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  1. I am someone who likes to watch matches of players whilst I'm scouting them. However when I'm scouting players abroad, or those who only play in reserve/u23 matches I often find the matches are not saved in full detail and I can't watch the highlights. Could we have a bettway of keeping track of when shortlisted players are playing to give us a chance of attending the matches without having to trawl through fixture lists. My working idea is a weekly news article similar to the one international managers get on when players in their squad are playing. Another slightly related issue is that I so
  2. Just downloaded the game, looks good so far. I'm assuming this just isn't in there at the moment for early access reasons and will be in at some point soon, but is there a way to change resolution at the moment?
  3. It used to be this way but I think they've changed it now. You may see the same abilities of players so you could work out who is who but names and nationalities are randomised
  4. Sounds good Whoopy, I'd be interested but I do think 32 active users might be a bit ambitious
  5. Is there not a retain all players file out somewhere, that would make most nations playable but would put a strain on performance
  6. Hey LLR, I wouldnt use this as conclusive evidence but have found a good site listing all England internationals. Their games played are as follows: (I have chosen these years because there arent any major tournaments) 2009: 11 1999: 10 1989: 11 1979: 10 1969: 10 1959: 9 So point 1 doesnt really stand true for England. To compare some players for you. Bobby Charlton (49 goals) First cap: 1958 (Aged 20) Last Int. Game: 1970 (Aged 32) Retired: 1973 (Aged 35) Gary Lineker (48 goals) First cap: 1984 (Aged 23) Last Int. Game: 1992 (Aged 31) Retired: 1994 (Aged 33) Michael Own (40
  7. I would definitely be interested Paulo and i'm sure many others would
  8. Would definitely be interested in this Bergtaur, heres the link for FMRTE
  9. I'd probably have a go at that, need a challenge to get me back into FM
  10. Think I need some help. I put the sound pack in what I thought was the right place but no sounds were playing, so out the default ones back and now they don't work Any ideas? EDIT: Fixed now
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