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  1. Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Ipswich Town January - May 2014/15 I'm not sure how we hung on to claim automatic promotion let alone the title but somehow we scraped through it Those last 6 games really were poor, we should have been comfortable with 2/3 games to spare in reality but we did our best to blow it. That said it's done now and there's no point looking back as we look forward to returning to the Premiership. The Bernardo Silva deal didn't materialise during January and whilst I will do a proper transfer report in a separate post I can confirm he is amongst 2 big signings that we confirmed as soon as the transfer budget came in. There's a pair of Bosmans to come in too and hopefully a few more as I look for a striker, CB and RB at the very least though i'm not confident on getting everything in which case I will probably try and make do without a striker if it comes to a case of finances. Only one aim and that is survival, with the improvements made so far and hopefully a few more I feel it is achievable even though the end of the seasons form does have me slightly worried about a few players attitude. No absolute shocks across Europe in terms of relegations Palace, Sunderland and QPR went down in England, Malaga and Espanyol in Spain, Rennes in France and Sassuolo all sides that may be worth looking at snapping players from. One half decent regen came through the intake with the potential to be a good Prem player but overall a poor intake
  2. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Good luck with this, sounds a good idea. Picking the 1 signing will be tough though
  3. Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Ipswich Town November - December 2014/15 Not perfect but more than good enough to lead the way just past the half way stage so I have to be happy with it. There is a fear I will lose a few players this coming window, with Celtic, Leicester, Palace, Watford, Hull and Sunderland after various players and tbh I think everyone is disposable in this squad apart from Mings and Bishop, i'm trying to get Bernardo Silva in from Monaco and it's only the agent fee that's stopping it from going ahead so fingers crossed I can get that over the line especially as I see the right hand side our weakest position as it stands
  4. Shame you got PSG, hopefully you can beat them and hold on in the league
  5. Mod Requests

    That worked thanks @dafuge
  6. [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    Looking forward to see how it goes when you get back in to it, pointless playing for the sake of it if you aren't feeling it mate,
  7. Mod Requests

    Can this be deleted please? The crash messed it all up Thanks
  8. Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

  9. Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    After the previous attempt failed I decided it would be easier to restart this with a new thread as it was 10 years or so in when the save wouldn't load. As before I will take over a big (doesn't have to be a Juve, United, Barca necessarily, but a traditional well known) side that are in need of a rebuild as time goes on, this could be a relegation (or relegation scrap) 5+ years without a major honour that kind of thing. One thing I have changed from the previous save is i'm going straight in to it and as I hinted earlier it is indeed at Ipswich Town. Ipswich Town With a prediction of 10th and a board expectation of mid table this is a decent squad to work with, Mings and Bishop both young players with decent potential to be decent players and a few in the youth side that may make the step up appeals to my vision of creating a young hungry side capable of being a lot better than their current position. With only £1M in the bank to spend transfers were always going to be a tough one for us so it wasn't an overly busy window with just 1 keeper coming in and one going out From the previous attempt I was never convinced about Bartosz Bialkowski in goal and though he will be number 1 this season Sondre Rossbach will be getting chances here and there with the intention of him eventually taking over from Bialkowski. Life at the club couldn't have started any better really, the Sheffield Wednesday is the only thing i'd count as a blip at the moment but apart from that we have started well and getting a last minute winner against your local rivals is always a nice feeling. Attacking we look good and the defence seems to be well drilled so hopefully we can pick up and keep up the good form.
  10. [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    Still a bit to go so hopefully you pick up enough to make the playoffs.
  11. Did well to clear the lot there considering it looks like United are very strong too (you'd expect to win the league with 93 points ) well done mate
  12. [FM17]Football in 1888 in 2017

    Tough that United won it straight away, i'd have thought the big clubs would have lost more than they did as well which definitely makes it harder for you A good run in Europe will be a big bonus though
  13. [FM17]Football in 1888 in 2017

    Brilliant concept i'll be following this, I take it the bigger clubs ended up losing a lot of players due to the lower divisions?
  14. Well done on the title, hopefully this is the start of dominance for you now