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  1. Great start! Am assuming it will get tougher in the next stage - is it another league format or knockouts?
  2. I played in Mexico in FMM21 and the promotion/relegation was activated after 5-6 seasons. It is a different version and year but I would assume they would have the same enabled for full fat FM. Good luck in Cancun! Don't let the parties distract you
  3. Will be great to follow your adventures in Portugal, definitely a really good backstory for the save! (Although I grew up in Milton Keynes, so have a different/biased opinion on that particular one )
  4. I had to look into it - seems like they are sponsored by a Franco-Ivorian entrepreneur, Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss who also manages the team haha. The guy has his own website where, which has information on the club - https://www.tommytayoro.com/en/arta-solar-7
  5. Well done on completing Eritrea! How in the world did Arta convince these guys to go to Djibouti?! For no money too! Am assuming they are the best club in the country?
  6. Haha, guess at least you wont have to travel too far!
  7. Congrats on finally winning the league, this has felt like by far the toughest country so far! Hopefully you should be on course to complete Eritrea in the next couple of seasons.
  8. The first two alone are already great additions, means you can do a Pentagon challenge with all the continental CLs
  9. To be honest I only play Mobile because i dont have the time to play FM. It doesnt have anywhere near the level of depth to really get immersed into it, but better than nothing I am seriously contemplating getting FM22, if I dont and stick to Mobile I might create a thread for Mobile challenges. I do my own Mobile version of what is in this forum and might be interesting to see if others do too and share the experience.
  10. I haven't played Touch so can't comment on point number 1, for Mobile I do know that restrictions on number/availability of leagues and game time mean you would have to run the challenge quite differently. You can have a max 4 leagues loaded and the game only goes for 30 seasons. I have played Mobile for the last couple of years until I am ready for Full Fat FM again (might be this year?) and I have played with the idea of doing a version of this challenge. To make it somewhat close to it you could load one league in Europe, one in North America, Argentina (only South American league available) and one in Asia. In the 30 seasons you would have then to the four different continental competitions and the top league/cup of each country (except for Mexico - so maybe you have to pick MLS?). By loading these leagues you do get national teams of all continents available to manage, even Africa, so you could stick to the same tournaments on the international side of things. By winning less tournaments it does make the challenge easier, but at the same time you do only have 30 seasons so cant really afford to lose any international tournaments. The other thing is, whilst I would likely participate in the challenge, I dont know how many others would - the general forums for Touch and Mobile are relatively quiet so think the audience here may be limited.
  11. The problem with Bayern (and the reason I am not fond of them at all) is that they just buy the best players off the closest challengers, so even if Dortmund sorts out their defense and closes the gap, the core of the team will be dismantled soon enough. I always think back to Leverkusen in the early 2000s (Ballack, Ze Roberto, Lucio) and the Dortmund team that reached the CL final with Klopp (Lewandowski, Hummels, Gotze) as classic examples. I think even this season they bought a couple of RB Leipzig players and they are not even close challengers.
  12. I like this, definitely would get you playing in a nice variety of leagues in Europe. If you wanted to make it a bit more challenging you could stipulate that the continental competitions + club world cup have to be won with a team in a country outside of the "big 5".
  13. Hi - does this include the 4th tier? If so, are you planning to do the same for FM22?
  14. I lived really close to Estoril in Cascais - went to the casino there plenty of times! Could it be the National Stadium? Think the teams enter it through the stairs on the bottom left of the picture. It is located in Oeiras (close to Estoril and really close to where I used to work) and hosts the Cup final as well as Rugby games. Interestingly it also hosts Belenenses SAD as of 2018. I wasnt aware of this but the original club and SAD (plc) split in 2018 - with the former keeping the history, stadium and logo, but having to restart as an amateur team in the sixth tier (this is why they are in the fourth tier now). The SAD got to keep a place in the first division but has to use a different logo and also relocated to the national stadium. Would actually make a really interesting story to take over Belenenses in the fourth tier and get them ahead of the plc again.
  15. I love Portugal as I lived there for a couple of years almost a decade ago (getting old). I think it is 4 tiers in Portugal, at least that is what was playable in FM21 after the restructuring of the pyramid. There are smaller clubs in the Madeira and Azores islands if that's what you are after. Azores: Praiense Fontinhas Rabo de Peixe Sporting Ideal Operario (my personal favorite because of colors and crest) Madeira: Camara de Lobos Uniao da Madeira Camacha Alternatively you could go for Belenenses. Them and Boavista are the only two other clubs to have won the top division title outside the big three, but Belenenses are now languishing in the fourth tier. Their facilities will probably be quite decent.
  16. Brilliant Great first season, think Barca would do well to mirror that in real life!
  17. I think this somewhat mirrors the real life gap in quality between the top teams and rest in Spain, it's no wonder that the league is routinely won with close to 100 points. Mind you, Barca drew against Granada a couple of days ago with a much strongerline-up than yours, so maybe its Koeman out, and Jimbokav in
  18. And Serie B isn't in Spain (Sorry I couldnt resist) Long time lurker of your threads, love the attention to detail and the segways you go into when you get into something. This one has been particularly fun, have to be honest, didnt think you still would be winning as much as you are after the January clear out. Eager to see how you finish the season, and even more so what the summer will bring!
  19. I was wondering how Le Guineen moved so quickly between Marseille, Man Utd and then Chicago! Makes sense now that you said you skipped a year. Did Le Guineen make any first team appearances at Marseille? MLS for a year is probably a good move, get some regular football in before trying to get into that Man Utd first team.
  20. Wow, didn't expect Le Guinieen to be signed up by Marseille, wonder if he will get enough playing time. Some of the players signing for smaller clubs might develop quicker as they get more game time.
  21. Great first season! Do you expect to have any of the wonderkids left once they all turn 18?
  22. Agreed, have had the same in my save and have unashamedly exploited the loophole. Generally I find it easy to hang onto players even if I reject offers (when release clause isnt met). They get unhappy, I offer them a new contract on a little bit more money and then they are happy again. Very rarely do I lose a player against my own will.
  23. That's a good plan, will be interesting to see how many you are able to re-sign - they might be wanting Ligue 1 football at that point.
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