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  1. This is really interesting, good luck! How do the tiers work, is it regionalized by state or just 10 national tiers?
  2. @Timetxu - Edwin, is that you? ;) https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/56325695 "The idea, which has been credited to Ajax chief executive Edwin van der Sar, would lead to radical change to the group phase. Instead of eight groups of four playing six games each as is currently the case, all teams would play 10 matches against opponents of varying strengths and decided on each club's Uefa ranking. Results in these matches would form an overall table which, along with some two-legged play-offs, would determine qualification for the post-Christmas knockout rounds."
  3. Oh yes I do and am fully aware of the limitations that brings. That's part of playing the game quickly for me - I rely fully on coaches and scouts and don't spend much time (or at all) on player search and looking over attributes in great detail. I find that I still do well enough as long as I get my tactics right (and pay attention to personalities in this version )
  4. Thanks Marc! Another option is too decrease the influence this has on the star rating a bit? I half expect players to have huge drops in star ratings after their 5th appearance at the start of the season, it does tend to correct itself later on in the season but does make start of the season a bit disjointed if you are OCD about selecting your team based on star rating
  5. @Marc Vaughan - my understanding is that the star rating is heavily influenced by their form in the last 5 matches, would that be a correct assumption? I say that because I noticed that the big drop in star rating at the beginning of the season happens after a player has made their 5th appearance. If that's the case maybe it might make sense to base it on the last 10 vs 5 appearances? That way you have less volatility on the star rating but still base it on how the player has been performing.
  6. Think my guess would be Colorado purely due to consistency. Great updates by the way, enjoying seeing the elevated quality of players coming in!
  7. Thank you all - I have set him up to scout next opposition now and will look out for the extra detail on the reports @casperzwaart100 - I had a Bargain Hunter once and noticed he found a lot of cheap, but not so good players, so guess the title was kinda right haha @Marc Vaughan - thanks for the tip, will look to get myself a copy!
  8. So I just took of New York City FC and noticed one of the scouts has his specialism as "Tactical Analyst". First time I have seen that...anyone have any idea what their strengths are and how best to use them? I tend to prefer having two First Team Scouts and one Youth Scout but am intrigued enough to give this guy a go...
  9. There are only 4 national tiers in Brazil with qualification to the 4th tier based on how well teams perform in the State Championships. MRT90 used to do a pretty good database back when I still played full fat FM, but not sure if he is still doing those.
  10. US teams beating the Mexican teams in NACL is definitely different from real life haha US national team surely should be disappointed with Second round after topping a group with Holland...
  11. The "big" states Texans and California underperforming massively again, although I suppose state size doesnt really matter here Great to see how all teams are relatively even! How are they doing in the NACL?
  12. Try winning the Champions League with a team from a smaller nation. I tried it out in Wales on FMM20 and if I remember correctly I only won it in the late 2030s. You can also try to challenge yourself to win every major trophy for a set of countries / continent. In FMM20 I did it with China / South Korea / Australia where I had to win the main league and cup for each country + Asian Champions League with a team from each country + the Asian Nations Cup with any team. Was another save that took me into the late 2030s to complete. Right now I am doing it with Canada/USA/Mexico/Argentin
  13. Having moved to the US recently I will be following with interest
  14. Not the winner I wanted, but echo others in saying this was an amazing write-up and experiment from start to finish! Great job!
  15. Interesting both teams with 10 men won! Spain and Uruguay will feel like they missed a big opportunity...
  16. 90% Condition is the magic number for me, won't start a player if he is below that + when making subs I will prioritize those with lowest condition if game is under control.
  17. Shame Brazil is out, but it what tends to happen when we play France...hoping for a Uruguay upset now
  18. I second that I had one season where half my first teamers got longer injuries at roughly the same time, other than that I have felt that injuries have been very reasonable.
  19. After finally having played a bit more over the past few days I have to say I absolutely love the new version. In FMM20 I had one tactic that I could use no matter where and I would get instant success. Feels like now I have to really adapt the tactics to each situation, not only in terms of opposition but players in the first XI, which is way more rewarding when you get it right. I also felt the player relationships has added a great dynamic to the game as well. If I have similar level players I will now tend to pick those that have formed positive relationships in the game. Also re
  20. Quarter Finals will be interesting! Can't help but feel Brazil will be knocked out by France after the lucky win against Senegal...
  21. Agree with this one - although I do love the fact that now I can pick different players for shooting vs crossing set-pieces there are some areas where I would pick the same guys and it would be good to "copy/paste" it. Loving all the new features by the way!
  22. I think it might be in the Libertadores, but not in CL. Just looked up the regulation in the UEFA website which confirm it, article 4.05: https://www.uefa.com/newsfiles/178317.pdf
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