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  1. I'm choosing to believe that the excitement and theory around the release make this change a more substantial bit of evidence about the beta drop.
  2. We are dealing with sick, sick, sick people and extreme measures must be taken!
  3. Steamdb update is at a very strange time if it isn't being released
  4. The later it gets here, the closer it gets to my provider "just happening" to alter my speed, so it won't matter how many are downloading.
  5. Again, if you're waiting up until midnight and it's a better idea to go to bed, I would go to bed. If it's released in the early morning hours, I think that it'll be after midnight.
  6. To be fair, I'm in the States ... That being said, if bandwidth really is an issue, I don't think they'd drop it right after midnight anyway. I'd expect something like 03:00-04:00 to stagger downloads.
  7. Desire to start an Arsenal save on the beta just went up massively
  8. Since Miles tweeted that, pretty sure that the release is imminent. Seems like his way to say as such ... just waiting until after midnight so it isn’t “the weekend”
  9. It really is a logical estimation of the release. They've also been quite obvious about mentioning that it won't be a weekend.
  10. People who keep saying that they don't release on the weekend seem to forget that, after midnight, it is no longer the weekend.
  11. No reason to get ready for it if they don’t know they’re about to need to upload it.
  12. This is what I have been thinking as well. If they’re seriously concerned about bandwidth, it would make no sense to release it during normal hours; early, early morning hours on Monday seems best. Work hours seem out-of-question because of the current situation.
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