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  1. There’s no way the the beta gets released at all after Biden won. Terrible
  2. Will Julian Nagelsmann's clothes be in the beta or is that full release?
  3. Predict the biggest bug in the beta will be the ability to get luxe players on the cheap, cheap, cheap due to the altering of the transfer market going awry
  4. What year was it when people kidnapped Miles and held him hostage until the beta was released?
  5. Is that a smiley face because he's excited about the beta or his meeting? Or are they one in the same?!
  6. Trump is challenging the legality of the beta release; we'll be waiting for weeks, folks!
  7. Miles told me that the beta will be released when I finish writing my law school memo.
  8. Just went back and looked - apparently, the “new long-term play features” were the reasons behind releasing the beta 19 days early last year.
  9. Can never get away from doing Arsenal ... usually my beta save lasts well into the full release too. On a side note, I just started my first, real journeyman save and could not get into it at all. I love the idea of it, but it was not as fun in practice as I expected. My time is also very limited now, so that might be part of it.
  10. I should have stressed that I don’t mean it as a bad thing; having something that resembles the new covid landscape is very attractive to me. I’m happy with what I’ve seen. Essentially, what I was getting at is, the changes don’t seem to be that all encompassing, thus the beta should be out sooner rather than later!
  11. Serious question - how many of you feel this is going to be more a database update than anything else, even more so than we’re used to?
  12. Was there ever a year where the full release, even post-winter update, did not change substantially from the beta? Definitely not last year, though I don’t remember ‘19 being that different ...
  13. There’s always a hint beforehand too. Is this the first year they’ve used the term “early access?”
  14. I know that there is still more to be revealed about the game and even small changes can affect the match engine, but if any year seems like the year for an early-ish beta release, it’s this one.
  15. Maybe he said NOT to think it was because people were badgering him. I remember there being some sort of qualifier. I’m not going back to find the tweet.
  16. Wasn’t the beta released around three weeks early last year and Miles said it was something related to the demand/the beta just being ready early? Could easily see that being repeated this year
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