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  1. Shame about the CL but you have some winnable games in the Europa knockouts so hopefully you'll do well there as it's safe to say the league is done and dusted if your reserves are hammering most teams
  2. Well done delta, I just hope you've got your scouts on double over time though Good luck with the new season
  3. Well Istra and Dinamo are insecure and Croatia is a place that I failed at in the only time i've done it this set of saves so that's tempting if comes up but ideally I would like a side in Slovenia or Slovakia next, hopefully a club with reasonable facilities but not one of the top sides.
  4. Coefficients Nation 2014 2026 +/- 2027 +/- 2028 +/- 2029 +/- 2030 +/- 2031 +/- 2032 +/- 2033 +/- 2034 +/- 2035 +/- 2036 +/- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Albania 65 80 0 76 +4 79 -3 72 +7 65 +7 Armenia 88 70 -2 72 -2 62 +10 64 -2 64 0 Azerbaijan 40 34 +6 29 +5 26 +3 26 0 28 -2 Belarus 22 16 +1 16 0 15 +1 17 -2 15 +2 Bosnia & Herz 47 61 -9 57 +4 66 -9 74 -8 82 -8 Bulgaria 26 20 -1 18 +2 16 +2 16 0 21 -5 Croatia 20 10 +4 10 0 9 +1 7 +2 5 +2 Czech Rep 15 11 0 9 +2 6 +3 8 -2 6 +2 Estonia 90 71 +4 59 +12 58 +1 59 -1 61 -2 FYR Macedonia 67 52 +8 55 -3 57 -2 65 -8 73 -8 Georgia 44 58 +7 68 -10 67 +1 66 +1 75 -11 Hungary 30 18 +5 17 +1 14 +3 13 +1 13 0 Kazakhstan 45 41 -2 42 -1 44 -2 45 -1 44 +1 Latvia 57 95 +1 95 0 103 -8 110 -7 113 -3 Lithuania 66 76 -6 73 +3 73 0 62 +11 63 -1 Moldova 39 91 -10 96 -5 88 +8 86 +2 87 -1 Montenegro 60 78 -5 84 -6 92 -8 101 -9 105 -4 Poland 21 12 0 12 0 10 +2 12 -2 11 +1 Romania 16 14 -1 11 +3 13 -2 11 +2 10 +1 Russia 7 6 0 5 +1 2 +3 1 +1 1 0 Serbia 29 9 +1 13 -4 11 +3 9 +2 7 +2 Slovakia 36 40 -4 37 +3 37 0 37 0 33 +4 Slovenia 35 31 -1 24 +7 20 +4 24 -4 17 +7 Ukraine 9 5 0 4 +1 3 +1 2 +1 2 0 Risers 10/24 Droppers 10/24 Non Movers 4/24 Biggest Risers +7, Slovenia and ALbania Biggest Fallers -11 Georgia Former Club Watch FC Kaisar - Champions and currently top (Kazakhstan Super League) Wisła Kraków - Champions (Ekstraklasa) Dukla Praha -7th (Czech First Division) Neftçi PFK - 2nd (Azerbaijan Premier League) Lokomotiv Moscow - 3rd and cup winners (Russian Premier Division) Tycoon Watch Mezőkövesdi - Spent £2.4M and finished 2nd (Hungarian Division I) Szolnoki - Spent £1.2M and finished 8th (Hungarian Division I) Donji Srem - Spent £19M and finished 2nd (Serbian Superleague) FC Kuban Krasnodar - Spent £7.9M and finished 2nd (Russian Premier League) KF Laçi - Spent £1.5M Finished 2nd (Albanian Superleague) Gelios - Spent £7.25M and finished 6th (Ukrainian Premier League) Took a while to get the new format right but finally there so should be easier for me now
  5. FK Crvena Zvezda April - May 2029/30 Fixtures Table Cup Final It was pretty straightforward for us in the end, we got the 5 victories needed in the league (meaning i'm 51 games unbeaten in the Superleague off the top of my head) and though i'd have liked to win without penalties in the cup against Donji we had a few players missing for the final which meant they were probably a bit stronger than us in terms of their starting XI, so felt we did well to claim that trophy too. In terms of my job it's the 10th of July now and i'm still in Serbia and though the intention was to move in the summer I don't want this club to be stripped apart knowing i'm out of work which to me would undo all my all work just to sit about on holiday for however long so unless something turns up then I just as well keep this side together and see how we do in Europe until next summer.
  6. Thanks noikeee, I was dreading how to do the coefficient update if I couldn't get rid of the quote
  7. Some handy signings there, I think Jaksic looks like he could be really handy. Going well now, did well to get out of that group so comfortably too
  8. Just wondered if someone could help me as i'm not used to this new layout yet Whenever I used to do an update on the old layout i'd quote and old post to help save a bit of time on the layout, especially in my iron curtain thread when using the bb code as obviously that's a lot to write out from scratch but when I do it now I can't get rid of the bit that says it's a quote (this screenie will probably explain what I mean a bit better) So I tried to re write the post but every time I try that quote bit still comes up even though if I have left the page, log out or turn the laptop off Is there any way to sort this out so I can either write in the old style or at least get rid of that quote? I've tried deleting it but it doesn't happen
  9. Read the thread so far from start to finish and as always I am enjoying it, your threads are so unpredictable at times in the sense that at one point I thought you would get that 3rd promotion 2 seasons running and then had the blip but this season you are looking like at least a challenge again Not going to jinx it by praising the season so far by any more than that though
  10. Ha cheers noikeee, it probably took 5 or so games before I thought we were playing well but it did really seem to click after that. I have finished the season but i'm holding out for the review whilst I wait and see what jobs turn up in the summer, it may be that I have a change of heart and give it one more year as I know that this squad will get ripped apart the minute I leave.
  11. FK Crvena Zvezda February - March 2029/30 Fixtures Table Youth Prospect Star Players Been quite impressed with recent weeks, it took a while to work out my best XI but now I seem to have done that we are playing really well. The CL loss to Benfica was a pity, especially as we had a 117th minute penalty saved but I have no problem with the effort the players put in over the 2 legs and do think we was robbed in the home tie but I have to put it down as one of those things, i'm sure there's been loads of times one of my sides have been outplayed and nicked it Even with our recent form we just can't shake Donji off but you might remember that they are a tycoon owned side (since 2017) so it is to be expected that they are strong, we have the game in hand though and a late game against them so we should really see it through. Meanwhile in Romania this happened..
  12. Cheers fellas Nearly due for an update but in reality I want the season to end ASAP so I can move. We are doing alright to be fair but going back to a save after so long means i've forgot my best XI really and not feeling the same love for the side as I did earlier, There's certainly a lot of talent at the squad but as it's so young it's probably about 2 years away from being where I want it to be so i'll be happier starting somewhere else and building a side I feel closer to now
  13. Good to see you're still doing well with this. I echo about the tycoon, I think the only time I could tolerate one is a lower nation but even that would probably bore me after seasons
  14. After reading noikeee's CSKA Sofia thread i've decided to get back on this. I did enjoy it and after spending about 10 mins looking back on my history ect; and seeing how I've actually struggled at times with some clubs rather than sweep up it gives me a good motivation. I summary i've managed 6 clubs, have 7 top flight titles, a 2nd division title and 8 domestic cups (i've not included Super Cups). My best performances in Europe are a Europa semi and a CL Quarter Final so even with the rest of the Iron Curtain doing well i've not really impressed so far with this The first thing for me to do is finish the 2029/30 season with Red Star, we are 8 points clear in the league and in the CL knockout v Shakhtar My history so far. I'm going to leave Serbia after this and aim to get to one of Croatia (where i've had no luck in past versions ), Slovenia, Slovakia where i've only done 2 seasons before moving to a bigger club or get to Montenegro, Georgia or Latvia where as far as I recall are divisions i've still to try (pretty sure I haven't done Latvia either)
  15. This is the first thread i've read properly since coming back on here a few days ago and got to say enjoying it so far, there seems a much improved progress since you respawned and you did well making the Europa semi and CL quarter in recent seasons It's been that good it's inspired me to go back to my Iron Curtain save