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  1. I don't like this board It's happened before where i've pressed what I thought is the last page and it turns out later to be from months ago The mods need to get at someone to have it so it clearly says last page like the other forums I go on ffs
  2. Hopefully a good move for you. I tend to find there's rarely a dominant side in Russia which is probably a good thing for you as it will make it a bit easier for you to progress
  3. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    11 games in ffs We've lost a game too
  4. Seems you're set up to have a more consistent season this year with the CL start, if your league form is anything like that you could really push for the title this year
  5. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Club Atletico River Plate February - March 2035 Well the start to the season has certainly been interesting We're doing exactly what my sides should be doing and overwhelming opponents with the numbers we have going forward. It's still early but Rosario seem to be the only side able to keep up with us so far. Obviously my tactics have been attacking and successful no matter the club but these players must really have been under performing to not have won a trophy in 7 years, the main aim is obviously to remedy that but I want to smash every record possible with this club, I had a feeling i'd like it here but it's beyond that. I was considering doing one more club in Europe after 2 years here and retire as I was starting to struggle getting in to the save (Sport Boys did kind of rekindle it a little as that was fun to watch) but now I can't wait to play again and I just have a good feeling about being at River
  6. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    I'm not sure if it's because I didn't give it enough time (or the players) in all honesty as I only just joined Rosenborg but I think I hit the too far moment with the 0-3-5-2 there i'm about to do my report and the signs with this are promising so far though going forward (51 goals in 8 games) the defence is a sham though I came on here to write my report but spent about 2 hours learning more about that side instead There seems to be a few contrasting reports about the actual shape of the team/formation, have an idea on player roles in a way and a few things in the settings I could tweak. Which FM was it? Do you have anything left from the save? I'd be interested in looking and see if I could get a few ideas if you did mate
  7. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Cheers, been trying to do different things to keep the thread interesting Haven't managed that many goals on this one but did manage over 300 in Wales with Rhyl on FM12 My striker was on over 1,150 (might be closer to 1,200 i'd need to check the records thread) by the time I stopped playing it
  8. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Club Atletico River Plate The temptation was too much in the end and I went for River. No trophy for 7 years at a club this big is a crisis so I felt I had to restore their former glories. There's a fair few good youngsters at the club already, a few aren't ready to play yet so i'm trying to get those out on loan where possible. There's more pressure here than at Sport Boys and obviously the quality in the division is higher too so I have to be a bit more careful when chucking kids in so hopefully i'll be able to combine our own talent but also get raid other clubs for their potential stars plus a few around the 20-23 year old range to compliment them. I've just got past the first transfer window so this is what I have done so far, Obviously there's 2 faces you will recognise from Sport Boys, obviously I know what these 2 can do and knowing me leaving Peru would mean that my former club would be raided anyway, in Europe I wouldn't normally raid a former club as I like to see them continue being as strong as possible but South America is different because of the cheapness of most players for one meaning you're facing lots of competition so I went straight for these 2 plus Molina from there (he joins in a years time) before I even looked at my own squad to try and avoid a bidding war and thankfully I got them all without any problem. I quickly found out Corinthians had already agreed a deal to sign our best CB so Alvarez on a free looks a decent enough player to at least cover that position for this year while I search for an upgrade. Pompei looks an excellent keeper for his age and a big upgrade on the 2 at the club so even though I paid £1M more than i'd have liked due to wanting a winger too I felt with us playing such attacking tactics that having a better keeper would be more important than attacking players as time and time again i've seen below par players still do well with the settings I have whereas we've lost stupid games due to not being good enough in the back positions, granted we'll still concede a fair few but a good keeper is a godsend. This is the formation i'll be trying though not necessarily the same players.
  9. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Ha cheers, i've got it in my head to only have 3 players in my own half with my new club and really push it It might not be the wisest choice but stuff it I feel South America is the best place to experiment and really test the ME
  10. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Sport Boys Association September - December 2034 As you know we had already won the CWC before the season ended but had the small matter of beating Alianza in the title decider. You may remember that I thought after the 2nd leg last year after the final whistle I thought we won it on away goals only to find out that it wasn't the case Well this year we won the 2nd leg 4-0 after being 3-1 down in the first and again I thought we'd done it only to find out we had to play a 3rd game yet again So basically aggregate score doesn't even count, the only way to win it over 2 legs is to win both ties or win and draw one, any other sequence means a 3rd game Not as many to pick from as the previous 2 years but these 4 were all signed up, Molina and Hinostroza look like they could become really good and if nothing else the other 2 2 look like decent squad players. I've made my mind up on my next move and all be revealed in the next post. If we hadn't won the CWC I had decided i'd stay until I did but doing it already meant there was nothing left for me to do in Peru, i'd have been going through the motions for the majority of league games waiting for the CL games such has been the ease of most games and I wanted 10 years max in South America before a return to Europe and I want to see how my tactic does in a stronger league too, I may even move to 1 more South American side after this one if the right job comes up.
  11. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    I may as well retire now as nothing will beat this I think Admittedly them playing with 10 men for a long while helped but we were also down to 10 for over 40 minutes too and had to shift Farfan from DM to CB so it wasn't like we had all the luck. I was happy just being in the game when we got back to 3-2 as it seemed like they were going to run away with it The penalties were horrible, nobody missed until the penultimate kick so I was just waiting expecting that the next one would be the one we miss from the 4th one in Amazingly we've won both continental trophies this year but are 3-1 down in the title decider which is next up, so if this does turn out to be my last season I may be leaving with no domestic title to my name even though we've scored over 180 goals 2 years running
  12. [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    Great start. Didn't know about FC Romania i'd be tempted by that if I was so far in to my current save
  13. well done getting through
  14. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Cheers Delta, we currently have a 33 point lead but that doesn't even mean we'll be champions though Not sure what to do about this. They approached me and i'm very tempted but I wanted to at least play in the CWC with Sport Boys. The other thing is the Palmeiras job is very insecure and i'd be tempted by that too I've done research on the River squad and it does seem like there's a few good kids there (as you'd expect) and I know from the scouting I have in South America there's a good few players there that I could bring in if I went, I may even take a few from Sport Boys as i'd rather bring the better ones with me as it's obvious as soon as I go there'll be bids for everyone and unlike me the club will just sell them anyway Thoughts? My head is saying Peru is too easy already and River is a huge club, Palmeiras is obviously a big club too and if they went down then that is tempting if I went for it, they seem to be rich for South America too and also just like River they have great facilities. I've basically got 4 league games and the CWC to decide
  15. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Cheers, if we get dominant enough i'd like to try 2 cb's, a half back and then everyone else in the attacking third for a laugh