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  1. Hi, Everything looks weird. Display pictures? CSE being dead? My old Asian challenge being dead? Is MLS still bugged in the latest FMs. Still no interest in buying FM. See some familiar faces though. Really have only talked with Forest and Crouchy since I left. I still have a lot more posts than some of you. Jeez. Goodbye till 2018.
  2. You better sign a lot of Canadians. Or I will riot.
  3. The obvious choice is your username. I'll have a lot of fun making decisions to wind you up about your favourite club.
  4. Sometimes, you gotta do things you might not like, so I suggest.....TORONTO FC. Due to my fierce dislike of managing any team in England (which you should clearly know by now ), I suggest Gillingham.
  5. It would be nice if teams had personal draftboards and if a team felt that 'their guy' would get picked before their turn, they would try to trade up. Would also like a live draft (like in fantasy drafts) but that's a totally different suggestion.
  6. I use training camp to look at the fringe players and guys who might make my 3rd or 4th line. Would love for a live draft at the NHL and Junior levels. Something like fantasy baseball (if you ever done a live draft you will understand).
  7. RIP to NF's Wooster managerial tenure. I hope you got a coupon from Vanarama at least to help you move your stuff to a new club.
  8. Really hope that the FM confidence system and contracts are in the new EHM. It's very easy to get sacked even as the Sabres. You don't see Tim Murray sacked before the new year in 2015 IRL...
  9. Ignore all the crazy talk and allure of FMCU threads and join the side in SI that is EHM.
  10. Don't play FM anymore, but still don't mind popping in from the EHM forum. Good luck with Wooster. And good to see you're still applying for jobs left and right when you have no chance of getting any one of them. Not a NF thread without that.
  11. Without Steam, there's no EHM: EA. So if you want to support this game, use Steam.
  12. Holy crap, two other Torontonians! It's really great to see some reviews of the new EHM already. Even Eurogamer has an article on it.
  13. Been a while, but please support EHM: Early Access, if you are a hockey fan!!!
  14. Thank you SI. Thank you thank you!!!!!!!! Goodbye FM, hello EHM.
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