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  1. This is it if you are interested in taking a look. Huge effort ( though less than T2B I would think) but was well-worth it.
  2. A few years ago I ran a similar sort of thing where 18 players with a PA of 200 tried to get a team from "Greenland" out of the Swedish 3rd division and into the big time. Was brilliant fun and participation was great until I ran out of time with exams ect. and then my computer died. Can't reccommend club sign-ups high enough though, the banter can be fantastic. Are you sure on wanting to be apart of the English league system? I always thing going abroad can be a bit more fun and interesting, but there is nothing wrong with staying home-grown. Either way, has the potential to be great and if y
  3. Seems like a pretty good idea FL, I would certainly be interested.
  4. 25/30 sounds like the ideal number Wisla, I was apart of the other OOTP's and they are an absolute joy!!
  5. Sounds really good Paul, I was involved in the original series, with Austria IIRC. The F1 Point-scoring idea in particular is really promising and I'm willing to give any help you may need!
  6. Really good idea, but I agree with CB, it will be tough to get people to follow consistently.
  7. Sounds goood, although I could just use European teams having an Asian tour???
  8. That's what I was trying to decide between as it would be a little harder to seperate the "top" teams in Asia than it is in Europe. Also with the different season timings. I'm sure I'll find a way though.
  9. I spoke to Paul and am thinking of making a Destination Asia (based on the same principles and plenty of banter) in the not to near future. What would the interest be like??
  10. Sounds good GCB! The more the better, though I must say that the banter in Destination Europe has been brilliant!
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