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  1. This is correct. The contest to be a newgen ends on the 25th too.
  2. I was told on Twitter that these saves “didn’t show the issue presented,” so it can’t be fixed. So, I guess this bug just stays in the game then? Pretty sure my save showed the issue presented
  3. I have uploaded a save (Zach Alexander - Arsenal) and have had the same issue. It persists after the latest update. Previously described here: Not necessarily game breaking, but very annoying because it affects morale and can lead to things turning sour quickly if there’s even a slight bad run of form
  4. I had a similar issue with Ozil at Arsenal. He wanted to return to Germany, moved to Frankfurt, and I now have players "pleased with the progress on Ozil's promise" months later. He's no longer at the club ... bizarre. There is a similar issue regarding squad depth, even though the issue was dropped in the team meeting. Just uploaded the save - "Zach Alexander - Arsenal"
  5. Chips Keswick is still listed as Arsenal Chairman. He stood down in May.
  6. Europa League reverts back to 3 subs for the knockout rounds
  7. Somebody start asking Miles when the third-party sites will have their licenses fixes ready too
  8. Few is three for me too, though also a catch-all for anything more than 2+, so could be between 2-5
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