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  1. FM10 Top2Bottom - Game Thread

    0-1 down, come on Ronaldo do something cool!
  2. FM10 Top2Bottom - Game Thread

    Fanghunters FC announce new kits Muchas Gracias to LLR for designing these, thanks champ
  3. FM10 Top2Bottom - Game Thread

    'Tis a bad exchange rate
  4. FM10 Top2Bottom - Game Thread

    Awesome, man. Turns out Messi doesn't want to play AFL.
  5. Top2Bottom FM10: Sign Up

    If anyone wants to trade with me, please PM me since I don't want to search through all of this thread. Will list everything tomorrow. Also can someone please help me with making a shirt?
  6. Top2Bottom FM10: Sign Up

    Since we've already had the draft it's extremely unlikely you'll get in.
  7. Top2Bottom FM10: Sign Up

    Like I asked, can anyone help me with how to make a shirt, the guide hasn't helped me since I can only get them to appear as pure white in Photoshop?
  8. Top2Bottom FM10: Sign Up

    That payed off for me last time, my sides looking much worse than that Reina Lahm, Puyol, Upson, Srna Ronaldo, Gerrard, Kaka, Young Van Nistelrooy, Abonglahor Now (atm) Schwartzer Hutton, Upson, Ridgewell, Bouma Ronaldo, Hargreaves, Cahill, Giggs Bellamy, Adebayor Still a good midfield and better strikers, just won't be able to buy the same class of defence or midfield overall
  9. Top2Bottom FM10: Sign Up

    Can someone help me make a kit, I have no Idea how to do it. I've got it onto Photoshop butonly the white shirts, so no Idea what to do now.
  10. Top2Bottom FM10: Sign Up

    Got 7zip, don't get it though, or how to put it into Photoshop
  11. Top2Bottom FM10: Sign Up

    How do I open the damn ss08 file?
  12. Top2Bottom FM10: Sign Up

    Sweet, Adebayor is a good draft.
  13. Top2Bottom FM10: Sign Up

    It isn't letting me download the templates, I click free user and nothing happens
  14. Top2Bottom FM10: Sign Up

    Nice, have sent in picks in order of preference. Can't wait to make a shirt, trademe will be on it anyway
  15. Top2Bottom FM10: Sign Up

    Damn, I wanted Trademe