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    Webber for F1 World Champion- Please!!!!


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  1. Afellay is a great shout, but my two to watch are Tomas Necid and Giovinco.
  2. Sorry I haven't been a good participant in this, life has caught up with me a bit. I'll try to be around as much possible as this sign-up looks a cracker. I'm progressing quite nicely as well.
  3. This looks incredible Paul. Wish I was around to sign-up, looks amazing!
  4. After a long, long absence, I am back and this is still going!!! 238 updates is simply amazing Canvey, no other words to describe it. Whoever wins this is going to win an epic. Keep up the amazing work.
  5. And then there were two Good luck to the pair of you.
  6. Name: Buzzasto da Silva DOB: 01/01/1990 City of birth: Andorra la Vella Nation: Andorra Languages: Spanish, English Height: 162cm Weight: 61kg Foot: Left Position 1: ST Position 2: AML Adapatability: 2 Ambition: 20 Controversy: 1 Determination: 20 Loyalty: 1 Pressure: 20 Professionalism: 17 Sportsmanship: 18 Temperament: 1 1x Physical Stat at 20 Pace 1 x Mental Stat at 20 Positioning 1 X Technical Stat at 20 Finishing 1 x Physical stat at 18 Natural fitness 1 x Mental Stat at 18 Anticipation 1 x Technical Stat at 18 Dribbling Remember you from many years ago on the forums Glennuk, good to see you back
  7. Still don't know why I left Udinese for Roma, such a stupid decision
  8. 1 point!! So, so, so close for Egypt Congrats to Morocco though, thoroughly deserved victory
  9. Egypt can finally do it!!!! This would take away some of the pain of my loss in 60 to One...
  10. NO NO NO NO :( Why, why, why? After all this time as well. Tragedy.