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  1. I'm stuck with an AF/Poacher in a lone striker role right now. Playing as CS Sedan Ardennes in 2012/13. There's no money to speak of so it's impossible to acquire a target man/DLF, having to make do. Based around the squad though, I've gone with a 4-2-3-1 Deep. What I do have though is quality midfield. Thus: -------------Advanced Forward----------- --IF/Atk----------AP/Supp------Wing/Sup- ----------------------------------------- ---------DM/Supp-------DM/Def---------- The striker gets goals one of two ways - either from through balls from the AMC which are then finished by the striker, or VERY deep crosses from the right-side winger into the striker. By deep I'm talking into-the-six-yard-box - where the defensive line is coming up but doesn't get to cut it out. The AP distributes to any of the winger, the Inside Forward or the AF who are all capable of delivering in their roles. IF can score or pass (generally shoots) and can get behind the defense too before shooting on his inside foot.
  2. Going to just update guys - still playing the same save, but obviously game has patched up, with the original tactic. Gotten Boreham Wood back-to-back to League One now. Couple of things: - Make sure at least one of your CBs is quick, as you can get seriously exposed on the counter - Strikers pace is generally the priority - Have the trequartista as more of an AM than a striker type - if he can deliver a good Hollywood ball he's invaluable - You'll concede big if your keeper isn't great My League Two winning side was virtually The Entertainers - scored 111, conceded 82. Was a close-run thing, and my defence was my BSP defence.
  3. Know I haven't updated in awhile, but midway through season 2 I'm sitting in 2nd with the same squad bar the goalkeeper, and honestly am more injury-battered than last season.
  4. One tip I can give is leave the roles alone, but use someone who's the same foot on a flank (eg right-footed player as AMR). What you lose in inside cutting you more than make up for in byline crosses to the striker. My AMR is demolishing the assist charts in the BSP now after doing so in the BSS. Don't do it on both sides as it makes the tactic a bit one-dimensional, but on one side it's absolutely destructive.
  5. End of Season 1. Admittedly I did bring players in, but still, surely this sort of result for the smallest club in the BSS is worthy?
  6. I'll post mine at the end of the season Bob - 31 games in, 42 game season, so should hopefully knock it off tonight.
  7. ------------------ Match Records ---------------------- Fastest 2nd Half Goal - LLR - Miguel Herlein - Parla - 15s - Proof Fastest 1st Half Goal - LLR - Miguel Herlein - Parla - 10s - Proof Highest Score - LLR - Parla vs Castilla - 4:9 - Proof Biggest Home Win - MarkBGregory - Boston United v Carlisle - 10:1 - Proof Biggest Away Win - Striker475 - Luton vs Boreham Wood - 1:9 - http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y234/Striker475/LutonvBorehamWoodInformation_Overview.png[/img]"]Proof Most Goals Scored Away From Home - Striker475 - Luton vs Boreham Wood - 9 - http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y234/Striker475/LutonvBorehamWoodInformation_Overview.png[/img]"]Proof Highest Scoring Draw - DodgeeD - Konyaspor vs Keçiörengücü - 5:5 - Proof Longest time between first and last goal scored in a match by the same player - XaW - Per Kristian Karlsen - 116 min - Proof Lowest Possession and Winning - Scally of the Wag - Liverpool - 37% - Proof Higest Average Player Rating - Scally of the Wag - Liverpool - 8.35 - Proof Highest Number of Different Goalscorers - MarkBGregory - Boston United - 6 - Proof ------------------------------ Player Match Records ------------------------------ Most Goals In A Game - C&C - Paul Goodyear - 5 - Proof Youngest Player - spankie - Ross Ritchie - 15y 124d - Proof Youngest Goalscorer - spankie - Nick Kidd - 15y 138d - Proof Youngest Début Goalscorer - Biscotti - Roger Kabana Sita - 15y 307d - Proof Oldest Player - LLR - Pablo Ancos - 40y 178d - Proof Oldest Goalscorer - MarkBGregory - Barry Hayles - 39y 181d - Proof -------------------------------- Player Season Records -------------------------------- Most Goals - MarkBGregory - Ian Rogan - 42 - Proof Most Assists - FootballHead - Mick Jordan - 35 - Proof Most MotM - MarkBGregory - Ian Rogan - 13 - Proof Most League Goals - MarkBGregory - Ian Rogan - 37 - Proof Most League Assists -FootballHead - Mick Jordan - 27 - Proof Most League MotM - MarkBGregory - Ian Rogan - 11 - Proof Highest Average Rating - LLR - Miguel Herlein - 8.05 - Proof Most Penalties - LLR - Franck Grosjean - 5 - Proof Most Yellow Cards - LLR - Jose Francisco Aranda - 14 - Proof Most Hattricks In A Season - MarkBGregory - Ian Rogan - 4 - Proof ------------------------------- Player Career Records ------------------------------- ------------------------------ Other Player Records ------------------------------ ------------------------- Seasonal Records ------------------------- Most Games Won In Row - glennuk - Bury Town - 14 - Proof Most Games Without Losing - glennuk - Bury Town - 27 - Proof Most Games Without Conceding - rancer890 - EC Santo André - 9 - Proof Most Goals Scored (46 Game Season) - MarkBGregory - Boston United - 146 - Proof Most Goals Scored (38 Game Season) - LLR - Parla - 113 - Proof Most Goals Scored (34 Game Season) - DodgeeD - Keçiörengücü - 111 - Proof Most Goals Conceded - MarkBGregory - Boston United - 81 - Proof Most Goals Scored Per Game - DodgeeD - Keçiörengücü - 3.26 (111/34) - Proof Most Goals Conceded Per Game - LLR - Parla - 1.74 (66/38) - Proof Most Players in Divisional Team of the Season - DodgeeD - Keçiörengücü - 5 - Proof ----------------------------------- Manager Career Records ----------------------------------- Fastest Climb from Blue Square N/S to Premier League - MarkBGregory - Boston United - 7 seasons - Proof Highest Transfer Fee Received for Own Youth Product - MarkBGregory - Dan Watkins - £1.1m - Proof ------------------------------- International Records ------------------------------- -------------------------- The Hall of Shame -------------------------- Most Games Without Winning - LLR - AD Parla - 10 - Proof Most Games Lost in a row - LLR - AD Parla - 5 - Proof Most Games Without Scoring - rancer890 - EC Santo André - 4 - Proof Most Goals Scored by a Losing Team - DodgeeD - Keçiörengücü - 4 - Proof Biggest Defeat - LLR - Parla vs Orihuela - 0:8 - Proof ------------------------------------ Miscellaneous Records ------------------------------------ Most Team members in Team of the Week - G_D_K - Hastings United - 7 - Proof
  8. Just figured I'd post my results. Using the v1 tactic with the tweaks recommended. Playing as Boreham Wood in the Blue Square South. I'll post a end-of-season results pic when I have one. But for now, just enjoy this...
  9. Wanted a young LB to begin to tutor to bring through. Went hunting...and well, wow. Media touts him as the next Patrice Evra.
  10. 2011-12 Season Signings League Table Best Result: Newcastle 4-0 Sunderland (Cabaye x2, Obertan x2) Worst Result Man U 5-0 Newcastle (Hernandez x3, Rooney x2) Happy with the season, know where I can pick up points next year. Also have Oliver Markoutz inbound on a free from Bayern Munich, as well as...... Gautier Imbert Rated as the next Patrice Evra. 1.6mil, worth every penny. Also, John Carver was offered and accepted the Norwich job. Brought in Dorinho as Ass Man, he's a scout from Internacional in Brazil.
  11. Chris, please tell me you're not going to change the name to 'Sports Direct Arena' for the update! Otherwise I'm bloody well changing it right back before I start a game!
  12. Question Bob: Who do you take out when you've had a red card? I took out the trequartista, wasn't sure if it was the right option.
  13. Club: Newcastle Budget: £4mil Looking for: Box to box midfielder Other: Backup for Cabaye (although if you find better it'd be great!) Season: August 2011
  14. Bugger, looks good, grabbed Matt Phillips from Blackpool though. Wasn't willing to spend over 4mil on him but Blackpool wanted 4. Should be good long-term though, even if he's not as good as Obertan immediately. Might have overpaid, but if he does well then it'll be worth it. Still going to try and offload Raylor before season start. Transfers IN Craig Dawson (WBA), £3.9mil Sime Vrsaljko (Dinamo), £5.25mil Adrian Aldrete (Morelia), £2mil Matt Phillips (Blackpool), £4mil Transfers OUT Alan Smith, QPR, £1mil James Perch, Southampton, Loan £350k w/ £1mil FF Peter Lovenkrands, Rangers, £1.2mil Nile Ranger, Preston, Loan Mehdi Abeid, Walsall, Loan Various others (Tavernier, Donaldson, Richardson, Henderson, Nzuzi) Playing a 4-1-1-3-1 GK: Krul/Harper DR: Santon/Simpson DC: Colo/Dawson DC: Taylor/Kadar DL: Aldrete/Wome DMC: Tiote/Vrsaljko B2B: Cabaye/Guthrie AML: Gutierrez/Marveaux AMC: Ben Arfa/Vuckic/Marveaux AMR: Obertan/Phillips ST: Ba/Best Probably need a better box-to-box (Cabaye's doing damn well, but more as cover) but apart from that I'm happy with squad structure.
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