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  1. What if they posted that tweet a day early and "tonight" meant "tomorrow night?"
  2. Personally, I have never had an issue with it, but plenty of others have attributed issues to the game that are connected more to mods being used.
  3. Agreed, especially if you’re actively trying to report bugs ... maybe wait to see if others are experiencing a similar situation, if you’re using mods. For the match engine, I don’t think that it matters much.
  4. We would’ve reached 200 pages in no time if those ads popped up earlier.
  5. Wasn’t referring to what you think I was ... was referring to the fella being called out for panicking about the release being on Thursday, when he earlier said it’d just be underwhelming anyway
  6. I must say, it feels like we have a worthwhile twist on our hands.
  7. Some fella made an account, claimed he worked for Sega, a bug was found, and the beta release was pushed to Thursday; convincing, right?
  8. Some people will be pissed if they purchase and expect to play now 😂
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