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  1. There will be even more issues with 25 due to the new engine, etc.
  2. SI have been more transparent than ever during the beta … then they shut down on full release.
  3. Am going to do an Arsenal save with a low rep when I get some free time, so if there’s an issue, it should definitely show up then …. will report back
  4. Have you changed the Saudi transfers significantly since the original implementation last month? Thank you from a proud Patreon subscriber. :)
  5. I started an Arsenal save. Interested to see how things look when I’m deeper down the line
  6. This also tracks with my experience. It also explains why the problem is more pronounced when users illustrate it via national team squads. Further, if SI are less likely to tinker with international play, then it makes sense why that problem still persists.
  7. Beginning to think this problem is also a symptom of a lack of care towards national team management … not as concerned if there has been an improvement across clubs
  8. If you want to see really frustrating in the match engine, try starting a save with a high rep team/low rep manager. Players will not play for you at all. But it is always a glaring difference when you gain their respect and they start following your instructions on the pitch.
  9. Would you say FIFA actually delivers a more realistic experience at this point than FM? Serious question. I used to play FIFA religiously, but stopped several years ago.
  10. Interesting - is the AI playing youth? Is this a problem that’s more representative of how little attention SI have given national teams v. clubs?
  11. I am experiencing similar issues. My laptop is more than capable of playing AAA games at relatively high settings, but FM is very, very slow since the update. Personally, performance is the worst it has ever been for me.
  12. Feel free to close this. But there could be something performance related going on. I finally made it past the screen, but this took several minutes to finish, whereas it never used to take that long. And my laptop is rather powerful.
  13. See title. Trying to play for the first time in months and cannot get past this screen at the beginning of a save.
  14. Trying to play for the first time in months and my game is stuck on the "Loading Game Database" screen at the start. I have never had this happen before. EDIT: Finally got past the screen but this took a WHOLE LOT LONGER than it ever has before. And I have a very powerful laptop.
  15. Wow, more than I expected. So I guess Arsenal received a boost all-around
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