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  1. Won’t come at midnight ... either the overnight hours or in the evening
  2. Last minute addition of Trump to the game as a sugar daddy owner caused beta delay
  3. Just curious - has it ever come out after the two week mark passed? Can’t recall a time when it did
  4. That one fella is being mean to you! I don't like it, not one bit!
  5. Yeah, if they havdn't done it before/done it in the past few days, I wouldn't feel that way, but I can understand that sentiment.
  6. Always possible that they're trying to get it ready for tonight/struggling to get it ready for tonight, thus no denial because today is the target, it just isn't ready
  7. I don't think they'd tease us this much if it wasn't tonight. They are pretty good about shutting down speculation when its get too wild.
  8. The people who point out that tomorrow is two weeks from release haven't been around long, have they?
  9. Always so damn fast to get it out that I just assumed as such ... Glad that I support you!
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