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  1. What a coincidence! After a few years return, I get to catch GCB's sign up. I'm in!
  2. Club Name: FC Arcana Club Nickname: The Arcanists Club Colours: Dark Blue/Red Badge Style: Stripes Manager Name: Andrew Vertu Day/Month of Birth (all born in 1982): 28/5 Star Player Name: Kyris Coldwell Day/Month of Birth (all born in 1994): 31/12 Position (check availability):MR 2nd Position (if not GK):AMC Stadium Name: The Arcanium
  3. That guy is me At least I managed to qualify from WC Groups somehow but got knocked out to a classy Brazil side with my uncapped guys
  4. I liked the before 2008 idea better Just run as many as you think you can handle mate. Most of us will be here for participation anyway
  5. We, who has witnessed the original Bandits and the experiment itself, all know that Kip has set a new and very high standard with his story telling and details. He has also admitted that he does not have the time he had back in FM07 era. It's always thrilling to see Kip write an update or a teaser post but knowing that real life won't allow such a detailed experiment run that long any more, I'd say keep your expectations low and be happy when you see an update. I am also sorry that neither of the following experiments went as long as the first one but that was nearly impossible anyway. Still though, Bandits, and Sheriffs later on, are the best FM story I have ever read and ever will be it seems as Kip was great at creating that bond with the team and the readers. You can say who is a Bandit and who is a Sheriff by looking at their reaction posts even That itself is a very big success. Even though this experiment doesn't look likely to be completed, thank you Kip. For everything you have given to the community so far!
  6. That win after extra time is a good sign for the future. I am not afraid of playoffs now
  7. Get in! So many starlets leaving, even letting Anderson go to the arch rivals, and still just 5 points behind with 3 games in hand! We should finish this league with no dropped points from now on and try to build a strong squad for the next season as we are surely going to lose the rest of the starlets by august latest.
  8. I'm sure I'll be back as well. This time with a new guy though, continuing the McIllmurray family line won't add anything any more it seems, at least if I don't get to have a team mate for the national team
  9. Thrilling first half! Gutted to drop the first league points even though we are hammering Sheriffs regularly. Here's hoping a cup run, coupled with international call ups won't hamper us before hosting them. It should be a win to make it 7 in a row and two successive league crowns!
  10. Don't get me wrong but I find this tendency of becoming a fan of Sheriffs just like the teenagers these days loving Barca and disregarding Real. Both clubs have written history before, especially Real was something special during the original Galacticos era. So, don't get your hopes high on the Sheriffs being the next Barca
  11. Let's see how McIllmurray Jr. fares with the national team. They had managed one EURO when he was playing, maybe he'll grant them one more while managing
  12. Oh boi! England vs Portugal & Germany vs Spain in the semis! I sense some penalty shoot outs!
  13. Good for Jason, I guess. Is Hamilton expected to get promoted or are they performing at the level they should be? Also kinda happy to see he's like me playing FM in real life in terms of transfer management, buying low, selling high 6 awards won already is a good stat as well, assuming they are monthly awards.
  14. At least McIllmurray Jr. have claimed the early bird spot
  15. Finally! McIllmurray Jr. is a bit slow compared to his father it seems
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