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  1. It took me 4 league matches but finally got my first win! An 87th minute 30 yard screamer gives a 2-1 over local rivals Dresden! Their manager is Jens Lehmann but he mad man was no match for my mind games.
  2. Nice progress so far Duccio. I'm back for this challenge. Been rubbish the past few years with starting it but never getting beyond the first season or so. Going as FC Carl Zeiss Jena. Chosen only because they formed in 1903, the year as the club I support, Aberdeen. Screenshots: History Club Info Manager Info Got through pre-season. Only just got together something resembling a team. Happy with it though, finances weren't too restrictive. Picked up a new affiliate in Leverkusen who have given me some midfielders on loan to buff out the team. Gonna be a long season I reckon!
  3. RW Essen - German 2nd Division - 2016/17 – 2nd season - 7th Place Manager Profile - Information Squad Transfers Quite a few transfers including the spending of money. Shame both turned out to be not worth paying for but not the end of the world. We did also sell 2 15 year olds with a chunk of potential for around a million up front for the pair. Still more to come if they become successful. Offer too good to turn down but the squad didn’t see it that way. They were not happy! No option to tell them that either which is frustrating. Transfer History Squad - Tactics Goalkeepers Niclas Heimann/Niklas Lomb Heimann was again first choice and I never gave Lomb a chance. Like a bit of stability and wanted my strongest team for the cups. Heimann made some crucial penalty saves. Future Plans – Looking for a replacement as neither are great. Will sell one if I do. Not an urgent priority as of yet. Right Backs Mahmut Oezen/Jens Janse/Max Dombrowka A bit of a weak link in my side. Spent a lot on Oezen and he was poor. Was dropped after a stupid red card in the cup. Janse isn’t much and saw some action. Ever the dependable Dombrowka played most games. Solid but nothing special. Future Plans – Definitely get someone in as first choice. Sell Janse. May give Oezen another chance. May flog him whilst he still has value. Dombrowka is versatile so will stay in the squad. Left Backs Juan Carlos Garcia/Patrick Huckle/Max Dombrowka Garcia is a solid at the back but not great going forward. Huckle is rubbish. Both I set as limited full backs to try and keep them to just defending. Let the guys ahead of them do their job. Dombrowka played one or two matches here. Future Plans – Just like right back this is a priority. Sell Huckle. Centre Backs Florian Krebs/Tim Kister/Andrea Accardi Krebs and Kister were the main pairing until Accardi got the chance due to a suspension. Rotate between the 3. Accardi I tended to leave out of the bigger matches as he can be a bit reckless. Still young so has time to improve. Future Plans – Currently looking at 2 guys who appear to be better than all 3. Might sign both and sell Krebs and Kister. Definitely at least one of those is going. Defensive/Central Midfielers Kai Nakowitsch/Adil Aussar/Benjamin Baier/Tim Treude/Daniel Grebe Nakowitsch and Aussar are amazing. Great players. Shame the get booked so often! Both managed to get suspended at the same time for too many bookings. Left my midfield a bit barren. Baier didn’t play that much but going by how he played when he got on, I’ll be giving him more chances next season. Treude is versatile and Grebe is rubbish. Future Plans – Get rid of Grebe. Get in at least one player to give competition. Play Baier more. Attacking Central Midfielders Melvin De Leeuw/Francesco Ortalano/Ceibo Soukou All 3 were not great with De Leeuw being the best but he did cost money and definitely hasn’t shown his worth yet. Future Plans – Ortalano will return from his loan. Get rid of Soukou. Get in someone good. De Leeuw can be back up. Wingers Luka Sliskovic/Tobias Steffen/Furdjel Narsingh/Lukas Arenz Sliskovic was immense. Second top scorer from the wing and scored important goals too. Best loan signing I’ve had in a long while. Steffen was main first choice until Narsingh got in and registered (had some issues). Narsingh was good until he got injured and Steffen stepped in. Arenz is back up at best. Future Plans – Sliskovic will sign on a permanent transfer which is great news. Sell Arenz. Get someone else in. Strikers Sven Kreyer/Marc Brasnic/Konstantin Sawin Kreyer was top scorer last season and repeated the feat again. Great player. Brasnic a very good back up who was also great to take on as a 2nd striker. Grabbed himself more assists than goals but that isn’t too bad. Sawin is ok. Quite young and also got a few games at CAM. League This turned out to be a very good season. I exceeded my expectations last season by winning the league and we exceeded expectations yet again. I was prepared to face a tough season of avoiding relegation and after a dodgy start it looked to be that way. Things picked up and by the winter break I was in contention for a play-off spot. I changed my expectations to midtable and we stayed in the hunt until fairly the end of the season. Very happy with 7th place. Table - Graph - Fixtures Cup I was also glad to be involved in the cup. I have previous for cups on FM and I do like a good run to improve the finances. 1st Round I wasn't exactly delighted to get a 1st Divison side in my opening game but a visit from Freiburg wasn't the end of the world. As expected they dominated but weren't threatening too much. However, a very disappointing end to the 2nd half saw 2 goals in 3 minutes left me pretty furious with the defence. At the hour mark I decided to throw caution to the wind and went 2 up top. It looked to have paid off when Kreyer was put in by his strike partner to grab one back in the 75th minute. It looked as though it would be for nothing as nothing of note happened again until the 89th minute when Tobias Steffen received the ball on the edge of the box before pile-driving it into the the top left corner. There were suspicions of offside but I'll take it! I thought we'd grabbed a replay but forgot that these go to extra-time. After 11 minutes of nervy and tepid stuff a slack back pass allowed Kreyer in to round the goalkeeper and put us in the lead! We then sat back and dealt with a barrage attacks from them we nicked the ball outside our box, launched it forward and their defence again tried to get it back to the goalkeeper but left it short. Kreyer latched onto it and lashed it home! RW Essen 4 - 2 Freiburg AET 2nd Round Expecting another 1st Division side we were instead given top of the table and eventual Second Division Champions, Nuernberg. Facing a side that good away from home was always going to After taking the lead inside 10 minutes through Sliskovic I was majorly upset to see us 1-1 and facing a penalty after 21 minutes. Luckily it was saved but I was still furious with right back Oezen as he lost the ball for the first goal and he didn't track the runner for the penalty. He then added to that by managing to get himself a straight red card a minute into the 2nd half. Considering he hadn't played greatly in previous games this was the final nail in his coffin. We bravely held on and with 15 minutes to go and not fancying our fitness at the time I again gambled and went 2 up front. With 10 minutes to go and their defenders occupied Sliskovic sneaked in behind the defence and was laid in by Brasnic before firing in the winner. Again we appeared to be the beneficiaries of an offside decision gone wrong but again I don't care! Nuernberg 1 - 2 RW Essen 3rd Round Again we were drawn a Bundesliga side but this time it was away to Borussia Moenchengladbach. 3-0 down on the hour mark I again threw caution to the wind but this time went 3 up front. It quickly paid dividends as we grabbed one back. Sadly we then went 4-1 down. We scored in the 81st and 88th minute to make it 4-3 but despite a late chance to equalise we unfortunately lost. Borussia Moenchengladbach 4 – 3 RW Essen A bumper introduction to my squad due to my very brief update last time. Aiming to actually participate in this thread outwith my updates and to also play the game a bit more as this season took ages. Chose RW Essen because red and white are the colours of Aberdeen, my real life club. And as always, if you want to know more/want any other screenshots just ask.
  4. If you ever remember my old challenge attempts you'll know that I love a cup run. 1st Round of the German Cup I was drawn against 1st Division side Freiburg. Didn't think I was going to have a chance after we conceded in the 44th minute and then the 46th minute. Well how wrong was I?! Netted me the comeback king achievement at the same time.
  5. Lost my post that was doing my first end of season update so I'm sulking. RW Essen - German 3rd Division - 2014/15 We were awesome. Way better than I even expected. Won the league! CHAMPIONS!!! League - Graph - Fixtures 1 - 2 Transfers - Squad - Tactics - Kreyer
  6. Here I am: Rot Weiss Essen According to wikipedia even though they've never been a traditionally big team they still have a good fan base which is nice to hear. Information Domestic Leagues
  7. Back to give this challenge another go. Never got into FM14 but hoping this year is different. Germany for me again. And as they are the colours of Aberdeen, Rot-Weiss (Red-White to us English speakers!) Essen it is! I'll upload screenshots tomorrow evening. In other news, my original club for this challenge, Darmstadt, have made it to the 2nd division in real life. Sadly relegated to the 3rd in this save. And my other completion was with RB Leipzig who have been promoted to the Bundesliga in my game which is cool.
  8. minisav - SG Sonnenhof-Großaspach - 2014/2015 Season - German 3rd Division Well we did really well in the first half of the season. Were 2nd placed and close to the top. Lost 3 players, all for money, in Janaury but I was able to sign some replacements. Pushed on and despite a tense end where any of the top 5 could have won it going into the last few games, we came out on top. WINNERS OF THE LEAGUE. WOOO. The season was built on a strong defence. Epitomised by a 9 game unbeaten run with 8 wins that saw us concede just 1 goal. We didn't score too many so that was a worry near the end when it looked like goal difference could be the deciding factor but thankfully other teams slipped up in the run in allowing us a comfortable win against a team near the bottom on the final day to clinch it. League Squad Transfers - 1 - 2 Fixtures - 1 - 2
  9. He eventually signed a new contract but I forgot I hadn't taken him off the transfer list and we got a big bid! Got myself a million plus the 50% of the next sale. Happy days! Extended some contracts and bought a good replacement player in suggested to me by my new scout, Jens Jeremies! Should be alright going forward. Definitely am financially. Not particularly sure if we're ready to go up anyway.
  10. Well just lost 2 promising players to big teams. Got myself a cool million out of it though. Can't get my best player to sign a new contract though and it's due to expire in the summer. I reckon I'm going to cash in. 9 goals and 6 assists in 21 games from the wing has been very helpful though and I could do with him for a maiden season promotion push. Currently 2nd, 3 points behind first. Decisions, decisions!
  11. Hello boys, I'm back! After 3 consecutive completions, I had an abandoned attempt last year. I am back again, and back in Germany for the 5th time. This time I am with Großaspach, or SG Sonnenhof Großaspach to give them their full title. They were chosen mainly as I like red, and because the club is only 1 year younger than I am! Oh and they have an all-seater stadium which is nice. Due to them being still being in their teens as per the official start of the game, they don't have much history. A glorious failure in the cup is their claim to fame. Hopefully I can do a little better than that! Meet the Manager: Profile Information Meet the Club: Information - General Information - Facilities Domestic History
  12. Giggs' Panini stickers over the years. And the first one that they missed in the above.
  13. I'd have had complaints as Joe Cole's one late from behind was left unpunished too.
  14. Pity about the team overall but player of the season Could you not put in assists as well as goals? Would be nice to see what I have contributed.
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