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  1. I'm stuck with an AF/Poacher in a lone striker role right now. Playing as CS Sedan Ardennes in 2012/13. There's no money to speak of so it's impossible to acquire a target man/DLF, having to make do. Based around the squad though, I've gone with a 4-2-3-1 Deep. What I do have though is quality midfield. Thus: -------------Advanced Forward----------- --IF/Atk----------AP/Supp------Wing/Sup- ----------------------------------------- ---------DM/Supp-------DM/Def---------- The striker gets goals one of two ways - either from through balls from the AMC which are then finished by the striker
  2. Ladies and gents, I give you the most amazing game that I've ever had. One note - Villa were fighting for survival and needed a win plus a result or two to go their way. The other results went their way, but, well...
  3. OP is wrong - Group D has Ghana, not Ivory Coast!
  4. I know it's a regen. I just couldn't believe that one was generated with the same name (who doesn't look TOTALLY different to him)!
  5. Couldn't believe this when I saw it...my scouts looked at him on my Leicester/EKFC game. Has Sturridge played AMR at all IRL?
  6. Has anyone found a prolific striker for the RHW Eagle? I'm moving into the 2011-12 season as Wolves and have CL football ahead. Currently ------------------------------Asenjo/Foster---------------------------- -----Stearman/Jageilka--Carrico/Tordoya--Donk/Andronic--Lecjaks------- ------------------------------Eduardo/Binya---------------------------- ------------------Park Ji-Sung/Mascio----Delph/Fegouli------------------ ------Kightly------------------------------------------Aquino----------- ----------------------------Benitez/Makukula--------------------------- Benitez just doesn't
  7. 2010/11 season with Wolves, using the V6 Piranha at home and the modified Eagle away. Guys, I've got the biggest tip for it. Get your centre-mids to have decent-to-good finishing. My centre mids - Mascio, Delph, Park Ji-Sung and Feghouli - are dominating my goalscoring. I'm 10 matches in and Kightly has 10 assists for the season, Mascio has six and Park Ji-Sung has five goals. My striker doesn't necessarily score many - but my mids rifle 'em in. And these are all guys with relatively low finishing - Park Ji-Sung has the highest at 15. Feghouli has 9, Delph 11. And they all score.
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