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  1. Hi there, It's been a while since I ran a sign-up here on the CSE forum but I wanted to come back and give an FM World Cup a shot. Basically, I am going to sort out a save game where we have all 32 nations managed by forum users. I was planning to get 31 out of 32 of the actual teams (aside from Panama who I was hitting a brick wall with) but then I messed up so it is the majority of the 32! Germany and Japan are playable. I need 32 sign ups - each team will be allocated a country with a squad immediately before the tournament begins; the squad will be chosen by the current
  2. Copied the HTML and previewed it using another forum - found what I needed.
  3. Not been around CSE for a couple of years but thinking of returning for a while and running another FMX-Factor. FMX-Factor 2014? Never completed FMX3 but the same guy won the first two versions.
  4. Read this thread and feel I am getting to grips with tactics on FM14. Early days in my Sheffield United save but we've recovered from an awful start and I've developed a system that is working better. We're moving up the table (just moved 5th) and I've just beaten the league leaders Brentford away by altering a few bits before and during the game. Before, I'd have cycled around saved tactics trying to find the one that worked. This time, I unpicked the lock and outplayed them. 3-1 at H/T and then, as they pushed on, I just held firm, saw it out and restricted them to nothing much than a few sp
  5. Anybody any good with editing the database? Specifically, making a new league and putting existing teams into them.
  6. Would anybody be interested in a Premier League sign up where you pick the team for each game?
  7. Can anyone remember my failed CSE United sign-up? :o I'm going to restart it soon if people are interested. However, this time I won't manage the team and it'll be in less detail so it actually moves faster. Monthly updates.
  8. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/269267-FM11-Top2Bottom Sign-up form is up ... Need's PM'ing to me ASAP!
  9. Thinking of bringing back 'Top2Bottom' but sticking with it this time. Would people be interested? Basically, T2B would involve you creating a team and then following them as I post their progress. Simple but fun.
  10. I think I'd want to do English leagues as I'm familiar with it, Plucka. Thanks for the link, good to look at for some ideas. I'm definitely going to do it so I'll let you know when the sign-up is going to take place - same for Rancer and NottsForest (though if I do, you must ensure that your boys do the Blades a massive favour and let us win on Tuesday!)
  11. Commentary = yes Me as manager = I think so Comments = yes (this could be the fun part) RE: comments - some ideas: - You'd have to decide how your player would comment - you could release some kind of media statement, you could 'Tweet' your comment or you could be professional and request a 'PM' meeting with me which I could then summarise in the updates. EDIT: Has there ever been a CSE United?
  12. After my experiments with running sign-up's based on multiple teams with Top2Bottom, I realised that I do not have the time to dedicate to such a sign-up. Therefore, I have decided that I need a simpler set-up where I have less to focus on with my new sign-up. Apologies to those of you that were enjoying my T2B efforts but it was too much for me to carry on with ... I really enjoyed the sign-up that somebody ran that tracked one team (a French one) and their squad of youngsters. It only lasted one season but it was fun. Focusing on one match at a time appeals to me. So I am going to run a si
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