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  1. [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    Well done on promotion, even though you do sound like me moaning about it
  2. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    F.C. Internazionale Pre Season 2021/22 These are the the players who will come in to the first team squad and I am delighted with what we have for that price and every single one bar Benitez (even though he's going to be 1st choice as Handanovic is declining really quickly now) is an upgrade on what we have so we've done really well. I stuck with the decision to go mostly 4 at the back for this year at least though looking at it now we still have £20M to play with and if I sold Gino Peruzzi at RB I may have been able to squeeze the 2 CB's in but thinking about it having that cash is handy in case someone top class becomes available in the winter so i've probably done the right thing for now at least. The other 2 signings are for the youth team but one was made by the HOYD so I won't include that as I forgot to stop him making bids for players This lad was picked up by a scout though and looks really promising. I'm hoping for a Europa spot with this lot and tbh we should be able to manage it as the squad is so much better now than 8 months ago but this is a pretty tough division as being showed with Juve not having their own way each year. No big shocks last year really apart from Trabzonspor going down and Grasshoppers not coming back up, Arsenal survived by a point was the closest to anything major though.
  3. Brilliant work to do what you have in probably the hardest top flight to win
  4. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    I did look at the market as I do like the thought of 3 at the back but even good CB's for cheap are above what we can afford in wages whereas the LB we got in was cheap and reasonable wages so it was a no brainer tbh, i'm sure i'll use the back 3 at some point during this year but next season is probably when I can give it a proper shot in all likeliness
  5. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    F.C. Internazionale March - May 2020/21 A return of 33 points from 21 games isn't bad for a side that was 17th when I took over, admittedly I think we played enough to get another 6 at least but when you seem to be having a man sent off or suspended every other game it does make life harder I'll have to keep Clasie this year as obviously he's one of our better players at the moment but the lad is a liability with cards I'll also be less harsh as our back 3 or 4 is clearly not good enough either, I do want to play 3 at the back ideally but think funds might mean the best idea is to bring in a LB even for a year and play mostly with 4 because with 3 at the back i'd need 1 more first choice and a back up and i've already spent £30M of the £50M we have on a keeper and midfielder. I was hoping to keep Handanovic for another year as number 1 but his agility is down to 11 now and in all honesty it looked to me like he was partly to blame for some of those we let in but he's a more than capable number 2 and i'll still try and give him a few games to keep him happy. Apart from the definite decision on formation mt shopping is done already but want to do that in a separate post and it'll be a relatively younger side next year with lots of Bosmans coming in but at the same time improving us even though there's a few teenagers in there. I'm probably going to be at Inter a lot shorter than Ipswich if i'm honest as I leave for Asia in real life for a few months at the end of November so the plan is to get another club in after Inter so it could be I leave as soon as/if i've won the league depending how much time that takes (though I should have plenty of playing time as I have to save money ) I don't think we'll be title contenders this year but i'm aiming for Europa spot and a good cup run, the goals are obviously there and with the improvements to the squad we should be even more dangerous this year. I'd have done it a year earlier if it wasn't for the ground move tbh, but I really wanted to oversee that with the intention of an expansion to help Ipswich financially if it was selling out. They finished 2nd and CL semi finalists without me (Chelsea won the league by a point) and didn't lose the key players but the face toucher used a 3 at the back which considering how good both the 1st and 2nd choice FB's are it was criminal really I might actually look if I can mick Zapata or Mings from there for a year now I think of it
  6. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    F.C. Internazionale - January - February 2020/21 Only the 2 came in and whilst neither are world beaters they were cheap and still big upgrades on what we had so just under £6M to help strengthen our spine is a bargain in my book, Serie A is pretty strong with even Cagliari being in the CL spots the last 2 years, Juve are still the main threat but they haven't had it their own way all the time so potentially this could be tougher than England to crack especially as the money is nowhere near the same at present, even our attendances are around the 36k mark so that needs improvement to bring cash in. On the pitch now.. It's been a bit hit and miss so far, we're either brilliant or awful but then again i've changed from 5-3-2 to 3-3-4 of sorts so the players aren't used to it and especially as we're still 3/4 short of anywhere near Europa challengers with a starting XI let alone a squad capable I have to just accept it for now but there's 4 free's coming in next year that are 3/4's youngsters that I would have took to Ipswich if it wasn't for the fact I knew I was leaving and basically i'll throw them straight in next year, my scout has also come across a few in South America that given they're in their early 20's is a shock that I haven't noticed before because i'd have certainly to them to East Anglia if i'd have know. That depends on money though but I do know there's one i'll be all out for. apart from being 6-0 down after 20 mins at Juventus where I had to change before it got even more stupid this is how I mostly line up, it's probably no coincidence this works better at the narrow San Siro pitch but LB is a big problem for us and even trying 4 at the back failed at Sassuolo so apart from big teams away where i'll probably try my "Liverpool" tactic for the short term i'm going to stick for now. I forgot to mention 2 players out on loan in my last post but these look really good for the future I don't think either would have made a difference for this year but looking at them they seem to be capable of a squad role next year even if off the bench when things are going well
  7. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    F.C. Internazionale You may remember me saying Inter went down the season before last, well they did bounce straight back up but unlike Fiorentina who did exactly the same Inter are really struggling with the return with them being seriously asset stripped over the past 2 years and seemingly having not invested that wisely with any money they got back. The defence is the hardest hit by the look of things but this is a seriously aging side on top of the fact it is a thin squad. Samir Handanovic is 36 but thankfully looks like he has another season in him so at least I don't have to rush there, Hernanes is a year younger but the decline is very evident there and even our better forwards are coming up to the 30 mark but at least short term they will be fine, Jordy Clasie at 29 is probably the best outfield player and again short term I don't have to worry about him. Young Federico Bergonzini is someone I had my eye on at Ipswich a few seasons back but even though my spending was a lot higher than I usually would do the £40m+ they kept asking was not worth a risk on a teenager in the very early stage of his development especially when his pace is so low but now I have the chance to work with him here and hopefully he'll turn in to a decent defender, he's going to have to be chucked in at the deep end a few times too if I can't get anyone in during this window so I should have the chance to see how he copes at first hand now and see if that £40M would have been a bargain for Ipswich The table isn't too worrying thankfully and i'm confident that we can get the mid table spot I promised the board, I've got £14M to spend after cashing in on various clauses so hopefully I can pull a bargain or 2 from the transfer list, if not then i'll just have to work with what I have and review it in the summer. Though i'm happy to get such a good job so soon I do kind of wish it was one of the recently relegated sides I got to work with as it'd have given me a bit of space to build a young side with less pressure instead of this case where the squad is so poor it has to be a case of mix and match to keep us stable for the short term at least.
  8. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    i'd happily do it for a grand and free beer if I won!!!
  9. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    I forgot to mention in Scotland neither of the Old firm have been dominant, Rangers have been no higher than 4th and Dundee Utd had won 2 in a row until Hearts pipped them by a point this year, considering it's renowned as a poor mans La Liga it's refreshing to see the AI has brought a bit of fight north of the border and if that Aberdeen job comes up then it'd be tempting knowing i've more than 2 clubs to worry about.
  10. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Ipswich Town March - May 2019/20 That was arguably our best season yet, certainly in terms of performances it was, we scored a record amount of goals, conceded our fewest (which probably pleased me more than scoring more given the amount of stupid goals we've shipped over the years ) and in general it was good to watch us play play well and create lots of chances. After losing 4-2 at Old Trafford in the CL I honestly thought we were out of the competition, United seemed to have the upper hand on us much like Liverpool have been doing recently so for the second leg I reverted to what I call my "Liverpool tactic" as it was previously the only time i'd ever changed formation and it worked like a charm, we kept them quiet and even though it took until the 74th minute to break them down from half time onwards I had genuine belief we'd somehow get through, that's how well we played in that game and it was probably my favourite game of the whole career so far given what happened in the 1st leg. The rest of the run to claim our 3rd CL was relatively simple bar an early scare in the final (one where first choice keeper Koval got injured on the day of the game I will add). I thought for about 10 minutes over my decision to leave the club especially as I have said in previous posts the FA cup is something I really wanted and the way this season panned out I had been having doubts from January onwards because even though we'd been winning stuff this side was getting close to it's peak, I could see that in the games with stupid mistakes being cut out and I was really enjoying the season but in the end I remembered that this save isn't just about me cleaning up everything in sight and Ipswich certainly don't need rescuing given the fact we've been the best in Europe 3 years in a row too so I hit the button and i'm ready to have a new challenge. I did do one little thing before I left as I want this club to carry on being as successful as possible (apart from if our paths ever cross again of course) only an extra 7k or so but the 10K increase with the new stadium has brought in over £40M more than we had at this stage last year so this will probably mean an extra £35M or so on top of that per year and even more once the loans for the stadium are paid off. I must say being a United fan I wasn't happy with my replacement though As luck will have it (even though they aren't available yet) this year has seen Hamburg, Slavia Prague, Grasshoppers, Montpellier, Aberdeen and Genoa relegated also Fenerbache were a last day loss away from joining them so there's hope one of these don't settle in their new divisions and a job comes up as i'll go for any of these but the Genoa job and a chance to play 3-4-3 would be my first choice. If the CL final was a week earlier then I would have gone for the Bologna job as they've been stuck in Serie C for 2 seasons now and though they've never been a giant they've been a part of Serie A fairly often so i'd say that's enough to qualify them for this challenge. I've already turned down Chelsea (they qualified for the challenge) because I want a break from England and Monaco who were just about eligible but I don't think "only" finishing 2nd-4th each year is a disaster considering PSG are favourites every year, a mid table finish or lower and i'd have probably took it.
  11. [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    What a shame but that end of the season run to get there was brilliant! Hopefully it carries on in to next year
  12. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Ipswich Town January - February 2019/20 A decent enough 2 months though losing to United in the cup was one result I wish I could have changed as I was desperate to leave with that to our name, I guess on the plus side it's a reason to come back at some point It's never good to lose but the Arsenal game is one of those you know it can happen and to be fair we deserved a point out of that but it's the Villa game that bothered me most straight after as we were 3-0 up and threw the points away. We have 3 games in hand but even if we win them all it would only put us 3 points clear, thankfully at this stage it's Spurs we're playing catch up to and not United and whilst i'm not claiming Spurs will be easy to brush off after a few years of fighting with United I know how hard it is to keep up with them. Speaking of United when I load up next we play them in the league cup final, to be honest i'll be glad to get this season over with so I'll only have to play them twice a year at most then
  13. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Ipswich Town October - December 2019/20 It's been without a doubt our best start to a season, the United game being the only blip and the only real concern is I can't decide our combination in midfield so I have been changing them every game to give them equal time, if it wasn't for the fact i'm leaving at the end of the season i'd look at changing to 4-3-3 on a permanent basis but that would mean bringing at least 1 new face in for cover/rotation and I decided apart from Asensio I would leave any money left over for the new manager as I expect an exodus and I always try and leave a club in a healthy position if I know i'm leaving and there's potential for things like that happening. As I said, I can't really complain about too much that has happened so far, I do kind of wish that Spurs would have knocked us out of the League Cup if being really picky as that means 2 games have been rearranged on top of the game we have in hand already as we play City in the semi. One hope I have for the rest of the season is i'd like to get the FA Cup as it's eluded me so far it'd be a shame not to have that to my name with the club but I guess the league and CL's does make it easier to live without it
  14. [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    Probably did you a favour getting knocked out of the cups, i've always found it hard to cope with them in leagues 1 and 2 and with your good start in the league i'd say that should be your priority anyway and hopefully get promotion
  15. Hopefully the European run will help your rep a bit