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  1. Croatian First League - March - May 2022/23 Fixtures Table Champions 1 - Champions 2 Squad - Gyenge - Spehar - Prpic As expected we managed to see the season out and become champions with 8 games remaining with the players mostly being at a high level, I would have liked to break the 100 goal barrier but having to rotate so often with a long Europa campaign was probably what stopped that happening but obviously silverware is the main objective so can't complain too much really. In terms of next season then obviously we have CL football to contend with so a step up in quality but i'd be happy if we made the group stage this year even if we don't make too much waves in it as the money for that is a lot bigger than playing more games in the Europa and getting the training and youth facilities to the maximum is something I keep wanting to work on. In terms of players i've lined up a deal for a CB on a Bosman who is arguably better than Goda, i'll be releasing those who's contract is expiring and sell a winger and CM and promote Maric and Baraban plus Klaric will return from his loan spell and will feature more as I try and keep a mostly Croatian side. The problem with homebased players is that I can buy certain ones from the bigger sides but the funds aren't there to do so, Rijeka quoted me £29M for their young (but very talented) CB which obviously wouldn't happen in real life but we're a few years away from being able to offer that sort of money yet so in terms of Croatians we're relying on smaller clubs having gems like Klaric or producing them ourselves and while we've had a lot of good ones so far we can't rely on our own system each year so I do fear we may hit a buffer in terms of domestic talent in the near future. He's another one that could have got games straight away if he was older Luckily with Culina and Fiolic i'm ok in that position but having homegrown youngsters in the side has always been how I play. After i'm done with Cibalia I'll be looking at a league with a few less restrictions and do either a youth only or can only buy players 16 and under asit's taken this challenge to finally get in to FM19 so will do another one elsewhere and be a bit stricter with transfers.
  2. Croatian First League - January - February 2022/23 Transfers - Vallejo - Klaric - Valdes Fixtures Table Europa Goals Youth Facilities - Training Facilities - Data Upgrade Youth Intake - Kraljevic We finally lost a league game but it hasn't affected us and it's just a matter of when we get the title now as even though i'm usually caucious it's too big a lead to lose. I got stitched up with losing Goda and Mauricio in the window especially Mauricio as I couldn't get a replacement in time to register for Europe The board accepted both offers above my head so obviously I'm not too happy considering we are far from skint. Bringing in Valdes for the league at least means we have a player roughly as good as Mauricio but long term I certainly need a replacement for Goda though I decided to leave that until the summer as I want this season over and done with. I've been trying to sign Klaric for about 18 months maybe even longer and not had problems getting his club to agree a fee but he has always signed a new contract with his former side instead so glad to have finally got him as he's a real long term talent by the looks of things.
  3. Croatian First League - September - December 2022/23 Fixtures Table Europa Group Squad Youth Recruitment A brilliant start to the season continued as we top the league comfortably and only ourselves can throw it away now, comfortable progression in the Europa League is also a highlight dispite a dodgy start and we will face Shkendija in the next round. Something that has pleased me just as much as the results and goals scored is the huge reduction on those conceded. I haven't actually tweaked anything in terms of the tactic but it seems as the players get more experience they are cutting the mistakes out.
  4. Croatian First League - July - August 2022/23 Transfers - Gyenge - Kitanovic - Pereira Fixtures Table Europa Group Traning Facilities - Youth Facilities - Youth Recruitment An amazing start for us unbeaten domestically and in Europe with plenty of goals scored giving us a huge lead already in the league which will come in handy later in the season with a cramped year due to the World Cup in December. The new signings have settled in really well especially Gyenge. Pereira wasn't a planned signing but I made a mistake getting Vajdovcic mixed up with Vardanyan somehow and didn't realise until an offer came in his contract was due to expire and he accepted that Kitanovic seems the ideal full back for this level and finally instead of using CB's that can do a job there (though they did do well in fairness) we have a specialised one and hopefully that will in both ends of the pitch. Finally over the summer this was huge news and is mostly down to our Europa run so at least even if we don't win the title this year there is still something to aim for. Cheers @rlipscombe we've made good progress in a short amount of time but with the club being a former top division side and good facilities in place already plus the financial side being comfortable all the time I had a brilliant base to start from to begin with. I'm lucky with Fiolic as he has a £25M release clause so at least he can't be snapped up for cheap, in fact most of the squad who have had contract renewals all have clauses £16M+ which at least means we won't get robbed as i've set all offers under that to be rejected for the time being, obviously if players want to move then I'm not really going to have much chance of keeping them but they won't be going cheap either as I already lost a talent to Dinamo in my first season due to this and he's doing well there now.
  5. Croatian First League - March - May 2021/22 Fixtures Table Squad - Dolencic-Fiolic Really happy with the improvement in terms of league position, 4th to 2nd is a reasonable jump especially as I feel we're still short at LB (or was as I have a signing lined up for the summer). The Europa run was something I never dreamed of, i'm disappointed we lost in the way we did to Inter after bringing home a 2-0 lead but we had no right to get that far so it levels itself out really. My other concern is the amount of goals we concede but then again our oldest defenders from the starting XI are 21, the keeper is 19 and our oldest outfield player is 23 so hopefully it's something that will improve year on year. Given that we were so close to winning the league (without actually topping it for any reasonable period of time) I would hope we are nearly there now and with a few new faces for the 1st team and a stronger depth of squad a lot of the silly results will also start to die down. I can't wait until March next season to get him playing, he's growing reasonably well as it is and would be starting plenty of games for me now if he could.
  6. Croatian First League January - February 2021/22 Transfers - Neskovic - Vila - Mauricio Fixtures Table Youth Intake - Baraban Great start to the new year with the obvious highlight being the win in Milan which is without a doubt the most unexpected and best result of the save so far. The reward for that is a tie against Brugge which cnsidering the teams we've already beaten is certainly winable even though we aren't the favourites. The youth intake only produced 1 player of note but what a player the lad is at his age already, i'm gutted about the U17 rule as he'd be getting some games straight away if it wasn't for that restriction, I know 3rd division sides can play U17 as I loaned a few out last year so if I can get him out for next season I certainly will as it'll be better for his development even if AI controlled.
  7. Croatian First League September - December 2021/22 Fixtures League Table Europa Group Squad Bit of a strange season so far, when we're on it we're almost unstoppable as highlighted by wins against Fiorentia and Wolfsburg but we've lost far too many stupid games and though there has been rotation throughout the season i've not gone overboard with the changes so it's a bit of a mystery how this continues to happen. Our reward for getting out of the group is a huge tie against AC Milan so we'll just do what we've done in Europe so far and give it our best shot, we're not expected to win but at least I know we can give them a game if our attitude is right. Managed some more upgrades to the youth coaching and recruitment and now we have over £10M in the bank i'll look to do something with the youth and training facilities later in the season too.
  8. Croatian First League July - September 2021/22 Transfers - Krajinovic Scouting Fixtures - Table Europa Group Finances Reasonably happy with the start to the season especially getting through to the Europa group but felt the 2 league defeats could have been avoided. The Europa group is obviously tough and not expecting points from it but we'll have a go as financially being in there has obviously given us a big boost over the course of the summer. Disappointed with the lack of ins but wages were the stumbling block for the couple of RB's I did try to get in.
  9. Through to 3rd qualifying of Europa When the draw was made after beating Trnava I thought this would be it but we have Maribor next so now hoping we can get to final qualifying at worst.
  10. Croatian First League January - June 2020/21 Table Squad Overview A stronger than expected first season in the top flight with European football to add curtosy of Osijek winning the Croatian Cup. In all honesty I would rather not hve had Europe but finacially it will help a bit at least though we are sitting on £3.5M thanks to getting £1.3M from a sell on clause so we are far from poor in that regard. In the window i'll be looking at mainly a RB and CM but nothing is arranged atm though I will take the loan route if needed. Youth Intake Prpic Maric Spehar Another decent intake, probably better than last years in terms of abilty it's just a shame we can't play under 17's in this division as i'd have given them a few games/sub apperances.
  11. Croatian First League - Winter Break 2020/21a Transfers - Goda - Copec - Culina - Spoljaric - Bozkurt Happy with the window bringing in young players that are mostly homegrown and apart from Culina are roughly the same or slightly better level than what we have so they will get plenty of chances in the 2nd half of the season. Goda, Copec and Bozkurt werefree agents in the summer hence the lowish fees, I felt we needed them now and with £1.8M in the bank spending now wasn't too much of a problem especially if they make an impact now. Spoljaric is slightly older and will take up the AMC position as we were in need of an upgrade there as Mate Bajic who holds that position has misleading stats with 6 of his 8 goals being from the spot and only has 2 assists. I actually tried to sign Spoljaric in the summer but he wasn't interested back then but by November with no other club in for him he agreed to join. In what's been a busy break I also got a few upgrades to facilities - Youth Recruitment - Data - Youth Coaching These are my first improvements to facilities after being rejected in the past so very happy to make a start on that and may look at improving youth facilities towards the end of the season depending where we are in terms of finance and if I feel the money would be better spent on the squad as I do want another winger and possible CM at least, but i'm hopeful of doing those on Bosmans as we've been able to scout all Europe this season so with 3 scouts allowed i've been able to concentate on South, East and Central Europe. This is my first FM since FM15 so I have a question in terms of scouting in this challenge... Occassionaly in scouting updates players from outside my scouting range have come up in suggested targets, it says I can do this for a fee (think it was £1-2k) I haven't took this option yet as I meant to ask if this is within the rules or not as they can be scouted but outside of where my scouts can freely go.
  12. Croatian First League - June - December 2020/21 Transfers - Pasalic - Horvat - Vajdovic - Curic - Fiolic - Bagaric Table Considering the board only wanted us to reach the relegation playoff I have to be delighted with the start to the season as we have a big gap between us and 9th. A lot of this is down to new signing Fiolic who has 14 in 16 games and Vajdovic with 7 assists in 20 so far. We do need improvements in the back 4 especially at full back I feel and I promoted promising keeper Ivic who was in the squad when I took charge but was unable to play due to his age so i've got to also be a bit paitent with him though he is already our best keeper. The only 2 bad performances this season has been losing 5-2 at Hajduk where we made it easy for them after taking an early lead but that wasn't as bad as the 5-1 defeat at Osijek in the 1st round of the cup a few days later where it was poor from back to front, maybe if the performances had been a couple of weeks apart I wouldn't have even given it a 2nd thought considering we are new at this level but as it was back to back it does tend to stick in the memory more but overall we've done really well including holding Hajduk 1-1 at home in the 1st game of the season and then 1-1 home to Dinamo a few weeks later and recently drawing 3-3 there. For the rest of the season i'm happy finishing around this position and i'm certainly not expecting us to be any higher but I would think we've done enough not t get caught up in the relegation scrap from here.
  13. Croatian Second League 2019/20 Cibalia, is a Croatian football club from the town of Vinkovci in eastern Croatia. The clubs nickname is Nebesko plavi (The Sky-blues). Anyone that has played in Croatia may recoginse the name and that is because until 2018 they were in the top flight but got relegated directly to the 3rd division due to financial problems. Their highest ever finish is 3rd and they won the Yugoslavian Cup in 1975 apart from that there are no major honours. At the time of reloading I was actually looking at a different side (can't remember who now tbh as it's taken about 3 weeks to get this far due to a busy few weeks ) but nobody else but these came up and I was both bored of reloading and adament I wanted to manage in Croatia History Manager Profile Club Overview - Facilities Squad Transfers - Savatovic - Vardanayan Table - Player Stats A great first season as we snatched the title on the final day against Dinamo II with 2 goals 89+ minutes in to the game after rarely topping the table during the season due to their slightly better GD but as you can see until that final game we were identical on everything in terms of wins, draws and defeats and with Dinamo II winning the title last season too their reserves must be exceptional for this level as like us they were well ahead of the rest of league. Apologies for lack of info during the season but I actually started this game on the way back from Hong Kong a few weeks ago and a lot of this was done on the plane and as I said i've been busy since so was never sure if I could get back in to it until I loaded up today tbh as i've not managed a whole season on any save so far on FM19 But after loading up today I've enjoyed going back to the save and hopefully with a few additions next season we can survive and I can have a proper go at this now I have the time to play a bit more. Youth Intake Musa - Krstanovic - Zaja - Cubel Promising intake there, not world beaters by any means but highly rated by staff so they have been given contracts and we'll see how they develop.
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