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  1. Cheers. I will try that. And that teaches me to read the whole thread from now.:o
  2. My "match statistics" and "league table" widgets in match has disappeared. I can get all the others to be visible, but not those two. Others experience this?
  3. Hi. I am playing FMC and I am Arsenal in my first season. After a slow start I finally got the team playing well and I am working my way up the league. I play a 4-1-4-1 formation with wingbacks, a BBM and a CMa centrally, and two wide midfielders, one on attack, the other support. I also use to deploy Özil as a wide playmaker in a lot of games after a tip I read on the Arsenal page, it works very well. Up front I have a CFs. I feel the set up is fairly balanced, I use just one shout from the start, stay on feet, and add more during the game. Most of the games I do well as I said. But, I hav
  4. I think your thoughts are really interesting. I hav to admit I haven't regarded control in the way you mention here. Absolutely food for thought.
  5. Is it possible to get wingers to pass the ball 45 degrees out in the box when they come to the byline? When I played football myself that was one thing my coaches emphasized a lot. In the game it seems that the wingers always goes for the shot, even from almost impossible angles.
  6. Mark Burchill=legend. And a regen called Massimiliano Melis. A striker in my Aston Villa team from FM06.He was a beast.
  7. I see what you mean, and thanks for saying which one you found more interesting. What I was thinking was to try to win it with as many different clubs in London during your career. Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham would be easy, but then it will be more difficult because you have to start doing it with clubs further down the system. So to win it with, say, ten London clubs in one single career could take some time:) Absolutely agree. The thing here is that you could choose a hard or an easier path. If you start with City, then you can go to Everton or Espanyol or Atletico Madrid. I was think
  8. Thanks. I was actually thinking about them as two separate challenges. I am happy to hear ideas that can make these suggestions even better. I'll keep working on them. Thanks for the encouragement.
  9. Late on a saturday. Bear with me I have two suggestions, I don’t know if it has been mentioned before: 1. Getting even with Milan Milan is the only city with two European cup/Champions league winning teams. The task is to get as many cities as possible with one team to manage the same. You start with teams in the cities with one EC/CL winner. City Teams available. (Highest division first) Madrid: Atletco Madrid, Getafe, Rayo Vallecano Lisbon: Sporting Lisbon, Belenenses Glasgow: Rangers, Parthick Thistle, Queens Park Manchester: Manchester City, FC United
  10. This is so great. I really like the idea that you have the best team from a certain period, and have a couple of star players from other eras as youtplayers/talents. Makes the game much more interesting/fun/playable. Great work
  11. Or maybe he's into the anti way of playing FM. Trying to get as many relegations as possible I am Norwegian as well, so I shouldn't be too cocky. By the way, after been struggling mid season with Newcastle I just stuck to the basics, home tactic at home and away tactic away. Also moved def line one notch back if the scout report suggested it. Now I am back on track again.
  12. Looks like you have found something there. It could be the same thing I have experienced. Very bad performances from my defenders. I'll check out on the creativity bit.
  13. First of all I have to say a big thank you for these tactics and that I may be a bit spoiled when it comes to how much I demand from them. I am in my fourth season with Newcastle. I have finished 10-10-5. And it was the last season I started to use sexy football. I think my squad is good, but not good enough yet to win the league. I am at fourth place now (february), and I think that is realistic. What I struggle with is a bad away form. I have experienced that in games I start with the away tactic, I let in a lot of goals, (Ishmael Miller always scores a lot against me for some reason)I th
  14. I experience the same. Especially away. It could be that my Newcastle team is over performing, but I struggle to win away from home. Will not do any conclusions yet, but if any one have som suggestions to how you get a decent away form I will appreciate it. At home the tactic work very well.
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