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Can anyone see Gnome'ania United's intro here as I can't see it even though I'm pretty sure I posted when the forum gone crazy :)

Hopefully this post will not get lost or anything just like the other one :)

--- FBM Weekly ---

Audrey: Hello there FBM Weekly watchers. Today's programme will start with a quick introduction of the one of the new teams in EPL, the Gnome'ania United. We have one of the first copies of the clubs official monthly magazine. Now we'll leave you with the chairman Mr. Gonzaléz's introduction words and after that Sam will talk about the stadium, Arcane Arena.

Sergio Gonzaléz: I welcome all the football fans in the world to Arcane Arena. We have set our foot in EPL to bring a new joy to the football, the most entertaning game that we love. The Gnomes is built around the motto "Physics doesn't exist, its all gnomes." Jokes aside, we believe that it is the little details that matter most in every aspect of life, especially in football. For a footballer for example, the lifestyle you have, the people you meet, the decisions you made on the pitch, they all have the same degree of effect in the outcome, that is good football! So what you can expect from us as GUFC is we'll be heavily involved with tiny bits of the club and we'll plan accordingly for the future. I'd also like to thank the Top 2 Bottom management for giving us the opportunity here.

Sam: Mr. Gonzaléz seems excited with his speech in the magazine. To be honest, I'm more excited than him seeing all these brand new 24 teams in English Football. We'll be enjoying a few good years of entertainment with this innovative idea, that's for sure. Let's have a look at the info card of Arcane Arena and the club facilites:

Voice Over ----

Stadium Name: Arcane Arena

Capacity: 30000

Year Built: 2008

A lovely and compact stadium with mid-range capacity and under-soil heating for those cold days of Northern England. The stands are colored in the teams color, white mostly with red stripes here and there. We can see the dragon portrayed in the badge in the northern stand. Also, the teams nickname 'The Gnomes' are painted to the East Stand. Yes, that nickname can be seen while you are flying over Arcane Arena. The club facilites is fantastic for the players and the youth here. Young Gnomes Academy is a place that can be seen as an example to all the other clubs in the region. The young stars have a great opportunity here to improve their future. The main team also has excellent facilities. You can see the reserves doing a half pitch press training where as the first 11 is training on the main pitch on the tactical moves. It looks like a factory from above here. (Footage of the stadium and the nearby facilites taken from a FBM Weekly copter 5 days ago.)

Sam: Lastly, let's inform the fans about the ticket prices. As we have heard from the Board, the ticket prices will be changing for different groups of fans but the average is expected to be around £25-£30. Also, you can get a season ticket for £440 and forget the hassle for the whole year while enjoying The Gnomes in Arcane Arena. That's it for our quick introduction of the new club, Gnome'ania United. We may as well go on and make detailed programs about The Gnomes in the future. Stay tuned.

Audrey: Just as Sam said, stay tuned FBM followers. And before we change the topic to the weekly news on football, basketball & motorsports, let me wrap up Arcane Arena with a classic line: "This is where magic happens!"

Sam: (laughs) OK now, on to F1 news.


P.S: Also any idea how I can get those little pins in the right side of the subscribed topics? The pins are gone for some reason.

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Can anyone see Gnome'ania United's intro here as I can't see it even though I'm pretty sure I posted when the forum gone crazy :)

I saw at one point yesterday - when it all went wappy - that you had posted the newest comment but when I loaded the page, it wasn't there. I bet it is randomly in some thread about FM10 Training or FM10 Installation somwhere with the other forum users wondering who this complete barmpot, 5ergio, is talking about his gnomes and stuff ... :rolleyes:

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Sponsored by www.xtranormal.com - the online video creator.

From time to time, you may receive a PM asking you some interview questions. If you do, please PM me the answers as soon as possible. This is likely to be ahead of Live TV games and sometimes after games and will be used in the SPORTS.tv NEWS sections of the game. Thanks.

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Brennan FC are a professional club based in Manchester, England, and named after the legendary CSE Forum Striker Bernard Brennan, who is the owner and chairman.

Nicknamed “The Red Rebels” or “Red Army”, the team play at the Brennan Arena, with a capacity of 45,000, in the Premier League under the management of John Puckett, Brennan’s fellow legend at FC United. They have some of the best training and youth facilities in the world.

Although they don’t posses the strongest starting squad in the division, they do have world class talents of Jens Lehmann, Mauro Camoranesi, Michael Carrick and Goran Pandev to add some talent to a fairly ordinary team. They do also have some up and coming stars such as Fabio and Ched Evans in their ranks, which indicates that the club may have a promising future!

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Hosted by Dan White

DW: It’s the day that thousands of people have been looking forward to for months as the domestic English season kicks off today with the Championship taking centre stage and five new clubs looking to cause a big splash in their first appearance in England. Two of them – Fanghunters and Joga Bonitos Juniors – face each other in our LIVE evening game whilst the other three face established Championship clubs in their first games. We’ve also got reports from the Community Shield as Saffron United and Queensland Origin meet at Wembley in their most competitive pre-season friendly as they prepare for the start of the Premier League season next Saturday.

Joining me in the studio today, let me introduce my reporters: former Arsenal and England midfielder SAUL MEARSON, the former Liverpool player with the huge hooter – BILL THOMASON, former Scottish and Celtic striker CHARLES KNICKERS and former Southampton legend, MATT LE TEASER.

Welcome to you all. Which games are you following today?

SM: I’m at Wembley, Dan, for the Community Shield match between Saffron United and Queensland Origin. United are missing six players with Tim Krul away at the Olympics and Paul McShane, Alex Song, Michael Ballack, Franck Ribery and Giorgio Chiellini all injured. Origin will be without Martin Demichellis and Wesley Sneijder who are both out injured. It could be a close match and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Extra Time and Penalties needed today, Dan.

BT: I’m at Turf Moor to see the opening Championship match of the season between Burnley and Melbourne. Melbourne have six players missing but are still favourites to win today and I can’t see them slipping up.

CK: I’m at The Valley as Charlton Athletic look to give VfB Rammstein a rough ride in their first Championship match. With five players out for VfB, this could be a close contest and Charlton could surprise people today. I think there could be a score draw on the cards.

MLT: It’s a similar story for me, Dan. I’m at Vicarage Road and am expecting Watford to make things very difficult for the Canadian Mighty Squirrels on their Championship debut. It’ll be close but I think the Squirrels will have just enough to secure a win today.

DW: Thanks chaps. Some breaking news ahead of today’s games as more transfers are coming in to us all the time. JUNINHO PERNAMBAUCHO will make his debut for CANADIAN MIGHTY SQUIRRELS today after signing this morning. Our live game later is between Fanghunters and Joga Bonitos Juniors and both sides could have new signings on debut: FANGHUNTERS have secured a deal for DIEGO GODIN whilst JOGA BONITOS JUNIORS have signed DEMY DE ZEEUW ahead of the game. News is just reaching us that the legendary RAUL will be playing in this year’s Premier League as well with LONDON TITANS announcing the deal today. Finally for now, INLAND VALLEY HAWKS have announced the capture of GUTI ahead of the new season. Join us after the break for the kick offs and reports from today’s games.


DW: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is official. The Coca Cola Championship season has kicked off and football is back. We’ve got three main games from the Championship today as well as the Community Shield from Wembley for our experts to focus on. Will there be any early goals?

DW: Early goal in the Community Shield at Wembley – just four minutes on the clock. Saul?

SM: Yes, a goal on just four minutes Dan. Corner on the left for Queensland taken by Martin Petrov and headed home by DAVE KITSON from six yards. SAFFRON 0-1 QUEENSLAND


DW: Over to Vicarage Road, goal in the Championship.

MLT: Lovely goal for the Mighty Squirrels, Dan. Glen Johnson out wide on the right lofted the ball in, keeper made a bit of a mess but MICHAEL ESSIEN heads home. WATFORD 0-1 SQUIRRELS

DW: He doesn’t get many headers but Michael Essien has put the Squirrels in front on 10 minutes. There’s a goal at Turf Moor. Who’s got it?

BT: Melbourne are up and running Dan. Brilliant run from Sergio Aguero down the right and he chipped the ball to the far post for PAUL SCHARNER to bury the header. BURNLEY 0-1 MELBOURNE

DW: Back to Wembley, a second goal. An equaliser for Saffron United?

SM: Sadly not – it’s a second goal for Queensland and a second goal for DAVE KITSON. Through ball from Tom Huddlestone and he raced away and slotted home to make it SAFFRON 0-2 QUEENSLAND

DW: It looks as if the first silverware of the season is heading for the Suncorp Stadium. Let’s have a look at the half time scores.


Saffron United 0-2 Queensland Origin


Burnley 0-1 Melbourne

Charlton Athletic 0-0 VfB Rammstein

Watford 0-1 Canadian Mighty Squirrels

DW: Join us for the second halves after the break.

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Hosted by Dan White

DW: Substitution at Vicarage Road, Matt?

MLT: Canadian Mighty Squirrel’s new signing Juninho Pernambaucho has gone off injured, Borja Valero on to replace him for the second half.

DW: And an injury at Wembley as well, Saul?

SM: More bad news for Saffron United as Djibril Cisse goes off injured. He will be replaced by Kevin Phillips.

DW: And a goal at Vicarage Road now. Matt Le Teaser ...

MLT: Another headed goal Dan and it is now 2-0 to the Squirrels. Another Glen Johnson cross and this time it was ANTONIO DI NATALE who rose to head home. WATFORD 0-2 SQUIRRELS

DW: Looks like the Mighty Squirrels are comfortably heading for a debut three points. What about VfB Rammstein? The deadlock has been broken at The Valley ...

CK: Terrible mistake by the Charlton goalkeeper Dan has allowed WILSON PALACIOS the chance to score into an empty net. First goal for VfB Rammstein. CHARLTON 0-1 VfB RAMMSTEIN

DW: And an injury Charles?

CK: Yes, Dan. Rammstein defender Maxwell has gone off injured and is replaced by Paul Robinson.

DW: Second goal at Turf Moor.

BT: And what a cracker it is Dan. Good work by Gilardino and Ronaldinho in the Burnley area and the ball laid back to NICKY SHOREY who smashed the ball into the top corner from 20 yards. BURNLEY 0-2 MELBOURNE

DW: Definitely a goal worth seeing on TV tonight. A third goal at Wembley. Are Saffron United back in the game Saul?

SM: Sorry Dan, they’re not. Queensland Origin have got one hand on the Community Shield thanks to a third goal from DAVID HEALY. A lovely one-two with Kitson and he tucks home from twelve yards. SAFFRON 0-3 QUEENSLAND

DW: Back to Vicarage Road and Matt ...

MLT: Game over here too, Dan. For the third time today, a headed goal for the Canadian Mighty Squirrels. This time it was from Valero’s corner and was headed home by ROBBIE KEANE. Game over. WATFORD 0-3 SQUIRRELS

DW: Terrible defending from the Hornets. Back to Wembley – a glimmer of hope for Saffron United.

SM: Just a glimmer, Dan. Jack Collison cuts the ball back from the left touchline to that man, in the right place, at the right time, KEVIN PHILLIPS smashes it home. SAFFRON 1-3 QUEENSLAND

DW: Another goal at Vicarage Road in injury time. Matt?

MLT: The chants of ‘We are top of the League’ are ringing out from the away end now Dan. It’s a fourth goal for the Squirrels. Matt Derbyshire knocks the ball into ROBBIE KEANE’s feet, edge of the area, turns and BANG! Bottom corner, 4-0! WATFORD 0-4 SQUIRRELS

DW: Injury time goal at The Valley as well. Equaliser for Charlton or a second goal for Rammstein. All the other debutants in the Championship have won today ...

CK: And so have VfB Rammstein, Dan! Charlton pushing forward, break from Tevez and he found KEIRRISON in the box with all the time in the world to slot home to seal the win. CHARLTON 0-2 VfB RAMMSTEIN

DW: Few nerves now for Melbourne at Turf Moor. Bill?

BT: Yes, Dan. Burnley have pulled a goal back through Steven Fletcher and are looking for an unlikely equaliser now. They’ve not got long to get it though.

DW: Full Time in all our games. Classified check on the results.


Saffron United 1-3 Queensland Origin


Barnsley 1-2 Plymouth

Blackpool 0-0 QPR

Bristol City 0-2 Ipswich Town

Burnley 1-2 Melbourne

Cardiff City 1-0 Norwich City

Charlton Athletic 0-2 VfB Rammstein

Coventry 3-0 Derby

Crystal Palace 2-0 Doncaster

Southampton 0-1 Preston

Swansea 0-0 Nottingham Forest

Watford 0-4 Canadian Mighty Squirrels

DW: It’s very early stages but top of the league are Canadian Mighty Squirrels. Just 45 games to go lads! Coventry City sit second with Plymouth, Ipswich, Melbourne, Cardiff, Rammstein, Crystal Palace and Preston all off to winning starts as well. Don’t forget to tune in to the Live Game later – Fanghunters and Joga Bonitos Juniors meet at Stadium: Siberia. Thanks for joining us today. Goodbye!

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Boring Championship stuff :cool:

Lets get to the real football :)

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Jack: I hope you're joking! Championship rules, Premiership drools.

minisav: Thanks for the kind words, hope you're enjoying.

MattFergie: I won't do it in this much detail ALL the time. After the Championship/Premiership are up and running, I'll holiday a chunk and then do another weekend in detail etc ... Lots of detail every now and then and at the important stages of the season.

super_lampard: Not a problem. When you get chance mate.

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Dave Kitson the star!!!

Here I was thinking that the strike force will be the weaklink in the team, how wrong was i :D

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Welcome to SPORTS.tv and the first live football action of the season. It’s from the Coca Cola Championship as we head for Stadium: Siberia to see two of the new faces in English football.

Fanghunters.png VS. JogaBonitosJuniors1.png

Fanghunters vs. Joga Bonitos Juniors

Welcome to Stadium: Siberia for the first live Championship football of the season between The Predators and Joga Juniors. Earlier today, the Championship kicked off and the three other debutants in the Championship – Canadian Mighty Squirrels, Melbourne and VfB Rammstein – all made winning starts so the pressure is on these two sides to make a winning start tonight or else fall three points off the pace immediately.

Let’s look at the teams for today’s encounter and we start with the visitors, Jogo Bonitos Juniors. Manager Ben Flash starts 4-4-2 with Gomes in goal, a back four of Belletti, Martin Skrtel, Sylvain Distin and Joe Mattock, Ryan Taylor, Steven Ireland, Diego and Sebastian Giovinco in midfield with John Utaka and Kevin Davies up front.

Fanghunters also start with a 4-4-2 formation with Pepe Reina in goal, Andre Ooijer, Carles Puyol, Diego Godin and Matt Upson at the back, a midfield four of David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Danny Guthrie and Ashley Young with Gabriel Agbonlahor and Ruud Van Nistelrooy up front.

The first half is coming live after the break. Stay tuned!

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GCB this all looks amazing! Here's hoping for a winning start for The Steel next week :)

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Fanghunters.png VS. JogaBonitosJuniors1.png

Welcome to Stadium: Siberia where almost 48000 fans are expected to show up to see the two newcomers to English football, Fanghunters and Joga Bonitos Juniors. Both clubs will be desperate for three points after seeing the other newcomers get off to winning starts in the Championship today so as not to get cut adrift after just one game.

2 mins:

Joga Bonitos Juniors win the game’s first corner. Sebastian Giovinco floats it over and Martin Skrtel heads over from 6 yards.

7 mins:

Fanghunters have their first shot in anger as Danny Guthrie hits a low drive from 25 yards which Gomes does well to turn around the post.

10 mins:

David Beckham and Guthrie combine well for Fanghunters and Guthrie slides the ball into the area for GABRIEL AGBONLAHOR to slot home. Skrtel argues it was offside but the referee gives the goal.

Fanghunters 1-0 Joga Bonitos Juniors

12 mins:

Steven Gerrard picks up the ball 30 yards out for Fanghunters and strikes a vicious shot at goal which Gomes does well to tip over the bar.

16 mins:

It’s all Fangunters now and Ashley Young’s right wing cross causes confusion in the Joga Juniors box. The ball falls to Beckham who forces Gomes to make another splendid save.

18 mins:

A rare break from Joga Bonitos Juniors sees John Utaka find Diego in the right channel. His shot is saved well by Pepe Reina but the rebound falls to UTAKA who prods home to silence the home fans.

Fanghunters 1-1 Joga Bonitos Juniors

22 mins:

The equaliser has given Joga Juniors a foot-hold in the game now and Steven Ireland hits a 30-yard free kick just over the bar as they look to go in front.

26 mins:

A long throw from Beckham is headed over the bar by Ruud Van Nistelrooy as Fanghunters look to take control of the game again.

29 mins:

A free kick for Fanghunters 25 yards out – perfect position for a certain David Beckham. He curls it around the wall and forces Gomes into another smart stop.

33 mins:

A long throw finds Joga Juniors’ Kevin Davies in the box. He is strong and forces his shot at goal which is well-saved by Reina. The rebound falls to Utaka again but he loses the ball.

36 mins:

Joga Juniors are now right in the game after a shaky start and Utaka again goes close with a 30-yard speculative effort that Reina saves. The rebound – again – falls to Giovinco who blazes over when he should have done better.

45+1 mins:

Diego makes run into the Fanghunters penalty area and is tripped by David Beckham. PENALTY! Danny Guthrie is unhappy with the decision but DIEGO picks himself up to drill home the penalty and send Joga Juniors in front.

Fanghunters 1-2 Joga Bonitos Juniors

HALF TIME: Despite dominating the opening half an hour, Fanghunters find themselves 2-1 down at home and have a real test of their squad to salvage a win from the game in the second half. Joga Juniors played well on the counter attack and will be feeling good after going in front when they probably didn’t deserve to. What will happen in the second half? Tune in after the break!

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Fanghunters.png VS. JogaBonitosJuniors1.png

Welcome back to Stadium: Siberia where Joga Bonitos Juniors lead 2-1 at half time after Fanghunters had taken an early lead to the delight of the home fans. A good comeback for the visiting Joga Juniors but can they seal a priceless away three points at the start of the Championship season? Let’s see in the second half.

58 mins:

Fanghunters start the second half slowly but Gerrard finds Van Nistelrooy on the edge of the box. He spots the run of DANNY GUTHRIE into the area and slides the ball to him to fire past Reina for the equalising goal.

Fanghunters 2-2 Joga Bonitos Juniors

71 mins:

Joga Bonitos Juniors attack down the right hand side and find Kevin Davies. He holds off the full back before pulling the ball back across goal. The ball rebounds to STEPHEN IRELAND on the edge of the area whose deflected shot goes in off the post and Joga Juniors are back in front.

Fanghunters 2-3 Joga Bonitos Juniors

77 mins:

After falling behind again, Fanghunters need to find another equaliser but need to be careful not to concede a fourth goal. Joga Juniors break on them again with Clint Dempsey and Davies linking up well on the right to feed a ball into the box. Christophe Berra fails to get there and MICHAEL CHOPRA fires the ball into the bottom corner to put Joga Juniors two goals clear with 13 minutes left.

Fanghunters 2-4 Joga Bonitos Juniors

87 mins:

With defeat looking likely, Fanghunters get a glimmer of hope with three minutes remaining. Ashley Young’s cross from the right finds Gerrard who slides AGBONLAHOR in to volley home left footed for his second goal of the game.

Fanghunters 3-4 Joga Bonitos Juniors


After a second half of few chances but goals galore, it is Joga Bonitos Juniors who take the three points away from their rivals with an impressive away victory. Fanghunters will be disappointed and will think they deserved a share of the spoils but it was not to be and they find themselves three points off the pace after just one game.

Thanks for watching today’s LIVE Championship game.

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It wasn't a bad one to start with was it?

Going to do the second weekend in similar detail (Premiership starts as well) before holidaying to start of September. Then I'll report on whats happened and give screenshots etc ... All this will be complete by tomorrow.

After that, I will play a month each weekend. One weekend in each month will be in full detail an the rest of the month will be a simple report.

As the end of the season arrives, more detail will be used as it gets tense.

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After the start of the Coca Cola Championship season last weekend, it is now time for the Premiership to take centre stage as the big kick off arrives today. However, the Championship cannot be forgotten as it moves on this weekend and we have news of the League Cup Round 1 and the draw for Round 2.


MELBOURNE’s first taste of League Cup action came at Brisbane Road as they faced League 1 Leyton Orient. An efficient first half from The Demons meant that they were never in any danger of an upset as goals from RONALDINHO, ALBERTO GILARDINO and ROMAN BEDNAR saw them 3-0 up at the break. A fourth from GILARDINO gave them a 4-0 win and sets up a Round 2 tie with Championship rivals Barnsley at Oakwell.

Fresh from victory over Fanghunters in the Championship, JOGA BONITOS JUNIORS travelled to Griffin Park to face Brentford in the League Cup. Like Melbourne, an excellent first half saw them comfortably through to Round 2 as goals from SEBASTIEN GIOVINCO, RYAN TAYLOR, MARTIN SKRTEL and KEVIN DAVIES gave them a 4-1 half time lead. Further goals from CLINT DEMPSEY and ANDY KEOGH meant they won 6-2 in the end and set up a Round 2 clash with Colchester United of League 1 at the Colchester Community Stadium.

CANADIAN MIGHTY SQUIRRELS are still to concede a goal after a convincing 5-0 win over League 1 Peterborough United at London Road. It took 37 minutes to break the deadlock and even then it needed an own goal to do it though as Posh made life difficult for the Squirrels. ASHLEY COLE, ANTONIO DI NATALE, MICHAEL ESSIEN and SIMON DAVIES added the rest of the goals and the Mighty Squirrels will face League 2 Bradford City at Valley Parade in Round 2.

VfB RAMMSTEIN made their first appearance in their new home, Stadion des Groβen, as they faced League 2 Gillingham in Round 1. A convincing first half saw Rammstein lead 3-0 at half time thanks to goals from KEIRRISON, JERMAIN JENAS and CARLOS TEVEZ. An injury time goal from ANDRIY VORONIN sealed a 4-0 win and Round 2 brings a home tie with League 1 Southend United.

After their opening day defeat to Joga Bonitos Juniors, FANGHUNTERS were looking to get onto the winning track with a Round 1 home tie with Bristol Rovers at Stadium: Siberia. NWANKWO KANU scored two goals, DANNY GUTHRIE scored a late penalty and GABRIEL AGBONLAHOR hit a hat-trick as Fanghunters comfortably won 6-0 to banish the memory of the opening day defeat and set up a Round 2 tie with Sheffield Wednesday at Stadium: Siberia.

Other Selected League Cup Round 2 Fixtures

Boreham Badgers vs. QPR

Burnley vs. Brennan United

Coedpoeth United vs. Swansea City

Gnome’ania United vs. Southampton

Inland Valley Hawks vs. Stockport County

Leeds United vs. Welsh Wizards

New Bloc vs. Wycombe Wanderers

Northern Extreme vs. Carlisle United

Oldham Athletic vs. Essendon

Steel Panthers vs. Brighton

Coventry City vs. Blackthorn Athletic

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Burnley Away 2nd Round, could be an interesting game.

And Up the mighty Wycombe Wanderers against New Bloc :thup:

WHY YOU!!! New Bloc will cave to no one!

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Canadian Mighty Squirrels off to a fantastic start. Hope we stay where we are at the moment for the entire season. :cool::cool:

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Apart from Brennan United F.C. and Wycombe Wanderers :p

arggh.... we shall meet out there, and I will rise above you.

EDIT: It seems as if The new look Premiership has it's first new rivalry. Brennan United v. New Bloc

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how much did i pay for ryan taylor?

can i see a screen shot of player stats for that game GCB, nice to know who did what in such a big game

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another point, just as this won't take as long as screen shots

Man of the Match

would be nice to know who wins it - in each game; other than that fantastic work so far GCB - lets hope you can keep it up

Here are some of the songs heard from the away specators today;

Steve Gerrard, Gerrard. He can't score from 30 yards. Like Lamps he's a tub of lard, Steve Gerrard Gerrard

'1-0' and you f**cked it up! 1-0 and f**ked it up!

Fizzy Pop League - You having a laugh; Fizzy pop league? don't make me laugh!

We are about 6th in the league, shout we're about 6th in the League!

Stand up! if you won 4-3, stand up! if you 4-3! STand Up, If You won 4-3!

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Essendon FC - A brief overview


Originaly founded in 1871 as part of the Australian Footbal League (AFL), the Bombers, as they are known, went on to win the AFL Premiership a record 16 times. Having dominated the Australian Football League for so long, and looking for a new challenge, they decided to do the unthinkable and move the entire team to the UK to try and dominate the Premier League as they did the AFL.

Under the tutalige of Chairman Mark Mota and legendary manager Kevin Sheedy, they moved into Windy Hill, the 40,000 capacity stadium, and went on to bring together some of the biggest names in football, including Pepe, Klose, and the most impressive name of all, Lionel Messi! On top of that, Chairman Mark Mota has pumped $90M into the club, and has given Sheedy $59M to spend on transfers for the season, meaning Essendon FC are definitly one of the clubs to watch this season.

Mark Mota has stated the minimum expectation for the club is to qualify for Europe next season (although Sheedy has been reported as saying this may not be possible with the current squad), and whatever happens, is determined to beat fellow Aussie defectors Queensland Origin and (if they ever make it out of the Championship, which is unlikely) Melbourne FC.

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Guest roberto922

Swansea City, that's certainly a winnable game :)

KUTGW, fantastic so far

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Essendon FC could be a force to be reckoned with having Sheeds as coach and Messi creating a bit of magic!

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Playing at home with Southampton, should past through.

Also about the team managing issue Andy, what will you do when you get relegated & all promoted teams are T2B teams? :)

Finally, already asked this before but asking again as I can't seem to find it: Any idea how I can get those little pins in the right side of the subscribed topics? The pins are gone for some reason.I can see the subscribed threads in the subscriptions folder. I don't have any mail notifications enabled but used to have little pins on the right end of the topic titles, just like rating stars. But the pins are gone now & I'm still searchin. Any help is appreciated.

KUTGW Andy :thup:

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