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  1. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud named "Issac Jeremias - RB Leipzig.fm"
  2. @Luke Hume Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud named "Issac Jeremias - RB Leipzig.fm" I have already mentioned it in another topic P.S - I'm a United fan but managing Liverpool. Ole has not yet been sacked since the start. Waiting for it a long time but not happening :/
  3. The league is not competitive in my save. Man Utd, City, Chelsea, Liverpool are finishing as Top 4 all the time(10+ years since the start) and Arsenal, Tottenham on 5th and 6th place most of the time. I'm only having this issue in this league. There is no competition like in real life or atleast like on previous Football manager games. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud named "Issac Jeremias - RB Leipzig.fm"
  4. Big Clubs are not sacking managers often enough. It looks like they are not setting their vision properly, for eg in my save tottenham and arsenal are qualifying only for europa league for the past 10 years or so and it seems they are happy with their manager..they sacked some managers only when they were not able to get the team finish on top 6. Take another one, juve finished some seasons on 3rd or lower position but still the manager was not sacked for sometime. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud named "Issac Jeremias - RB Leipzig.fm"
  5. Thanks..will try...but if you release any future updates should i start a new game again?
  6. Yea i have downloaded ur mod...its cool but i have to start a new game right...im already in middle of a game and i dont want to start a new one would be nice if it works in the same save game
  7. There are lots of good newgens generated in the game..it seems a bit unrealistic and top clubs like man city psg Barcelona are buying most of them and are not even using them...they buy players for 90 mill + and use them as backup and easily let them go after a year or two....please change this..reduce the no of newgens generated..make it realistic
  8. Whenever there is a VAR check the goal is disallowed...it's unrealistic..pls change this in next update
  9. These two attributes are not changing..I went from national license to continental pro, I developed a youngster to a leading player in the league also I'm managing a club in another country...so these two attributes should change right..but it is not Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?
  10. I made a substitution but the player was still on the pitch even after sometime i made the sub, the tactics screen was showing as though the player has been already substituted but he was not
  11. It would be nice if the board promotes us from first team coach(will be able to work only with signings made by the board or sporting director, we can only give our preference to what player we want but cannot be sure if they will be signed) to manager (only then we can make transfer activities)
  12. It will be great if we were able to create and maintain our own coaching team(i.e for our manager) like pep and klopp.., they have their own coaching team, they switch along with them when they change clubs. I think this will be a great addition to FM..No need to sign every coach that resigned or left along with us from the previous club...We just have to maintain our team and to increase the size of the team we can ask the coaches we want to join our team if they are willing
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