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  1. I am someone who likes to watch matches of players whilst I'm scouting them. However when I'm scouting players abroad, or those who only play in reserve/u23 matches I often find the matches are not saved in full detail and I can't watch the highlights. Could we have a bettway of keeping track of when shortlisted players are playing to give us a chance of attending the matches without having to trawl through fixture lists. My working idea is a weekly news article similar to the one international managers get on when players in their squad are playing. Another slightly related issue is that I sometimes have to guess if the player is going to play a first team match or a reserve team match on the same day, perhaps we could get some indication on match day of a 18-20 man squad that have travelled to the match?
  2. Just downloaded the game, looks good so far. I'm assuming this just isn't in there at the moment for early access reasons and will be in at some point soon, but is there a way to change resolution at the moment?
  3. It used to be this way but I think they've changed it now. You may see the same abilities of players so you could work out who is who but names and nationalities are randomised
  4. You do have the option of disabling transfers in the first window when you create the game
  5. Don't bother going to Tesco if you want it tonight, Miles has just tweeted they aren't selling it until Sunday
  6. Was playing a game with Arsenal and my scout did a report on Ryan Shawcross and he told me to take into account the fact the fans dont like him if I want to buy him
  7. The Football League are planning to introduce (or may have already) an adapted version of FFP for the Championship and I think Leagues 1 and 2 have voted to adopt it as well. Not sure what sanctions there are, as banning them from the Champions League is a bit pointless, and its not being administered by UEFA anyway as the clubs have agreed to do it voluntarily
  8. Continue onto the next day and they should appear, if they don't check the filters as it might not have been automatically added
  9. I think I'm right in saying that under FIFA rules a player with a British passport can represent any of the home nations, but the FAs agreed not to pick players that didn't have parents or grandparents born in that country so the rules work as they would for France and Germany, for example. Whether this agreement is now a rule I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure it is in the game. Are you playing FM12? If so then I would suggest it is a bug
  10. If they have played recently appeals are quite likely to win, they don't always work but occasionally they do
  11. They did have the issue with the Champions League final but that was a UEFA rule that they had to have control of the stadium for 2 weeks, think the Championship playoff final was played there a couple of days after but they couldnt play matches before EDIT: was beaten to it!
  12. Data processing does tend to get longer as you go further into the game but I wouldnt expect to notice it so soon when you are only running 4 leagues, so not sure what the problem is
  13. I know it has already been suggested but I would certainly recommend the iOS version if you want a stripped down version of the game
  14. On my game David Gill stepped down in around 2031 and Joel Glazer took over
  15. After Liverpool were allowed in, UEFA introduced a rule that says no country is allowed to enter more than 4 teams, so now if the holders are from England and finish outside the top 4 they qualify in place of the 4th placed team
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