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  1. Chips Keswick is still listed as Arsenal Chairman. He stood down in May.
  2. Europa League reverts back to 3 subs for the knockout rounds
  3. Somebody start asking Miles when the third-party sites will have their licenses fixes ready too
  4. Few is three for me too, though also a catch-all for anything more than 2+, so could be between 2-5
  5. What if they posted that tweet a day early and "tonight" meant "tomorrow night?"
  6. Personally, I have never had an issue with it, but plenty of others have attributed issues to the game that are connected more to mods being used.
  7. Agreed, especially if you’re actively trying to report bugs ... maybe wait to see if others are experiencing a similar situation, if you’re using mods. For the match engine, I don’t think that it matters much.
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