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  1. Dexter_Morgan

    FM18: Ons Heemecht

    oh dear nothing that can be done?
  2. Dexter_Morgan


    looking decent in the league there
  3. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM15] The Rise Of The Japanese Futsallers

    I don't get it, IIRC it should have been ready to move in to this season It's the loan that's wound me up more tbh though as we lose about £12k a month because of it and when your only income is cup games and losing £30k+ a month it is a lot of money It's strange as certain players are leading for that division but no mention of any higher, I remember on old FM's you'd get the odd occasion where you have got better players than your level and it would so. For now there'll be no new signings for this year as the takeover is going on and on and i've missed my targets already because of it so i'm going to have to give the scouts time to find a new bunch as this saga looks like it isn't ending any time soon so it gives me a chance to see if this bunch can cut it at least.
  4. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM15] The Rise Of The Japanese Futsallers

    Fuchu Athletic FC March - May 2016/17 It's strange that we have found this season a lot more easier than we did last season even though the squad is pretty much the same I can only assume this is down to being a custom DB because I doubt this would have happened in an "out if the box league" tbh. I'm not complaining though, I can only beat what's put in front of me and there's bound to be a point we won't be as strong as others. The cup sounds good on paper but in reality we didn't really play anyone til the semi final Did a wonder for the finances though.. God knows what's going on with this, how can it be scrapped whilst being built? Especially as we've got the loan to pay for it too and it's still there in my finance section that we are still paying the thing
  5. Dexter_Morgan

    AC London - I Predict A Riot

    Another good season of progress, nice to see you getting decent money for a player at last
  6. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    I thought Holland would be perfect for you so shame about your sacking. Hope this spell in Sweden isn't as frustrating as the time you were at Sirius (sp?)
  7. Dexter_Morgan


    Tough international group, you couldn't have done any better really. The last month in the league was much better
  8. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    some progress with the league rep at last, it'll take a while but you're producing some good talent here and it can only get better as your facilities do
  9. Dexter_Morgan

    Estonishing! (Part III: Return to Estonia)

    Great that coefficients have gone up so much, is your tv/prize money going up as they do?
  10. Dexter_Morgan

    FM18: Ons Heemecht

    seems now you have a few of your own players in things are going a lot better for you, good luck with this
  11. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM15] The Rise Of The Japanese Futsallers

    Intake day and though all the players were automatically signed for reason (I guess it's something to do with the custom DB) and these are the first 2 we've had that look like they have a chance of making it. Technically neither look the best but physically they stand better than anyone in the squad and that could be a good advantage in the lower levels. With promotion secured already i'm going to give the pair of them as many games as possible and see how they develop. Cheers, I wanted to do something totally different to anything i've done on here and i've enjoyed it so far as I am in the unknown
  12. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM15] The Rise Of The Japanese Futsallers

    Fuchu Athletic FC January - February 2016/17 Promotion is secured with 11 games to go and we will begin March with a quarter final cup tie so things really couldn't be any better for the club at this moment in time. I've noticed a lot of uncommon formations by other sides like 3-4-3 diamond and even a 2-5-3 being played and I do think with us playing 4-1-2-2-1 it helps us outnumber these sides in key areas of the pitch and is contributing to us doing so well. The 3-4-3 is something I wouldn't mind trying myself in a few seasons time once we focus on bringing players in to suit that but financially it isn't viable to have 7 CB's and 7 CF's eating up wages which with the sheer amount of injuries and suspensions in the lower tiers at least is what i'd need for it. We're subject of a local businessman wanting to take over just at a time I was looking to bring players in for next season so that's on hold for now but hopefully it won't drag as I want to be prepared for it before this season ends
  13. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM15] The Rise Of The Japanese Futsallers

    We claimed our 2nd J League scalp, of the career. After we drew 3-3 at home I honestly thought that was it, we did come back from 3-1 down to get that draw but they looked so much better than us for 65 that I thought we'd have no chance at their place. It "only" earned us about £80k but we're in the quarter finals now against a side struggling in the 2nd tier and in all honesty have had a run like ours (bar the last game we played) that they should be winning as they've not played anyone higher than our level yet. Since we are back in the £300k mark I took the chance to get these done as it might be a while before we can do it again. I want us to be in the best possible position on and off the pitch when we get to the top 4/5 tiers as we'll certainly be playing catch up to the others so little things like this is important.
  14. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    Very inconstant so far, you're safe which is the main thing where do you think you are weakest? The GA suggests defence but I know myself it isn't always the defenders themselves are bad but the players ahead of them can be
  15. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM15] The Rise Of The Japanese Futsallers

    Fuchu Athletic FC October - December 2016/17 Another easy enough period for us sees us well clear in the league and on current form we could secure promotion before the 30th game at this rate We just don't seem to have the competition at this level to test us, our defeat in the cup was a complete reserve side so it was a warning against complacency for me more than the players not to risk that again in big games but the way it was going I felt I could do no wrong Yeah 10th tier As for the torture I love it really Every time I start winning big competitions my hunger/attention just goes immediately after I get what I want and I start to look for the next challenge, it's the thrill of the chase for me and it's not just FM either i'm as bad in real life