the team playing well and I am working my way up the league. I play a 4-1-4-1 formation with wingbacks, a BBM and a CMa centrally, and two wide midfielders, one on attack, the other support. I also use to deploy Özil as a wide playmaker in a lot of games after a tip I read on the Arsenal page, it works very well. Up front I have a CFs. I feel the set up is fairly balanced, I use just one shout from the start, stay on feet, and add more during the game. Most of the games I do well as I said. But, I have two experiences I need some help with. I have played Chelsea and Man Utd away from home. They are 1. and 2. in the league. Chelsea is unbeaten. In each of the games I went 2-0 up and were fairly in control. But then, after 60 min or so, the opponents went right at me, throwing everything at me I felt, I and couldn't cope. I lost 3-2 against Chelsea and 4-2 against Man Utd. Lots of goals scored in the last ten minutes. Against Chelsea they changed to a 4-2-4 fromation, and I didn't know how to cope with that. I thought I should get in their faces so I went more attacking, pushing the team up, but that was obviously wrong. So against Man U I thought I have learned a lesson when the kitchen sink came. But they didn't change formation, they played a narrow 4-3-1-2 until they scored the 1-2 goal, from then they went for a 4-2-3-1 wide. I tried to push up to deny them space, it didn't help, I try to be more defensive an compact with direct passing, didn't help. And my players made silly passes and mistakes, probably because they were under a lot of pressure. From the moment they started to go at me, I just felt that it was a matter of time before they scored, and I was helpless. So my question is: Have any of you experienced this kind of pressure and how do you go on to cope with that? It would be nice to get some tips to how I should react, especially to relieve the pressure to see the game out. The thing about both games are that I felt my gameplan worked excellent until they decided to give a go at me, and from then I was completely outplayed and helpless. Thanks in advance.
  11. I think your thoughts are really interesting. I hav to admit I haven't regarded control in the way you mention here. Absolutely food for thought.
  12. Is it possible to get wingers to pass the ball 45 degrees out in the box when they come to the byline? When I played football myself that was one thing my coaches emphasized a lot. In the game it seems that the wingers always goes for the shot, even from almost impossible angles.
  13. Mark Burchill=legend. And a regen called Massimiliano Melis. A striker in my Aston Villa team from FM06.He was a beast.
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