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  1. I think this would be a good idea for a sign up actually, you could even have a points system for games / goals played, say: x1 for BSN/BSB games / goals x2 for BSP games / goals x3 for League 2 games / goals x4 for League 1 games / goals x5 for Championship games / goals x10 for Premiership games / goals x?? for Internationals games / goals This was players would have to decide whether to start in the Prem and hope to get some games or transfered to a club, or to start in the lower leagues where they are sure to start most games. If you were to start something like this I would defin
  2. I quite like this idea, and maybe even having a holiday game with a "perfect staff" team (with ordinary / no players - maybe increase its training and youth facilities?) and a "perfect players" team (like in kipfizh's challenge, but have very poor staff and a poor chairman (high interference, etc - maybe start with poor training / youth facilities?), and see which team is more sucsefull. Prob have one team in BSN and one in BSS? Whilst I have no doubt the perfect players team would perform better initially, it would be interesting to see if the perfect staff would be better long term? Of cou
  3. I like the sound of this one, in either format really, but probably more in a holiday game format. Sort of like the great kipfizh holiday game but on a national level.
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