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  1. Has anyone had any strange swings in locker room morale? I had excellent support from the team and excellent tactical understanding, yet after the World Cup in 2022, my locker room atmosphere dropped from “Excellent” to “Good” and stayed there. This is despite having gone on an unbeaten run, having won many matches by 4+ goals, and all of my squad seemed to be around “Exceptional/Perfect” morale. It doesn’t seem to be going up either. If it does, it drops back down, or it’s very gradual. It’s been like this for months. I did do a staff purge and brought in some higher quality staff members - w
  2. Agreed - not tempting enough for me to start a new Arsenal save … kinda glad.
  3. Thank you ... doesn’t look that they were given much in the way of a boost, aside from a slight general increase.
  4. Is anyone else having issues with logos, alongside the score, showing up in the match summary e-mail after a game?
  5. Someone else has asked already, but if anyone could post Gabriel Martinelli and possibly Bukayo Saka, I would really appreciate it.
  6. The goalkeepers definitely need balancing. And I’d like to lose via quality of play, rather than mistakes and/or set-pieces too. Again, yes, this happens in real life, but it’s not what ALWAYS happens in real life.
  7. I believe so. Someone else mentioned this and that’s what I was thinking anyway. It’s always been like this, but maybe a bit more pronounced this year. That would also explain the difficulty being elevated in away matches and the elevated influence of mentality, a possible reason teams like Liverpool can stay seemingly unbeatable for extended periods of time.
  8. Of course, but the teams tend to actually do worse against the lesser teams.
  9. That’s what I was thinking. That effect seems more striking in this game, though maybe that’s just to do with other issues related to the match engine.
  10. No, I always do the friendlies and watch the full match myself. I never set anything up differently and follow the same protocols that I would in the regular season. It’s not a drastic difference, but the conversion rate does seem to be higher. Maybe the outside pressures of the regular season do not come into play.
  11. Has anyone found that the match engine seems to perform differently in friendlies - higher conversion rate, slicker play, less saves, etc.?
  12. It’s incredibly immature that people can’t see that we, as human beings, have different opinions. Yes, there are problems with the match engine. Yes, there are also improvements. This is all possible! No one should be pressured to back up their opinion with “evidence.” This is a video game forum, not a court of law. Be civil. Respect each other. This should go for everyone.
  13. The main issue with 1v1s, for me, is the question of if they’re legitimate chances, that just aren’t being scored when they should, or we’re just having too many manufactured, which is why they’re being missed. I hope that makes sense. This is what would have an effect on results - sure, I’m losing some off tactics and elements of the game, but if the situation is the former listed above, then I’m also losing because my chances aren’t being scored when they should be.
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