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  1. I *think* I read somewhere that the "wonderkid" tag is actually based on CA (not PA!) and (world?) reputation, in addition to age of course.
  2. Technically, you are not allowed to use greys unless you have to fill out your first 11 to actually start a game. I expect a few to use greys in general, but since there is no way to know for sure, there's a bit of leniency on that part. Personally, I don't use greys, and I've used a goalkeeper as a right back for almost a whole season before (since I had 12 players and two were goalkeepers and I had a major injury early on). It's clearly against the rules to actually SIGN the greys though, that's not a grey area (pun intended).
  3. That's the name and game of this challenge, if he is sold or injured, you have an issue! At least until the youth intake comes along in Feb/Mar... The last part is a bug I've seen reported earlier, but doesn't seem to be fixed yet.
  4. Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur - Season 2022 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances I had forgotten how fast the seasons in Iceland go, but this was a good one! I think this club start out with a very good squad, and also great facilities, so it should be easier initially than many of the other clubs I've chosen before. And it was, actually. We were fighting in the top the whole season through, and in the end we won it ahead of Fjölnir. So we are going up and will compete in the top tier next season already. We are losing money quite rapidly though, so we do need to bring in more mone
  5. It will mostly change through mentoring. It can very slowly change if you have a lot of high determination players in your squad through the squad personality. Also, in some VERY rare cases it can change through an "off field situation", which is a catch all for events that can happen in the players life that can change how they are. Those are VERY rare though.
  6. SI are the only ones who can say if this is a bug or not, so I'll move this to the bugs section. Please upload a save showing the issue and follow the guidelines for bug reports.
  7. Damnit, thanks to @Shankly84 I now have an unstoppable urge to play in Iceland again. So I will, with Njarðvík. They actually have a pretty great youth setup (but a horribly small stadium!), so I hope I can traverse the Icelandic leagues rather quickly and have focus on Europe now.
  8. Follo FK - Season 2032 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances This was a step back for what I expected. We finished 2 positions lower, and 6 points behind last season. And we also conceded more and scored less. I'm not quite sure why, but I did make some small tactical tweaks throughout the season, so it might have been the reason. Hopefully, we can improve next season and step back into the fight for the European spots. In Norgesmesterskapet we beat Finnsnes, Molde, Bærum, Ranheim, Strømsgodset, and Sogndal to reach the final. There we beat Sandefjord to take our first eve
  9. If you want to report bugs, then please do so in the bugs section. Do read the guidelines before posting. https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/769-football-manager-2021-bugs-forum/
  10. Head in here and have a look: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/sections/360004442518-Technical-Issues If that doesn't help, the please send in a support ticket here: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/requests/new
  11. Just had a BEAST appear! (This joke is really funny for Scandinavians since Bjørn means Bear)
  12. That's not how it works, if you had turned time (warping reality?) back to before the game and all variables was the same, then of course the same would happen. In the same way that you would likely win that match the next season, because the variables are totally changed. For what it's worth, SI have stated several times that the game does not "create drama" or "conspire to get a result". The match engine takes all the variables and then runs the match when you see the "warming up". It does this to know when highlights happen. If you, at any later point in the match, do something, then t
  13. Of course I would want to see more animations and generally better/more realistic movement for the players. The problem is that you have compared it to pre-rendered clips which are much easier to look good, because they can tailor it to what they want, but it is not flexible enough to a game like FM. If your thought behind this thread was to say that you would like improved animations in future versions, then I'm certainly agreeing with you. I read it as you wanted FM to look like those clips now...
  14. Follo FK - Season 2031 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Another season were we fight at the top, but are never really in the battle for the title. Brann finished ahead of a group of teams competing for the rest of the European spots, and we are in that group now. In the end we finished in a very good 4th place and qualified for Europe again next season. I did manage to get some great improvements to the club this season and even have both facility upgrades going on at the moment. In Norgesmesterskapet we beat Elverum, Hønefoss, and Viking before losing to Rosenborg in
  15. You are not the first nor the last to ask/want this. There is a thread in the suggestions forum that highlights what people want, and hopefully SI uses this to see how or where they might expand to, if they decide to.
  16. Follo FK - Season 2030 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances The season started quite poor, as we lost out best ever talent (so far) in John Elstad Bekken 27b. He got picked up by Vålerenga, but they loaned him out to a 2nd tier side... Why John?!? You could have become a legend here at Follo! Anyway, we actually had a great season even without him, and finished in a very good 5th place! I think we will go into Europe next season since the league winner, Stabæk, is facing a 2nd tier team in the final later on. So if Stabæk wins that match we are going into the Europa League. I
  17. The difference, as @Spedding has mentioned, is that FM is not pre-rendered. It's played out as interpreted from the ME to the graphical engine. So those types of games will have a limited set of highlights or plays. The FM match will never be identical, while in those types of games it will. Of course FM should strive towards that kind of graphics, but rendering the FM match engine "on the fly" to that level would demand much more than FM currently does. And this goes back to the old "a big bunch of FM'ers doesn't play many other games than FM and won't have the computing power to render that"
  18. Have you set any sort of sale value next to the "reject all offers"? I mistakenly set that to £1k once, and the same happened then. Then they will bid that amount many, many times in a row. That's my only suggestion. The teams will stop bidding after you have rejected 3 bids, unless you set a sale value, of course.
  19. Follo FK - Season 2029 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances A much improved season and we were never in contention for relegation. I hope this is a sign for continued improvement, but I see one major issue going forward. Our best striker, John Elstad Bekken 27b, is out of contract in a month or so, and he has so far refused to talk about a new one. I keep trying, but if we lose him, we are in a right mess. I can only hope he comes around, but if he were to leave we will take a giant step backwards. In Norgesmesterskapet we beat Levanger, Grorud, Stjørdals-Blink and Strøms
  20. Try to imagine it like a job in real life. Some people go to the same boring job with the jerk boss and horrible coworkers and just endure it. Others will leave if that happens. However, even if your boss is a jerk, you could still stay if the job is good and you really like your coworkers. Or if you love the job, and have a great relationship with your boss, but you don't like the people you work with, you can still stay on. Of course, it's much more nuanced than that for most people, but you get the point. That's also something the game tries to mirror. Players have a lot of factors tha
  21. I don't know if anyone would want to know the specifics, but to test things like this there is many more variables you would need to control that you either haven't mentioned or glassed over with very little care. If you want to test these things what about player reputation vs club reputation vs team mate reputation? How well the players like the manger and/or the club and/or his team mates? Are they happy with their contract vs how well the others are payed? Do they have different short and/or long term plans? How much game time do they have vs what they expect? Are the players in different
  22. Indeed, and he is very good for my side. My problem is that his contract is up at the end of the season, and he refuses to talk about a new one... So he might go wherever he wants soon enough...
  23. Umm.... PSG???? I mean, he is a good striker for me, but not quite PSG quality, I'd say.
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