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  1. Looking like it'll be after five ... It's definitely today though. Get excited! Get your face packs, logo packs, etc. locked and loaded! GET IN!
  2. SI is full of sick, sick, sick people. They're playing the alpha and laughing at all of us. SICK!
  3. These lads must be feasting for lunch and are now proper pissed, thus will forget to press the "beta release" button.
  4. If the beta is released in the next hour, I'm going out free kisses.
  5. Going to be a riot if they release the beta during “normal hours”
  6. I can’t complain about the Emi sale, partly because of the economics. The transition from defensive solidity to anything beyond that is starting to get worrying though. At some point, you have to blame the ongoing coaching for the lack of anything in the final third. It’s abject. For all that’s been instilled into the team, the attack has been stripped.
  7. Needs a complete rethink over the international break ... commit to Pepe, sink-or-swim w/ Eddie, Willock, Nelson, Rowe ... Willian can play on Thursdays. I love Laca, but his chance has run out. Arteta is about to be put in the line of fire. Was massively disappointed with him today, but at least he said the right things after the game
  8. That Villa game made you really wanna get that Arsenal save started too, huh?
  9. I have been praying to God for hours and I am spent. He has left his son adrift, alone, faith waning. What must I do to be rewarded? How must I pay for my sins? I do not wish to go forth lacking in belief and I do not wish to remain in a world without. God, do not let me down again.
  10. I will add that they updated at the same time yesterday. However, I don't believe the updates occurred as frequently. That being said, I would be very surprised if today/Monday isn't the day.
  11. I do think today, at any time, is a fair shout. Tuesday is bang on two weeks, it never seems to be that accurate, and there have been too many teases; Wednesday/Thursday is "too late" and people will go ballistic.
  12. Considering I've said it wouldn't be right at midnight anyway, I guess that I should keep the faith!
  13. Between the updates in the change log and Miles' tweet, this was a hard one to take, boys.
  14. Just going to note that I said it was always likely to be after midnight
  15. @PhilT, they've made you my last upvote of the day and it was well-worth it.
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