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  1. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM15] Lysi To Kill - A Cypriot Adventure

    ASI Lysis January - February 2023/24 We've had our first defeat of the season against City but I seriously doubt we'd even have had that if we kept 11 men on the pitch longer than 10 minutes We have kept plugging away at APOEL and go in to the split with a slight advantage over them but we've been here before so it's hard to get too giddy about it yet. The most pleasing thing is the goals have come back and we've knocked 11 of the 22 we were trailing them by off since the new year which has been pleasing considering they've hardly stopped battering teams either.
  2. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM15] Lysi To Kill - A Cypriot Adventure

    After saying we haven't been quite scoring enough we've scored 35 in our last 5
  3. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM15] Lysi To Kill - A Cypriot Adventure

    ASI Lysis November - December 2023/24 As the previous post nothing else we can do really, apart from a glorified pre season friendly against APOEL nobody has beaten us so far in any competition though without checking we may be slightly down on goals for compared to this time last year but i'm pretty sure we have more points so all we can do is carry on like we have and hope APOEL slip up This makes up for last seasons easier tie We got the toughest of all the Cypriot clubs in Europe but we've proved we can give anyone a game and that's exactly what I expect us to do.
  4. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM15] Lysi To Kill - A Cypriot Adventure

    ASI Lysis August - October 2023/24 It seems like yet again we're just that tiny bit behind APOEL, it's frustrating at times because we can't really do much more but it's also pleasing because we are playing at our best most weeks and putting the effort in all over the pitch but when you're up against a side that can swat fellow CL qualifiers by 4/5/6/7 ect; then it is obviously a case of them having a lot of players than we have. If I was buying players from all over the world like they are we'd probably have 3/4 titles to our name by now but I am determined to stick by my transfer policy and with the league's rise over the years the other clubs are investing in facilities which is filtering through to the national side being successful so once we are at a stage where we have maxed out our own facilities the hope is that we will have a budget to buy the very best home grown players instead of the punts i'm taking on youth from other sides. There's only Pafos in the whole division that haven't had a single upgrade to youth facilities in the whole division and more than half have had at least 2 upgrades so there is chances of getting players from other clubs that will be of a higher standard so at least I know there is potential for upgrades on players coming through throughout the country.
  5. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM15] Lysi To Kill - A Cypriot Adventure

    ASI Lysis Pre Season 2023/34 Nothing for the first team again but Nikolaou will be in the squad, I have had my eye on him for over a year in game but with Georgiou doing so well on the right I held off for a while but with Nikolaou getting games at AEK last year I decided to take a punt as he looks a better back up than Soitrou who went to Cardiff at the very least but also i've not seen Georgiou's attributes improve that much over the past year which makes me think he's close to his peak now and with my transfer policy plus the fact APOEL are so strong the only way i'm going to topple them is take punts on kids like this. It's the same with both the young full backs i've signed, if someone has reached a halt and I think they are short of what we need i'll identify it and look through the national U19's and U21's and take what I feel are the best options and just rinse and repeat until I get it right I also have interest in a Greek CM at Omonoia who is probably better than anything I have there but I don't have the £20M they wanted due to me bringing Nikolaou in and also with the upgrades to capacity we've had for the last few years that's been taking a dent out of any potential kitty. Long term i'm not worried as we have 2 CM's in the youth squads but if I get a chance before anyone else comes in then i'll be going back for the lad. The easiest group i've had so far, we should be finishing ahead of Zenit and Feyenoord really.
  6. Well done on topping Celtic, bit surprised you changed clubs so quickly though
  7. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    Just wow! I never expected anything like that at the start of the season with all that happened, I thought you were doing brilliantly just to get midtable when I last posted. Win that cup and get in Europe now, even a round or 2 in there will turn your finances around.
  8. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM15] Lysi To Kill - A Cypriot Adventure

    Cheers, the CL doesn't bother me too much as we're not a team that should be reaching that level really and having Shakhtar and APOEL in the knockouts made the run a lot easier for us so it's more to do with good luck we got there but apart from score we were clearly the better side on the day. It's the league and cup that is what's got me we'd have walked that division any other season bar 1 and typically the only time we lost to APOEL is the 7th meeting of the year I do think some of the kids we have in the u21's and 18's will eventually make the first team and improve us but they're miles away atm, hopefully I can get some sent on loan in the summer and get them games.
  9. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    doing really well this year, keep it up mate
  10. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM15] Lysi To Kill - A Cypriot Adventure

    ASI Lysis March - May 2022/23 I've got to laugh Better side in both cup finals, 2 minutes away from being champions and still nothing There's nothing else I can do with our finances and restrictions on player recruitment. Apart from the last 3 games we were as close to perfect as we possibly could be this year, only 2 league defeats, inflicting 3 of APOEL's 4 defeats on them, a points total that would have won the league 7 of the 8 seasons prior to this, the 3rd highest ever goals for tally in 9 seasons, the best defensive record of any side in the entire save and we're still empty handed so we really couldn't have done any more and the effort was fantastic. This should take the capacity to over 10,000 which is some difference to the 190 or so we were getting only 8 seasons ago More improvements off the pitch too will hopefully help us grow even more. The aim is yet again to end this curse we seem to have and hope APOEL don't have another season like this, I don't think in all my time on FM I have ever found a division so tough to win, it's enjoyable that I have a challenge but frustrating at the same time, especially as we seem to have APOEL's number when we face them but they can swat everyone aside, I really dread to think how much they'll spend this summer especially when our only signing looks like it'll be a youth prospect from AEK It also isn't helping that our get out clause of signing Greeks has been hard for a few years now and we haven't even stumbled on any kids with potential for the future. One of ote from the youth intake this year, he looks like he could be a decent prospect. In all honesty we did the hard work in the first leg, PSG were down to 9 but defended for their lives and hit us on the counter
  11. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM15] Lysi To Kill - A Cypriot Adventure

    Wouldn't say casually considering we have faced United twice, Barca and PSG I have 2 games with APOEL to finish the domestic campaign, win 3 and we've won the lot
  12. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM15] Lysi To Kill - A Cypriot Adventure

    We're playing them again Typical of our luck we get United for the trillionth time in Europe and it'll be at Old Trafford too where we've had no luck at all That said just being here and being the first Cypriot club in a European final is an amazing achievement considering the likes of APOEL, Apollon, Anorthosi ect; have had more experience in Europe and better finances than us.
  13. Dexter_Morgan

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    doing fantastically considering what happened over the summer
  14. Dexter_Morgan


    Well done, hopefully you can go pro now