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  1. Still has more pace than a 38 year old Puyol had in my game. I think it was 2 for pace he had in the Champions League match, and he was played at Left Back...
  2. On an older FM they told me they were going to sack their accountants because I was so good with the finances And I forgot to take a screenshot but I signed Florian Dick and it came up, "Dick to be Unveiled by Saville." Chilidsh, but amusing all the same.
  3. I got Resplen-Dentinho on FM10. Put it in here iirc.
  4. He 'remains fiercely loyal' but has just snubbed a new deal. Very loyal!
  5. Stancu such a beast he counts two players? The 3 were headers to make a hat-trick so they counted the fourth, which was a shot, as a second person.
  6. It's for the best though. Keeps ideas together so people can use ideas that weren't used up when they were first put in here.
  7. Yeah, the losers does seem more interesting. Trying to get one over what has been done before.
  8. That's a cracker of an idea. Aberdeen Not that I play FM these days :/
  9. Yeah, that was why I suggested PSV. The original team were workers for Philips. They've had Philips sponsor them since sponsors started in the Dutch league in 1982!
  10. But that's just sponsorship ain't it? PSV are/were? And possibly a Russian team with cars iirc.
  11. Well I set up a Non Capped Challenge which was to qualify for the WC, not have a pre WC friendly then select a whole squad of uncapped players. Was quite popular for a little while.
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