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  1. Bilbao no question about it
  2. For a club you claim are in a mess I think you're doing a good job so far I'm glad you didn't get the Kobenhavn job as winning the title with Hobro will be fantastic achievement if you manage it
  3. Last season seems like it was your best chance of toppling Celtic but it is still early in the season yet so wouldn't worry too much about your form
  4. Had a couple weeks off from FM and the forum in general and this was the first thread I wanted to check on so pleased to see you've won the league already Some cracking players brought in during the summer which certainly helped. You've really got me tempted to have a little side project with Hertha after seeing this too Going to be interesting to see how your attendances rise with that title.
  5. As a Red Star man I hope they don't get too bad Will follow though as Serbia is a good league
  6. Well done finally cracking Sweden that was a hard slog Good luck in Denmark
  7. Glad you seem to have turned it round now, hopefully you'll keep picking up a few wins
  8. It's probably because I leave the fixtures and table screenies in the folder and just replace them with the new one to save a few seconds naming them again and forget to take a new one sometimes I think i'll stay until I win the CL or 3 more seasons (whichever happens sooner) as apart from Zenit and Dinamo Moscow the bigger clubs in the East still manage a side to win the CL even with the improved rankings so adding a side to that list would be a good achievement
  9. A good season all in, obviously a few improvements needed but I thought it would be a harder season for you with the defence at the start but it was comfortable in the end.
  10. FK Crvena Zvezda August - October 2029/30 Fixtures Tables Happy enough with our start, the new players seem to be settling in well enough and hopefully as the season goes on they'll improve and get used to the tactic. Our CL group is relatively easy considering we were 4th seed so we certainly got a bit of luck there What has probably impressed me the most this year is the defence has been really tight, considering there was no improvements in that area at all and the tactic hasn't been changed it has been a pleasant surprise. I'm still unsure about my future after this season, i've enjoyed the turnaround that i've brought to the club and i've not really had a proper crack at the CL as of yet and getting to the Europa semi last season is the furthest i've taken a side in any European competition so far and coming after 14 seasons so far that is a slow rate for me (granted i've not managed more than 3 seasons at any club and realistically 6 of those were in nations that had no chance of ever winning anything) so I would like to get some kind of continental competition in the next few years but I also have a desire to get to Latvia or Montenegro and build a club that isn't one of the big boys within the division, I particularly like the idea of Montenegro as even sides in mid table earn just short of a million per season in stadium sponsorship alone even in it's current state and there are a few good players that come out of that nation but sides don't hold on to them for long, building a side there should by rights see a lot more stadium money come in and long term see the division get back round to roughly the 50 mark it was at the start of the game.
  11. Not a bad idea for a save, not having that anyone has been to Tidworth but not Andover though, there's about 2 pubs there, the army camp, a garage and nothing else
  12. FK Crvena Zvezda Pre Season 2029/30 Bit of a tough one to let such talent go but realistically I think we have better potential long term in those positions with 25% of the next sale added too it gives the club a bit a boost in terms of finances for the next manager (i'll go in to this in a later post as i'm undecided what to do when my contract runs out) for the inevitable ripping apart of the squad on my departure. I also felt that not adding to the squad since my first season could make the side a little flat, FM has a tendency (or so it seems for me) to start throwing up poor performances if you go too long without a couple of tweaks too which was also a factor as was despite the fact we had 6 or 7 players hitting double figures last year and hitting the 99 goal mark I felt we should be scoring a little more given we often have 60%+ of the ball and make a lot of chances, something that was really highlighted in the Arsenal games, not only shouldn't we have lost by 4 at their place we should have had at least 2 ourselves which is why the minute the scouts brought Ali Ozdemir to my attention I couldn't resist signing him especially on a free as his composure and finishing is better than anyone currently up top and at 21 can only get better, a lethal striker as obvious at it sounds may just give us that extra bit. Rade Djokic is a natural striker but to me he looks like he'd be ideal as my left inside forward, we get the wide players in some good positions and again someone that can come in from the wing and finish a couple more chances can be vital, he was out on loan last season otherwise i'd have had him in sooner, the deal was agreed last October so it has been a long wait to get him in but hopefully it will be worth it. Another factor in a few of those sales was this lad He's not had a chance at all in the first team as I simply didn't know what to do with him, I was hoping that Simmons would grow in to a class AMC but he fell a little short (on the plus side we got a very nice profit from what essentially is a failed experiment) and we were a bit heavy on AMC's whereas Batanjac has naturally developed and looks like he could step up so even though he is a bit late to the party I feel he deserves a season to see how he gets on, there's always been elements of interest from other clubs which makes me think he could become a decent player so we'll see how he does. I don't think i'll be making any more changes this summer but a keeper is still a position I would like to improve on and also maybe one more CB, the defence has improved the last 6 months or so but I do think we are lacking a class player in each position, even if only as a short term solution whilst others develop.
  13. Cheers, I couldn't really put any fault with the game at Arsenal, we had more shots, more of the ball but it was one of those flukes where everything they hit went in There's so much potential in this side that I know now i'll carry on past next season (if allowed). We've gone a bit backwards over the summer in the sense i've lost 3 big players but there's 2 coming in, i'm promoting someone from the reserves too and hopefully i'll get a keeper as that is our weak link but the potential is clear enough not to make many big changes.
  14. Coefficients Nation [b]2014[/b] 2026 +/- 2027 +/- 2028 +/- 2029 +/- 2030 +/- 2031 +/- 2032 +/- 2033 +/- 2034 +/- 2035 +/- 2036 +/- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Albania [b]65[/b] 80 0 76 +4 79 -3 72 +7 Armenia [b]88[/b] 70 -2 72 -2 62 +10 64 -2 Azerbaijan [b]40[/b] 34 +6 29 +5 26 +3 26 0 Belarus [b]22[/b] 16 +1 16 0 15 +1 17 -2 Bosnia & Herz [b]47[/b] 61 -9 57 +4 66 -9 74 -8 Bulgaria [b]26[/b] 20 -1 18 +2 16 +2 16 0 Croatia [b]20[/b] 10 +4 10 0 9 +1 7 +2 Czech Rep [b]15[/b] 11 0 9 +2 6 +3 8 -2 Estonia [b]90[/b] 71 +4 59 +12 58 +1 59 -1 FYR Macedonia [b]67[/b] 52 +8 55 -3 57 -2 65 -8 Georgia [b]44[/b] 58 +7 68 -10 67 +1 66 +1 Hungary [b]30[/b] 18 +5 17 +1 14 +3 13 +1 Kazakhstan [b]45[/b] 41 -2 42 -1 44 -2 45 -1 Latvia [b]57[/b] 95 +1 95 0 103 -8 110 -7 Lithuania [b]66[/b] 76 -6 73 +3 73 0 62 +11 Moldova [b]39[/b] 91 -10 96 -5 88 +8 86 +2 Montenegro [b]60[/b] 78 -5 84 -6 92 -8 101 -9 Poland [b]21[/b] 12 0 12 0 10 +2 12 -2 Romania [b]16[/b] 14 -1 11 +3 13 -2 11 +2 Russia [b]7[/b] 6 0 5 +1 2 +3 1 +1 Serbia [b]29[/b] 9 +1 13 -4 11 +3 9 +2 Slovakia [b]36[/b] 40 -4 37 +3 37 0 37 0 Slovenia [b]35[/b] 31 -1 24 +7 20 +4 24 -4 Ukraine [b]9[/b] 5 0 4 +1 3 +1 2 +1 Risers 10/24 Droppers 11/24 Non Movers 3/24 Biggest Risers +11 Lithuania (62) Biggest Fallers -9 Montenegro (101) A lot of fallers this year but big moves with Russia and Ukraine taking 1 & 2 respectively. The traditional big clubs still tend to have someone that will win a tournament but overall the East keeps providing latter stage clubs in competitions. Former Club Watch FC Kaisar 3rd, currently 3rd (Kazakhstan Super League) Wisła Kraków 2nd (Ekstraklasa) Dukla Praha 6th (Czech First Division) Neftçi PFK Champions (Azerbaijan Premier League) Lokomotiv Moscow 2nd (Russian Premier Division) Tycoon Watch Mezőkövesdi - Spent £15.71M Champions and Europa runner up (Hungarian Division I) Szolnoki - Spent £1.42M and finished 12th (Hungarian Division I) Donji Srem - Spent £17.92M and finished 2nd (Serbian Superleague) FC Kuban Krasnodar - Spent nothing and finished 8th (Russian Premier League) KF Laçi - Spent £151k Finished 2nd (Albanian Superleague) Gelios - Spent £20.37 and finished 10th, improvements to ground and training facilities though which suggests the chairman is willing to help in long term (Ukrainian Premier League)
  15. FK Crvena Zvezda January - May 2028/29 Fixtures Table Squad After moaning in my previous 2 reports I have to hand out praise to the players in this one. I usually hate the winter breaks in these saves and use it as an excuse to holiday a few months rather than hit continue a billion times but this one seemed to have done us a favour, everything about the team improved when we came back from the break, the improvement in the defence was probably the most pleasing but the all round play seems to have stepped up to another level. I was toying with the idea of moving to a back 4 at one point but i've had faith that this group of players would eventually develop and become a championship winning side even if it took a season or two more so it was pleasing for us to do it a little earlier than expected especially when Donji are so strong not just at home but regularly making semi finals in Europe too so it isn't an easy league to win. I'm expecting a busy summer this year as interest has always been high in the players and i've already made a couple of signings that i'll touch on once the rest of the dealings have been done and i've worked out who we can afford to lose and what replacements are available. Just one player of note from the youth intake and he is probably the best i've ever seen come through at that age, i'm training him as an inside forward and i've been tempted to put him in the first team squad already he's that good, for now though i'll let him develop in the youth squad and keep him in mind for any injury crisis