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  1. It's threads like these that usually end up in me being banned, so many things I want to say
  2. From the end of first season to beginning of second culminating in the end of the transfer window, every bid on my players was accepted, despite having a healthy amount of money in the bank.
  3. This is usually where i'd come into a thread and ask what type of player we have signed. But I already know. A **** load of running.
  4. Young was awful. Welbeck has one of the worst touches. Though i've never watched him properly, might have had a bad few games. Young missing was good though, diving little cheating scumbag.
  5. Fancied something new, something ridiculously impossible too, apparently. JB at FC United.
  6. I miss this thread :*( See you in 6 months
  7. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaah. Hahahahahahahaaha, little old QPR :*)
  8. Thought this was a pretty good coup... http://gyazo.com/5d173a320a6355ad847f7a25b9ee053e
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